Taxonomy Fail: Scott Succeeds to FAIL

Hurray! Unlike this time and that time, by sending in 12 different FAIL lols in 12 separate e-mails and commenting that I did so, I finally have this…

Featured at Failblog: Taxonomy Fail:


The pic was originally from Newscoma. IMHO, the dude who put up the poster was just being snarky… Country folk do know their different rabid, vicious, hand-biting species after all.

That’s an American possum btw.

Kudos to linkage from Guan’s soup, Bits o’ the Interwebs, (dis)information architecture, Michel Vuijlsteke and of course The Failblog itself.

The Failblog post reached 27th Top WordPress Post for the end of 22nd April 2008:


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5 Responses to “Taxonomy Fail: Scott Succeeds to FAIL”

  1. newscoma Says:

    We are calling the one on the right Bitey.

  2. Scott Thong Says:

    I suggest Snubby or Snobby for the one on the left.

    Hey, I guess they are practically cats after all!

  3. leechio Says:

    Nice one, Scott. I’ll think twice before calling something a ferret again 😉

  4. Simon Thong Says:

    The possum in New Zealand is a TB (Tubercolosis) carrier. One lived in a hollow in a large tree outside our flat in Auckland; at dusk, it left its hideout; by sunrise, it would already be back inside. Once, I poked it with a strong stick while it was asleep. A few fierce growls and violent bites, and the lower part of the stick was in bits and pieces!

    Wasn’t it the civet in Vietnam, Hong Kong and China that is said to be responsible for the SARS virus/outbreak?

    Practically cats, but not cuddly at all……

  5. Scott Thong Says:

    Lolnest mistake, leechio! Both ferrets and possums are long, skinny, white-faced and bitey machines of death! (I just described some cats too.)

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