Ketuanan Cina


Above from Malaysian Politics Motivational Posters

So, sleepyhead Badawi is pandering to the non-Malays his UMNOputras have alienated, likely in a terribly belated attempt to recuperate some of the losses BN suffered during the 2008 General Elections… At the cost of seeming even weaker to the Malay ultras itching to replace him.

So apparently as if by magic .Ketuanan Melayu is now a perfectly okay term to throw around.

It is not offending, frightening or dangerous to other races, because it simply means Malays being successful – and not, say, Malays being the high overlords of the subservient lesser races.

Funny then how tuan is literally translated as ‘lord’ or even ‘overlord’, and ketuanan can be rendered ‘lordship’.

But if you want the simplest test of whether such an arbitrary redefinition can miraculously make Ketuanan Melayu a nice, kind, gentle, cuddly, politically neutral phrase, just use the Put The Shoe On The Other Foot Technique and try these on for size:

Ketuanan Cina.

Chinese Supremacy.

Chinese Lordship.

Chinese Supreme High Overlords.

Next, let’s put this concept to the practical test. Let’s get Lim Kit Siang to shout that at the next DAP rally. Let’s have new MP Jeff Ooi open a motion on Ketuanan Cina in Parliament  while simultaneously writing a series of blog posts about it.

Let’s see if Ketuanan Cina will also be considered perfectly acceptable to the general public if we just redefine it as meaning ‘Chinese being successful’.

Or if it will be rightly viewed as an intentionally outrageous, provocative and seditious statement meant to convey Chinese chauvanism and arrogance? One that lands its champions in detention without trial to preserve the peaceful multicultural equilibrium of the nation?

If you catch my drift, then you’ll understand why Badawi’s spin and redefinition fails to impress me.

And while we’re at it…

Hidup Cina!!!

Takkan Cina hilang di dunia!!!

Bangkitlah kaum Cina!!!

Berjuang demi maruah kaum Cina!!!

Pantang dicabar Ketuanan Cina kami!!!

Don’t feel offended, I’m just trying to be ‘successful’ here.


From The Star 29 April 2008:

KetuananMelayuIsOk1 KetuananMelayuIsOk2

Pak Lah explains meaning of ‘ketuanan Melayu’

KUALA LUMPUR: The definition of ketuanan Melayu (Malay supremacy) is not about the Malays being in a position to dominate, rule over and force their power upon other races, said Prime Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi.

He said Malay supremacy meant that the Malays, as the indigenous people in Malaysia, needed to strengthen themselves to ensure they were successful and developed.

“If they are not successful and developed, then they are not tuan (masters), therefore they will be coolies. I am sure we do not want to become coolies who do not play any role in development because we are weak and not able.

“So when we talk about that (Malay supremacy), we mean we must be successful in many fields. It is never about ruling over others, or forcing our power upon them,” he told reporters after chairing the Umno supreme council meeting last night.

Abdullah, who is also Umno president, was asked about Malay supremacy being weakened due to Barisan Nasional’s losses in the general election and because the Malays were split between Umno, PKR and PAS.

He added that there were still matters related to the Malays that needed to be further improved and enhanced, although their successes were evident.

“We are not going to be a race that dominates others. We want to be a party that represents the Malays and that is ready to co-operate for the future of Malays and the people, as Malays will also succeed when all Malaysians are successful.

“That is Malay supremacy and I hope people will understand it,” he said.

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46 Responses to “Ketuanan Cina”

  1. wits0 Says:

    Can you have the cake and eat it too? The cake of duplicity in terms.

    If a terminology is objectionable(from historical experience, e.g.), why does it have to remain non revokable but instead spun thus? Isn’t that an indication of a paucity of ideas and a crude level feel good drug for stimulation purpose?

  2. hutchrun Says:

    Badawi`s the Flying Monkey now.

  3. Edi神 Says:

    i found rather stupid trying to explain ketuanan melayu to MALAYS.

    To accept they need privelage is to accept they are the weaker races.

    They cant understand the world… they lack intelligent in the genes!

  4. kittykat46 Says:

    There is already a Malay word for what Bedol is trying to spin out.
    Its “Kecermelangan”

    Ketuanan is ketuanan – go read Kamus Dewan , Bedol.
    Tuan is “Lord” in the medieval sense of the word, Ketuanan is lording it over others, dominations.

    Just like the earlier public Keris-waving, its an attempt to desensithise an objectionable word.

  5. Scott Thong Says:

    Commentor with the IP address and the various IDs winner, konek, aston, reek, yoy and vesewe has been relgated to the SPAM box until he self-moderates his bountiful insults that will likely get ME, the blog owner, arrested under the ISA.

    It’s one thing to make critical comments, it’s another to just launch crude words and epithets.

  6. wits0 Says:

    Yep, sure sounds like cyber trooper trolls, no less. Dumbass changeling!

  7. Maverick SM Says:

    Scott, I faced the same spammers too and the same bigotry language.

  8. Simon Thong Says:

    Scott, good to see you exercising your right as blog owner. Set the standards high. NO RACIST remarks, please.

  9. kweky@ipoh boy Says:

    dear all and simon thong,

    it’s really hard not to make any racist remarks nowadays, especially when everybody is a racist in some way. i must confess, i am a RACIST!!! i am sure most of us are too! (unless you say that i can’t be a racist when my wife is a punjabi)

    what makes us racists in the first place????

    is it our religion?? our family members?? our genes?? the food that we eat?? (is it pork??)

    i believe, it’s our government, through the rules and systems implemented all these years that had made most of us a racist!!

    it started when we were teenagers. finished up our spm and got our results. well, as usual, got some good amount of A’s and happy to start planning our next big move of our lives, tertiary education.

    as we all compare the results around among our fellow school mates, we know who were the star students and those who didin’t do so well.

    in just a few months time, we heard of the schoolmates who didn’t do as well, had just secured a place in a local university or some maktab and some matrikulasi programme.

    what did we get????????????????????????????????????????????????????

    didn’t you feel angry?????????????????????????????????????
    hatred was not burning in your hearts?????????????????????

    with the beautiful results in your hands, what did you get????????

    hell in form 6!!!!!!!! then the same shit will happen again after you have collected your stpm results!!!! did well in your stpm???? which university did you get into??? offered with a good course of your choice?????? IN YOUR DREAMS!!!!!!

    it is our very own education system that had sparked the racial barrier in us!!! how can we not be racists!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. kweky@ipoh boy Says:

    the ketuanan melayu issue is just a sign of flip flop badawi and his fellow cronies didn’t get the true lesson from the results of the previous 12th GE.

    well, it’s expected. you need to at least show them how to peel the banana three times before they can finally understand how to peel it by themselves.

    the only ketuanan they are qualified enough would be their ketuanan over their wives on their bed.

    ohhhhhhhhhh patrick badawi, please learn effectively. hope to see you get knocked off soon.

  11. kweky@ipoh boy Says:

    happy holiday!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. lwy Says:

    I don’t see how the word “ketuanan” can even translate to anything close to “successful”! Simply creating new definitions for words, so childish!

  13. hutchrun Says:

    `the food that we eat?? (is it pork??)`

    Don`t no one dare talk bad about pigs. They can make good friends too 🙂

  14. hutchrun Says:

    Three Chinese institutions were among the world’s top four banks at the end of 2007 at a time when the market capitalisation of Western banks was suffering from a global financial crisis, a study showed Wednesday.

    The number one spot in the rankings, compiled by the Boston Consulting Group, was occupied by the Industrial and Commercial Bank of China, with market capitalisation of nearly 340 billion dollars (218 billion euros).

  15. pipitart Says:

    To actually understand our Prime Minister’s definition of ketuanan melayu, you need a new whole dimension and paradigm. It’s not about literally taking two words “ketuanan” and “melayu” because everyone has their own interpretations of each. Like you scott, if that is how you interpret “ketuanan cina” so be it (i hope it’s all a joke because seriously it DOES seem threatening that poster, lol) But hey, the hisham issue, the least is he apologized (so does that mean u have to apologize to me too because i feel hreatened? :P)

    Jokes aside, Pak Lah can say anything at all, but we have it implanted in our minds that he is useless or whatever, that will be it. He can still say the most brilliant thing but it still wont convince you that what he is doing things correct.

    My suggestion is to try to look at it at different angles by taking in not only one side of the story but also various others, and THEN make evaluations for yourself.

  16. phillix Says:

    “i found rather stupid trying to explain ketuanan melayu to MALAYS.

    To accept they need privelage is to accept they are the weaker races.

    They cant understand the world… they lack intelligent in the genes!”

    edison, i find it very disturbing that you have such an outlook. please do not forget that there are chinese and indians at the bottom of the society hierarchy as well, so to speak. one’s race does not determine one’s level of intellect. you are patronizing other races. that is a shame to your own race. what makes you think you’re any class above them?

    and as for ketuanan and the meaning it holds, what are you trying to say, scott, is should pak lah conduct a nationwide survey to find out what people think of a word before proceeding with his speeches? like, say, maybe, ‘perkataan manakah yang patut saya gunakan untuk describe the situation where i want my people to take charge of their own destiny, without being wrongly described as patronizing other races? sila kirimkan jawapan ke 32333 dengan WHICHWORDJAWAPAN ANDA”. then it will take 10 years for him to get the correct gauge and THEN only proceed with making change? is that what you’re trying to say?

    everybody sees things in their own lenses. and if you choose to see him under a murky light, then everything you interpret out of him will only be negative – even if his intentions were good. there is no pleasing everybody. at least he’s trying and putting things in action. unlike a lot of you.

    at least pak lah is not a coward.

  17. Edi神 Says:

    What about freedom of expression?

    We bloggers should walk the talk!

    Let’s jammed the ISA detention centre

    overload it and free ISA detaineee!

    UR fear is making me puik!

  18. Simon Thong Says:

    Phillix is right; “they lack intelligence in their genes” is a sweeping generalization. I come across it all the time among Chinese chauvinists who remain frogs in the well. They look up and see only a Chinese sky. Anything Chinese, or to do with China, wah, so great! LOL.

    Bloggers, the ISA and OSA are electrified fences, one on the right and the other on the left. Walk between them. It’s a very fine line and if you want to retain your freedom, don’t touch either fence. That’s the negative aspect. There isn’t anything wrong in having a healthy dose of fear if it makes you remember to be responsibile. However, there is a positive aspect: you have so much freedom, so many things you can blog about. Just do it responsibly. A blogger is not a school boy who speaks his juvenile mind and damn the consequences. At least, I hope he won’t be.

    Blogging is done in virtual reality but with very real consequences.

  19. hutchrun Says:

    `everybody sees things in their own lenses`.

    A most common line these days bordering a cliche.
    Like Mao and Lenin and their followers said the same thing and millions died. So doesn`t mean I have to agree with them, or support them.

  20. hutchrun Says:

    `at least pak lah is not a coward`

    Haha. Neither is Najib, nor are Khairy and Kerismuddin.

  21. hutchrun Says:

    Cambodia’s fate was even worse. At least one and a half million innocent Cambodians were butchered or starved to death in the Khmer Rouge’s killing fields and re-education camps, put to death by a fanatical regime that believed that anyone who wore eyeglasses must have “bourgeois intellectual tendencies” and be shot.

    The scale of moral collapse and suffering went beyond Indochina. The pullout had a ripple effect on U.S. power and prestige, just as the proponents of the so-called “domino theory” had warned. American foreign policy, crippled by remorse and self-doubt, stood helplessly as others rushed into the power vacuum.

    Marxist-Leninist regimes emerged not only in Vietnam, Cambodia, and Laos, but in Ethiopia and Guinea Bissau (1974), Madagascar, Cape Verde, Mozambique, and Angola (1975), Afghanistan (1978), and Grenada and Nicaragua (1979). Soviet troops were welcomed in Fidel Castro’s Cuba for the first time since the 1962 missile crisis. Cuban troops traveled freely to Africa to prop up Marxist regimes there.

    In 1979 the Ayatollah Khomeini was able to establish his brutal theocratic rule over Iran, confident that America, having learned “the lessons of Vietnam,” would never intervene.

    The judgment of history, as Raymond Aron once remarked, is without pity. History will judge how America and its leaders handle global responsibility in Iraq and the Middle East in the next decade.

    As Winston Churchill said of the appeasement of Hitler at Munich, in 1975 Americans were “weighed in the balance and found wanting.” We have a responsibility to the Iraqis – and to the memory of those we left behind – not to let that happen again.

  22. hutchrun Says:

    Huh Pak Lah is not a coward? Of course he isn`t. The brave lads are with him:

    At last year’s meeting, Umno Perlis delegate Hashim Suboh said at the end of the debate on economy and education issues: “Datuk Hisham has unsheathed his keris, waved his keris, kissed his keris. We want to ask Datuk Hisham, when is he going to use it? […] Force must be used against those who refused to abide by the social contract.”

  23. wits0 Says:

    While I’ll agree here with Simon that Chinese chauvinists do exist, I’ll still feel that our friend Mave, in his Blog, pretends not to understand that he is leaning towards political correctness too much.

    Phillix has the knack of mixing truth with untruth. Simon, please watch it. 😉

  24. hutchrun Says:

    Chapter One (written by Ng) gives a brief biography of Abdullah.
    Chapter Five sketches the socio-political and intellectual background leading to the emergence of al-Ghazzali al-Tusi (1058-1111), arguably the most influential scholar of Islam, and one who had a deep influence on Abdullah.

    [O]ne must go on jihad (i.e., warlike razzias or raids) at least once a year…one may use a catapult against them [non-Muslims] when they are in a fortress, even if among them are women and children. One may set fire to them and/or drown them…If a person of the Ahl al-Kitab [People of The Book – primarily Jews and Christians] is enslaved, his marriage is [automatically] revoked…One may cut down their trees…One must destroy their useless books. Jihadists may take as booty whatever they decide…they may steal as much food as they need…
    (From the Wagjiz, written in 1101 A.D. – Al-Ghazali)

    That`s the HERO of the brave Badawi, a hero who has to be emulated.

  25. wits0 Says:

    Phillix: “at least pak lah is not a coward.”

    Even in ancient times, it has been acknowledged that it took more than courage to be a king. See the old classic film, “El Cid” starring the recently late Charlton Heston.

    But in our present scenario, we need only ask, “Is/was Badawi truly clean as his title said?” He was also given the title by the MCA types of, Pao Kung” in the 2004 run up to the 2004 GE.

  26. Simon Thong Says:

    when kerismuddin unsheathed the keris, he meant one thing. Something menaning and offensive to many of us. Now badawi wants it to mean something else. He can want what he likes but words have meanings independent of what we want. No, he doesn’t have to take a survey as to what it should mean before he makes his speech, merely change his speech writer. Thus, you are being facetious, phillix, and you insult not only Scott but those who read his blog. Badawi wants us to suspend our suspicion and believe that kerismuddin meant no harm to us. He can want till kingdom comes…

  27. Scott Thong Says:

    and as for ketuanan and the meaning it holds, what are you trying to say, scott, is should pak lah conduct a nationwide survey to find out what people think of a word before proceeding with his speeches?

    Not quite, but he could give a little thought to how it sounds when used with other races, as my poster and mockery illustrate.

    Try shouting “Hiduplah kaum Cina, ketuanan Cina selamanya!” at an UMNO rally. If you get beat up, that means the meaning of ‘ketuanan’ is somewhat contentious.

  28. Scott Thong Says:

    Like you scott, if that is how you interpret “ketuanan cina” so be it (i hope it’s all a joke because seriously it DOES seem threatening that poster, lol) But hey, the hisham issue, the least is he apologized (so does that mean u have to apologize to me too because i feel hreatened? :P)

    Pipitart, I do apologize if anyone was offended or threatened by my poster and mockery. But I mean it all in jest, and specifically in response to remarks and actions of certain individuals – as the bottom text of the poster is meant to convey.

    I am not raising a Chinese wushu sword myself, in public, at a rally, while calling for it to be soaked in the blood of any race. Nor am I trying to spin my poster in such a way that people ‘shouldn’t feel offended or threatened’ by it.

    And most importantly of all, I am not an influential politician, public figure and the leader of the country and UMNO/UMNO Youth.

  29. pipitart Says:

    “And most importantly of all, I am not an influential politician, public figure and the leader of the country and UMNO/UMNO Youth.”

    that’s why we are so strong and brave in expressing our views because frankly, who are we anyway? Just bloggers and anonymous people in cyberspace. Nobody is going to overanalyze what we say because its not on tv or the newspapers. Frankly, nobody CARES.

    The same goes for hishamuddin, just because he’s in UMNO, everyone’s attacking him because of their displeasure with UMNO. There seems to be a relation between ALL OF UMNO = EVIL. Unfair generalization? ANybody’s guess. Not thinking about the fact that there are and I still believe true umno people who are not that at all.

    do remember there are members of other parties who are saying wrong things too, but looks like nobody’s picking on them too much. hmm…

  30. pipitart Says:

    btw, ur apology is accepted. i know you meant it 🙂

  31. Scott Thong Says:

    Rest assured, the moment any moron of any political streak says something mock-worthy, the bloggers will be on him/her/it. I’ve bashed PAS and MCA in the past. I’ve even held the opinion that Uncle Lim is all complain, no action – but the last GE vindicated him.

    It’s just that recently, UMNO has been in the spotlight with due to its sheer size, publicity, influence, and the antics of both its leaders (GIMME BLOOD, CINA!!!) and supporters (PUNCH YOU, REPORTER!!!). See both at my posters section.

    But Kerimuddin manages to stand out head-and-shoulders above the general UMNO crowd – just look at the perfect framing of that photo, the way his face contorts with emotion, the perfect stance of that weapon of cultural pride!

  32. hutchrun Says:

    They are subservient to their Hindu past more like:

    This short dagger so reminiscent of the Indian viper, could have been nick-named as kuru-sooli also. There is evidence that swords and daggers with wavy blades were used in ancient India. For example look at the above picture showing Lord Indra, the King of Heavens in Hindu mythology, riding his white elephant Irrawadhi and holding two ‘keris’es in his hand.
    [ ]
    Since Malay did not seem to have a written form until the arrival of Indians in the ancient days, the chances of oral corruption of Indian words when in used among Javanese was high. Indian words abound Malay language even today. For e.g, the expression “bahasa jiwa bangsa”, agama, mangga, permaisuri (parameswari), singgasana (singga asanam) and dirgahayu (dirga ayul) etc. Incidentally, the word agama in Sanskrit refers to Hindu religious texts but somehow came to represent religion in general in Malay.
    [ ]
    Read the following excerpt from Draeger’s book:

    “On arrival of Islam (in Indonesia), the Hindu warlords and their pande scattered, but their old faith in Vishnu and Civa did not die. The powers of these two Hindu gods came to be passed into the keris, and the wearing of the keris now shifted from the exclusive right of the noble class to a universal practice whereby every commoner carried one.

  33. wits0 Says:

    Scott: “And most importantly of all, I am not an influential politician, public figure and the leader of the country and UMNO/UMNO Youth.”

    That’s why I feel that any “too quick on the draw” apologist trying to preempt the point that Scott has raised, is not only contrived but rather vexing.

  34. Alex Says:

    gets us thinking doesn’t it? HIDUP CINA!!!!

  35. Jamie Says:

    I wish they’d all be friends and shout HIDUP MALAYSIA!

  36. hutchrun Says:

    That will take another 3 generations – if they start now.

  37. awang Says:

    Ketuanan apa, kalau dalam bahasa pun tak pandai nak guna bahasa sendiri. Kemerdekaan apa kalau begitu. Konon dah 50 tahun merdeka tetapi tak tahu pun erti kata merdeka sebenarnya.

    Insaflah wahai bangsa Malaysia. Malu kita dilihat oleh orang luar sikap kita yang masih daif dalam menyerlahkan budaya sendiri. Tu baru aspek bahasa. Kita hanya pandai menuduh orang lain berfikiran sempit, sedangkan sebenarnya diri sendiri.

  38. ktteokt Says:

    How can “jellyfishes” suddenly evolve so fast as to acquire backbones? It will probably take another 5000 years or so before they can catch up and attain what others have achieved today! By then, the others will still be ahead of them. So are they going to force the others to “wait” for them?

  39. phill Says:

    but i still cannot understands, how comes we got all we have now??
    We should be suffered in our old ugly “pondok” and not freely writing the blog with our own pc or a thouand ringgit notebook. where did we get all of this??by our self?? yup there’re the answer but could u imagine if we’re not in a racist country of malaysia but somewhere in china or maybe india.

  40. Scott Thong Says:

    Or Singapore or Taiwan (both with double Malaysia’s monetary value).

  41. phill Says:

    why we have to compared malaysia which is a multi racial country with singapore and taiwan which is well know majority was the chinese? of cos there’s no problemo for the goverment to satisfied the only race in their own country compared to ours. They build the school for every race but there also know, human is always with their beast instinct on it, can’t mix up with others race although they laugh together doesn’t mean they’re well together…same as a goat and a sheep….Look China deep into… the HAN’s are allover the major sector in CHINA…does it?

  42. baginda reformasi Says:

    hampeh… tak paham.. hahaa

  43. piggychinese Says:

    Hey Scotty@sekotey,
    watch out your back….
    I know where u are…

  44. Nasaei Ahmad Says:

    Everyone realizes that before UMNO/ BE END lost several states in the last general election, not many people dare (or keen) to have this kind of posting on the net/ blog. I notice. They would rather talk on different topics. You see the difference? Now, after the ‘monsterous’ leopard (or tiger) lost one of its fangs, even my friend Scott is so creative enough in trying to get feedback and responses from readers at large. Test the waters first, peoples say “test market..” ? So, my question is, why it happens now ? (Not before amNO/ BE END lost grip?) or so. Peoples should have been talking about ketuanan Dayak, or ketuanan Kelabit long long time before ??

    I’m anti-penyelewengan, anti-abuses of power, corupt administration, unfair distribution of country wealth, anti-pembohongan etc. Islam condemns and “anti” such things. Sebab itulah pihak manapun berbuat begitu, kita harus wake up and fight them – be it is am-NO, BE END, etc. And as it happened, i found out that am NO!/ BE END is rightly ‘encrusted’ or emulsified and “bonding” to such bad things (so I am anti of them..)
    So, “coincidently” that is whay I am anti am-NO. NO, no, no !

    But Scott my friend (and the owner of this blog).. I have no idea about him. He perhaps looks forwards to see the responses.. might be he enjoys blogging here.. or I have no idea if he also has certain hidden ideas / agendas. Hopefully (sincerely) our authority give more avenue for free of speech to all of us. However, we should be moderate, and know the limit. Never create tension among the races. I’m the one who believes freedom (or anything else) has certain limit. Thus we see, no such things that have no certain limit, like in the space. So laws were created in many countries. Like for example we can extend our hands to phantom out, but the limit is that, once our hands reaching somebody’s else nose or chin, then we cannot extend it anymore. In the neigbourhood, it is okay if we speak loudly, but never so loud..till the midnight so that we respect our neighbours to have a good sleep. They (neighbors) have the right too.

    You know Scott

  45. Scott Thong Says:

    Hehehe Nasaei… Actually, I have become much less outspoken on local politics compared to last year. The reason is, I want to avoid the ISA…

  46. Scott Thong Says:

    Hey Scotty@sekotey,
    watch out your back….
    I know where u are…

    – piggychinese

    And I know where you are. Tell me, the Menara MPPJ can see through the haze today or not? Jam or not through the Kota Darul Ehsan arch?

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