Khairy Jamaluddin Blog

Khairy Jamaluddin has a blog! (Of sorts.)

He is blogging!

He is a blogger!

You know what that means (and I’ve been waiting a long time to do this one):


Above is Poster #30 from Malaysian Politics Motivational Posters

Recall how in his pre-blogging days – before BN got soundly trounced in the General Elections partyly due to blogs and responded by making all officials have mandatory blogs – Khairy called bloggers monkeys. See here and here.

And now his blog is at, where you can see his irony-missing, no-shame, ignore-the-past smile:


Startling likeness?

So what can we monyettobloggers say but…


PS. Also to celebrate his poster being the 30th Malaysian Politics Motivational Poster I’ve made. Enjoy!

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69 Responses to “Khairy Jamaluddin Blog”

  1. wits0 Says:

    Awaiting Nazri to blog next. He with his “Those who walk are pondans”, fame.

  2. kesava Says:

    The Jungle; here I was born; and here my parents died when I was but an infant. I would have soon perished too, had I not been found by a kindly she-ape named Kala, who adopted me as her own and taught me the ways of the wild. I learned quickly, and grew stronger each day, and now I share the frendship and trust of all jungle animals.
    The jungle is filled with beauty, and danger; and lost cities filled with good, and evil.
    This is my domain, and I protect those who come here; for I am Tarzan, Lord of the Jungle.

    – Opening narration

  3. pipitart Says:

    Funny lah you… that monkey so cute some more.

    Erm… scott… are u sure that’s a blog or is it like a website thingie about him? Because if that is so, correct me if i’m wrong, i think this has been around for ages even before the elections? If you call him writing an “opening statement speech” at the top “blogging”?

  4. Scott Thong Says:

    Point taken; it’s more of a placeholder than anything it seems. Thanks for the heads-up!

    It does claim to host his thoughts though, as well as photos, links to his facebook, occasional updates… Just like a proper blog. Maybe more of a personal website than a blog.

    Although, I suspect that like other politicians forced to have blogs under the new directives, he will just hire someone to write on his behalf, skim through the post, approve it and releks.

    But still, until he gets a real blog – if he even knows how to work that infernal contraption called ‘kom-pew-taar’ – at which time I’ll update the poster.

  5. Alex Says:

    ROFL…dude, you really know how to tickle him and poke him at the ribs… way to go SCOTT!!!!


  6. wits0 Says:

    If any of ’em can’t blog directly but must hire someone to do it, that’ll make ’em worse than wimin who are unemployed!

  7. casselmann Says:

    people..people,not nicela telling him like that,after all his in the politics maybe his think his right n u might think his wrong ..susahla…

  8. hutchrun Says:

    Doesn`t look like a `Howler Monkey` and he`s sure got a long way to go to match any one of these:

  9. pipitart Says:

    LOL, you never know half of the blogs already online of non-BN politicians are also “dictated” and “moderated” by someone else? Or if they indeed “manage” it themselves, what’s the point if they dont even have the courtesy to update their blogs or approve comments? Come on.

    But I heard Dr M’s blog also isnt exactly “written” and “maintained” by him per se. But he has someone else to do it for him too.

  10. bboyask Says:

    i oso think that Dr M won’t spend so much time on blogging. i oso feel that he hired or have someone take care of his blog. all the word written in his blog might not on his own word.

  11. Khairy blogs?! « I Am Malaysian Says:

    […] found out about it at Scott’s blog here. He has a really really cool poster of Khairy as a “monkey blogger” too, in fond memory […]

  12. Fcuk Khairy Says:

    Go back to your kampung and tanam jagung, beruk! You really look like a monkey in parliament.

  13. aliph Says:

    jhanam kau anak haram berok

  14. Babi Khairy Says:

    The most ugly monkey in the world.Jangan malukan monkey….

  15. indah Says:

    kenapalah aku tak boleh tengok gambar khairy tu…. rasa nak pijak2 jer….

  16. Knight rider Says:


  17. Knight rider Says:

    At last, a blog for devils and demons to salute before their doomsay!!!

  18. shaiful bin Khairy Says:

    Hi curry sama sardin,

    Bury yourself before bury Anwar & Parti Keadilan.
    Go to hell lah. Without your father in law, may be you are shaiful now.

    sombong apa?????????????

  19. BAPA saiful Says:

    hubungi bapa engkau, anakku yang kehilangan lebih 20 tahun, jangan nafikan perhubungan kamu dengan adikmu saiful. tengok muka sama sekali macam anak kembar.

  20. tj_9888 Says:

    Dear Khairy,

    BN is losing its touch and is no longer with the heart of the people. Truly.. UMNO is very bad now to the eyes of many malays and non-malays.

    Unless, you do something to change this bad image of UMNO now, it will be dead by next election. Everyone feelings about UMNO is like a burning iron in the arse.

  21. karuka Says:

    lagi x jatuh lagi tuh dia poyooo

  22. karuka Says:

    angkuh ka dunia je…..

  23. interval Says:

    after all the lies from PKR revealed one by one, we know that PKR are Hopelessly…but y PKR still have the place in rakyat heart? mungkit sbb derang nak BN berubah…they have no choice…nak undi BN kang BN x berubah…So do you agree yg rakyat dah menyampah?Sy sendiri pon x tau nak undi parti mane…Sy bleh nampak benefits kepada rakyat bila PKR buat kecoh…sbb tuh derang still ade tempat dihati rakyat but derang bukan nak sangat sokong PKR…Sy bukan PRO BN and ANTI PKR or PRO PKR and ANTI BN…sampai sekarang sy masih x boleh nak pilih mana yg bagus sbb kedua-dua parti nih sama…kalau PKR ade skandal seks, BN pon ade.Kalau ade rasuah kat BN, PKR pon ape kurangnye…Kalau nak tgk cammane serupanya kedua-dua parti nih, tgk dalam parliament…Parliament dah jd macam kelas darjah 6 biru dan Yang DiPertua tuh macam CIKGU budak2 dalam parliament tuh hahaa. Budak kelas 6 Biru pon xde la bising camtuh dan begadoh-gadoh…Persoalannya,tunjukkan sy sape yg ade dlm BN nih yg berjuang utk rakyat dan tunjukkan sy sape yg ade dalam PKR yg berjuang utk rakyat..ada ke org tersebut?

  24. jamesbond Says:

    That monkey is a leaf monkey….looks like khairy? nope but behave like him…YES!!

  25. hang tuah Says:

    Dear Khairy,
    teruskan perjuangan ..yang kutuk tu semua nya tak leh pakai…u are the best…

  26. meeno Says:

    Wahai Yb Khairy,

    Teruskan apa yang kamu fikirkan baik utk semua dibawah payung mu.

  27. Gestheict Says:

    Qualitative resource

  28. toksetiu.blogspots Says:


  29. hutchrun Says:

    Anugerah Tahun Lembu Sempena GONG XI FA CAI

  30. double_R Says:

    YB Khairy teruskan perjuangan..mereka di luar pandai cakap dan lemparkan kata2 fitnah saja kerana nie adalah lumrah hidup manusia…apa pun semoga YB berjaya…doa saya agar YB menang dalam pemilihan UMNO nie..kerana YB layak menjadi sebagai ketua pemuda…last sekali YB adalah idola saya….

  31. Scott Thong Says:

    Patutlah dia idola anda… Sama seperti Najib dan Mahathir ya? Tak perlulah kata apa-apa lagi, kita semua faham.

    Sila tolong jangan mengotorkan keyboard anda apabila anda… meletup… semasa ghairah melihat muka Khairy yang oh-begitu-mempersonakan. Kasihanlah pekerja Dell yang perlu membaiki keyboard.

  32. Pak Abu Says:


    SHAH ALAM, 24 Mac – Pendengaran Awam Terbuka membabitkan isu Badan Amal dan Kebajikan Isteri-isteri Wakil Rakyat Selangor (Balkis) pagi ini diberitahu yang Permodalan Negeri Selangor Berhad (PNSB) telah menyumbang sejumlah RM5,186,588.20 kepada badan itu dalam tempoh lima tahun.

    Ketua Pegawai Eksekutif PNSB, Datin Khairiyah Abu Hassan ketika memberitahu Jawatankuasa Pilihan Mengenai Keupayaan, Kebertanggungjawaban dan Ketelusan (Selcat) mengakui jumlah sumbangan itu adalah dari tahun 2002 hingga 2007.

    Katanya, pada 2002 PNSB telah menyumbang sebanyak RM739,029.80, diikuti pada 2003 sebanyak RM1,647,477.87, 2004 (RM460,930.35), 2005 (RM439,875), 2006 (RM924,024.18) dan 2007 (RM975,220.97).

    Dengan angka yang sebegitu besar, Teng mempersoalkan apakah asas PNSB untuk membuat penajaan purata sebanyak RM864,431.37 setahun kepada Balkis.

    Teng seterusnya mempersoalkan mengapa Balkis diberi peruntukan hampir RM1 juta setiap tahun.

    “PNSB memperuntukkan RM1 juta setiap tahun sejak 2002 untuk program-program Balkis,” kata Khairiyah.

    “Apa begitu istimewanya Balkis sehingga PNSB memperuntukkan RM1 juta kepada Balkis dan pada 2003 membelanjakan lebih daripada peruntukan tersebut?,” soal Teng.

    “Seperti mana yang saya maklumkan, program yang melibatkan peruntukan besar adalah program yang melibatkan kerjasama Balkis, kerajaan negeri serta PNSB.

    “Apabila melibatkan kerajaan negeri kita mahu imej kerajaan negeri diterjemahkan dalam imej yang baik. PNSB dapat profit dari kerajaan negeri jadi kita rasa menjadi tugas kita membalasnya kepada kerajaan negeri melalui usaha-usaha sebegini balik semula kepada rakyat,” kata Khairiyah. – NOOR ALLIA KASSIM

  33. leedsbuzzz Says:

    teruskan perjuanganmu YB khairy..u are da bez…YB boleh memimpin pemuda Umno…jadikan kutukan mereka sbagai semangat untuk terus berjuang..lastly,.khairy jamaluddin is my idol…

  34. zaaaaaaaaaaama Says:

    korang tu pantai kutuk orang jer buat hampeh pastu tak sedar diri lak tu kutuk kerajaan macam korang pandai sangat sedar2 la diri dah berabab korang duk kat muka bumi malaysia nie tak sedar2 ker kebaikan kerajaan yang melayu yer bodoh tak tentu pasal nak serah konon segalanya biar sama rata sma rasa, padahal orang lain gelakan korang tak tahu jaga tanah air……….bodoh betul ….. cuba2lah megucap sedar orang lain gah ambil kesempatan nak rampas tanah, negara korang yang koranglak mudah2 jer nak bagi….masa depa nak memang la depa cakap semua boleh tengok lau dah dapat kepala korang dipijak2 pai hancur …masa tu dah tak guna dah korang sebok bebalah sesama sendiri………..jangan jual negara coz marah benci dendam……

  35. zaaaaaaaaaaama Says:

    gi satu pasal KJ tu korang sibuk cakap di rasuahhhh………biar la dia lau dia mampu…..yangaku pelik cakap org rasuah tapi korang ambik gak bila dikasi…….lau korang tak ambik kan tak jadi rasuah….takyah susah2 SPRM SIBUK BUAT kerja coz korang tolak rasuah ni tak makin cakap tak nak makin korang ambik ……..
    bila dah ambik tu…diam lak tu ..konon kata rezeki jagan ditolak la..orang bagi ambik jer la…macam2 perangai….ala korang lau banyak duit tak tahu dah nak buat apa…tu kira baik ada yang nak kasi tak la kedekut sangat …..bila orang kedekut korang marah bila orang kasi korang marah tak reti bersyukur langsung

  36. tawaitaem Says:

    hai kj…selamat menjalan kan tugas

  37. makluk halus Says:

    hai kairi …..moga2 dah jd ketua pemuda harap2 la kasi byk sikit projek kat kami ni ok..klu kj kasi projek leh ler kami sokong kj huhuu…apapun selamat menjalankan tugas sebagai ketua mataduitan malaysia huhuhuhu

  38. saya Says:

    Harap KJ desak krjn buat balik Kem Usahawan dan Koperasi…

    Tolonglah,ini suara akar umbi.jgn x dgr suara kami..Kami syg dan setia kan UMNO.

    Kementrian ini byk bantu Melayu dan Bumiputra….

    Bersihkan persepsi buruk saudara KJ di mata rakyt…Tlg suarakan suara kami..Pemuda UMNO perlu jd kump. pendesak dlm parti spy UMNO terus bertakhta di hati kami orang Melayu dan Bumiputra..Ingat nak masuk UMNO syaratnya mesti Melayu atau Bumiputra..Rujuk perlembagaan UMNO

  39. Scott Thong Says:

    Eh, bukankah PM Najib baru kata kita rakyat Malaysia perlu bergaul dengan kaum lain, tidak lagi cuma berjuang cuma untuk kaum sendiri? Maka UMNO, MIC dan MCA habislah…

  40. kedahan Says:

    Well..well..wel…saudara khary,

    What can I say about you?! A part of yourself shows that you are too ambitious person…..ada baik dan buruknya! tapi one thing for sure you are a survivor! A survivor will do anything to secure himself…nothing wrong with that. Mungkin ada yang memandang anda sebagai penghancur negara di masa hadapan (maaf, ini apa yang saya sering dengar orang perkatakan tentang anda). Pendapat peribadi saya, sebagai pemimpin, anda ada bakat dan kebolehan…….mungkin boleh dikatakan anda memiliki 40% kreativiti yang ada pada TUN DR MAHATHIR…….it’s good. Sebagai individu, kadang2 terpancar riak terlalu inginkan kemenangan dalam wajah anda…..seimbangkanlah apa yang anda ada. Saya yakin dengan kebolehan dan ditambah dengan keazaman yang tinggi yang ada dalam diri anda, anda mampu menjadi pemimpin yang baik. Cuma, kurang2kanlah memikirkan keuntungan diri sendiri

  41. Delima Says:

    Kepada penyumbang blog ini diharap jangan lah hina dia macam ini………..
    Apakah salah beruk itu dengan kamu sehingga disamakan dengan KJ…….
    Malaulah, diharap ini tidak berterusan.

  42. Scott Thong Says:

    Minta maaf, Encik Monyet… Sebenarnya bukan salah aku, Encik Khairy yang menonjolkan persamaan ini. Bolehlah meminta beliau untuk menarik balik kata-katanya.

  43. apalagi Says:

    K-hairy Jambanluddin, MONYET atau HOUND DOG:

  44. ALAN P.PAUH Says:

    I really respect u as a leader. U got d capabilities and courage to be a true leader. I hope reform will happen under yr leaderhip. At 101 East recently, yr explanation was marvellous. Keep up the good work.

  45. Scott Thong Says:

    Why thank you for your compliments to me, Alan! I do so appreciate it when people acknowledge my superior leadership and expository skills! Please, do come back and comment on my blog often!

  46. Pemerhati Politik Says:

    Antara faktor kekalahan UMNO di Pmtg Pasir adalah kerana kelemahan jentera Pemudanya yg dipimpin Khairy. Kalau Mukhriz yg menerajui mungkin pemuda UMNO akan lebih ampuh dan gagah. Ini tak, budak hingusan nak memimpin, maaflah. Mmg Najib berfikiran jauh dgn tidak melantik Khairy ke jawatan Timb. Menteri atau Menteri penuh.Mmg Khairy tak layak utk memikul beban yg berat. Khairy Jamaluddin tidak memiliki karisma seperti Anwar Ibrahim, Shahrir Samad atau Najib sendiri yg mampu memikul tanggungjawab yang besar dalam usia yg muda. Satu keistimewaan Khairy yg dilihat sebelum ini ialah kerana dia menantu PM. Sebab dia kahwin dengan anak pompuan PM. Kalau tak jgn harap la…

  47. zulkifli b. osman Says:

    hai monyet

    kalau najid bagi monyet ini jawatan menteri or timbalan, habis nanti negara ini di jual kepada negara asing seperti telekom jual kepada tamasek holding sdn bhd, s’pore. billion ringgit adalah kepunyaan rakyat malaysia, harap najid fikir dua kali.

  48. Din Says:

    jom klik

  49. Bibi Says:

    Blog yang akan mendatangkan perubahan sejagat satu hari nanti. Ayuh klik

  50. Isabella Says:

    Tun Mahathir adalah permimpin Malaysia yg luar biasa.
    Beliau cekap meyampaikan fikiran,beserta factor, yg bernas
    dan penyampaian beliau begitu tenang dan berani.

    Wajar Pak Lah di lucut.Beliau adalah orang baik tapi tak berkebolihan,
    dalam peyampaian,pemikiran dan membuat keputusan yg bijak.
    Khairy Jalaluddin, tin kosong, bodoh sombong
    kelihatan seperti budak jalanan.Di kenal hanya sebagai mantan menantu perdana menteri.
    Khairy janganlah awak buang masa pada orang yg berjuang
    untuk Malaysia.

  51. sampara Says:

    Well Khairy..I have only one comment long as u remember that whatever u are doing is for the malays n islam in particular..and the nation in general.. SINCERELY..I will always support yr stand..u have to face the reality that many are against u..even the Malays who claimed u r act like gangsters, corrupted and abuse yr wealth for power( politic la)..but i dont care..all politican do so..there is no difference to me..but long as u fight for the malay agenda..u r hero to me..i know u got used it diligently for ‘anak bangsa’..
    So the time being i like u remain low profile..n i know u have some ‘killing agenda’ deep inside yr strategy..use it at he right time n yrself…good luck in yr struggle..

  52. Isabella Abdullah Says:

    Khairy,the looks of you makes me sick.
    Your Character is hooligans.
    How much you pay for your entrance to Oxfords.
    Just because you are once a PM in laws,
    does not make you a politicians overnight.
    I just don,t buy guys like you going to politics.
    Stop wasting out time.Beat it!

  53. Fed Says:

    Dear DRM

    You have been in helm for 22 years . The day you took over , that was the day the word COMMISSION started. You have taught the malays to receive money from projects or any kind of business. Every transaction must come with “undertable” money. The malays are already used to it and its difficult to eradicate it anymore.

    You have accumulated your wealth plus your family has enjoyed lots of money , property and what else (Only Allah Knows ).

    You talk about democracy now but during your dictatorship , you were the boss and call the shots. Any oppositon , you either have operation LALANG / Sodomy to kill ones career / remove judges who are not in favor of telling lies / the perwaja steel scandal , the killing of an Bank Bumi executive in Hong Kong / no 1 and no 2 no one can fight the post / and more and more can be named but I am tired of writting.

    So DRM , please in your last days , go for holiday with Dr Siti , and enjoy being with you adopted children and grandchildren. You have everything and enjoyed everthing in live has what nore you need ????

    Enough is enough

    Patriotic Malaysian

  54. carlisle Says:

    pelik betul bile ade yg hantar pertuduhan yg tak berasas ni..kalaupun betul ape yg korang cakap,buat la laporan rasmi.kemukakan bukti untuk pertuduhan..negara ada undang-undang..bukan undang-undang rimba yg melalak jer..bising lebih tp takde tindakan pun yg diambil…ape la… fikirla sendiri…cube yg bising2 kutuk KJ ni jadi YB…mcm maner plak korang handle hahahhha teringat satu pesanan orang hebat politik masa
    hadiri free lecture die kt uni berkaitan politik..lebih kurang macam ni la die bagi tahu tunjukkan saya bila anda masuk politik, anda benar2 dapat menolak rasuah…bukannya maksudnye politician terdorong untuk ambil rasuah, tp cuba fikirkan kecenderungan orang yg nk bagi rasuah…nak dipendekkan cerita,korang pun perlu dieorang…kadang2 permohonan itu ini tak lulus,cari siapa?renungkanlah…..

  55. Ajam Says:

    Dear KJ,
    setelah melihat komen pro dan kontra yang dilontarkan kepada tuan, saya merasa terpanggil untuk memberi sedikit pandangan. Jika diamati, inilah realiti yang berlaku diperingkat akar umbi. Inilah yang akan berlaku jika akar kekuatan kita tidak diusahakan dengan baik dan menyeluruh. Di satu sudut kita boleh mendapat majoriti undi daripada perwakilan namun jangan lupa bahawa kuasa akar umbi masih menjadi faktor utama dalam menjamin kedudukan kita sehingga kita dapat menjalankan dasar2 perjuangan parti dan rakyat yang dituntut oleh agama, bangsa dan tanahair. Jika kita tersilap membuat keputusan maka hasilnya tidak akan berpanjangan.
    Saya percaya bahawa KJ sedar akan keperluan golongan pemuda di Malaysia. Tetapi usaha yang menyeluruh masih kurang diperingkat Pemuda. Jangan disebabkan tiada jawatan dalam kerajaan sampai tuan merajuk sampai kurang semangat untuk berjuang dalam parti.
    Pasal komen2 pedas oleh pihak2 tertentu, ambillah ia sebagai panduan untuk menjalankan tugas dengan membuat keputusan yang betul dan mencapai sasaran yang sepatutnya. Pikirkanlah nasib pemuda diperingkat bawahan yang amat memerlukan sentuhan holistik samada yang tersurat mahupun yang tersirat.
    Jikalaupun dipilihanraya akan datang tuan kalah sekalipun, landasan tuan masih panjang untuk diusahakan. Saya berkeyakinan, sekiranya tuan berusaha secara bersungguh-sungguh, rakyat akan menilai jasa tuan dan ianya akan dibalas samada di dunia ataupun di akhirat kelak. Insyallah.

  56. kolonel Says:


  57. woit Says:



  58. Scott Thong Says:

    Ya betul… Jika PR tidak membawa perubahan, maksudnya kita masih tinggal dalam racism, corruption, inefficiency sama seperti dibawa oleh BN.

  59. Ajam Says:

    definisi racism, corruption, inefficiency yang difahami oleh sperti di atas sy pikir tak betul kot…

  60. mico Says:

    Khairy, you are an insult to human intelligence. One moment you behave like an idiot and next you immitate human intelligence. A fool never sees his mistakes.

  61. hutchrun Says:

    Hairy jamban load in?




  63. a malaysian Says:

    best thing u ever said. I think you will garner a lot of non-Malay support if you continue like this. Keep it up and Malaysia will be united forever, not like some other civilisations which faded and disappeared altogether.

  64. james ng Says:

    keep upm sir…….i salute you….man

  65. james ng Says:

    to me every race is the same…..all the non malays have no where to go……they live and die in Malaysia which they call home… the state of Kelantan malays and non malays live together like a family with nothing to fear….let us unite together and make Malaysia a strong nation for the whole world to see and not look down on us…..we all call ourselfs Malaysian and nothing else….God willing we will do it….thank you

  66. binnadim Says:

    hey!!! lam Al-Quran, sapa kta mnusia ‘berok’ dialh sbnarnya,,srupa Nik Aziz buta nas, dia nafikn firman Allah SWT”brg siapa ngata sseumat Islam tu kafir, dialh sbnarnya kafir(bgi org bukn Islam),n kufurlh dia(bgi seumat Islam), tk caya tnyalh mufti2 yg bnyk ddunia ni,,,tapi brg semanusia ngaku drinya berok mka ‘brhati beroklah dia’ dn bgi manusia seumat Islam ngata dri kafir maka’murtadlah dia’, gua rabun tpi hti gua tidak!! klu lu rsa hati lu2 rabun mka ‘cucikanlh hati sanubari lu skalian!! gua nk kasi tau lu yg negatif tinking,,carilh jln ngenal Allah SWT sbelum azali dn gak sblum 13Mei nkulang balik,,gaknya KKK?

  67. binnadim Says:

    lupa nk ngingat,,smentalh ade pmimpin mcm KJ’ d negara yg mkmur ni, gosok khidmtnya smpai brasap dapur pmuda,,ni asik2 nk padam pulak,,
    itu yg Allah SWT murka tu..asik nk fikir drhaka kat pmimpin je,,gua nk gak smpaikn nas Allah SWT dlm Al-Quran brmaksud, ‘bodoh btul mnusia,tk hormat firman aku’,,Allah Hu Allah Hu Allah Hu…

  68. law abiding citizen Says:

    Why is the government passing laws to punish the good citizens becoz of a few crooks? For instance, second hand cars are now required to undergo inspections before they can be sold just because there are a few crooks out there who are passing off cars with defective titles to unsuspecting buyers. Assuming there are 1,000,000 buyers of second hand cars and each has now to pay an extra RM 500 for an inspection that would be RM 500 million !!!!. Doesn’t government realise that those who buyers second hand cars are firstly, less well off; even if you take away RM 100 from them is RM 100 less for the family. How much does it cost to go after the crooks RM 500 million? Given the large sum of money, it surely will tempt creative businessmen; all they need to do is to get a couple of guys to create havoc and a new law is passed and money pocketed and at the expense the rest of law abiding citizens.

    There are many instances of law being passed because of a few crooks out there.

    I hope the government of the day is sensible OTHERWISE, good guys get penalized ; what incentives are there to be GOOD GUYS then.

  69. Simon Thong Says:

    And how would an inefficient, easily-bribed inspection body prevent thieves from passing off stolen cars as bona fide ones?

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