Iron Man Review at No Apologies in Killing Terrorists

Minor spoilers (and quite a lot of spelling mistakes at the time of this posting) in a review of Iron Man by Jerry Bowyer of


Excerpts from Irony Man
By Jerry Bowyer

He kills terrorists. He saves children. According to CNBC, Americans paid over one hundred million dollars in one weekend to see Iron Man do all that stuff.

The first half of the movie is an uncensored love note to US soldiery and capatalistic engineering ingenuity. In fact, Bill Gates has a photographic cameo early on.

Yes, Iron Man, an arms manufacturer, does make a public announcment about walking away from the missile business, but only so he can build the ultimate missile and then wear it like a suit. Like Bruce Wayne before him, Iron Man is a billionaire. He gives some of it away, but he keeps most of it himself, and uses it to make things, including the kinds of things that kill Jihadi terrorists.

In fact Iron Man is the moral clarity guy, no winking and nodding at bad guys around the world. The bad guys have stubble, turbans and heavy Arabic accents. They torture people, including our hero. They slaughter families.

Iron Man doesn’t spend any time trying to understand their rage. He admits that he had unwittingly with the best of intentions supported these fanatics in the past, and that the only thing he can do now is to make a better weapon and use it to go after them.

When Churchill went to war with Jihadists in the Sudan (as you can read in his memoir) he said that the Brits were able to win because they were better at the logistics of battle. The sheikhs would give their long harangues about killing the infidel until they were hoarse, while the brits laid down train tracks, checking and rechecking their ammunition and their supply lines. Churchill called it ‘prophecy vs. prudence’. Religious zealoutry vs. technical competence.


100 million American moviegoer dollars in one weekend, for a show that is unabashedly about a good guy American weapons monger killing evil jihadi terrorists.

Versus flops like War, Inc and Stop Loss (currently losing 15 million) and the earlier flops of Redacted, The Kingdom, Lions For Lambs, In the Valley of Elah, No End in Sight and Rendition. All of which were about bad guy American soldiers oppressing innocent different-culture terrorists.

Do the math, Hollyweird liberal directors. Your reserves of greasy money will dry up soon.

See also my own review of Iron Man which has the same conclusions vis-a-vis killing mujahideen.

And for more comic book lessons on how liberal wimpiness and moral equivalence should be kept as far away from war as possible, see Ultimate Captain America in Fighting is About Winning and ‘A’ Doesn’t Stand For France.

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One Response to “Iron Man Review at No Apologies in Killing Terrorists”

  1. hutchrun Says:

    I doubt Tom Hanks will be watching this. He wants to sit with Iran like O`bummer does.

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