Raja Petra Kamarudin Chooses Jail Rather Than Pay RM 5,000 Bail


Click to view full size. Above is Poster #31 from Malaysian Politics Motivational Posters, created specifically to stand in solidarity with RPK. Kudos to Susan Loone and Hsu Darren for feature and linkage. Feel free to use and share.

UPDATE 10 MAY 2008: RPK is released! And tells of threats by two police officers. See the snarky R.P.K. C4ME shirt.

UPDATE 9 MAY 2008: RPK is free tomorrow! Raja Petra speaks of his experience in the cell. Breakfast with RPK after his ordeal.

UPDATE: The police are making the highly likely and totally unsuspicious claim that RPK is ‘refusing to speak to anybody, even his own wife’.

LATEST UPDATE: RPK meets wife, agrees to bail.

His wife speaks of her pain here. Who among us really believes that one half of this close couple would willingly refuse to meet his wife to make some point?

Najib responds that bloggers must beware… In less menacing words, but you can feel the smarmy glee dripping off them.

RPK’s own site Malaysia Today is covering it at Malaysia’s folk hero Raja Petra opts for jail to prove a point, Blogger Raja Petra charged, A legend in the making (via Malaysiakini), and many more.

Lim Kit Siang was right there at the trial.

Susan Loone and din merican are also covering it.

Jed Yoong got an article into the Asia Sentinel on the subject.

Way over in the USA, popular blog The Jawa Report has gotten wind of it.

Various bloggers and representative of civil rights groups call the charges politically motivated. Najib, the aggrieved party in this lawsuit, denies it.

Malaysiakini also has story, subscription required.

MSM account at Malaysia’s The Star and Singapore’s The Straits Times.

Photos at hijau-sirih, who also has link list. More photos, of the vigil held for RPK Wednesday night.

RPK’s own Malaysia Today has photos of the trial and plenty comments.

He’s no stranger to arrest over sedition charges. Question: How come carefully worded, isi tersirat articles are sedition but raising a keris and calling for Chinese blood in public is not?

Want to get him out of jail? He’ll likely only accept posting bail it if the RM 5,000 bail payment comes from blogger and supporter donations.

You know one more thing you can do? Whatever faith you may profess, if it is one that subscribes to justice and fairness and righteousness and truth, say a prayer for those things on behalf of RPK. You and I may be next.


Above modified from One Piece Wanted Poster found at GumGum.org. Feel free to use and share.

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12 Responses to “Raja Petra Kamarudin Chooses Jail Rather Than Pay RM 5,000 Bail”

  1. hutchrun Says:

    It`s becoming more certain that Razak Baginda`s the fall guy for Najib. RPK is going to prison soon after meeting Mr. Shaaribu who said he`s got more evidence which will be released when the time is right.

    So if it turns out that Najib is involved, that could well make Badawi an accessory. Looks like this will be his downfall as well.

  2. hutchrun Says:

    Before the hearing began at 9:30 am, Razak Baginda’s father had whispered something to him. This made Razak angry the whole day. Finally, about three hours later, Razak Baginda could not stand it any longer and exploded. What did he say?

    Reporter friends who were there said that Razak shouted again and
    again, “*Matilah kau Pak Lah! Matilah Pak Lah*! I am innocent! I am innocent!” Then he went into a mad rampage and kicked the chairs and doors in the courtroom. Even
    the Judge was shocked and did not know what to do. Both the defense
    lawyers and the prosecution team were also all shocked.


  3. wits0 Says:

    The Malaysian sedition law explained: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3FxI91jRtng

    – obtained link from http://harismibrahim.wordpress.com/2008/05/06/about-the-law-of-sedition/

  4. sandyow Says:

    I’m reading a lot about RPK and i’m just thinking also, he also wrote a lot of articles implying a whole load of things about abdullah, kamluddin, and khairy. But NO charges for that? Now he’s impying some things about najib and boom, he get’s charged?

    HHmmmmm….. that’s something to think about right?

  5. alfred Says:

    Mr sandyow, you are correct.. something to think about.

    It is more of someone very close to Najib who initiated to go after RPK. Najib is not that stupid as he knows the consequences. But then , as ‘kalau periok belanga terbang melayang’ as P Ramlee says in his song, he has no choice. I believe you can read in between the lines!!!

  6. Samuel Goh Kim Eng Says:

    When it’s a choice of jail over bail
    The blogger’s brave guts we must hail
    Though the path to full justice is no plain sail
    We know ultimately truth and God’s justice will never fail

    (C) Samuel Goh Kim Eng – 070508
    Wed. 7th May 2008.

  7. sandyow Says:

    see, i’m not implying it’s not someone *close* to najib. Maybe it’s his own failed attempts to cover something up?

  8. kweky@ipoh boy Says:

    dear all, let’s not just talk about RPK and najib.

    from all the shit that have been happening recently, we can only have one conclusion……


  9. hutchrun Says:

    Badawi`s gonna get torn:

    “Prime Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi should have taken legal advice from the Attorney-General before publicly attacking me for questioning the prerogative of the Sultan of Perak as the head of religion when I did not do so.

    “I cannot see how my statement over the transfer of Jamry has impinged on the Sultan’s prerogative as head of religion in Perak.

    “I warn the Prime Minister that I will not hesitate to take legal action against him and his deputy if they persist in making defamatory remarks against me.”


  10. wits0 Says:

    Badawi is going bankrupt and retreating into their(umno) ‘good ole demagoguery’ basics.

  11. Badawi Defends Najib, Says Never Received Military Intelligence « BUUUUURRRRNING HOT Says:

    […] Raja Petra Kamarudin Chooses Jail Rather Than Pay RM 5,000 Bail […]

  12. ‘Received Military Intelligencereport finally appear now will badawi as the president of umno postpone the assembly and ask najib to on leave « THE VOICES FROM STREET Says:

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