Malaysian National Service VS. Iraq War: 46 Times Less Lethal

Malaysia’s Nation Service (NS) began in 2003. Today it is the year 2008.

2008’s NS is the fifth stint. Each stint last 3 months.

  • 5 stints x 3 months per stint = 15 months total NS time

Each stint is divided into 3 batches that begin NS at different times. Each batch has around 24,000 kids.

  • 5 stints x 3 batches per stint x 24,000 kids per batch x = 360,000 kids

Since NS began in 2003, there have been around 21 dead. The latest one being reported just yesterday.

  • 21 deaths over 15 months of NS time is 1.4 deaths per month

  • 21 deaths out of 360,000 kids is 0.0583% of all participants dying

Now compare the US invasion of Iraq:

The Iraq War began in 20 March 2003. Today it is the year 2008. Since the War has been continuous, that’s…

  • 62 months of war so far

The total number of American and British soldiers sent in tours is around…

  • 150,000 professional troops

Since the Iraq War began…

  • 4000 American soldiers have died

They took at least 23,000 terrorists with them, so much the better for the rest of us potential terror targets.

  • 4000 deaths over 62 months of action is 64.516 deaths per month

  • 4000 deaths out of 150,000 troops is 2.667% of all combatants dying

Therefore, the Iraq War has 46 times the rate of death of Malaysia’s National Service.

The Iraq War also has 45.7 times the lethality percentage of Malaysia’ National Service (rounds to 46 times).

CONCLUSION: Malaysia’s peacetime, no combat training, no enemy fire National Service is 46 times less lethal towards its participants than the US Armed Forces’ wartime, constant combat, plentiful enemy snipers and roadside bombs and suicide car bombs Iraq War.

Yes!!!! America lose to us!!! Malaysia Boleh!!!

(But God forbid what kind of statistics we will have in the event of an actual war.)

And on a serious note, Singapore’s National Service has combat training, yet manages far fewer deaths than Malaysia’s. WTF?!!



Above are from Malaysian Politics Motivational Posters

Kudos to Dr. Hsu for linkage!

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7 Responses to “Malaysian National Service VS. Iraq War: 46 Times Less Lethal”

  1. hutchrun Says:

    But why should this be surprising. After all Bdawi (the PM) family has been implicated in the oil-for-food scandal which would have helped Iraqi children die. It`s par for the course.

  2. Dr Hsu Says:

    scott, well done for pictures you have posted, on NS and RPK.
    I am going to borrow one of your photos and your statistics, but I will link over to you.


  3. Have A heart ! « Dr Hsu’s Forum Says:

    […] of the blogs that i like to read is the blog called Buuuuurrrrning Hot, by a young man called Scott Thong. I think most bloggers would have known him or visitied his […]

  4. sandyow Says:

    The government should reeeeeeeally figure out a way to handle this. I mean totally abolishing it is pointless, because I personally see the good side of NS, judging for the fact that i have several family members who have participated and gained a lot from it. But as it is also important that the students welfare is WELL taken care of, most of the deaths happen because of food poisoning issues? Which are quite common anywhere, in canteens, cafetarias, heck even in our own homes. I’m all out for food safety, so it is something that should be seriously looked into by the people up there.

  5. bow Says:

    How illogical is it to compare war with national service? Both are different events. One death in NS is too many , where hundred death in war is small number. Poor planning and monitor system in our NS program is appalling at a very least, if the government is caring enough, it should be suspended until further review and remedy step is taken to prevent unnecessary death among our young trainees.

  6. simon thong Says:

    The latest news is that medical tests will be done on all NS trainees to make sure that they are healthy. That means a huge sum of money for those doing the tests, whoever pays. However, the camps themselves, instructors and programs are still not up to standard, are they?

  7. National Service in Malaysia | weehingthong Says:

    […] Malaysian National Service VS. Iraq War: 46 Times Less Lethal […]

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