Dr M Quits UMNO, Blames Badawi For 22 Years of Mahathirism



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From The Star 20 May 2008:

Dr M quits Umno

Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad has announced he is quitting Umno, in what is seen as his final push to force Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi to step down as Prime Minister and party president.

His wife Tun Dr Siti Hasmah Mohd Ali has also quit, according to his website www.chedet.com

Dr Mahathir also called on Umno members to join him in this radical move, which he likened to “removing gangrene” in order for the party to survive.


From The Star 20 May 2008:

Later at a press conference, Dr Mahathir said he would send his resignation letter to the party secretary-general immediately.

He said Abdullah appeared not to accept the message from the ground and accused the Prime Minister of destroying the Barisan Nasional coalition.

”Even members of the component parties voted against Barisan. I believe Pak Lah has ruined Umno, MCA, MIC, Gerakan, PPP and ultimately Barisan.

He said Abdullah placed priority on his son-in-law Khairy Jamaluddin and children, friends of his son-in-law on the Fourth Floor (of the Prime Minister’s Department), (Datuk Seri) Kalimullah Hassan (deputy chairman of the New Straits Times Press (M) Bhd) and Brendan Pereira (former group editor-in-chief of NSTP).


So, Mahathir quits UMNO, because he blames Badawi for ruining UMNO’s respectability among the electorate.

Some simple logic for you:

Mahathir ruled over UMNO and Malaysia for 22 years.

Badawi ruled over UMNO and Malaysia for 5 years, built upon Mahathir’s legacy and foundations.

Who is more responsible for the ISA, NEP, cronyism, and image of UMNO as self-serving, racist, corrupt and bullying?

Or is Mahathir assuming that Badawi managed to overturn and uproot all of the great institutions of 22 years of Mahathirism, and implement all the grievances the Malaysian people hate in just 5 short years?

Ooh, ooh! Wait! I know!

Badawi must have the power of TIME TRAVEL!!!

That’s how he could ruin UMNO and BN with policies that had been running for 22 years before he took power!

Badawi is to blame for the 1988 Constitutional crisis… Even though it happened during Mahathir’s time, but it’s Badawi’s fault!

Badawi is to blame for the hundreds of millions spent on the Petronas Twin Towers, Putrajaya and PROTON Part-Fall-Off Cars… Even though it happened during Mahathir’s time, but it’s Badawi’s fault!

Badawi is to blame for the rape and tehft of East Malaysia’s resources away from its native residents… Even though it happened during Mahathir’s time, but it’s Badawi’s fault!

Badawi is to blame for the Nepotist Economic Policy and its successors that have run for four fifths of their span under Mahathir… Even though it happened during Mahathir’s time, but it’s Badawi’s fault!

Badawi is to blame for accelerating Malaysia’s economy from on-par with Taiwan, South Korea and Singapore to half their values today… Even though it happened throughout Mahathir’s 22 long, loooong years of time, but it’s totally Badawi’s fault!

Yes, I see it now! Badawi really is to blame for making the people dissatisfied with UMNO and BN’s 3 decades of abuses!



Above from Malaysian Politics Motivational Posters. Feel free to use and share.

Sigh, Dr. M… Even less ‘retired’ than Singapore’s Lee Kuan Yew.

Not to say Badawi is better or anything.


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17 Responses to “Dr M Quits UMNO, Blames Badawi For 22 Years of Mahathirism”

  1. wits0 Says:

    Remember that in one PR exercise when he drove a Proton Saga across the then new Penang Bridge, he announced one of his many famous dumb statements :

    “The Proton is dustproof!”, he said.

    So, all other cars were not?!

  2. hutchrun Says:

    What would he know about dustproof, being a G-Man (gutter man).

  3. kweky@ipoh boy Says:

    well, mahathir is just trying to put on a good show to the malaysian public. however, the more he voice it out and do all these kinky moves, the worst it will be for him in the eyes of the malaysian public. being under investigation for the lingam’s Correct, Correct, Correct! video clip, i think mahathir is feeling more and more uncomfortable about the spears pointing and aimed at his own big fat head.

    i feel that his withdrawal from the UMNO is to pressure the PM and gain support from the public, accumulatively, force the PM to come down from his post. well, wrong move mahathir, what the malaysian public feel is simple…….. both mahathir and badawi are equally incompetent!!!!!!!!!!

  4. wits0 Says:

    Live long and feel your angst fully, Tun! All your purloined wealth will not buy the medicine for that.

  5. kweky@ipoh boy Says:

    the only medicine he will need right now is viagra!!!!, considering his age.

  6. Alex Steinert Miles Says:

    Hey Scott, we’re in for good drama. LOL
    Btw, check out my latest post. No, i did not write it. But it’s crazy i tell you

  7. mob1900 Says:

    AWESOME Motivational Posters!
    Had some difficulty getting in last week but it seems it’s all sorted out.
    Keep those Motivational Posters coming dude!

  8. Edi神 Says:

    Madir.. is losing his power..

    Cry baby trying to grap every little attention

  9. wits0 Says:

    In the worship at the temple of the Golden Calf which umno is, Madey forgot he is no longer the chief priest there. It is most fitting that his own mega-ego is his own undoing.

  10. wits0 Says:

    Scott: “Not to say Badawi is better or anything.”

    Madir: “The nadir ain’t low enough for the both of us!”.

  11. sandyow Says:

    Lol, gee…. that was an enlightening read…. 🙂

    Saying that, whatever Mahathir is doing now is his last attempt into saying “I AM THE BEST PM EVER AND I WANT ALL OF YOU TO KNOW THAT DAMMIT!?”

    At least that’s what i’m getting from what is happening. And after this, Mukhriz will continue the mahathirism legacy in umno? Nice one Tun. Great streategy to (get) Mukhriz to stay in.

  12. Simon Thong Says:

    Mahathir’s still trying to be a surgeon. The Star, 20 May, pN3, has him liken his action to “removing gangrene”. But he removed himself! Note also how he fell into the trap. The man who challenged him to resign is a PAS man, lol.

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  14. novice101 Says:

    Just stand aside and watch the show unfolding. See the endless shadow play of the directionless characters.

    Did any earth shaterring event occur after he resigned? It is already 2 days – it must disappoint him to no end. He thought there will be an exodus, so the majority of the people is right, mahathirism is dead.

    He knew that he and AAB will be going to Japan. He made the move because he knows the spineless lot will ask to meet him there. Now, he will have even more scorn and disrespect for this lot. mahathir is laughing in his heart at the gutless, spineless AAB. He will be wearing the despicable smile when they meet. Wonder how AAB can stand it. After the meeting he will be pouring scorn at malleable AAB.

    As to najid, what else can you expect from him. Isn’t this his normal behavior. Hadn’t he stood with Ku Li and Musa Hitan till the last minute and then switched to mahathir’s side. Remember? Remember?

    Chandra is not the only despicable person in the present political scenario. Today we have 2 new persons to add to the list and also 2 organisations.

    PAS and PKR are the organisations and Nik Aziz and Azizah are the new individuals!

    The people who voted PRakyat have been sold out by PAS, Nik Aziz and also by PKR and Azizah. Now PAS is talking about “malay interest’ and Nik Aziz and Azizah are offering mahathir to join them. ‘The door is wide open to him’ …..ha!

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