Raja Petra Kamarudin Has Declared War!

It’s official… RPK has declared all out, out in the open war on Badawi, Najib and co!

He has released an official Statutory Declaration accusing Najib’s wife Rosmah of being on the scene and witnessing the C4 detonation of Altantuya’s dead body.

Click the image below to see full size, or get it at this Malaysiakini link.

RPK Statutory Declaration


UPDATES 23 JUNE 08: Not a single mention on TV news last night.

UPDATE 1 JULY 2008: Malaysiakini – Rosmah: I’m innocent


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  • ————————–

    Previous RPK martyrdom is at Raja Petra Kamarudin Chooses Jail Rather Than Pay RM 5,000 Bail.


    Above is Poster #31 from Malaysian Politics Motivational Posters

    Mark my words: A bounty will be on his head.


    You don’t think so? As soon as SAPP raised a no confidence motion against Badawi as PM, SAPP’s head honcho got the Anti Corruption Agency sicced on him.

    Vengeful warnings from a desperate quarry…


    PS. Kudos to hutchrun for heads-up about this linkage from Malaysiakini‘s list, second from top:

    Malaysiakini in blogs 21 June 2008

    2 hours after this post was published, and already 434 hits from various Malaysiakini linkages. 12 hours later, 1679 hits. As for the entire day… 2626 hits total from Mkini.

    PPS. Argh! I’m 11th top post on Wordpress for 21 June 2008! One more rank and I’d appear on the Hot Posts lists! So close…

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    20 Responses to “Raja Petra Kamarudin Has Declared War!”

    1. hutchrun Says:

      So, Badawi and Khairy have been aiding and abetting Najib to keep this quiet. That would make them accessories after the fact.

    2. sandyow Says:

      This allegation is a little bit hard for everyone to digest. We all know these are rumours involving Rosmah and Najib in the Atlantuyaa case, but this is one seriously brave and shocking allegation. Truth? COnspiracy? Deviation? Deceit? Let’s just all wait and see where it progresses. We shall see how it is being handled.

    3. ghenjis khan Says:

      there is Perdana Menteri and there is also Perdana Menteri UTAMA the son-in-law.

      now who is going to get this Rosmah woman ?

      send the US Marshal .. what’s his name .. Sam Gerard [Tommy Lee Jones]

      or Criminal Minds Team, Bones, CSI, NY, Miami, Las Vegas …..

    4. Kesava Says:

      An SD is a serious matter and cannot be dismissed simply as `conspiracy`. A false SD can get the maker of it into very serious trouble.
      RPK is not stupid enough to go around making a false SD.
      Therefore, it would appear that the PM and his Deputy should be thoroughly investigated.
      Further, how much are the AG and IGP hiding?

    5. Abdul Says:

      I don’t think RPK is stupid enough to simply test the waters in that way. Something is afoot. Remember also that he talked about one Sultan being briefed on the crime. Is that his cousin and his informer? The same Sultan was scolded by Rosmah, so may be he got angry and spilled the beans to Raja. Holy Shit.

    6. Antares Says:

      “This frontal assault is also being covered by Haris Ibrahim, Cakap Tak Serupa Bikin and Malaysiakini.RPK’s Malaysia Today….”

      AND Magick River too, FYI!


    7. gooeyglobs Says:

      Lets face it. Malaysia will be a doomed nation with such people in the government. Raja Petra is the saviour for the country and raayat. As I look at it, Raja Petra is comfortable with his life and could easily earn decorated titles but he prefers to be like us. He is selfless!
      Malaysians must stand by him and with him to face the rots in our country. Look at what personalities the Umno Supreme Council has! So many have bad history and yet the PM is keeping them to keep himself in power.

    8. malayamuda Says:

      Shit man ! Every turn seems to be ” Jalan Mati ” for BN and UMNO

    9. MalaysiaScrewedUP Says:

      Tegakan Keadilan !! this is what RPK wants. Nothing really personal here !!
      As a rakyat, i do not wants “killer” the leader of the country.

      Prove youself !! Mr Najis

    10. Zerry Says:

      “Sekiranya Takut Risiko dan halangan, jangan bicara tentang perjuangan”

      De-Facto Anwar Ibrahim

    11. azisirikit Says:

      Boleh kah KAMU tidur lena sekarang, wahai pembunuh2? Adakah KAMU sedang mebuat perancangan bagaimana nak hapuskan RPK? Adakah KAMU ingat dengan mengalihkan perhatian umum soal minyak naik dsb. boleh dilupakan kes pembunuhan ini? Dahlah KAMU hampir jahanamkan UMNO, hampir jahanamkan MALAYSIA, hampir jahanamkan RAKYAT, KAMU masih mahu tegak berdiri? Kami RAKYAT doakan keadilan akan tercapai. RPK, teruskan usaha ini. Kami dibelakang kamu. Make sure apa2 tindakan yang kamu buat ada saksi. Jangan terima RASUAH dari mereka.

    12. Yunnie Says:

      The problem with this bolehland is the people are not united, thats the failure of a nation. More talk but no action. All are the races of Rat’s/Miki Mouse descendent or kekeke

    13. Mohamad Azlan Abas Says:

      Sekarang ni bukan masa untuk menyerang terus seharusnya kita perlu berhati-hati. Sekiranya kita semua sudah ada bukti, kita serah kepada yang berkuasa, iaitu Dato Seri Anwar Ibrahim. Biar dia yang laksanakan. Apa yang kita perlukan sekarang adalah bukti. Ini kerana mulut mereka hanya mementingkan bukti. Jika bukti sudah tersembur di depan muka barulah mereka akan diam. Disamping itu, letakkan mereka dalam ISA. SEUMUR HIDUP.

    14. bow Says:

      US Marshal is useless in Malaysia! Umnoputra will play the race n religion card to manupulate the majority citizens take arms against him, you should know that better.

    15. ram Says:

      The indomitable AG and IGP have SPRUNG into action:

      Meanwhile, the Attorney-General’s Chambers has filed a police report against Raja Petra over the statutory declaration.

      Attorney-General Tan Sri Abdul Gani Patil said, “We want to investigate it as we want the truth. As far as I am concerned, we have to look it seriously.”


    16. apetah Says:

      jangan hepi dulu, bende ni blum sahih lagi..
      aku paling risau informer RPK tu…

      betulke informer tu?
      bukti cume lihat dgn mata je ke? napa takde bukti video/photo ke? leh la kuatkn dakwaan tu..

      kalau tuduh2 cmni.. sapa2 org pun bole tuduh si A bunuh si B , si B bunuh si C..

      just curious,agak2 korangla berapa banyak pembunuh dalam dunia ni yg ditangkap dgn hanya bukti mulut???…

    17. Seven Conspiracy Theories of the Anwar Sodomy Allegations « BUUUUURRRRNING HOT Says:

      […] theory among concerned Netizens. It says that a certain Prominent Politician, who is currently embroiled in his own controversy involving accusations linking his wife to a murdered foreign national, concocted the Anwar Sodomy […]

    18. P. Balasubramaniam Retracts Statutory Declaration: Najib Didn’t Have Sex With Altantuya! « BUUUUURRRRNING HOT Says:

      […] Raja Petra Kamarudin Has Declared War! (on Najib and co) […]

    19. jean Says:

      Why UMNO scarry of uprise of Anwar.Dou u know that actually PakatanRakyat won the 2008 election in terms of quantity of polls, eventhough the EC not fair by allowing BN to control media and delineting election areas. They put more area in Sabah eventhough the less qty of people

    20. ‘Received Military Intelligencereport finally appear now will badawi as the president of umno postpone the assembly and ask najib to on leave « THE VOICES FROM STREET Says:

      […] Raja Petra Kamarudin Has Declared War! […]

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