Christian Lessons in Kung Fu Panda (Spoilers)


The major spoiler is at #3, and is in White colour text. Highlight it with your mouse to view it.

Kung Fu Panda: A secular animated comedy featuring Jack Black as a clumsy, lazy panda in China who learns the ancient Chinese martial art/culture of Kung Fu. (With perhaps some Japanese imperialism suggested?)

Totally unrelated to Christianity? Here’s what Jamie Thong has to note:


#1: When Master Wu Gui (Oogway) tells Master Shifu that he needs to just believe and learn to let go of his control even if he can’t see how things will turn out.

Lesson: We all need to learn how to let go of the control over our lives and have faith in God to let Him have control, even when we can’t see the way forward.

#2: When Master Shifu brings Po Panda to the birthplace of Kung Fu when he is discouraged, and he suddenly is inspired to learn Kung Fu.

Lesson: As leaders, there are times when our followers might get discouraged. What we can do to help them get up again is to help them see the vision of what they are running for once again. We do that by bringing them back to the birthplace of that vision, which is in God’s presence. Once they catch the vision again, they will be ready to continue running.

#3: (In White font, highlight to see) The fact that there is nothing inside the Dragon Scroll but a reflective surface. Once Po Panda understood that there is no secret he was ready to face Tai Long.Lesson: Many times we think that if we have the perfect method, or if the circumstances are just right we can succeed. We always ask God to “give us this, give us that” or “if only You’d do this and that then I could be successful”. Yet it is not the method that God chooses to empower, it is the person. God has already put whatever we need to succeed into us. All we need to do is to take the first step of faith and as we walk, God will draw it out of us and make it manifest.

What thinkest thou?

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One Response to “Christian Lessons in Kung Fu Panda (Spoilers)”

  1. ethelgrimes Says:

    As Po would say: “AWESOME!!!”

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