Badawi Defends Najib, Says Never Received Military Intelligence

Also reported by Malaysianiki.

From NST via Malaysia Today:

Malaysian PM says he doesn’t believe they are involved
By Carolyn Hong, The Straits Times

PRIME Minister Abdullah Badawi yesterday dismissed allegations that the wife of his deputy Najib Razak was involved in the murder of a Mongolian interpreter.

Datuk Seri Abdullah also said that he had not received military intelligence on the matter.

‘I don’t believe that Najib and Rosmah (Mansor) are involved in this case,’ Mr Abdullah told reporters yesterday.

It was the first time that the Prime Minister was responding to the allegations made in a statutory declaration filed in court last week by blogger Raja Petra Kamarudin.

And it was also the first time that the names of Datuk Seri Najib and his wife were mentioned in the open by a top official, although conspiracy theories over the murder of Mongolian Altantuya Shaariibuu have been raging for months.

The mainstream media has reported the sworn statement by Raja Petra but only in general terms and has not identified Datin Seri Rosmah by name, until now.

Mr Abdullah was asked about the matter by reporters after an official meeting yesterday.

Ms Altantuya, 28, was killed in October 2006, and her former lover Abdul Razak Baginda has been charged with abetting in her murder.

Two police officers from the Special Action Force are charged with the killing.

Raja Petra, 58, who is already facing a sedition charge over an article linking Mr Najib to the murder, had linked Ms Rosmah to the case in his sworn statement.

He also alleged that a Malaysian ruler is aware of the matter, and that a report had been given to the Prime Minister and his influential son-in-law Khairy Jamaluddin.

‘It is stated (in Raja Petra’s statutory declaration) that I received a report from the military intelligence. That is not correct,’ Mr Abdullah said.

He added: ‘Of course I am concerned (over the allegations). What Raja Petra did is unacceptable…because what he stated is incorrect.’

The Premier said the Attorney-General has told him that an investigation will be carried out and action will be taken against Raja Petra.

The Altantuya murder has been a political hot potato for Mr Najib and the government since the case became public knowledge.

Mr Najib last month spoke in Parliament about the issue for the first time.

‘As a responsible citizen, and to uphold justice and truth, I am stating again that I do not know, nor have even met, the woman referred to in this case as I have explained several times,’ he said.

The allegations by Raja Petra are seen by some political observers as a move to tarnish the image of Mr Najib.

He has been named by Mr Abdullah as the next prime minister, a transition that could happen soon as the Prime Minister has been under siege since the March 8 polls.

Outside Umno, the opposition has been targeting Mr Najib in an attempt to hurt his reputation and weaken the Barisan Nasional coalition.


And Najib himself calls RPK’s claims ‘total lies and fabrication’.

So who is telling the truth here? If not RPK, why would he do something so foolishly suicidal?

Previous happenings related to the RPK/Najib/Rosmah/Altantuya controversy and allegations:

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17 Responses to “Badawi Defends Najib, Says Never Received Military Intelligence”

  1. darcwil Says:

    We have to ask ourselves again, what exactly is RPK’s true intentions in exposing such things? And why exactly now. Everything seems to work itself at exactly the right moment in time.

    As of now, my guess is as good as yours about what RPK allegedly “overheard” from that reliable source of his. But the backlash from all this is a little too much for some parties to handle.

  2. Kesava Says:

    We have to ask ourselves again, what exactly is RPK’s true intentions in exposing such things? And why exactly now. – darcwil

    Because the prosecution is closing its case, so he does it just before it does which puts the AG in an extremely tough spot.

  3. Edi神 Says:

    Badawi got a hard job in hand! Harder than we taught, 1st time a Msia PM being challenge this strongly!

    with PAS doing all this ISLAMIC trend is hard to see why the country isnt falling in pieces!

    Who is friends? Who is Foes? I bet they themselves doesnt even know!

  4. Grill Says:

    KUALA LUMPUR: Datuk Seri Najib Razak has dismissed Raja Petra Kamarudin’s statutory declaration implicating his wife as having had a hand in the murder of Mongolian translator Altantuya Shaaribuu as “total lies, fabrication and total garbage.”

    The Deputy Prime Minister said the allegations in the statutory declaration were a “desperate and pathetic attempt to discredit and taint my political image.”

    He said his wife, Datin Seri Rosmah Mansor, had already given her statement to the police.

    The Prime Minister too would be making his recorded statement to the police.

  5. Grill Says:


    Can’t call it bad or good.

    But bloodshed equivalent to sacrificing six cows and ten goats was splashed in the compound of the solemn Parliament House on July 10, just to celebrate the recent wedding of Abdullah and Jeanne.

    It’s a precedent in the 50-year nationhood since Merdeka. But we can’t really say whether it’s a good or bad omen for this country. Only time will tell.

  6. wits0 Says:

    It was reported much earlier in the Altantunya’s case that the Military did conduct their own investigation independent of the Police’s. So who got the report?

  7. Bill Peter Says:

    How can Badawi say that action will be taken against RPK BEFORE the results of the A-G’s investigation are known?

  8. darcwil Says:

    More questions, sorry I cant help being sceptical. But it is mind-boggling that’s why.

    Number 1: RPK’s SD is based on hearsay.

    Number 2: Is RPK trying to put stories in our head by coming out with that shocking declaration?

    Number 3: What (or WHO) is behind RPK’s bravery in this issue?

    Number 4: What is in it for RPK?

  9. Bilal Jabber Says:

    Number 1: Yes, everyone knows he`s a madman.
    Number 2: Yes, mahathir said so
    Number 4: Increase price of his website to RM2 million.

  10. Bilal Jabber Says:

    Also now RPK has grounds for defamation against PM, DPM and Khairy for calling him a liar.
    This is getting to be great fun.

  11. Scott Thong Says:

    Well darcwil,

    RPK is not a fool. Nor is he unintelligent or inexperienced with how sedition laws work in this country.

    To dare sign his name of a publicly released SD, he must have more than just hearsay as evidence. It wuld be pointles suicide otherwise, as well as cause him to lose the trust his readers put in him as an honest and truthful reporter.

  12. Marty Says:

    Honest and truthful reporter? The fact that he heads the Free Anwar Movement should be telling enough about the twists in his “truths”. People are willing to go to great lengths for power, if they genuinely believe that Anwar has a good chance of toppling the government soon, what’s those charges for now? Just as the mainstream media is biased – too trite a fact, nobody needs to repeat this, neither can u take everything that u read from the alternative media as the biblical truths. Some of these medias are backed by political parties too, just as their mainstream counterpart, so they dun escape the charge of biasness. Lemme clarify my stance here, I’m not saying either one or the other is guilty, but I believe we should not pass judgment before a court of law does.

  13. Kesava Says:

    Marty oh Marty, that Freeanwar site went off long time ago lah. That site was very useful in exposing the evils of Mahathir (but many consider Mahathir an angel) and BN.
    RPK like many others was upset about the way the BN Govt handled the situation.
    If you supported Anwar being bashed up in prison, then your argument stands.
    RPK has castigated Anwar quite freely when Anwar was released. RPK, if he has info has every right to take these village idiots to the cleaners. His strategy in getting the matter to Court is a good one.

  14. Kesava Says:

    I think many envy RPK `cos they don`t have the balls to do what he has done.

  15. hutchrun Says:

    I sense a marked display of sophistry in a comment up there.
    I learnt quite a bit from the freeanwar site, which despite its name was not entirely about Anwar. it had lots of other articles too like this one:

    More on Malaysia’s links with international terrorists

  16. hutchrun Says:

    It is most ironic that RPK, in addition to Raja Petra kamaruddin, also stands for:


  17. darcwil Says:


    He certainly aint no fool. He is learning well from which ever politician is behind the whole SD thingie 😉 Now I wonder who RPK is close friends with. A PM in making perhaps, so he will covered from any prosecutions? Ahem.

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