Seven Conspiracy Theories of the Anwar Sodomy Allegations

The following conspiracy theories, while originally intended for the Anwar sodomy accusations by Saiful Bukhari, are also applicable to this newer controversy…


P. Balasubramaniam Retracts Statutory Declaration: Najib Didn’t Have Sex With Altantuya!


The recent sodomy accusations against Anwar Ibrahim have given rise to plentiful conjecture, analysis, and plain old blind guesses and rumour-mongering.

This nation-shaking controversy has dominated local media (including Malaysiakini, lol) and blog coverage since it first erupted. What really happened? Who is behind it? Who stands to gain most from it? Who will triumph in the end?

But there is one word that is on everybody’s lips: CONSPIRACY.

This controversy is simply too complicated, and the timing too right, to be a simple and straightforward case. This must be the work of a sinister komplot! We must dig deeper to find out the truth behind this deep conspiracy! Or so they say…

Thus I present seven of these wild, totally unfounded, baseless and unproven – yet annoyingly popular – conspiracy theories that are popping up around the blogs and kopitiam discussions.

DISCLAIMER: I myself am not part of the conspiracy. Really. Don’t ISA me.

1) A certain political rival of Anwar is behind it

This is probably the most popular theory among concerned Netizens. It says that a certain Prominent Politician, who is currently embroiled in his own controversy involving accusations linking his wife to a murdered foreign national, concocted the Anwar Sodomy Plot in order to shift the media spotlight away from himself.

Young Saiful Bukhari, familiar to Prominent Politician’s own aides, was groomed for this mission. He conveniently volunteered to help out in Anwar’s campaign just when extra hands were needed. When the time was ripe, he released his allegations from within the very midst of Anwar’s team.

Being a mole sent by Prominent Politician, it is little wonder that telling photographs linking Saiful Bukhari to various members of Prominent Politician’s team have been uncovered.

Add to that the report that Saiful actually met Prominent Politician, in Prominent Politician’s house, allegedly to ask for help regarding the sodomy case.

After all, this theory says, the best case scenario for Prominent Politician would be for Anwar to be shamed or arrested out of the running to be Malaysia’s Prime Minister, thus opening the way for himself to take the reigns of power unchallenged.

2) Anwar himself is behind it

The Prominent Politician from Theory #1 responded to such allegations by publicly revealing his team’s own theory – that Anwar had long planned this whole show in order to gain the public’s sympathy as the wrongfully persecuted underdog.

To wit, this theory says that Anwar carefully selected Saiful Bukhari and sent him to mix in among the rival politicians, gaining their trust and taking lots of photographs with them – including an aide to Prominent Politician himself.

Then, just when the foreign national controversy was already stirring up the mud, Anwar played his hidden joker. Of all the accusations of wrongdoing that could be made, the sodomy allegation was chosen – an allegation that had already been overturned by the courts once, and brought to mind the black eye and massive support for Reformasi. No safer and more emotionally stirring choice of accusation could made.

This theory makes out Saiful Bukhari’s police report, PKR’s indignation at the allegations, and Anwar’s taking refuge in the Turkish Embassy for fear of his life to be just one big sandiwara – nothing more than a political drama meant to fool the naive and gullible public.

Add to that Anwar’s latest moves of finally lodging a police report over his 1998 arrest and abuse and then releasing a statutory declaration that Prominent Politician was involved with the murder of a Mongolian beauty (which Prominent Politician dismisses as a distraction from the sodomy case)… Right at this timing…

And then, in about turn, Anwar’s star witness retracts his allegations! Sandiwara or not?

It’s all too coincidental.

3) Both of them are behind it!?

Perhaps the strangest theory is that both Prominent Politician and Anwar are using the same ploy simultaneously! This theory says that since both sides have something to gain from this hoo-hah, both sides may be behind it.

The theory continues that although it is unknown who got to him first, Saiful Bukhari was independently approached by both parties to carry out their secret plans. The young aide reaped a double windfall by accepting both offers and the accompanying pay-offs without the other side’s knowledge. Now all he has to do is keep on his toes and keep both sides in the dark about the other’s plot.

A conspiracy theory worthy of Hollywood, to the point where you almost expect Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt to burst through the windows and carry out the assassination of the double agent!

4) Saiful Bukhari is acting alone

A much more reasonable conjecture than Theory #3, and for that same reason, no one seems to be very eager to adopt it – despite the glaring and condemning fact of his univarse-destroying traffic summons!!! Traffic summons I say!!!

This theory simply says that Saiful Bukhari is in it alone and for himself. He made up this whole thing in order to gain fame or a large payoff. All the unfounded theories about this side or that forging a conspiracy are the work of overly active imaginations. You media and blogger types should be ashamed of yourselves.

Yawn… Let’s move on before we lose our readership.

5) One of their close aides is behind it

Other than Prominent Politician and Anwar, the other people who stand to gain from this convoluted controversy are their respective aides and right hand men.

This theory says that since the controversy has adverse effects on both politicians, therefore neither of them is actually behind it. Instead, one of their aides is making a grab for power by tarnishing his boss’s public image and playing the bigshots against each other.

By blending this theory with Theory #3, you get a plot within a plot where the aides from both sides are aiming to take their bosses down, working together in order to climb the steps of their respective ladders of power.

6) An even bigger player is behind it

Apart from those next in line to be Prime Minister In The Running, there is another figure who stands to personally (if not politically) gain from the removal of both Prominent Politician and Anwar. A figure whose influence runs deep and connections reach far. A figure whose very name conjures forth dark and fearful visions of the police knocking on your door at 3 a.m..

This figure is displeased with the direction the country has been heading since he released his grip on power, and foresees only ruin if Prominent Politician or Anwar takes the reins.

He has repeatedly and publicly expressed his personal dislike for the former as well as the latter. He has purported admitted his role in the previous round of sodomy accusations against the latter, and shows his condescendsion towards the boss of one of them.

Rumours have it that he may even be positioning his own carefully-groomed protégé to skilfully snatch the helm of leadership in place of any of the three.

To that end, this theory says that the fallout from continuous media circus surrounding Prominent Politician and Anwar will keep them busily distracted and hobble their campaigns to win public and political support.

And if they permanently destroy their reputations in their paranoid accusations and bickering… Well, so much the better. The puppet master suffers not dissent.


Who, moi? Zalim?

7) The most shocking conspiracy of all – it really happened

Man, I’m not even gonna go there, so unpopular is this theory. I mean, it’s… It’s… BORING! So by definition, it cannot possibly be true.


Um, yeah… A real helpful Clue there.
Above is Poster #40 from Malaysian Politics Motivational Posters.
Earlier Mahathir poster was #24.


Finally published on Malaysiakini as Seven sodomy conspiracy theories:




Kudos for linkages: People Are The Boss, A Total Blog, Dr. Hsu Darren, Desperate Housewives.

PS. Yeah, top 14th WordPress post briefly!

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44 Responses to “Seven Conspiracy Theories of the Anwar Sodomy Allegations”

  1. 10J Says:

    7) The biggest conspiracy of all – it really happened

    Man, I’m not even gonna go there, so unpopular is this theory. I mean, it’s… It’s… BORING! So by definition, it cannot possibly be true.

    I like your justification for this one xD

  2. Hang Tuah Says:

    theory #7 holds the least water.

    you re saying a 6ft beast can be held down by an old man who has severed back injury & disrobed & pin down to be bum whacked.

    did he had time to grease the tool?


    complete bum shit

  3. Mercurious Says:

    Aye to #2. Logic dictates.

  4. anonymous dud Says:

    i vote for #7! just like everyone bet german win euro, but eventually lost to spain!


  5. UMNOchick Says:

    Anwar did it himself. All clues point to only one direction.

    Theory No.A
    4 MPs crossing over, IGP and AG going to get sodomised, is too much of a climax. But there has to be an ORGASM for feeling fully satisfied. So, Anwar stages his own drama to stunn the IGP and AG into inaction.

    Theory No.B
    This is a chess game. Pics of the accuser are ‘planted’ in Najib’s office and easily accesible by Anwar’s wife. Second person being planted by Anwar into BN is Ezam – who said, “I’m not a traitor”. Anwar’s plan is at work because Ezam just filed an ACA report. This is a decoy. When BN is fully is fully convinced of Ezam’s loyalty, he will pull out his gun on BN’s head just before 16th Sept.

  6. UMNOchick Says:

    khabar angin bahawa ezam & gang adalah ‘hadiah kuda Trojan’?

  7. su Says:

    I was not even aware of this many “theories of conspiracy”. I must say that it adds a lot of food for thought.

  8. sandyow Says:

    Conspiracies conspiracies! Let’s hope us bloggers are not making use of the opportunities to put forward the skewed theories that we so call support. Like obviously, if you are an Anwar fan you will be saying BN is behind it, and if you are a Najib fan, that Anwar is the mastermind of it himself.

    But thank you for your theories Scott. 🙂

  9. HJ Says:

    I thnk that it really happen. He has always the horny look in his eyes. I could be eyeing the victim’s ass for a long time until he cannot take it and has to “play” his backside! Now he is in deep shit!

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  11. ToiPew Says:

    Why would this so called “conspirator” blatantly pose in front of a SIGNAGE of the DPM office just doesn’t make any sense, does it? For all you know, yes it definitely smells like a conspiracy, but Anwar’s not THE victim.

  12. Mr.Mugam Says:

    Hello all,

    Wow..i like this postings of yours. Its very remarkable. I tend to choose no.2 by the way. Good theories. Keep it up scott.

  13. mob1900 Says:

    Conspiracy #8 The missing conspiracy.

    KJ did it!

  14. hutchrun Says:

    And now we have a new entry:


    I, Anwar bin Ibrahim, (NRIC No: 470810-07-5095), hereby make the following police report based on information that I have recently received.

    1. This report is in relation to the investigation into the assault on me by the former IGP Tan Sri Rahim Noor on 20 September 1998. I believe Tan Sri Rahim Noor, after being prosecuted, pleaded guilty to the assault. I had lodged a police report in respect of the assault on 27.9.98.

  15. hutchrun Says:

    So could the 2 be the ones who rigged it knowing that IF Anwar gets in come Sept 16 they`d be zombies.

  16. kweky@ipoh boy Says:

    well, after hearing the news of anwar being accused again, well i remember the time 10 years ago. i was 16 then when right after my tuition class, i came home to the news on tv about the deputy PM to be sacked due to sodomy and corruption. being accused for the 2nd time, i really wonder if anwar is really an ass lover like accused. there can be truth in the accusations.

    for example,

    an arab being interviewed in the US embassy…..
    consul: Your name, please??
    arab: Abdul Aziz.
    consul: sex?
    arab: yes please. 6 times a week.
    consul: i mean male or female?
    arab: both male and female, and sometimes even camels.
    consul: holy cow!!!!
    arab: yes, cows and dogs too.
    consul: man, isn’t that hostile?
    arab: horse style, dog style, any style!!!
    consul: oh dear!!
    arab: deer???? no deer!!!! they run too fast!!!

  17. kweky@ipoh boy Says:

    just giving it a thought.

  18. Simon Thong Says:

    When mahathir was the one behind the first accusation, the truith didn’y matter. Many believed anwar guilty, The truth did not matter. Now, the truth still does not matter. Many believe anwar innocent. Remember the story of the boy who cried wolf? Is anwar guilty? It’s political assassination. Then and now. Political assassination. Will anwar be charged?

    There have been significant changes since that first accusation. NOW: No mahathir as prime minister, pulling the strings.. None of his judges around (not that we know of). Different political scenario. Very many more outspoken parliamentarians.There are bloggers. Mainstream media are more “courageous” (actually, trying to redeem their “good name”).

    The danger lies not in this attempt at political assassination but in assassination. A knife? A gun? A suicide bomber?

  19. Mr Belimbing Says:


    I vote for number 7.

    Ezam says, “I’m not surprise!”. Jeez….I Want to puke on my keyboard.

    – More of me at

  20. khamis Says:

    what’s your point really?

  21. pal Says:

    what about the MP who ‘molest’ the waitress at the hotel? polis sudah senyap?

  22. Edi神 Says:

    we need to stand up and fight! We have been silent for 50years!

    Not sure if Anwar is being do or doing something?

    I dont care, I want peace and posperity!

    we dun need a GAY leader but is he one?

    Any given day, I would take a gay leader over a MUDERER LEADER!

    But I still wish he is straight!

    I rather he is a womaniser than a gay!

    Najib, definately not GAY!

  23. MW Says:

    Here’s a theory:
    Saifool was brainwashed /or he’s brain dead.
    It’s a no brainer.

  24. Piggy Singh Says:

    No 2, and if it is true, I’ll shoot Anwar with silver bullet he is a demon in the mask of a man.

  25. Seven Conspiracy Theories Of This Sodomy Accusation « A Total Blog Says:

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  26. Cool Dip Singh Says:

    Saiful got plugged it seems. He tried being a spy, got spied upon and led into a trap. So No.2 makes sense. Very good move by Pakatan Rakyat in the chess game.

  27. Teapot Army Says:

    Nice article, I love how every possible conflicting explanation is being yelled from the rooftops xD

  28. wits0 Says:

    Does the amount of traffic summons suggest a certain likelihood of recklessness?

  29. sean Says:

    it is suicide for anwar to be the master plan behind this…BN runs the gov…this would be the greatest chance to kill anwar forever and will do anything to guarantee it!.. corruptions are getting widely known spreading in malaysia and who runs the gov??? Our gov have no morale.

    gain sympathy of the people?..yeah right!!..over 50years malaysians are cowards…even mat rempit cannot be handled what else issues on politic??

  30. ezine Says:

    great post. I love all this suspense. This keeps us on our toes

  31. KH Says:

    No. 6! Lolz…
    No. 7 is totally impossible. Pls, even if he’s a homo, can you imagine him doing such a thing again after going through all those shitx 10 yrs ago and doing it locally at this time when PR is at the helm and almost grabbing power??
    No 4 is totally crazy, it’s like painting shit on his own face..this guy has a fiancee Star today..lolz.
    No. 3..dotzzz…. but interesting 🙂
    No 2 is likely as in politics, it is about who is more sly in their mastermind is DIRTY anyway. But I do not believe Anwar could come up to such lengthy process..unimaginable..
    So I’d still stick to No.1 or No. 5…but No.5 is nothing too exciting 🙂

  32. bongkersz Says:

    hah, anwar needs create so much troubles, go such length to ‘GAIN SYMPATHY’? Come on. Why he needs sympathy? He already has enough.

  33. Badawi Linked To Mohd Saiful Bukhari? No way… | Malaysians Say The Darndest Things! Says:

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  34. UMNOchick Says:

    Hitler and Anwar have one thing in common. The ability to mesmerize the public during ceremah. The way of body language is also the same. Does this mean Hitler was a sodomist ? Point to ponder. Look at Youtube on Hitler and below and see how similar they are.


    Adolf Hitler Speech

  35. amru al as Says:

    cuba pikir berita tv3 apa najip ckp….

    1. Budak tu mai jumpa dia sebab nak mohon biasiswa.!!!!!

    ** Logik ke budak dapat c.g.p.a teruk 0.8 nak minta biasiswa pada najip. Hai najip apa wat bohong. Otak hang tak jalan ka… Logik ke budak dapat upsr 5D nak mohon biasiswa… Logik ke budak dapat 8D pmr nak minta biasiswa… kamu menjwb tidak bijak..kamu memerangkap diri kamu sendiri dengan jawapan bodoh. apa kata satrawan rendra… fikir

    Sdr anwar.. sabarlah dgn ujian ini, saya sanggup mati jika saudara di pihk yang benar demi untuk memperjuangkan islam dan keadilan bg seluruh rakyat malaysia.

    Tidak dapat dinafikan tamadun yg menjalar di seluruh dunia pd hari ini adalah tamadun barat. Dgn tamaddun ini kita menikmati segalanya, bisa membuat rakyat biasa memiliki segala kemewahan. dengan sentuhan sja kita bisa melihat rusia melalui kaca tv. Tamaddun yang ada pd hari ini bisa membuat raja-raja pada zaman dahulu cemburu kerna mereka tidak bisa menikmatinya. Saya melihat Tamaddun yang saudara anwar gendong punya jasad dan roh spiritual yang sempurna. Semoga Allah melindungi saudara. Tidak ada selain dari kebenaran itu melainkan kesesatan. Wahai pembaca budiman.. gunakanlah akal yang pencipta bagi buat kalian..

    Mana yang lebih baik .. seorang yg memperjuangkan keadilan untuk rakyat, menghapuskan korupsi, membela rakyat atau si musang hasan ketua polisi jakarta.. atau guni petail si pendakw lelucon ala mr bean. Atau si najip budiman ” born with the golden spoon” fikirlah.. apa guna otak yang Allah kurniakan buat mu tidak di pergunakan dgn betul. Bacalah setiap maklumat dan halusi olehmu maklumat itu dengan halus dan teliti. Gunakan logika, perbandingan, buka buku agama baca, tanya pada yang berilmu, dan teringat saya pada satu sejarah nabi dimana pd akhir2 hdp nabi.. para shbt melihat nabi SAW amat musgul dan amat bersedih hati.. maka para shbt pun bertanya kenapa..ringkasnya SAW menjwb: pd akhir zaman nanti akan ada umatnya yang ngaku islam, sembahyang, ngak pernah tinggal puasa dan haji, sodokah dan mcm2 lg.. TETAPI MEREKA INI MEMILIH PEMIMPIN YANG JAHIL DARI KALANGAN MEREKA.
    dimanakah tempat mereka.. shbtku fikirlah. Kerna kalau kamu makhlok yang patut di panggil manusia yang punyai akal, gunakanlah akalmu. Sesungguhnya islam itu agama yang menggunakan pertimbangan akal… sebab itu orang2 yang tidak berakal tidak dituntut kesalahannya oleh islam. Fikir fikirkanlah sahabatku yang budiman.

    Amru al as…

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  37. Toni Says:

    Saiful was tricked into going to the condo apt, drugged, and then sodomised by the guy he posed with in the photo. He was then fed hints that it was Anwar who did it.

  38. Messy Christian (2.0) | Malaysia is upside down, inside out Says:

    […] being accused of sodomy. AGAIN. By a PKR volunteer. Ugh. It’s a repeat of the 1998 fiasco. Conspiracy theories abound. Again. […]

  39. IknewSaiful_fromUniten Says:

    Is it true Saiful that you have been sodomised? As a student leader who has credibility , can’t you just shove the old man instead just letting it happen (consecutively). It doesnt make sense you let this to happen for 4 times before calling it a quit?
    We are still young, what Najib Mongolia had promise isn’t a sure thing, I’m afraid you gonna get sued for Millions and Najib Mongolia will just clean his hand (thus ignoring you). In the hands of people you’ll be damned or in Najib mongolia’s hand you’ll be blown to pieces with C4.

    I’LL GO FOR #1 … Saiful told us he works for NTR.

  40. hatibaik Says:

    Want to get scholaship….or have been sodomised? You know where to get help…….

  41. Desperate Housewives « Serious thoughts & gibberish sayings Says:

    […] 1. Seven Conspiracy Theories  […]

  42. dontwannaleavemyname=0 Says:

    Whichever theory it is, the mesia somehow seems to favour the first. By media, i also mean the international media(search Anwar in the wikipedia and you’ll noe why). This is making an Extremely bad image for Malaysia and I must say Anwar’s skills is beyond question. He did make most of us to believe he is accused of it… Not making any assumption here but just reminding the opponent of Anwar to be “smarter” in dipomatic skills. By the way, the minternational media keeps referring Anwar as the “opposition leader” Why? They are mnaking the international community to think he is of great influence in the Malaysian Government. They should refer him as de facto leader of PKR and nothing more….

  43. Vijay Kumar Says:

    Post #1You wrote
    on Jul 1, 2008 at 9:14 PM
    My questions to Saiful’s family on Anwar’s sodomy allegations :

    Fellow Citizens,

    The statement by the family of Mohd Saiful link above bear some earmarks of possible untruths and create more questions than it answers.
    I am sure many of you may have similar questions youselves after reading the news report.

    This reminds me , many years ago when my older boy was 2 years old,
    he tripped my CD tower and it came crashing down to the floor, when I got there, he planted his stuffed toy near the carnage and said “teddy did it” with innocent eyes and expected me to believe it.
    I see denials from the government of the day and their apologists to sometimes have as much sophistication as “teddy bear” denials.
    Now back to the statement by Saifuls family ( which to me sounds like a poorly written script ) :-

    We are not getting any backing from the Government. We are on our own but as a family we fully support Saiful.

    While it is good to stick up for a family member,why presume when there is yet any accusations, very few
    genuine victims talk about motive,collusion or bribes- most just scream for justice.

    “We had asked for the Government’s help but they have chosen to back off and not dirty their hands,” he said when met at his house here yesterday

    Who in the government did you go to ? Please elaborate how they chose to back off ?

    The uncle added that they had repeatedly called the Inspector-General of Police but were told to stop calling his number.

    So in other words you expect us to believe thatafter being turned away by Government officials you believed that the IGP
    who is widely seen as doing the bidding of the political masters would help you.
    You could have gone to Suhakam, Bar Council, Amnesty International or other independent bodies to help you.

    He said his nephew had initially approached the Bukit Aman police station to lodge his report against Anwar but they turned him away upon learning who he was accusing.

    Again names please, time you went there and what transpired, you expect us to believe that they are more afraid of Anwar now then when he was the DPM.

    Mohd Saiful eventually found a police station in Kuala Lumpur which was willing to accept his report, his uncle added.

    Please name us the station and the brave officer who took the report that the Government officials , IGP and Bukit Aman dared not touch,
    he or she deserves a medal.

    “Saiful is no longer in the hospital but is under police protection and even our family does not know his whereabouts,” he said.

    Forgive my sarcasm, but do you expect us to believe that despite the governments and top police officials refusal to get involved,
    they are now providing Saiful protection, when Anwar is holed up in the Turkish Embassy asking for a guarantee to his safety,
    and when the DPM was pressed as to providing police protection for Anwar, the best he could commit is “I leave it to the police to decide”.

    The uncle said the family would eventually hold a press conference to allow Saiful to “explain from A to Z” his accusations against Anwar.

    Trial by media, when a defamation suit has already been filed by Anwar against your nephew- a very daring feat indeed for one
    who claims to have no backing, we all know what sodomy is -no need to explain, we are more interested in the evidence you have,
    I would advise against it as the police have yet to establish a prima-facie case.

    “Our family is a small family and we do not benefit in any way from Saiful’s revelation

    I fail to see any correlation between the size of your family and deriving benefits from this episode,
    your reasons are incoherent akin to someone under threat, why go on repeating the “not gaining anything” mantra
    when the issue should be justice.

    “We are not getting any money and in fact our family is being cut off by other people.

    For cying out loud, enough already, if you dont benefit, are you doing it under duress ?
    If so who is threatening you ?

    “Saiful is sacrificing himself for the country even though he knows that society will scorn him and the family for his accusation,” the uncle said

    Oh really , then name the government officials who resused to help, the police station that refused to take the report, and let action be taken against them,
    you will truly help the country this way.Why use the word “sacrifice” if you were truly wronged you should ask for justice.

    He said Mohd Saiful had also contemplated suicide as he felt that he had committed a sin.

    So is this an admission to bisexuality, that it was consensual ? Does your nephew understand that
    if it was consensual, he is admitting to an offence under the penal code, in that case do you not wonder
    why he isnt being charged with “carnal intercourse against the order of nature” ?
    You expect us to believe that after his admission he is being given protection and not being charged,
    to be standard procedure ? I am sure the religious authorities would be more than happy to provide him with
    counselling since he has repented and after he serves jail term of course.

    The uncle said he had been a strong supporter of Anwar but was disillusioned now.

    Really ? Come to a conclusion so soon, before the evidence has been adduced, or
    did you witness the act personally ?

    On why Mohd Saiful had pictures with of him posing with Cabinet Ministers and a Prime Minister’s Department aide, his uncle said it was normal for a student leader to take pictures with government officials.

    True, but the DPM quoted “He explained that the photograph was taken on Feb 12 this year after Anwar’s aide had come there with a friend to meet his (Najib’s) officer for assistance to secure a government scholarship for further education”.
    Now how is it that straight A students line up at PSD some in vain to get scholarships , when your nephew a UNITEN dropout can see the DPM’s officer.
    and you expect us to believe that he has no ties whatsoever with the government.

    Vijay Kumar Murugavell

  44. lupikirlasendiri Says:

    helo…scott thong.. U think 2 much…not relevant 2 me.

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