Saiful Bukhari’s Traffic Summonses

On a tip from wits0, via The Sensitrovert comes this gem:

Saiful Bukhari Traffic Summonses

I knew it all along! Saiful Bukhari is a lawless rebel of the darkest forces of chaos! His goal all along was to persuade this nation to rip itself asunder!

Theory number 4 was correct… Only Saiful is the evil genius criminal mastermind conniving enough to be behind EVERY CONSPIRACY IN TEH WORLDZ!!!!

…Or he could just be a typically reckless young male driver who is waiting for the next traffic summons discount sale.

Both conjectures are equally realistic and likely!

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18 Responses to “Saiful Bukhari’s Traffic Summonses”

  1. wits0 Says:

    I suspect that, around that age, one personally choses the path of morality or amorality. At that age, people tend to think they know everything. A bourgeois background like his also worsens the situation.

  2. Edi神 Says:

    I dunno if Najib is involve with c4 murder?

    I dunno if Najib’s wife is involce in c4 murder?

    I duno if Najib *framed* DSAI?

    But I know Najib declare to wash Chinese blood with Keris in 1980 and his cousin enjoy playing with krisss!

    That’s enough not to make him the next PM!

  3. wits0 Says:

    Hahaha, Edi神, I should agree that that is in fact sufficient.

  4. Saiful, lupa bayar saman trafik ke? | The Flaccid Mind Says:

    […] this at BUUUUURRRRNING HOT and The Sensintrovert, couldn’t help but to poke fun at […]

  5. aadya Says:

    Oh my goodness, you bloggers would dig anything from the net wouldnt you? It makes me cringe to think what else you could dig up about a person on the internet. Google your name and find out.

    On another note, judging a person’s character by the amount of traffic summonses he has is quite baseless. Malaysians in general, (ahem) are so prone to commiting traffic offenses, and somehow they too love collecting summonses.

    When you pay your traffic summonses, dot be surprised if you encounter your lecturer, your ustaz or your church mate in the line! lol

  6. wits0 Says:

    “It seems fantastic but it seems that Saiful’s stepfather is related to the Prime Minister’s daugther-in-law. In other words, Saiful’s stepfather is Kamaluddin Badawi’s uncle by marriage. Meaning that he is the uncle to Kamal’s wife.””

    How to dig up anything dubious if none exists? At his age I’ve had to work and toil far from home to save for a driving school course and license – something which was not given free.

  7. Rambo Says:

    When we says about others it seems we forget that we also do wrong things. Just because this kid is speeding doesnt meant he is the villain.

    So, shut up and let the law take the front sit!

  8. Anne Says:

    Bad English language. =)

  9. wits0 Says:

    Cyber Trooper usually can’t manage good England.

  10. robert13 Says:

    Hello guys,

    i agree with aadya. You should not judge people’s character by just looking at the amount of traffic that he has. Either way anyone could have bundles of traffic summonses. We should just let the authorities do their work.

  11. wits0 Says:

    “We should just let the authorities do their work.”

    Of course. However, the root problem originates from the authorities concerned.

  12. WE ARE NO IDIOTS Says:

    Saifool the gay with an itchy arse

    1)At 1st Saifool seek DPM for schorlaship issue.
    2)Now DPM admits to meeting Saifool a few days before the gay made his police report.
    3)So what are we supposed to believe.
    Question: How can we even believe in anything that comes out from the mouths of those UMNOputras, if their number 2 seat can give statements like the mamak flipping Roti Canais.

    Did you know who Saiful is related to?
    PM deny any involvement. Not INVOLVED! but RELATED!

    (The Biggest Fools, Are The Fools, Who Knows Not They Are A Fool) So Guess Who Are Those Fools?
    We have PMfool, DPMfool, UMNOputraFools, and don’t forget SaiFool (In Hokkien “SAI” means “SHIT” so Sai+Full means Saifool U R FULL OF SHIT) Not forgeting the people who also have control over your arse hole, they are also FULL OF SHIT.

    Saiful Bukhari photographed with Umno VIPs, so what? (ANOTHER VERY INTERESTING BLOG)

    A few more questions. Assuming that the medical report is true that Saifool’s arse did get japped(SODOMISED), and again assuming that our hero Anwar did not do it, then;-
    Who was it that F**k(SODOMISED) Saifool’s Itchy Arse?
    How much is this, made famous political itchy arse, gigalo paid for this particular deal?
    Or maybe Saifool enjoyed being banged from behind so he offered his arse for free.
    Did he get gangbanged by the very people who orchestrated this whole fiesta?
    LoL LoL LoL

  13. lau gnua Says:

    we will be watching saiful’s expenditure for any big yachts or patek philips.

  14. papayankee Says:

    UMNO in the mist of ruining itself….they are being control by corrupted leader of no quality (sub-standard) and should be discarded/rejected by it own member. Expecting them to resign is a waste of time. A no confidence vote should be attempted by it own member of course with far none of them have ball except maybe shabery for it hillarious debate.Joke of the nation. I think if they want to stay in the political scenario and still be relevant to the malays. They must be willing to change their top most leader. Maybe the foreign domestic trade minister is currrently the best person to take over. Furthermore, he got not much bad reputation compare to that 2 joker that always giving speech to the nation with grinning face without seriousness in overcoming the people misery of it 70ct oil price increase. For people that is waht we call ada “akai”, we can see how this joker manipulate the enforcement agency, etc in carrying their scam. We do have to hit the street but enough with changing our mindset toward this joker. Use only the pencil supplied by the so noble SP rashid to outcast them. This people are scared of their own shadow. Let take the people that want to be good to the rakyat to be the new leader of the nation. what say all out there?

  15. papayankee Says:

    amendment…We do not have to hit the street but enough with changing our mindset toward this joker. Use only the pencil supplied by the so noble SP rashid to outcast them. This people are scared of their own shadow. Let take the people that want to be good to the rakyat to be the new leader of the nation. what say all out there?

  16. Smoowaree Says:

    hmm.. good one

  17. Zuleyka Rivera Says:

    best tak Saiful kena f*ck?? dasar pondan celaka…dah kena f*ck tak mahu cuci jubo…dok simpan sampai 3 hari…ntah air mani hanjeng mana dia dok sumbat…nak reka citer yg bukan2…bodoh punya pondan! idiot…for 3 days don’t go ‘PANSAI’ ahh?? and yet still keep that cum inside…such as nonsense…dasar pondan hinaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!

  18. nasaei ahmad Says:

    Zuleyka, bagaimanapun kita pelik ada orang2 yg gagal manfaatkan akal mereka untuk mengetahui kebenaran kes fitnah jijik itu..Betul, ada juga orang yg percaya !

    Ya. Yang lebih bahlul lagi (tahap gaban kata Aduka Taruna) ialah yang tak guna akal, maaf cakap. Bagi kita yang bukan ‘eye witness’ (tak berada di tempat kejadian/ tak tengok)…maka AKAL sahaja yang boleh dijadikan ‘timbangtara’.

    Pertama, hangpa perlu tahu…bukan mudah seoang lelaki nak meliwat lelaki lain yang normal TANPA RELA. Kita kata Tsai Fool tu normal (bukan terencat akal, bukan cacat/handicapped). Dan jelas beliau sihat fizikal pula. Juga, kalau pegi report polis tu…maknanya tanpa rela.

    Cuba guna akal sejenak, tolong beritahu saya, bagaimana boleh orang “rogol” atau liwat anda dalam keadaan anda menentang (tidak rela), dalam keadaan anda sihat sejahtera dan boleh membantah atau melawan, dalam keadaan sorang sama sorang; dalam keadaan anda tidak digari, atau diikat ditiang misalnya; atau tidak diacukan pistol di kepala anda?

    Tolong beritau saya. Tolong guna akal tuan-tuan yang arif !

    Tolong semak data dalam dunia (kejadian di tempat-tempat lain) ada tak pernah berlaku kejadian tak masuk akal seumpama itu? Tolong beritahu saya berapa banyak telah terjadi !! Tolong guna akal tuan !

    Yang ada terjadi ialah ‘with mutual consent’ (rela, bukan tak rela).

    Bagi kes zina, kalau ke dua2nya rela, ia bukan satu kesalahan (mengikut undang2 sekular kuffar). Tapi bagi sek luar tabie (liwat), ia tetap salah, 20 tahun penjara, betul tak?

    Cuba tuan2 bayangkan Tsai Fool ni sebenarnya apa…nak kata dia setuju diliwat, tapi di gi report polis. Orang yg report polis ni, maknanya dia tak setuju (dipaksa).

    Kalau ‘dipaksa’ ada tak tuan2 dengar ada elemen paksaan sepanjang anda ikuti perbicaraan jijik tu? Ada? Tolong berithau saya. Ada tak dia melawan? Tolong guna akal yang Allah beri kepada tuan2.

    Dan sudah tetulah kalau (katakan) dia rela, pun.. dia tentu tahu dia boleh dihukum maksimum 20 tahun penjara juga kalau dia report kpd pihak berkuasa sebab spt yang kita tahu kedua2 pelaku sek luar tabie adalah satu kesalahan mengikut undang2.

    Memang kurang cerdik (maaf cakap) kalau menyangka (berpendapat) begitu mudah untuk meliwat Memang kurang cerdik (maaf cakap) kalau menyangka (berpendapat) begitu mudah untuk meliwat seorang lelaki sihat ! Dua orang lelaki nak liwat seorang lelaki sihat PUN amat sukar (kecuali si mangsa rela (bukan paksaan).

    Tolong beritahu saya, ada tak kesan2 melawan, calar di sana sini, bengkak muka, katil yang berselerak dan sebagainya (bagi menunjukkan penentangan Tsai Full ? Ada?

    Kalau tak menentang langsung, itu BUKAN paksa. Itu rela. JANGAN LUPA, 20 tahun penjara! Takkan beranai nak pi report kut…20 tahun penjara ! Yang mana satu nih…rela atau paksa ata apa? Atau bohong (RM RM RM $$$$$$)

    Bukankah ada evidence Tsai Fool pi JPM dan dirakamkan gambarnya sebelum kejadian? Untuk apa dia kesana kalau bukan ‘ada hubungan’. Kalu saya ke sana, itu lain, saya bukan terlibat dgn tuduhan liwat dsb.

    Verdictnya, ini semua kerja jahanam UmNgok ! Cukup mudah. Nuar adalah stumbling block, batu penghalang UmNgok utk. mengekalkan kuasa.

    Rupa2nya ada Melayu yang percaya teori kuffar Barat yg mengatakan, “kalau suatu pembohongan itu dibuat macam ‘real’ dan diulang2, lama-lama orang percaya”..

    Betui…ada orang2 yg tak gunakan akal mereka (akan percaya)

    Telah terbukti di mana (walaupun bukan semua) orang sanggup melakukan apa saja demi $$$$$$, kuasa, kedudukan, pangkat. Ini bukan ‘generalization’ tapi tolong beritahu saya kalu statement ini bohong. Kita dengar, lihat, ketahui di seluruh dunia! This is indirect REAL EVIDENCE. “MATERIAL EVIDENCE” YANG BERKAIT DENGAN MANUSIA.

    Politik manusia2 jahat yang cuba mempertahankan kedudukan dan kuasa DAN sudah tentulah $$$$$$$$ mereka!

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