Najib Says Anwar’s Altantuya Statement is Just to Distract From Sodomy Case

It’s on the 8 p.m. TV news right as I first type this.

Malaysiakini still doesn’t have it yet; the latest news is that Najib again denies links with Altantuya at 7.23pm. (They should hire me, I’d be online AAAAALLLLLLL the time to do this!)

From STAR sms updates:

Statutory declaration by PI P. Balasubramaniam is just to divert public attention from sodomy allegations against Anwar Ibrahim, says Najib

So Najib also dismisses it as a heinous lie made as ‘a very desperate attempt’ by Anwar. Though Anwar seems to be the one in control today, while Najib looks quite nervous on TV.

More info and links follow, but be sure to check the Comments at bottom of this post for personal testimonies of what people saw and heard on national television.

Via Anilnetto, a link to the NST report reveals this:

Najib counters Bala’s SD as ‘malicious lies’


DEWAN RAKYAT, July 3, 2008:

Deputy Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak said allegations that he knew and had met murdered Mongolian woman Altantuya Shaariibuu made in a statutory declaration by private investigator P. Balasubramaniam, were malicious lies aimed at smearing his image. Following this latest development, Najib reiterated what he had said earlier, that he never knew the woman or had ever met her.

“I am very sure this action is a desperate move by Anwar Ibrahim to divert attention from the sodomy allegation he is facing,” he told a press conference that was attended by scores of journalists at his office in Parliament here today.

Najib said what was important now was not issues raised as a diversion but the people wanted to know whether the Parti Keadilan Rakyat (PKR) advisor (Anwar) had committed the offence (sodomy) as alleged.

“I hope the concerned parties will investigate the matter fully and make the findings public as soon as possible.” he said.

On the statutory declaration, Najib said because it conflicted with Balasubramaniam’s testimony in court (in Altantuya’s murder trial) and the statement given by him in his police report, he would leave it to the proper authorities to investigate the matter.

“The responsible parties must be ready to face the consequences if it is found laws had been broken,” he said.

Asked whether he would be making a police report against Balasubramaniam or take legal action against him, Najib said he left it to the police to take action.

Asked if he would describe this revelation as a personal attack on him by Anwar, Najib said: “The question is why it surfaces now, after the sodomy complaint was made (against Anwar). Suddenly everyone has come under attack, the Inspector-General of Police (Tan Sri Musa Hassan), Attorney-General (Tan Sri Abdul Gani Patail), I, why now?”.

“But we cannot get sidetracked from the issue at hand, that is whether the sodomy happened or not …this is what we want to know,” he said.

Anwar yesterday lodged a police report at the Selangor police headquarters alleging Musa and Abdul Gani had concealed facts and fabricated evidence in the case involving the physical assault on him by former Inspector-General of Police Tan Sri Rahim Noor on Sept 20 1998.

A male aide of Anwar, Mohd Saiful Bukhari Azlan, 23, on Saturday lodged a police report at the Jalan Travers police station here alleging that he had been sodomised by the former deputy prime minister at a condominium in Bukit Damansara in the city on Thursday.

Asked why he felt that Anwar was using the case to launch this attack against him, Najib said he was not sure.

“I do not know…maybe he thinks I am behind this boy (Mohd Saiful )but the truth is there is no conspiracy. Mohd Saiful came to see me alleging that he had been sodomised by Anwar,” he said.

The private investigator made available copies of his statutory declaration to the media at a press conference held at the PKR’s head office in Petaling Jaya near here today. Anwar was present at it.

Najib said when he was first told about the sodomy matter, he was not too sure whether it was true and preferred it to handled by the police.

Meanwhile, Najib also denied that he had any sexual relationship with Altantuya nor did he conspire to cover up her murder as alleged by Balasubramaniam in his statutory

“No, absolutely not, because I have never ever met her at all,” he said, admitting that he could take legal action (against those involved) but preferred to let the authorities handle the matter.

“What is more important is action is taken against the person because there are other definitions under the law like criminal defamation and such,” he said.

Asked if he felt the AG and IGP should not involve themselves in the investigation of this case as their names are also mentioned, Najib said: “Only if it concerned their own personal position, but they are still heads of the respective enforcement organisation and they must continue with their work”

“I am very relax about it, as you can see I am still smiling, I am not worried because the truth will prevail. I believe in the system, I believe that I have not done anything wrong, I have nothing to be worried about…life goes on as usual and as far as I am concern it is business as usual,” he said.

On whether he is willing to submit himself should there be futher investigation on the case, Najib, instead, posted back a question to the reporter, asking him to give one good reason of why should he be investigated.

The police has investigated the entire Altantuya case so they know everything, he said.

At the end of the press conference, Najib also questioned Anwar’s motive to raised the issue now, adding that if Anwar is genuinely concern about the murder case, he should have brought up the issue much earlier.

In Kuala Lumpur, Prime Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi said he did not want to comment on the latest allegations.

“I do not want to comment on this. All this talk is subjudice. This case is already in court,” he said.

However, Abdullah said Najib had indicated to him that he would be seeking advice from the attorney-general on the matter.


Najib asks, “Why should I be investigated?” Susan Loone tells us why.

Meanwhile, as reported via Star sms alert and as blogged by Rocky Bru quoting the Star, Nuraina A Samad quoting Bernama, and Nur Aflah quoting Malaysiakini… How does a little aide get an audience with the second biggest shot in Malaysia to ask for help regarding the sodomy case, in his house nonetheless?

Najib, of course, already denied any links to Saiful.

If you were away on holiday and now are totally blur on what’s happening, Najib is all the while referring to Anwar’s statement saying Najib had SEX with Altantuya then had her MURDERED to shut her up.

As you can see above, Najib’s counter-allegation is that Anwar is just making this whole thing up to distract from Anwar’s own sodomy allegation controversy.

This is like the exact opposite of Theory #1 of the Seven Conspiracy Theories of the Anwar Sodomy Allegations, which says that the sodomy hoo-hah is itself concocted to divert the public away from the statutory declaration against his wife involving Altantuya!

But it fits in perfectly with Theory #2, which says that Anwar is behind the sodomy allegations against himself. Using the public sympathy momentum from the sodomy allegations, Anwar now swings it around, adds the weight of a police report alleging misconduct against him during the previous round of sodomy allegations, and launches it all right in the face of Najib and co!

Najib even wonders in front of the press and cameras ‘Why are all these attacks on me, wife, police happening at the same time’?

Conspiracies and counter-conspiracies and counter-counter conspiracies…

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22 Responses to “Najib Says Anwar’s Altantuya Statement is Just to Distract From Sodomy Case”

  1. wits0 Says:

    “Heinous Lie” versus “Heinous Crime”. Only one can be true. Don’t insult the people’s intelligence.

  2. Edi神 Says:

    Najib sama Anwar berjuang…

    Rakyat mati ditengah2…

    Why dont we just lock the two up and see who play who asshole?

    at the end of the day… sure one is a sodomizer and another victim!

    or we send Anwar and Najib to flock sheep like Brokeback mountain!

    That sure will be no.1 reality show in the world!

    Msia sure become famous adi!

  3. Abdul Says:

    Najib said he has never met Saiful Bukhari and that he has come to his office for scholarship and met his right hand man. Today, he has admitted that he has met few days before he lodged a report against Anwar. Here there is a catch and definately Najib needs to answer many many questions. That it is a conspiracy is now more than clear.

  4. smengol Says:

    Saiful even come to najib’s house.
    How many malaysians hv a change to meet najib at his house??

  5. Simon Thong Says:

    When Abdul says that Najib has admitted that he has met Saiful Bukhari a few days before he lodged a report against Anwar, he is right. Note the Star news alert (via sms) at 7.27pm, 3rd July 2008 which says: DPM said a ‘traumatised’ Mohd Saiful Bukhari Azlan met him at his residence to seek help over sodomy allegations against Anwar Ibrahim. What a LIE. And Najib is PM in waiting?

  6. hutchrun Says:

    In the papers on the pic of saiful outside his office Najib said that he never met Saiful.
    On NTV7 news he said Saiful went to his house a few days before the report was lodged but he never told saiful to make the reort against Anwar.
    I`m more than ever convinced that Ezam is somehow involved in this.

  7. Seven Conspiracy Theories of the Anwar Sodomy Allegations « BUUUUURRRRNING HOT Says:

    […] to that the report that Saiful actually met Prominent Politician, in Prominent Politician’s house, allegedly to […]

  8. hutchrun Says:

    What I saw on the NTV7 news did not say saiful was `traumatised`. The Star is putting words in najib`s mouth?

  9. hutchrun Says:

    Anwar said that leading figures in the government had targeted him with the sex scandal because they feared he could use information on the Altantuya case to bring about their downfall.

    “This has actually triggered this battle,” he said.

  10. Simon Thong Says:

    Perhaps not just a battle but all-out war, with no prisoners taken. If Anwar is arrested for the accused crime of sodomy, charged, tried and found guilty, there is no third chance. If Najib loses, he is OUT IN THE COLD. For good.

  11. hutchrun Says:

    Najib liwat that mongolian lady.
    So to make the medical examination of Saiful even more plausible, Saiful must have got his `scholarship` from Najib in the latter`s house a few days before making the report.

  12. Scott Thong Says:

    Keep the info and links coming guys. I can’t add content as fast as I find it!

  13. Mercurious Says:

    so one create something bigger and grander to divert attention from the hot water that he finds himself in, favorite tactic by our politicians. wonder where will this ping-pong leads. on the flip side..this might lend some credence to ur theory #7(i think), I mean if the sodomy DID happen, and Saiful is this young impressionable ambitious might not be too surprising for him to seek protection from Anwar’s biggest foe. not so boring after all?

  14. wits0 Says:

    @ LKS’ Blog,

    # Mr Smith Says:
    Yesterday at 17: 29.48

    I don’t think this will stop here. I reckon there will be more people standing in queue to come out with their SDs.
    Each denial will be countered with a SD.
    An unpopular government without even a modicum of credibility cannot come out of this mess unscathed.
    This the proof that the entire system of governance has collapsed. Has Abdullah the means and statue to handle this crisis? I think not.
    We can only grief for the country.

    Verily, verily, there’ll be more SDs coming along. We live in interesting times.

  15. Edi神 Says:

    Najib can tomorrow say he meet Mongolian before….

    politician got no creditibility

  16. haji muhammad abdullah @ tan wah guan Says:

    My Two Cents Worth for Abdul Razak Baginda…(or to be conveyed to him via his loved ones)..wherever he may be

    Is it worth all the monies u have in the world or even your own life to keep a secret ….?

    For a true muslim… The truth is ALWAYS his salvation

    May Allah be with U

  17. kesava Says:

    Bernama reports another lie by Najib:

    “On the statutory declaration, Najib said because it conflicted with Balasubramaniam’s testimony in court (in Altantuya’s murder trial) and the statement given by him in his police report, he would leave it to the proper authorities to investigate the matter.”

    PI Bala should sue Najib for criminal defamation. This is a very serious comment by Najib and can land Najib in prison as well.
    If anyone knows PI Bala`s lawyer please advise him to advise his client to make a police report against Najib for criminal defamation immediately.

  18. su Says:

    He says everything is to tarnish his name, because according to him, if all these were true, they should have reported this earlier, not now. So his question is, WHY NOW?

    Question to Najib himself, why is he only saying that he had met with Saiful before, when at first he said he never met the guy? WHY NOW?

  19. hutchrun Says:

    Investigating Tenaganita for criminal defamation

    Yes Najib can now be investigated for criminal defamation on his comments re: PI Bala`s testimony in an on-going trial in Court.

  20. g0on3r Says:

    what? saiful meet najib to get scolarship? what so good about this guy he can meet najib personally to ask for scolarship? he been kick out of uniten because since he force his way as vice president of mpp he never come to class, so he fails in his study. why would najib wants to give him scolarship? saiful not study anymore. and as a student myself, i never heard u can just go to politician home and ask him scolarship. i wonder how saiful managed to get such privilage. from this case, 1 thing for sure, SAIFUL IS NAJIB’S RIGHT HAND MAN. the reason is, its impossible for any normal people here in malaysia to meet high profile BN politicians such as najib at his home unless u someone close to them.

  21. Idi Amin Najib, Mugabe Khairy, Marcos Badawi, Elizabeth Bathory Rosmah Says:

    Sex and the C4

    Sodomy is a useful word
    recently said and heard,
    in Malaysian homes and offices
    it’s all about famous orifices.
    What is going on, you wonder
    when Bala steals the thunder,
    finger pointing the magic word
    to the delight of a horny herd
    Organs united, names forgotten?
    VIPs are really rotten
    Saiful he knows and did not know
    doubts about Aminah begin to grow
    of whose loose lips he was afraid
    but liked her other end instead;
    of course he knew it wasn’t right
    but it felt so good and tight!
    You could not hump like Greeks
    the Hindenburg’s fat cheeks;
    what her hubby found so succulent
    was making Rosmah trucculent.
    And so she thought, the time was due
    for a nice Mongolian barbecue.
    Enter the analyst, not so anal,
    who found the girl too banal;
    fearing supernatural harm
    from her juicy feminine charm,
    he hired Bala straightaway
    to keep the honeytrap at bay
    but private dicks were of no match
    for Aminah’s superlative snatch
    and now that Najib had had his fill,
    he would not share the till;
    right after the submarine deal,
    Aminah’s fate he would seal.
    Now Rosmah had one idea
    on how to kenakan dia
    “Let’s bomb the bombshell,
    let’s send her to hell.”
    Thus perished the hapless beauty
    after translation and booty duty;
    now Rosmah’s ass was happy
    until one blogger got yappy;
    this Hindenburg nearly caught fire
    yet to sue she has no desire.
    But Najib’s part in this murder
    will travel much further;
    despite his media actions
    and one or two retractions,
    some questions will remain
    a big part of his bane–
    how did Altantuya really die?
    and why did he have to lie?
    Did he pay off Bala savvily,
    or threaten to C4 his family?
    What acts could be more despised?
    With his money, we’re not surprised;
    after all, he’s such a bully beast,
    to him and him alone, at least,
    magic words that cannot apply–
    are useful for making rivals die.

  22. Clement Hitchy Cock Says:

    i don’t see what’s wrong with him fooling around on the side. have you seen rosmah lately?

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