Get Smart Movie Review (No Spoilers)

Get Smart is a fun watch!

There’s a lot of nostalgia and references to the original series, such as the various gadgets (including, of course, the Shoe Phone and the Cone of Silence) and classic old jokes, without being unoriginal or imploding the spacetime-line.

Max himself is true to the original too, with all his bumbling success and knowledge of all things trivial and irrelevant (and not so irrelevant), including versions of these classic Max phrases:

…Missed it by that much.

The old [insert convoluted name of trick here] trick.

Would you believe…?

The supporting cast pull their weight too, with a very modern-sensibilities 99 still pulling Max from the fire. Watch out for the instantly recognizable The Rock and Hiro Nakamura too!

Overall, a rather slow start but it quickly picks up the pace of bungling action and fun. Worth the watch, especially if you saw the original series!

And you’re lucky, before the film starts you’ll get to see the trailer/silence your handphones short. One features the modern-day ‘chemistry’ between Max and 99, the other has The Rock doing what he does best!

Little political comment from Day by Day Cartoon that you should get the joke of after watching Get Smart:

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2 Responses to “Get Smart Movie Review (No Spoilers)”

  1. Simon Thong Says:

    Get Smart! Yea, nostalgic..hope to watch the new version. On Astro, of course, which shouldn’t be long.

  2. musichyper Says:

    I loved this movie! plenty of silly antics. I wish I had seen the original series and I think this is out on DVD now which means I can add it to my collection.

    I HYPED Get Smart on EverHYPE and scored it 87%, which I think is very accurate.

    If you get on there rate me a 5 on it and request friendship.

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