BN Will Do Everything to Defeat the Social Ill of Alternative Media… I Mean, Cyber Cafes

Via I am Malaysian, from The Star:

KUALA LUMPUR: All cyber cafes will have to close by midnight daily and operate only from the ground floor of buildings once the guidelines to control them are enforced.

Deputy Housing and Local Government Minister Datuk Hamzah Zainuddin said that under the new guidelines, cyber cafe operators were also banned from using tinted glass.

“The new rule also requires those below 12 years old to be accompanied by their parents or guardians to cyber cafes and they are only allowed to stay until 10pm,” he told reporters at the Parliament lobby yesterday.

Hamzah said cyber cafes were also banned from other co-business activities, including having games, gambling, pornography, music and publications with negative elements.

“Cigarettes and alcohol cannot be sold or consumed at these premises,” he said.

Hamzah said operators were required to keep a register to record the entry and departure time of their patrons.

“This is to ensure that all patrons are checked by operators at all times. The owners of the business must also send the names of students who come to their premises to their schools,” he said.

Hamzah said some students had been found to play truant by changing their uniforms and visiting cyber cafes during school hours.

Over here in JB, near my workplace, is a cyber cafe called KingSurf (KS for short).

It is a massive premise, three stories high with a huge lighted-up sign on the outside saying KS in striking colours against a blue background. It has clear glass paneling so that anyone can look inside and see the 100+ computers it has… 100+ on each floor!

Kids are allowed, but no students in school uniform. Soft drinks, snacks and ciggies are sold at the counter, but smoking is strictly outside or in the toilet.

Everyone who goes there is playing games, emailing or watching Youtubes. But mostly games, be it DotA, CounterStrike, those pretend-you-are-playing-music games, or various online RPGs (e.g. World of Warcraft, Ragnarok Online and those Chinese ones.)

No porn is allowed, or it is well hidden from prying eyes – it’s hard to pull off when all PC screens are in the open and facing the open air. No gambling or whatnot either.

There is a membership card that gives discount for usage, and even an affiliated cafe next door. It is an intergrated business. Patrons of all ages up to 40+, but mostly guys between teenage to 30, come and lepak here between dawn to 3am and later.

A rough estimate for 300 computers at RM 2.50 an hour for just 12 hours a day means around RM 9000 gross income a day. And it is often at maximum capacity.

Now is the govt going to force this massive KS – which has other branches all over JB and KL – to reduce itself to one floor, switch off at midnight, and no longer have the ‘co-businesses’ of having games, selling snacks, drinks and opening a nearby cafe?

And what of the other cyber cafes even larger and more open and transparent than KS in Penang, Ipoh, KL, you name it?

Heck, let’s just demolish all cybercafes so our youth can go do more government-approved fun things during their free time like prostitution, gangsterism, crime, joining unlawful UMNO public rallies and of course, Monyet Khairy‘s favourite – Mat Rempiting.


Above is Poster #26 from Malaysian Politics Motivational Posters

IMHO? They just want to choke off every possible avenue the public has to view the alternative, non-Goverment Enslaved media of Malaysiakini, Malaysia Today and blogs.

Everyone start buying Streamyx and Celcom shares now.

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19 Responses to “BN Will Do Everything to Defeat the Social Ill of Alternative Media… I Mean, Cyber Cafes”

  1. su Says:

    Y’know, that KS seems like a good place to hangout. It’s better than tons of the dodgy CC’s I’ve seen around KL.

  2. Edi神 Says:


    a place to sodomy?

  3. wyleong Says:

    I don’t see why when there’s so much demand, the government wants to deprive us of something like this. It’s not a breeding ground for gangsters or school dropouts, IMHO. I’ve been to net cafes at different times (namely NetCity and Infinity), even midnight, and I don’t see any unhealthy activities innit.

    Hamzah said cyber cafes were also banned from other co-business activities, including having games, gambling, pornography, music and publications with negative elements.
    wtf, it’s called a cyber cafe for a reason, if it’s only meant for surfing, they would have been called “internet cafe”, methinks. Besides, it’s the patron’s discretion to surf for illegal materials, you can’t expect the counter guys to monitory everybody’s activities all the time.

    Hamzah said some students had been found to play truant by changing their uniforms and visiting cyber cafes during school hours.
    If this is the only reasoning to enforce such a tight rule on cyber cafes, then I must say, this Hamzah fellow fails in seeing things practically.

    Anyway, just my two cents, haha.

  4. bow Says:

    Another pathetic excuse from BN’s minister.When can we have learn man n woman becoming our ministers, another 50 years to come?

  5. wits0 Says:

    The governance of Bolehland has muddled along very openly for decades long before march 8th. Today we’re just witnessing the increased tempo of the same system based on prohibition via the easy way while being unable to enforce anything that’s hard and tough to do so.

  6. robert13 Says:

    Hello all,

    Personally I think we should look on the positive sides of the suggestion given by Datuk Hamzah.

    These will prevent children from lounging into the CC’s and doing unhealthy activities.

    Parents and guardians will also aware of their children’s whereabout. With the banned of cigarettes and alcohols, the public will be more comfortable to use the CC without being annoyed.

    Gamblings, pornograpghy, publications of negative elements could be reduce. This also results in reduction of corruptions and bad rumors in the country.

    The suggestion will not promise effective results, but still the suggestion bring benefits to the public and community. So, why question them?

    This is not about the BN’s politics or whatsoever. If the opposition had done it either, the public should welcome the good values of it, not critise it based on politics interest. This is wrong.

  7. Simon Thong Says:

    It is not after midnight that most secondary school students are found at cyber cafes but from after school till about 7pm, when parents are still at work or away from home for some reason. Students get addicted to the games, hang around with the people they befriend there, get involved in gangs, neglect their studies, use up their allowance, borrow money, lie to parents about non-existent tuition or school activities to get more money or to explain why they are late home, etc. Cyber cafes are a bane, a curse, to students.

  8. dano Says:

    Govt always doing moronic things. Years ago it was bohsia issue and lepaking issues. Now its Rempits and cyber cafes. Maybe afraid youngsters watch liwat (sodomy) movies online. Young ppl go thru phases and these cafes are just their outlet. Only a small percentage are bad hats. Bad ppl exists in all socities and this has happened since Cain killed Abel. So just get used to it.

  9. kweky@ipoh boy Says:

    dear all,

    parents can actually control and monitor their children eventhough the chilren frequent the cyber cafes. parents can actually provide pocket money on a daily basis instead of weekly or monthly basis. this will allow parents to be able to have a better control of the activities that their children are involved in.

  10. kweky@ipoh boy Says:

    with or without the cyber cafes, no one can stop the wraft of the rakyat now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. Malaysian Says:

    Hello;Actually i’m quite dissappointed with the way government wanted to band cyber cafes from other co-activities such as games….. As a parent, i’ve been allowing my child to only hang out or play games in the one and only cyber cafe in this small town. I only allow my son to go to the cyber cafe after school &  after school work(depends on how you control your kids lar..). This cyber cafe strickly follow the rules. They don’t allow kids below 12 yrs old to enter the premises, no students in school uniform allowed even with green school pants. The front glass door is as clear as a crystal so that ppl can see from outside, sometimes i can even peep at my son what he’s doin there. No one dare to watch/surf  PORN website or even online GAMBLING bcoz i’ve seen the owner or even the staff shouted to customer “SORRY!….GAMBAR LUCAH TAK DIBENARKAN!!…”. Only soft drink & mineral water are sold inside the cyber cafe. Strickly NO SMOOKING is allowed in this cafe. Smooking are only allowed outside the premises. This cyber cafe close at 12 midnight. As a parent, i know that there are so many cyber cafes everywhere but please take note that some are “healthy” cyber cafes. Without such a healthy cyber cafe in this small town, i can’t imagine what will happen to the youngsters here. More importantly, without them i do not know where to find my son or what he’s into……I really hope that the government will look seriously into it… especially those healthy cyber cafes. “Aiyo!!!….children also need to relax mar…..To my opinion:- The government shd really look into the workload of their own staff…… more spotcheck on cyber cafes wheather they are doing the healthy or unhealthy thing, provide them with WARNING letter. With repeated WARNING letterS, blacklist them………….”

  12. Simon Thong Says:

    It’s easier to impose a blanket ban than to monitor all the cyber cafes. The govt takes easier option. As long as it sounds good, allows them to feel good, and gives them little work, they will choose it. Those politicians and bureaucrats pass the responsibility of enforcement to the police. We want the police to police the streets and our neighbourhoods, to prevent crime and catch criminals, but enforcement of any midnight ban on cyber cafes will become their responsibility. Criminals will rejoice..

  13. lonely_guy@sabah Says:

    are we really forget about the important of the cyber world?????…..dont just think of those games like gambling…understand what is games means….LAN game,online games, or even yahoo games..what’s wrong with those games actually??..i dont see there is any harmful of it…maybe those gov ppl should make it clear…recently came out those cases or issue..criminal cases, drug addicted, gums addicted, cubbling or even recently news( sodomy)…do we really wanted such things happen in Malaysia?..i think nowadays some of the parents can understood about kids skipped classes, so…where u think they go??coffee shops??mamak stalls??…hanging around somewhere that we do not know..or even cyber means that need 2 close/shut down all the business??…so that the kids will just stay at home???..studying and studying and studying???…then im sure they will be more cases coming on…suicided because of pressure..k..get back to the topic..please everyone of you can think about it wether from good side and bad side of cyber cafe. Yes, those who againts the rules we can give them a warning but its really ridiculous when talked about there will no games. no music or just plain surfing. Then how about that X-PM mentioned about wants to make Malaysia as a cyber world…..for sure if really banned all the games please think twice before enforced it…bla…bla…bla…last but not least, i hope that there is a BETTER way to solve or to handle those cyber cafe which doing the illegal activities. 

  14. obefiend Says:

    its easy to get pissy over a new ruling. even pissier if the new ruling kena your own batang hidung figuratively speaking

    i think they had it coming for years. the enforcement have been lax for years. with games on their PCs most CC start becoming entertainment centers and i do believe they have their own establish set of rules.

    Most CC can best be described as new age Arcades anyway. try going into one now and see who the patrons are. Kids, teens and some college students wasting their time away cussing while playing DOTA. yeap! that’s a healthy way of life eh?

    The government is taking drastic measure to curb the increasing truancy rates. why drastic? because they have been pussyfooting all these years thats why. So in a way you can say that all of this is their own doing. Now they have to covet their ass for their own incompetance

    but fret not my cyber warriors. This is malaysia we are talking here. The first few months will be hard on us gamers. Let it cool down and don’t start demoing on the street. Let them have their moment of power. After 4 months you can bet your bottom dollar that everything will be back to normal. CCs will again prosper!

    TRUST ME. they did this to DVD peddler.. VCD peddlers… Pirated game peddler and also gambling. Now u can see them back on the street corner!

    no worries lah kawan! this is all distraction. So you marah on this ruling instead of the minyaks, the Altantuya case, The Lingamgate and Anwat sodomy. They are trying to rile you up againts something else

    never lost sight of the real battle here people!

  15. dano Says:

    Learn from our wise leaders and BN MPs like Dung Mokhtar . . .

  16. eliminate_rempits Says:

    Yes cyber cafes r good. Young people can watch youtube. Mat rempits don’t go cyber cafes as they are dumbasses who can barely spell own names. They are worse than stray dogs. If mbpj/dbkl shoot poor dogs they should shoot these ‘mad dogs’.

  17. SOS Says:

    I’m one of the cyber cafe owner….doing the healthy cyber cafe business…no pron website nor no gambling…….One day the majlis daerah ppl came to me and told me that cyber cafe cannot have games…..not event the normal(online/lan) games…..?????? WAT THE HACK!!!……..normal games also cannot!!!…then what is cyber cafe gonna do.??……..jz plain surf…….??……meaning to say in future all the “FATHERS & MOTHERS” will be at cyber cafes..and the youngsters will stay at home ?!!!!!!…….hhmmmmhmhmmmmmm………. “NO SENSE AT ALL!!!”……. probably they are using their “COW SENSE!!)…

  18. cleffairy Says:

    Thank you for visiting my blog, Scott…anyway, what else can we expect from people in BN? They are bastards, after all.

  19. Adheldgedroth Says:

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