Ryskind Sketchbook Blog

One of mypersonal favourite online editorial cartoonists, The Ryskind Sketchbook, now has a blog!

It features the collection of cartoons, now more easily accessible and with additional information and links.

Head on over and have a browse at http://ryskindsketchbook.wordpress.com/

Here are some examples of Ryskind’s excellent humour:

Above also at Half the World Economy to Reduce Temperatures by One Quarter of A Degree


Above also at 400,000 Years of Climate Change Was Caused By…


Above also at Barack Obama’s Bitter Remark Editorial Cartoons



Above two also at Reverend Jeremiah Wright – Obama’s ‘God D**n America’ Pastor Editorial Cartoons

Remember to credit and link to Ryskind whenever you feature the cartoons in your own blog!

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3 Responses to “Ryskind Sketchbook Blog”

  1. bow Says:

    How can a politician company himself with a cult leader for 20 years praying for the destruction of USA will ever know he is dealing with another demonizer of USA in the name of Islam?

  2. chow Says:

    A man who is a member of a deviate cult organization for 20 years finally wake up realizing he is in the wrong spot while in the campaign for presidential election. It’will fun to see how he can deal with another demonizer if elected as president of USA?

  3. Jan Painter Says:

    I’m a big fan of the Ryskind Sketchbook too but I wish he’d simply his website.

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