Mega Man 9 Art – A Tribute to the Bad Old Days

Are they seriously considering this as the American promo art for Mega Man 9? (i.e. Rockman 9)

They must be nudge-nudge-wink-wink tributing the infamy of the original Mega Man American box art as some of the most disparaged video game art of all time:

Kudos for tip and linkage from jeblucas of ars technica.

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One Response to “Mega Man 9 Art – A Tribute to the Bad Old Days”

  1. Brahman Says:

    The bad old days, eh? Yeah, the box art was pretty odd for MM1 and MM2, and it wasn’t all that good for MM3 either, honestly…But then again, I didn’t really care, I just played the games, and they were pretty kick-ass! The first 3 or 4 games were awesome, and then at around 5 and 6 the stories got very redundant…I mean, come on…Mr. X?! Still, I own just about every game in the MM series…ever! And I truly can’t wait until 9/22 comes around. Making this game in 8-bit was a wonderful decision from those folks at Capcom for gamers like us who have been waiting patiently for a REAL MM9, not another Mega Man & Bass, Rockman Strategy, or side-story.

    Let’s just hope it lives up to the hype that’s been building over the past few months!

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