Real Life Metaphors for Hell

The Nazis won’t invade our country of Poland – it would be too unbelievable for them to break our treaty! I choose not to believe that an antagonistic German army exists. Now let’s go sign more treaties.

The tornado that’s headed right for us won’t rip our farm to shreds and fling us a hundred feet in the air – it would be too frightening to fall screaming to our deaths! I choose not to believe that killer tornados exist. Now let’s have that outdoor picnic!

That man with a five-inch knife can’t be a serial rapist and killer about to make me another victim – it would be too cruel to be brutally violated and left to slowly bleed to death! I choose not to believe inhuman criminals exist. Now let’s casually strut down that dark alley!

Smoking, drinking benzene and using an asbestos handkerchief won’t give me cancer – it would be too insufferable to suffer years of agonizing deterioration! I choose not to believe preventable illnesses exist. Now let’s sunbathe next to that exposed nuclear core!

Jumping off a building won’t cause me to plummet to my splattering death – it would be too limiting for us to be subject to the laws of physics! I choose not to believe in so-called scientific fact. Now let’s reject gravity and fly!

Electricity doesn’t affect helpful people who are trying to fix the orphanage’s porch light – it would be too unjust to die when my intentions are so noble and pure! I choose not to believe in electrons and voltage. Now let’s see if conecting these two live wires does the trick…

Big-rig trucks don’t flatten people who dash blindly across the street – it would be too unfair to be killed because of such a small mistake! I choose not to believe in the indiscrimination of random chance. Now let’s play ‘tag’ on the Interstate!

Tropical mosquitos, filthy pond water and food covered in human excrement won’t introduce horrible worms into your body that tunnel into, eat and lay eggs in your very flesh – it would be far, FAR TOO HORRIFIC to even imagine such a nightmarish scenario! I choose not to believe that terrifying endoparasites exist. Now let’s eat raw pork from pigs that were raised in an oxidation pond!

People can’t suffer in hell for all eternity – it would be too unbelievable, frightening, cruel, insufferable, limiting, unjust, unfair, and horrific of God to let that happen. I choose not to believe in hell or such a mean God. Now let’s just carry on gleefully wallowing in our sin.

LESSON TO BE LEARNT: Whether or not you believe in it, whether or not it fits your opinion… According to the Bible, Hell exists. It’s not a matter of what ideally should be, or whether God is fair or unfair, or even what we prefer – It’s a matter of fact. That’s the way it is. It simply is.

If hell is wherever God is not present, and those who reject God obviously do not want to be in His presence… Then what logical result is there but hell?

How we choose to respond to God’s warnings of what awaits us after death is entirely up to ourselves.

And here’s a quote on the a different topic but related nonetheless:

“A lot of people have a mistaken conception of free will,” Rev. Lorenzo Albacete, a priest I got to know during the Reagan years, once told me.

“They think exercising free will means choosing their own reality. Try hard enough, and you can make yourself rich or famous or beautiful — that kind of thing. Well, man, I’m sorry. But it just ain’t so.

Nobody gets to choose his parents. Nobody gets to choose whether he’s good looking or ugly or whether he’s intelligent or stupid. We all have to take reality as it comes to us — presidents, popes, all of us.

“The question is what you choose to do with reality. Reagan never permitted his misfortunes to interfere with his development as a human person. Instead he used them. All his life Reagan exercised his free will by choosing to seek the good in reality as it came to him.

– From National Review via link featured at Michelle Malkin


6 Responses to “Real Life Metaphors for Hell”

  1. AHoo Says:

    Very well said bro ! Just because we cannot see hydrogen & oxygen in water doesn’t mean that it is not there, right ? There are many teachings that prepared the dying for Hell literally as can be seen in many chinese funeral wake with hell notes abound.

    It is just so puzzling to learn that many ‘sai kong’ will chant and lead the soul of the dead to a place of tranquillity for eternal rest when in actual fact the poor soul is being lead nowhere but to await judgement day. Yet hugh amount of monies is being demanded for such kind of service and knowingly will encourage family members to burnt hell notes in a big way.

    Well, what a scam with these unscrupulous people taking advantage of those families in mourning. The most important aspect of one’s life is not measured by the number of years we live on earth but rather where we chose to live our eternity and with whom is of utmost importance.

  2. Dan Says:

    Well, at least one of your statements was correct. The concept of the Christian hell would be so unbelievably cruel that God would have to be more evil than all mankind put together, to allow such a destination for anybody. Your “lesson to be learnt” is total unscriptural heresy and makes the all loving God out to be the most evil, vile entity ever imagined. Perhaps it is time that you visit to learn some truths of God.

    May God take your blinders off if that is His will at this time.


  3. Scott Thong Says:

    Dude… Too much article… You gotta summarize for me man. Or else, TLDR (Too Long, Did not Read) and I’ll just forget all about it in the morning.

    Explain your perception of truth to me? It’s for the sake of my soul. Do your Christian duty.

    But btw, I’m not actually firmly decided that hell is necessarily a place of everlasting fire – Hell, If I Know

  4. Le gars Says:

    So… Hell exists according to the Bible. The *fvcking* Bible, who is by no means a reliable source but rather, a book written by a bunch of believers in separate places and times.

    All of this sh*t about worms, cancer, etc., has been observed, documented, proven. Hell hasn’t, and it will be proven the day Hell freezes over.

    Oh wait…

  5. Scott Thong Says:

    Actually, your statement about the Bible being written by different people in totally different eras and locations is entirely true – and also one of the arguments for the divine inspiration of the Bible. Else, how did dozens of individuals who never met one another, spread across three continents, and living thousands of years apart manage to write on similar themes?

    And on the reliability part…

    The Cyrus Cylinder – Not Isolated and Not Vague Verification of the Bible’s Historical Account

    Christianity – The Faith of Famously Intellectual, Logical, Reasonable Thinkers

    Historically Corroborated: Jesus Fulfilled 129 Messianic Prophecies Made in Isaiah 335 Years Earlier

    Was the Bible Changed? (Reasons Why It Could Not Have Been)

    When Were the Gospels Written? – Internal Evidence From Acts

  6. Galahad Says:

    My head says one thing,my heart says another, but my GUT feeling tells me Hell exists. And it is so agonising that the screams of the PDamned produce a single pure diabolical harmonic note.
    Pain at this level warps the mind body and soul to a shape that is inconcievable to human beings. Try holding a hot radiator

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