Komrad Obama Ends Russia-Georgia Konflikt

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If you noticed my over-use of K’s… Oh well, you kan’t please everywunk!

For some history on Russia’s and Georgia’s past, see Red Primer for Children and Diplomats.

The Soviets’ love for their fellow men never recognized borders. The new Ukranian Republic was allowed to join the new Russian Soviet Republics…”voluntarily.”

The independence of the new Georgian Republic was also granted by the Soviets in 1921. To “guarantee” this “independence,” the Soviets incorporated Georgia into the Soviet Union eight months later, after Red Army invasion.

See also my less liberated post, Obama Ends Russia-Georgia War by Telling Russia to Condemn Itself in the U.N., which has many editorial kartoons.

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One Response to “Komrad Obama Ends Russia-Georgia Konflikt”

  1. Edi神 Says:

    Obama not yet president adi got so much ***POWER***

    Hoping for the 1st USA Blackie President

    Next Msia Indian PM!!!

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