Freedom Film Fest ’08

Venues and Dates Confirmed!
Kuala Lumpur – Central Market Annexe: 5th -7th
Johor Bahru – Tropical Inn: 12th – 14th
Kuching – Old Court House: 19th – 21st
Penang – Wawasan Open University: 26th – 28th

A new political era has begun in Malaysia! Will we see new democratic spaces? Are the tides really turning? Reclaim the space. Help restore our Democracy and our human rights. We dared you to document. Do you dare to watch?

Find out more at the Freedom Film Fest Official Website.

Bloggers, do help to spread the word by featuring this info burst on your sites!

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2 Responses to “Freedom Film Fest ’08”

  1. Edi神 Says:

    wat kinda film? including

    Kehidupan seorang pramugara yang terlampau???

  2. Zen Says:

    Scott, I posted a couple funny images I thought you would like. Feel free to capture them.

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