Olympic Tae Kwon Do: Cuba’s Ángel Matos Kicks Ref in Face, Banned For Life – Pics and Videos

Olympic Tae Kwon Do representative from Cuba, Ángel Matos, kicks the referee in the face out of anger and gets an instant lifetime ban for himself and his unapologetic coach.

I watched it on TV myself. Stunning! And shameful.

Angel Matos

Matos was winning, 3-2, in the second round, when he fell to the mat after being hit by his opponent, Kazakhstan’s Arman Chilmanov. He remained there, awaiting medical attention, when he was disqualified for taking too much injury time. Fighters get one minute, and Matos was disqualified when his time ran out.

Matos angrily questioned the call, pushed a judge, then pushed and kicked the referee, Chakir Chelbat of Sweden. Matos then spat on the floor and was escorted out.

Slow-mo animated gif of the attack:

Angel Matos Kick Referee.

NOTE: The videos keep getting removed so all I offer now in the way of actual YouTube is a YouTube search for Angel Matos.

Below are pics and animated gifs of the attack that I made from the videos before they got pulled.



Animated gif of the kick:

Angel Matos Kick Referee.

Still images:

Angel Matos Kick Referee

Angel Matos Kick Referee

Angel Matos Kick Referee

Angel Matos Kick Referee

Angel Matos Kick Referee

Angel Matos Kick Referee

Angel Matos Kick Referee

Angel Matos Kick Referee

And the follow up threats against the referee immediately after the strike:

Angel Matos Kick Referee



Individual photos taken from a Youtube video:

Angel Matos Hit Official

Angel Matos Kick

Angel Matos Olympic

Angel Matos Attack

You can see the ref’s bloodied lip above.



Screenshots & captions, from a video that was pulled:

Angel Matos Kick Referee

Matos’ foot collides with his Chilmanov’s knee.

Angel Matos Kick Referee

Match officials come in to check on his injury.

Angel Matos Kick Referee

Due to Matos taking too long rest time and being judged unable to continue due to a broken toe, Kazakhstan’s Arman Chilmanov is declared the winner of the match even though he was trailing 3-2.

Angel Matos Kick Referee

Matos is indignant and outraged, but the officials refuse to reconsider.

Angel Matos Kick Referee

Matos walks around in a huff. One wonders if his rage built up until he lost control, or he coldly considered teaching the referee a lesson.

Angel Matos Kick Referee

At 2 minutes into the video, Matos walks casually past the ref, and in a split second…

Angel Matos Kick Referee

Angel Matos Kick Referee

Angel Matos Kick Referee

Angel Matos Kick Referee

Angel Matos Kick Referee

Angel Matos Kick Referee

He strikes and completes his attack on the ref. It looks like a turning/slapping kick to me.

Slow-mo animated gif of the attack, combining the previous images:

Angel Matos Kick Referee.

He then stalks the referee, and the other officials stride towards him to contain the situation.

Angel Matos Kick Referee

He confronts them threateningly, pushing and shouting. He didn’t try to assault them as well, probably because they’re all likely to be black belts and could team up to permanently cripple his sorry butt. Outside of movies, 1 vs 6 never works out for the 1. Except Chuck Norris.


As the Wikipedia entry states, there was some controversy over the Olympic Tae Kwon Do matches rulings, including the Matos one.

His opponent could be in the wrong for kicking out when Matos’ leg was already in mid-kick, as if to intentionally block (and injure?) Matos’ leg. It looked that way to me when I first saw the footage. Matos and his couch could have brought their appeal higher up, with video evidence to back up their claim.

But Matos threw all high moral ground out the window by lashing out at the referee in vicious anger.

As a black belt holder in Tae Kwon Do (ITF), let me say that martial arts are not about kicking teeth in, pumping your ego or looking cool. Martial arts are about respect, discipline and self-control.

Matos showed none in attacking an official, thus signifying his failure to adhere to the tenets of Tae Kwon Do and the failure of his coach to teach him them.

And also:

Another thought: The Olympic referee was a motionless target for the cuban. The roundhouse kick only drew some blood. How is it that a free kick did not result in greater injury or knockout to the referee???

Check out these animated pictures to see Matos kicking the ref in slow mo. Might I say that that particular roundhouse kick was RUBBISH.

If Fidel Castro were still boss, Matos could expect to face public execution for this moronic outburst that brought shame to Cuba – in the great People’s Republic of China no less!

Either that, or Matos could have ended up a national hero for sticking it to the capitalist cronies of America and the misguided Communist rivals of the valiant Soviets. It really depends on the dictator’s current mood.

As for Ángel Matos, congratulations on getting himself an…

Ángel Matos Fail

More mockery fun at Olympic Tae Kwon Do Cuba Kicks Ref Fun.

For another non-serious Olympic fail, see OLYMPIC BRA FAIL. (You know you want to. SFW, don’t worry…)

First photo and report coverage sourced via MROD nation.


PS. Kudos to Dr. Shackleford for the linkage and massive influx of hits.

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22 Responses to “Olympic Tae Kwon Do: Cuba’s Ángel Matos Kicks Ref in Face, Banned For Life – Pics and Videos”

  1. Special Reports Says:

    It was sure a fast kick, I watched the full video at

  2. Edi神 Says:

    I love him!

    The most outstanding achievement in Beijng2008


    he cry le!

  3. Van Helsing Says:

    Communism doesn’t seem to instill much of a sense of sportsmanship.

  4. Scott Thong Says:

    Communist athletes are professionals, no amateurs: Their lives literally depend on winning in the event.

  5. sbgf Says:


  6. Top Posts « WordPress.com Says:

    […] Olympic Tae Kwon Do: Cuba’s Ángel Matos Kicks Ref in Face, Banned For Life – Pics and Videos Olympic Tae Kwon Do representative from Cuba, Ángel Matos, kicks the referee in the face out of anger and gets an […] […]

  7. stephentong Says:

    i personally learned teakwondo. i have to say his kick was fast and sharp… wonderful kick, but wrong situation, thus bad consequences. still the kick was swift and good

  8. Will Says:

    Very poor sportsmanship from Angel. Shame on him.

  9. dodoy Says:


  10. abritishman Says:

    Well this is what the Olympics has become about ? Some spoilt little asshole ’cause he felt that he was mistreated by the ref chooses to apply his own form of justice.

    Thanks but no thanks if the ahtletes want to beat the crap out of someone then it ought to be the opponent and not the referee. Hell if the adjudication is that bad in the Olympics. Then why not have a competition then there the athletes take on the officials for good measure ?

    abritishman …………

  11. othree Says:

    Where’s the sportsmanship? And as someone who is also learning taekwondo, I’m appalled that a black belt can lose his self-control and totally forget about respect, discipline that are principles in any martial arts.

  12. compunerdwife Says:

    The “injury” appeared to be entirely recovered.. 🙂

  13. Marcus Says:

    All this talk about moral high ground is ridiculous. Clearly the olympics is a big stakes arena. Lest we forget about Nancy Kerrigan and Tonya Harding?

    Olympic athletes are who they are because they are driven to be the best. High excitement and high emotion. When that drive suddenly turns into disappointment, what exactly do we expect to happen?

  14. author337 Says:

    Hilarious stuff. Sucks that this talented athlete has ruined his Olympic career, but you reap what you sow I guess.

  15. Jon Says:

    Marcus, blackbelts within Taekwon-do, and indeed most martial arts, are expected to retain a big amount of self-control. His actions towards the referee is practically kicking half the art’s values in the crotch. It is said that one does not posses a black belt, one is a black belt. Too bad this does not mean as much for all practitioners. His actions certainly doesn’t make me less prejudice against WTF and alot of their attitude. As an ITF blackbelt, I was embarrassed to share the same discipline.

    Well, not anymore we are. Hrm.

  16. Roumanos Says:

    I can’t understand why the other athlet was so happy when matos was counted out!What a victory!He should be very proud that he got the medal by that technicality!And especially since everybody was shouting for Cuba!What a loser!!!

  17. daveo Says:

    lucky it wasnt a thai kick……………
    i dont care what any of yous say

  18. shala Says:

    what a dickhead
    i dont care if matos gets killed for losing, he deserves it….wanker

  19. Lord Rasheed Says:

    JUSTICE WAS SERVED!!! a ban means the Child of God has to no longer suffer the company of fools who portray themselves as worthy judges…in world arenas teaming with infidels. And as for the english fools who mocks with his killing…soon you will meet your destiny, oh ruddy one of the cave.

  20. Animated Pictures Says:

    Shameful! Banning serves him right.

  21. Andreas Weinberger Says:

    I have been studying Martial arts for 20 year and never have seen a more disgraceful behaviour in my time towards Martial arts.

  22. Cuban Olympian Banned For Life/ Kicks Referee/ Olympic Jokes - Virginia Photos | Virginia Photos Says:

    […] Further details […]

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