Chris Muir Needs You: Day by Day Cartoon Fundraiser

From Day by Day:

Day by Day Fundraiser


Message from Chris Muir:

8 months ago, DBD readers met DBD’s year goal 2008 Fundraising goal of $20K in just 24 hours.

I had to stop it because you met the goal so fast! On that amazing day, $20K was deposited to pay for one year of DBD, as my main job covered the rest of the year’s costs of $26K.

In that Fundraiser I said if I could increase business and volume in both jobs, I can ask for less.

Unfortunately, technology finally ended my main job not more than a week after the Fundraiser, which left DBD my only income.

You all know I have continued DBD through some tough times, but I cannot escape economics. And to be honest, I am glad to be doing DBD fulltime for you, however grimly arrived at. But a fulltime DBD requires that other $15,336 be found somewhere (DBD is at 8 months right now).

You didn’t sign on to this. You met what was asked for in 24 hours flat. You met a goal that I said would carry DBD for a year. And now, not only do I have to ask again, but there must be a Fundraiser every year. In a time of free content, DBD will live or die by its value to its readers every day, every month, every year.

In a PC correct era, DBD’s characters speak with you on issues you find important. PC still rules the MSM, whether newspapers, the networks, or well-funded ‘pundits’. DBD connects with people directly, the only comic where the readers are the source and the feature. You might depend on DBD, but the reality is DBD depends on you.

Depending on which of the 4 Donation Levels you select, there is also a DBD Playing Card deck, Sam posters, plus Original DBD hand-written script sheets complete with hand-signed strips that derive from those scripts.

That was the carrot, now for the stick, and…I don’t have a stick. I’ll still try & get DBD out.


Head on over to to read the full message and help out!

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2 Responses to “Chris Muir Needs You: Day by Day Cartoon Fundraiser”

  1. no, not THAT Glenn Says:

    ‘scuse dumbell me. I’d be glad to add a farthing to ease Chris’s burden, but on principles refuse to deal with PayPal. I can’t find an address to snailmail a check.

  2. Chris Muir Says:

    He Who is Not That Glenn:

    POBox 33852
    Indialantic,FL 32903



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