Olympic Tae Kwon Do Cuba Kicks Ref Fun

Some lols based on Olympic Tae Kwon Do: Cuba’s Ángel Matos Kicks Ref in Face, Banned For Life – Pics and Videos.

Ángel Matos Fail

Big thanks to wits0 for the Photshoppy above! See this post for context.

Ángel Matos Fail

Ángel Matos Fail

In Soviet Anywhere… Joke posts you!

Now on The Peoples Blog.

Ángel Matos Fail

Based on this trailer:

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2 Responses to “Olympic Tae Kwon Do Cuba Kicks Ref Fun”

  1. Edi神 Says:

    He ll be Kungfu star sooon!

    or WWE will employ him…

  2. hutchrun Says:

    China Says the 2012 Opening Ceremony in London won’t come close to Beijing’s…
    Posted on Tue 26th Aug 01:44 am by Ms. Missive

    …..because of those pesky unions wanting coffee breaks and 40 hour work weeks.

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