Sarah Palin as John McCain’s Running Mate: The Perfect Pick

McCain chooses Sarah Palin as his future VP!

John McCain Sarah Palin

Sarah Palin Rifle

Why is this the perfect pick to beat out the laughable Obama-Biden team for the Presidency?

1) Obama’s camp can’t attack her less-than-weighty total of political experience without calling attention to Barack ‘143 days’ Obama‘s own inexperience… Particularly because she has more experience than Obama and Biden. (Heck, who doesn’t have more experience than Obama?)

UPDATE: Too late, Obama himself already pointed out his own inexperience – twice over!

2) She’s a woman! McCain geniusly picks someone who will draw all the 18 million rightfully outraged Hillary Clinton supporters away from Obama to support the potential first female Vice President… And perhaps even the first female President of the United States! (Hey, McCain’s 72 years old… Just saying, y’know?) If attacks on Obama are automatically racist – no matter how valid and factually based – then any attacks on Palin must be sexist!

3)Obama’s never-classy camp has to be extra careful with attacks on Palin, a pretty young woman, after the brush with sexism they had over Hillary.

4) She’s young and fresh, to offset McCain’s old and establishment.

5) She’s a true-blooded Conservative and a committed Christian, a member of an Assemblies of God church no less.

6) She’s been to Iraq as many times as Obama. And she supported the peace-bringing Surge which Obama trashed and continues to trash.

7) She visited the wounded troops in Germany… Which Obama decided not to bother doing after he found out his all-important media couldn’t be allowed in to capture the PR moment.

8) She drives the Left into a frenzied rage of dirt-digging and smear-tossing… Yet none of the accusations stick, because she is squeaky, Christian clean! All they have is ranting Kossacks and clear as day media bias.

Us publisher Jann Wenner is a prominent Obama donor.

9) Dr. James Dobson of Focus on the Family okays her.

10) She does not and will not support distributing condoms to underage kids in schools!

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

No wonder the Conservative base loves Palin – They donated $7 million to McCain after he announced her as Veep! And came out in 20,000 strong force in Missouri!

Must-see video of Palin’s acceptance speech, where she pays tribute to Hillary and the ’18 million cracks left in the highest glass ceiling’:

Pro-Palin video by supporters:

Sarah Palin’s speech at and via the Republican National Convention:

McCain campaign ad comparing Palin to no-experience Obama, ‘Alaska Maverick’:

On a tip from wits0, via Free Republic which has a higher res version:

Sarah Palin We Can Do It

And editorial cartoon tributes available at Sarah Palin Tribute Editorial Cartoons.

Some previews:

Sarah Palin cartoon

Sarah Palin cartoon

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23 Responses to “Sarah Palin as John McCain’s Running Mate: The Perfect Pick”

  1. sing lau Says:

    Yes, that was a brilliant and strategic move by maverick Senator John McCain!
    There is a deep sense of relief listening to Sarah Palin’s acceptance speech that is absence from all the spouting of that devious and scheming Hillary. God-speed to McCain-Palin.

  2. sing lau Says:

    Governor defends Sarah Palin:

    Listen to what the governor of Hawaii, Linda Lingle, and a friend of Sarah Palin, spoke to the BBC’s Emily Maitlis.

    She made some wonderful statements…
    She puts Obama in his proper place – i.e. Obama has no executive experience at all – NIL! ZERO!


  3. chandran Says:

    Considering the anal exam the Palins are getting, isn’t it worth noting that Joe Biden’s daughter has an arrest record?

  4. DEMARCO Says:


  5. wits0 Says:

    Even CNN today gave a positive report about Sarah Palin.

    Obama not only is a one term senator, not even a governor, but he can’t even talk plain and is snooty.

  6. Peggy McGilligan Says:

    I like Sarah Palin. And, I came across the perfect theme song for John McCain & Sarah. It’s by Jan & Dean:

    Here’s to the legacy of the Dems:

  7. Jean Romansky Says:

    How can I mail this page to someone?

  8. Scott Thong Says:

    You can just email them the link to this page.

    Alternatively, I’ve found that this works (at least in Yahoo mail): Drag your mouse to select the parts of this page that you want. Copy it, then simply paste it into the email typing box. The text and pics should appear in your email draft.

  9. Scott Thong Says:

    Oh, btw… I’m shifting the cartoons to a new post. Check it out at Sarah Palin Tribute Editorial Cartoons. Update regularly!

  10. sam Says:

    Americans are stupid beyond belief. No wonder, we’re ot respected around the world. Obama is a born leader, Palin will be perceived as a joke by leaders around the world.

  11. Naqamel Says:

    Obama is a born leader, Sam? Barack Hussein Obama couldn’t lead a hungry chihuhua to dinner with a leash.

    McCAIN / PALIN 2008

  12. wits0 Says:

    Senator Uh, Uh, Uh, Uh..Uh …Uh.. Obama can’t even speak plain and coherently without or with his teleprompter. He may be a greater flip flop than Kerry and certainly would be a greater donkey than Dhimmi Carter.

  13. kesava Says:

    Hahaha Barack Husein Obuma BHO, only thinks he`s HBO. so do his idol-worshipping followers a-la sam.

  14. kesava Says:

    Obarmy`s girlfriend is also in trouble:

    Is Oprah Biased? Host Won’t Interview Palin
    Republican VP Nominee Sarah Palin Isn’t Welcome on ‘Oprah’

  15. wits0 Says:

    Obama’s stutter is only an external expression of his mental stutter…now that he has chosen a dino like Biden. He can bade farewell to his audacious and vacuous “Hope”. His Hollowness catches up with him, the Mess-sire.

  16. kesava Says:


    Most apt. He sires the mess that the “damns” led by Harry Reid in his pinafore will be cleaning up for the next few years.

  17. Scott Thong Says:

    Americans are stupid beyond belief. No wonder, we’re ot respected around the world. Obama is a born leader, Palin will be perceived as a joke by leaders around the world. – sam

    So you’re saying that Obama is suitable to lead because of his birth????

    So he is better because Palin was born a WHITE WOMAN????

    RACIST!!!!!! SEXIST!!!!!!

    Just taking a page from your Obamaphile camp.

  18. wits0 Says:

    Some loony liberal Americans are truly stupid beyond belief. They’re really liberated of their commonsense!

  19. wits0 Says:

    Harry Reeks indeed will have to devote years cleaning up his pinafore stained by BHO(Body Housing Odor).

  20. Cynt Says:

    McCane’s pick if his VP Mominee provides a glimpse into his “trigger-like” decision making process…and his appreciation of “beauty queen” runner-ups!
    No small wonder that Cindy has bumped up her presence on the campaign trail, as McSame has stocked up the “Strait Talk Express” with enough Old Spice to kill a moose ~ which is precisely why the McBush bus just blew out a tire, on the right-rear! :^]

  21. snarks Says:

    What a load of manglish by Cynt !!

  22. Anti Palin Says:

    It’s unbelievable to me that you idiotic right-wing gun nut wackos cling to this totally incompetent FOOL named Sarah Failin like she’s the second coming or something! Her experience is almost ZERO, she’s got no idea of what the Bush Doctrine means, she has almost ZERO foregin policy experience and yet you think she’s even remotely competent to lead if McLame dies in office (which has a 1 in 3 chance of occuring, statistically).

    Maybe if more posters on this board were literate and could put a decent sentence together, I’d expect more. I guess that’s a big reason I don’t.

    OBAMA IN 2008!!!!!!!!!
    YES, WE CAN…AND WE WILL!!!!!!!!!!!

  23. Scott Thong Says:

    Yeah, I’m like, so sure that Obama’s mere 143 days in the Senate and community organizing a town into ruins makes him much more qualified to lead than Palin’s mayorship and Governership.

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