An Obama Presidency Would Mean 4 More Years of Playing the Race Card

UPDATE 5 NOV 2008: Below post is made more relevant because Obama is now President.

There are those who champion Obama winning the Presidency. They claim that were a Black man to become America’s first President of colour, that would prove that the nation has finally turned the corner on race relations.

Gone would be the allegedly still-unburied spectres of past slavery, discriminatory laws and condescending prejudice. A new era of Hope and Change for all Americans and all people of the world would dawn.

I say, that’s a whole load of more Liberal rubbish.

Judging from what we’ve already seen in the run-up to the election, 4 years of the totally inexperienced President Obama botching up domestic and foreign policy worse than even Jimmy Carter would only result in more accusations of racism.

When the economy is strangled to a standstill by President Obama’s insanely high taxes, universal healthcare coverage (including for the 85 million illegal immigrants granted eternal Presidential pardon) and refusal to consider domestic oil as an energy option, those who criticize his economic policies will be branded as racists.

When fourth-trimester abortions via the soiled utility room method become the most commonly employed form of ‘contraception’ – particularly in grade school – due to President Obama’s official policy that ‘We shouldn’t punish women with babies‘, those who criticize his utter disdain for innocent human life will be branded as racists.

When President Obama brings in his Chicago corruptocrat brand of politics to the national level with Big Ethanol devouring 90% of locally grown crops and entire college campuses devoted to Black Liberation Theological Studies (funded by Tony Rezko, chaired by Bill Ayers, and chaplained by Jeremiah Wright), those who criticize his pork-barrel pet projects will be branded as racists.

When mass media, talk radio and the Internet become 100% pro-President Obama – be it of their own leg-thrilling accord or due to heavy pressure on advertisers and the UnFairness Doctrine being edited into the Constitution – those who criticize his enslavement of the Ministry of Information will be branded as racists.

When Al Qaeda resurges in Iraq and elsewhere due to President Obama’s immediate withdrawal of American troops, EVERYWHERE IN THE WORLD, and slashing the military budget by 90%, those who criticize his naive view of the motivations of jihadists will be branded as racists. And also Islamophobes.

When Iran goes nuclear and drops a few missiles on Israel after to President Obama’s softly-gently-now diplomacy fails to make any headway, those who criticize his limp wristed approach will be branded as racists.

When terrorists once more grievously strike Americans on American soil due to a combination of American intelligence agencies being hog-tied, American borders being flung wide open, firearms being confiscated from civilians and law enforcement, extremist Islamic organizations being granted massive federal funding to set up branches in the USA – all gladly approved by President Obama – those who criticize his abject betrayal of the country to its enemies will be branded as racists. So stop being so bitter about it.

When Russian tanks roll across the borders of France after President Obama blows off the third emergency, life-or-death, answer-the-phone-dammit NATO meeting to visit his relatives in Kenya, those who criticize his appease-the-Soviet-crocodile attitude will be branded as racists.

Because after all… President Obama never said nor meant the things he had previously said and meant.

You don’t think it’ll come true? Obama is already granted immunity from all forms of valid criticism and any mockery of the sort Bush endured for 8 years.

Voting Obama to the Presidency wouldn’t be an end to viewing everything through the skewed lens of race. It would only be the beginning of a whole new era of different standards for people based solely on their skin colour.

And in Obama’s case, it’s all positive discrimination, all the way to America’s grave.

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6 Responses to “An Obama Presidency Would Mean 4 More Years of Playing the Race Card”

  1. DEMARCO Says:


  2. Scott Thong Says:

    Dude… I am Chinese.

    You know, one of those yellow gook people who built the railways under slavelike conditions, who were restricted from immigrating freely to America, who were discriminated against because of the Vietnam war?

    How dare you post a negative comment against me! You anti-Chinese RACIST!!!!!!!

  3. wits0 Says:

    Obama is mulatto, not exactly Black. Does that accord him immunity from criticism for his ways? He also shows great over-attachment to his Kenyan roots. Are there something so indispensably and inherently more wondrous in his part Kenyan roots than his part White American ones?

    NoBama, for he’s a fakir, one who can’t talk straight and plain.

  4. Michelle Says:

    Don’t let it get you down Scott. Demarco is a Democrat.

    You know….. the party that brought us the KKK, segregation, then refused to end slavery. We fought them during the cival war and showd mercy but they forgot about it.

    Leberals tend to do a lot of re writing with history. Kind of like Hussain does, when he talks about Wright, Ayers, Resco and all his other criminal terrorist freinds.

  5. huthrun Says:

    “Are there something so indispensably and inherently more wondrous in his part Kenyan roots than his part White American ones?” – wits0

    Could be the cattle blood his forefathers used to drink. Common practice there among the cattle folk. See, they shoot this wee arrow into the neck to extract the blood.
    That`s why we get a lot of moo, but little milk, from Obama son of Hussein.

  6. Lito Says:

    For all these suporters of Obama I can say only one thing: Good luck! I’m happy I live outside this puppet circus.
    Only thing which Obama is able to “improve” is more racist policy on behalf of Blacks. I have been couple of times in US. And I have never seen before biggest and more opsessed racist than Blacks, op… sory Afro-Americans. It seems that they don’t like to by just Americans. Let’s call whites Euro-Americans, Chinese Yellow-Americans etc. Such stupid thing.
    I feel really sorrow that US such big once nation is melting itself in rubbish like this.
    If someone is racist in America nowadays there are 80% Blacks. Just go and do research, it’s simple…….

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