Book Advert: The Accomplishments of Senator Barack Hussein Obama

The Accomplishments of Senator Barack Hussein Obama
Why he is Ready to be President

A comprehensive, factual book about presidential candidate Barack Obama has finally been written. Based on hours of research, listening to dozens of speeches and discussing various topics with dozens of his supporters, this book accounts for all the presidential qualifications of Senator Barack Obama.

Some of the various topics this book discusses are:

  • His Detailed Plans of Change
  • His Senate Accomplishments
  • His Presidential Qualifications
  • Important Points He Has Made Without a Teleprompter or Prepared Script
  • Author: Michael Volkin
    Published: 2008
    Price: $4.95
    Number of pages: 40……..

    ALL BLANK!!! 


    Get your copy today at

    $1.00 from each copy sold will be donated to VETS FOR FREEDOM, a hardworking organization that promotes everything from keeping the US military strong to the treatment of wounded warriors and their families.

    Visit for more information.

    On a tip from jeremy.

    See also this post and this post for more details on Obama’s qualifications for the Presidency.

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    4 Responses to “Book Advert: The Accomplishments of Senator Barack Hussein Obama”

    1. wits0 Says:

      DECEIT is not a presidential qualification.

      He lied when he declared that he was NEVER a muslim. The least he could have done earlier was to admit to what is well known.

      Obama’s Muslim Past Dogs Campaign

      “He was born a Muslim and raised a Muslim, so what? Stand up for what you are.” – Pamela Geller.

      Now he blames McCain.

    2. Edi神 Says:


      so anti 0bama meh

      if he win, it will be good for racial unity.

      a black president… someday we will have an indian pm as well

    3. Scott Thong Says:

      Dr M not 1/4 Malayalee Indian meh?

      And actually, based on the current trends, An Obama Presidency Would Mean 4 More Years of Playing the Race Card.

      Elect people based on skills, experience and qualification mah… That is meritocracy! Not choose people based on their skin colour… Which is what is practised in a certain country, *cough cough*

    4. wits0 Says:

      “if he win, it will be good for racial unity.” – Edi神

      The color of the skin does not make up for a lack in integrity and skillfulness. That “color” thingy alone is fundamentally a fallacy that cannot be appeased inside a box.

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