Obama Releases Video Attacking Palin on Bridge to Nowhere… That He Himself Voted For

The video No Maverick was recently released by the Obama camp:

It uses the controversial ‘Bridge to Nowhere’ project to bash the image of Palin as an earmarks-busting maverick (as opposed to kickbacks puppet Obama) which was portrayed in the ad Alaska Maverick by the McCain camp:

(Could also be aimed at the Original Mavericks ad.)

This action by the Obama gang should clearly illustrate how Obama, Biden and their staff are hypocrites, flip-floppers, liars, gaffers, stumblers, just plain morons, or all of the above…

Because both Obama and Biden voted in favour of the Bridge to Nowhere:

Yes, both Obama and Biden voted in favour of the Bridge to Nowhere:

However, Sen. Biden and Sen. Obama voted for funding the Bridge, even when given a second chance by Sen. Tom Coburn, who proposed shifting earmark funds to Katrina relief.

Once again, both Obama and Biden voted in favour of the Bridge to Nowhere:

And did I mention that Obama voted in favour of the Bridge to Nowhere???

Also, Obama and 81 other senators opposed an amendment in 2005 to strike the infamous $231 million “Bridge to Nowhere” earmark for Alaska and redirect that funding to help with rebuilding New Orleans.

While Sarah Palin opposed it, albeit after initially considering it (as the attack ad says).

Total and utter retards!

Do you really want such hypocrites/flip-floppers/liars/gaffers/stumblers/morons in charge of the country?

This post’s info links mostly from Gateway Pundit and Pajamas Media.

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21 Responses to “Obama Releases Video Attacking Palin on Bridge to Nowhere… That He Himself Voted For”

  1. wits0 Says:

    Media’s Treatment of Palin and Obama

    If Barack Obama’s past had been subjected to one tenth the media scrutiny during the full year of his candidacy, to which Sarah Palin has been subjected during the last 11 days, Obama very probably still would be junior senator from Illinois, and Hillary Clinton would be the Democratic nominee….

  2. CC Says:

    According to the website, almost all the senators (including republicans) voted for this bill, 6 no voted, & only 1 senator voted nay on the bill & it was not Senator MCCain either (what a maverick!). Futhermore, the bill was not even about the Bridge to Nowhere- it was a bill for appropriations funding to housing & transportation. Earmarks like the BTN are typically NEVER bills in and of themselves & are only attached as riders to bills b/c they are so unpopular & would never get passed by themselves. This is why skeevy politicians (such as Sarah Palin) & other government welfare whores have to attach these projects as riders & try to get them passed under the radar. Your article means nothing b/c Palin & Alaska politicians solicited the project themselves & then she lied about it afterward.

    Furthermore, even after it became unpopular, she still took the money & spent it on other goodies for her constituents when the bridge became unpopular. SHE IS A LIAR. SHE herself is the one who brought it up as she was trying to pass herself off as anti-earmark maverick & is now caught in her own web of lies.

    “Do you really want such hypocrites/flip-floppers/liars/gaffers/stumblers/morons in charge of the country?” Apparently you do, which is why you support McCain/Palin.

    If Obama is such a kickbacks puppet, then why not offer proof, instead of trying to excuse/absolve your candidate of a lie she did not even have to say in the first place.

  3. Scott Thong Says:

    If Obama is such a kickbacks puppet, then why not offer proof, instead of trying to excuse/absolve your candidate of a lie she did not even have to say in the first place.

    Ask and you shall receive!

    Big ethanol gave more than $1 million to Obama – for his continued voting in support of corn-based biofuels.

    Obama 2nd biggest pork barrel spender – 53 special earmarks totaling almost $97.4 million, including $402,000 for a juvenile delinquency program at the Shedd Aquarium and $383,000 for another ethanol research plant.

    List of Obama’s 2008 pork barrel projects – as stated in his own press release.

    Shall I continue? It’s not easy to dig up dirt about Obama, because he has hardly any Senatorial experience to his name!

    To be fair, Palin is not squeaky-clean free of earmarking.

  4. wits0 Says:

    You can put lipstick on a pig,” he said as the crowd cheered. “It’s still a pig.”

    -Barack Hussein Obama

    That makes for his class, I suppose, this Fakir?

  5. casava Says:

    It is a natural tendency for muslims to refer to the non muslims as pigs. It is also in their Holy Book.

  6. Linda Says:

    McCain also voted for the appropriations bill that included the Alaska earmarks. Interestingly, after the U.S. Congress removed the stipulation the $223 million earmarks be used for the “bridge to nowhere”, Palin continued stumping for the bridge while in Ketchikan on a 2006 gubernatorial campaign stop. After elected governor, she continued support for building the bridge. Later, in August 2007, McCain himself slammed the Ketchikan bridge for taking money that could have been used to shore up dangerous bridges like one that collapsed in Minnesota and killed 13 people. It was only one month after McCain’s statement and the growing national unpopularity of the bridge, that Palin reversed her decision and said no to the bridge. The money was not returned to the federal government and was redirected toward other Alaska projects, including the $25 million road that was to lead to the “bridge to nowhere”, but now ends on a “beach to nowhere”… Was that wasteful spending of the Alaska earmarks and the American taxpayers’ money? – I would have to say yes.

  7. Linda Says:

    To wits0, regarding Obama’s “lipstick on a pig” comment.

    McCain used the “lipstick on a pig” statement in 2007 in reference to Hillary Clinton’s healthcare policy proposal, stating it looked just like one she proposed in 1993.

    Was that classy?

  8. wits0 Says:

    Obama prankishly showed the third finger to Hillary by scratching his face with that finger : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DygBj4Zw6No

    He also mocks the Jesus’ Sermon on the Mount :

  9. Scott Thong Says:

    Linda, several differences between McCain’s and Obama’s remarks:

    1) Hillary did not make any remarks about lipstick on animals just a few days before McCain made his remark.

    2) Obama is already grinding on the nerves of Hillary supporters – bringing up McCain’s remark about Hillary/lipstick/pig in order to justify his own remark is suicidal. (i.e. sexism is okay, whether used against Democrat Republican women)

    3) Female Hillary did not have as ineffable an aura of grievance as the Black Obama, whereas in the GOP only Palin is not a standard White Male – all the ineffableness is reserved for her.

  10. weedypop Says:

    You can put a tele-promter in front of a community organizer, but he’s still just a community agitater…uh uh organizer.

  11. Linda Says:

    My point is, the “Lipstick on a pig” comment was not directed at Palin, nor was it a sexist statement, just as McCain’s use of the phrase was not directed at Hillary but rather her proposed healthcare policy. I don’t believe sexism is okay, whether aimed at men or women, regardless of their demographic or political association. Palin using the hockey mom/pitbull/lipstick comment in her RNC speech several days earlier has nothing to do with the controversey around the comment. Any reasonable human being who watches the entire clip can tell he was talking about the McCain policies being the same as the past eight years of Republican policies. McCain used to run his campaign based on “experience”. He hasn’t changed his policies recently and they’re very similar to the Bush policies of the past eight years, however, he is trying to grab some of the “change mantle” by now fashioning his ticket as the ticket of “reform”. It’s the same platform no matter what he calls it or how he tries to dress it up… THAT was the point of Obama’s remark. And, I don’t believe it was suicidal to bring up McCain using the same comment in regards to Hillary’s healthcare policy. It only demonstrates McCain’s hipocrisy in claiming the remark was directed at Palin, and beyond that and a separate issue, sexist.

  12. Scott Thong Says:

    Perhaps that may be (even though the audience clearly thought it was a stab at Palin, see video again), thus absolving Obama of responsibility…

    But liberal Obamaphiles have already taken the Palin Is A Pig With Lipstick ball and run with it:

    Obama’s official website


    Perez Hilton

    Whether or not bringing up Hillary in such a context was suicidal will be determined by the way her supporters react come polling day.

  13. ent Says:

    By the way, what the heck does it mean to say that McCain “voted with Bush” 90% of the time? Bush is not a voting member of Congress. He doesn’t vote; he can only veto. How can the dems making these commercials be so dumb as to let this one get by? Don’t the “vet” their commercials?

  14. wits0 Says:

    Palin mentioned ‘pitbull’, not pig. Obummer introduced ‘pig’.

  15. unastronaut. Says:

    What’s interesting is that Obama didn’t really vote emphatically for a “Bridge to Nowhere” more than McCain has emphatically voted against equal pay for women. It’s the basic idea that Obama will pass things he doesn’t like in order to compromise and make progress and McCain is myopic in his views. If the bill contains one element he is against, rather than seek an amendment he simply stands firmly against the entire bill.

    ent: Bush is still a politician, with positions. McCain supported Bush policies 90% of the time, which you can “vet” for yourself by looking at the record. Or are the facts not important?

  16. Scott Thong Says:

    What does equal pay have to do with the topic at hand, namely that Obama and Biden are bashing Palin on something they themselves are more guilty of?

    And your accusation is both inaccurate and embarassing to Obama:

    Equal Pay for Women Promised by Obama Practiced by McCain

    Criticism of Senator Obama’s Unrealistic Promise of Equal Pay has taken on a new irony in that CSN News Network has reported that McCain and Clinton pay their female staff better that Senator Obama.

    To further the irony, Senator McCain actually pays the women on his staff better than the men, while Senator Clinton pays men and women the same. Both McCain and Clinton hired more female staffers than male staffers.

    Obama has more men on staff than women, and the women are paid less than the men.

    Man, you Obamaphile dudes really know how to shoot your own feet off… Just like Obama!

  17. ent Says:

    unastronaut says:

    Bush is still a politician, with positions. McCain supported Bush policies 90% of the time, which you can “vet” for yourself by looking at the record. Or are the facts not important?

    And where would this record of Bush’s position on every bill be published?

    I shouldn’t have to vet someone else’s claim – they should. Where is the
    Democrats’ evidence?

    Note that I’m not denying that McCain and Bush have similar philosophies. What I object to is people who make up phony statistics for political gain. I’ve now heard various Democratic talking heads cite 90%, 91%, and 95%. Which is it, and how was it derived?

  18. Kristen Goode Says:

    “You can put a tele-promter in front of a community organizer, but he’s still just a community agitater…uh uh organizer.”

    Are you kidding me? While Obama was graduating from Harvard Law and turning down high-paying legal jobs to become a society-helping “community organizer,” Palin was losing a beauty pageant.

    How anyone can point fingers at the Democrats right now is beyond me.

  19. Scott Thong Says:


    Yet another Obama supporter who is comparing Presidential Candidate Obama to VICE-Presidential Candidate Palin!

    Doesn’t this say something? Democrat Number 1 Obama has to struggle to match even the Republican Number 2! Even if Obama beats Palin in the November election, he still has McCain to go, lol! :p :p :p


    Btw, way to go comparing Obama’s best accomplishments with Palin’s worst. Wouldn’t a more fair match-up be comparing Palin’s massive experience of 2 terms as Mayor of Wasilla and 2 years as Governor of Alaska to Obama’s puny 143 days in the Senate?

    Or if I were to use your style of ‘fair comparison’, I’d say something like:

    “Are you kidding me? While Palin was busy fighting earmarks and kicking out corrupt cronies, Obama was huffing cocaine in Pakistan.”

    That’s like, sooooooo fair a comparison, no?


    As for what Obama managed to accomplish as a society-helping “community organizer” (which he did alongside infamous terrorist, Bill Ayers, who got him the job)…

    Just look at these pics of his accomplishments. Methinks the society would have been best helped by Obama staying the heck away from them!


    And btw… His abandoning high paying jobs didn’t exactly put a dent in his income:

    Obama income soared in 2007 – The Democratic candidate and his wife earned $4.2 million last year – four times as much as they had in 2006 – mainly from his book sales

  20. hutchrun Says:

    So how come we never get to hear about what he did in Harvard Law? What did he major in? What paper did he put up? He has always resisted the calls on that.

    Oh we do know that he went to Pakistan on a vacation with his muslim brothers with whom he used to hang out then.

    Community organizer? Heck he was playing tiddly winks with Ayers and the aging Black Panther commies. I wonder if they cracked any skulls then when dealing drugs.

  21. Sarah Palin Wins Talking Dog Award Tells the Big Lie Repeatedly! Says:

    […] Comment on Obama Releases Video Attacking Palin on Bridge to … […]

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