Obama Gets Hammered on O’Reilly Factor – He Can’t Answer Nuthin’!

Yet more teleprompter-less stuttering, floundering and drifting from Barack O-gaffer! He didn’t manage to flip flop his way out this time!

Watch as Uh-uh-uh-Bama crashes and burns spectacularly from just a little O’Reilly anti-airhead flak:

I think Gateway Pundit sums up the video clip well:

Holy False Prophet!… This was awful!
Barack Obama went into the No Spin Zone and came out battered and bloody tonight.
This interview with Bill O’Reilly was a DISASTER!
It was so bad you almost felt sorry for him.

Obama had nothing— — He had no answers.
He could not defend or explain his associations with terrorists, racists, and Leftist nutjobs.
He couldn’t defend his decision to appease the Daily Kooks.
He compared Sean Hannity and FOX News to the vile nutroots radicals.
He excused Bill Ayers’ terrorist attacks.
He could not name one example where FOX News smeared him.
He could not name one conservative friend.
Obama was so bad that O’Reilly started laughing.
It was horrible.

A commentor at Gateway Pundit, Joan of Argghh! adds: Man, he makes stuff up as he goes along. You can see it in his eyes, when he latches onto a likely turn of phrase.

My favourite part: From 4 minutes 57 seconds, O’Reilly calls out Obama on Obama’s claim of having ‘friends on the Far Right’. Listen as Obama turns into a chugging jalopey engine going but-but-but-but:

O’Reilly: The pattern of behaviour is that you feel very comfortable for some reason in Far Left precincts. That’s the pattern of behaviour that I see.

Obama: But but but I’ve got – But I – Bill, I’ve got friends who are – who are on the Far Right.

O’Reilly: Who?

Obama: They’re – I’ve got colleagues in the centre.

O’Reilly: Who? Give me a name.

Obama: Uh – Well i-i-it’s – No no no… See – No no no – B-b-b-but but here’s what happens…

Can this guy even successfully order a Happy Meal without a staffer to write his ‘McDonalds Hope & Change’ speech for him?

O’Reilly’s accusation was true, by the way. See video at here.

Transcript will be available soon at Fox News, current most recent is the second interview.

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2 Responses to “Obama Gets Hammered on O’Reilly Factor – He Can’t Answer Nuthin’!”

  1. gadis enom Says:

    obama..will he wins?

  2. wits0 Says:

    He can only continue with his hopelessly unimpressive rambling as a one-trick fakir.

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