Palin’s Faults vs Obama’s Faults

With all the mudslinging against Palin going on, you’d think that the liberal Democrat Obamaphiles would have found something by now.

Come on… Try harder.

And if you do dig up some serious black marks on Palin, then do let me caution you…

If Palin once supported the Bridge to Nowhere before she flip-flopped to fight against it when public opinion shifted… Obama has flip-flopped on surrender in Iraq, energy, NAFTA, gun rights, Jerusalem, Iran, Cuba, welfare, public financing, Jeremiah Wright, drilling, taxes, townhall debates, abortion, gay marriage and Islam.

(And Obama himself voted for that Bridge to NowhereTwice.)

If Palin once sought earmarks for her constituency… Obama is the 2nd biggest earmarker of them all.

If Palin was only the mayor of a small town… Obama was only a community organizer. And an incredibly lousy one at that (must see pix). Who community organized alongside known terrorists.

If Palin only has 2 years experience as Governor of Alaska… Obama only has 143 days of experience in the Senate.

If Palin once attended a strange church where people believe that the Holy Spirit controls them to make weird sounds… Obama attended a church that followed the racist Black Liberation Theology where the reverend d*mned AmericaFor 20 years.

If Palin once tried marijuana when it was legal in Alaska… Obama used marijuana and cocaine, and has close links with heroin-users while visiting then-number one supplier of heroin, Pakistan.

If Palin is a bad mother to her 5 kids for aiming for Vice Presidency… Obama traumatizes his 2 kids by reminding them that they are a punishment upon his life.

If Palin hides behind the shield of decrying any criticism of her as sexism… Obama has hidden behind the shield of decrying any criticism of him as racism for much longer.

If Palin prays that we know whether the Iraq War is God’s will… Obama thinks of himself as the Messiah.

And perhaps most tellingly… Palin is running for Vice President under McCain, while Obama is running for President. And Democrat Potentate Number 1 Obama can’t even out-qualify Republican Potentate Number 2 Palin, let alone Republican Potentate Number 1 McCain.

Shall I continue, Obamaphiles?

Commenters are welcome to do so.

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4 Responses to “Palin’s Faults vs Obama’s Faults”

  1. wits0 Says:

    Princess Xena versus the Fakir of “Uhs”.

  2. KC Says:

    I just want to say I love this… Numerous friends and I have questioned why it is always Obama vs Palin… Of course you cant compare her to Bidden because she is more of a man than he is…
    I have shared this article with others.

  3. Freebs Says:

    excellent. looking for some cold hard facts to support my anti-obama paper. what a great resource. this is exactly what people need to see!!!

  4. wits0 Says:

    Monkee should be just selling Darlie toothpaste instead of messing things up playing POTUS.

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