Reporting Racism is Racist – The Sun, Sin Chew Daily, Suara Keadilan Issued Show Cause Letters For ‘Sensitive Issues’ (And RPK ISAed)

Hypocrisy Meter from theblogprof.

UPDATES on ISA arrests at Susan Loone.

Monty Python Malaysian Motivational Poster

Above is #46 from Malaysian Politics Motivational Posters

UPDATE midnight 13 Sept 2008: Sin Chew reporter and Teresa Kok ISAed.


The Home Ministry has asked three newspapers to show cause on why action should not be taken against them over their news coverage on a number of political issues.

Confirming this, the ministry’s Publications Control and Al-Quran Texts Unit secretary Che Din Yusof told Malaysiakini today that the three papers were English daily The Sun, Chinese newspaper Sin Chew Daily and opposition PKR’s party organ Suara Keadilan.

He said the ministry has issued the show-cause letters yesterday and the three papers had been given a week to reply.

According to him, The Sun was asked to show cause for allegedly “manipulating and playing up numerous sensitive issues”.

Meanwhile, Sin Chew has been targeted for its recent reports on the racial slur controversy involving Umno division leader Ahmad Ismail.

If a public figure says something seditious, and a newspaper reports it, the government goes after….. the newspaper?? 😐

Also at Susan Loone, anilnetto, Uncle Lim, DSAI himself, Rocky, and Malaysiakini here and here.

Haris Ibrahim has an important message he wants you to spread. Check it out. zorro-unmasked has it in picture form.

What they were reporting was on the topic of Ahmad Ismail’s inflammatory comments and actions. He was later only suspended from UMNO for 3 years for his refusal to apologize for the remarks.

RPK is also arrested, yet again, this time under the ISA.



Kudos to Susan Loone for featuring the above. Click on link, she has a message for you to spread!

You tell me this isn’t playing like the script of a Monty Python sketch.

In fact, here’s on specially tailored for the farce: Ahmad Ismail: A Monty Python Sketch

Kudos to hutchrun for tip.

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17 Responses to “Reporting Racism is Racist – The Sun, Sin Chew Daily, Suara Keadilan Issued Show Cause Letters For ‘Sensitive Issues’ (And RPK ISAed)”

  1. Edi神 Says:

    No wonder, they unblocked the Malaysia-Today website as UMNO is going to get the HERO!

    My Hero… I’m with you all this time!

  2. Shobhan Says:

    Poor RPK, handcuffed like a common criminal. This reminds me of Galilei Galileo’s time. When he invented the telescope and he saw the universe and stated that the earth went round the sun, the clergy put him under house arrest during the last years of his life. Today he is known as the ‘Father of astronomy,’ ‘ the father of modern science’ etc…

  3. blaster Says:

    RPK knew this was coming so he would have been prepared. In the next few days there could be even more BN damaging exposures on the malaysia today website – and RPK can`t be held responsible.
    Pie in Badawi`s stupid face.

  4. data Says:

    Former ISA detainees like Tian Chua, Saari Sungip and Gobalakrishan are now in Parliament.

  5. data Says:

    Erratum: Of the 3, Saari is in the S`gor State Govt, the other 2 are MPs.

  6. chandran Says:

    By jove, data has a good point there. There`ll be a rabbit pulled out from the hat yet. And that`ll get that descendant of the prophet “Syed” Hamid Albar`

  7. chandran Says:

    And that`ll get that descendant of the prophet “Syed” Hamid Albar`s knickers in a tighter twist.

  8. For Pakatan's Govt. Says:

    I read a book that said in the 1950’s, many political parties in Asia would use the ‘championing the religion’ as guise to win votes. They would make themselves to appear like they are ‘protectors’ of that religion only during elections time. At other times they are plain secular in approach, to fill their pockets and bank accounts, by deadening their consciences.

    This practice is very obsolete and backward. Is there any country still practising this in Africa?

  9. KarmaKloth83 Says:

    WTH… got ISA just because of BLOGGING, the BOMBING and RACISM one still free giving speech. Sure I’ll be there at Kelana Stadium on the 15th September, but too bad my RPK shirt will only be ready on the 19th September.

    We don’t do BOMBING, only BLOGGING!

  10. KarmaKloth83 Says:

    Wonder How can this happens in this so called Democratic Country?? WHY

  11. su Says:

    Sin Chew reporter ISA-ed too.

  12. Jenny Says:

    Clearly our government proudly upholds double standard. The racist who made the Pendatang comment was not arrested or charged under Sedition Act. Yet, the reporter who reported what he said was arrested under ISA?! How can we tolerate such an unjust treatment towards the reporter? Apparently someone is trying to push the blame to the scapegoat, and someone came up with a good plan to shut down one of the main Chinese Daily News. Bravo, you people. This is the best plot ever written in the history and perhaps in the world – and it is written by none other than our incompetent government.

  13. BK Says:

    All this episodes makes me ashamed being a Malaysian… What has our beloved country have become to???

  14. Native_Swak Says:

    This old botak arab minster guy (SHA) is arresting the wrong guy. He should have arrested Ahmad Ismail under ISA days ago. Why arresting someone who have done absolute nothing wrong?

    He may be thought 13th May 1969 occurrence wasn’t serious. We don’t need this shit anymore. We hope this issue doesn’t spread over to Sarawak as all races lives happily here.

    Kenaklah si celaka Ahmad Ismail sik di tangkap? Apalah policy bodoh tuk nya pakai. Kekmak..

  15. rudy Says:

    Wartawan yang memberitakan pejabat umno menggunakan isu perkauman dalam kampanye dianggap rasis, kemudian di tahan dengan ISA.

    Ape jadi nya Negara Malaysia kalo dipimpin oleh pemimpin yang sudah buta mata dan pikiran? Semoga Anwar Ibrahim bisa segera menjatuhkan pemerintahan Badawi tanggal 16 September 2008 seperti kami menjatuhkan Soeharto di Indonesia tahun 2008.

    Yang menyebarkan isu perkauman seperti Ahmad Ismail (Ahli Umno) malah tidak ditahan dengan ISA hanya karena dia ahli umno dan yang ditahan malah wartawan yang memberitakan pernyatan rasis dari ahli umno tersebut.

    Wahai kaum melayu,cina,india malaysia janganlah kalian terjebak permainan isu perkauman yang dimainkan oleh pemimpin umno karena mereka hanya mementingkan kepentingan pribadi mereka saja.

    Mereka menciptakan NEP(Dasar Ekonomi Baru) yang katanya untuk membantu kaum melayu dari ketertinggalan dalam bidang ekonomi dengan kaum cina dan india tapi kenyataannya yang diuntungkan adalah keluarga dari pada pemimpin umno sendiri. Hal ini dapat dilihat dari pelaksanaan selama 30 tahun dari kebijakan tersebut.

    melayu,cina, dan india adalah warga malaysia yang mempunyai hak dan kewajiban yang sama untuk memajukan bangsanya tanpa mebeda-bedakan warna kulit,ras dan agama seperti yang sudah mulai diterapkan di Indonesia setelah tumbangnya soehato tahun 2008.

    segala kebijakan baik ekonomi,pendidikan dan lain-lain jangan hanya mementingkan satu kaum atau golongan tetapi mencangkup berbagai kaum tanpa mengira dia melayu,cina, dan india tentu yang diprioritaskan adalah mereka yang perlu dibantu baik dari kaum melayu,cina dan india.
    Jadi mereka yang sudah maju baik dari melayu,cina dan india tidak selayaknya mereka meminta bantuan dari negara sehingga seluruh kaum merasa diperhatikan oleh pemerintahnya tidak seperti kebijakan nep yang dipraktekkan oleh umno sekarang.

    semoga masukan saya bermanfaat bagi seluruh warga malaysia. sekarang sudah zaman globalisasi bukan zamannya mempraktekkan diskriminasi. Segala bentuk diskriminasi adalah negatif, tidak ada yang namanya diskriminasi posoif seperti yang dicetuskan datuk ahmad badawi.

    kalo diskriminasi positif tentu hari ini tidak akan terjadi ketegangan antar kaum yang meninggi di malaysia yang ujung nya bukan tidak mustahil akan mengulang kejadian 13 mei 1969. (Doa saya semoga tidak terjadi).

  16. AG Says:

    This is pure idiocrisy. A reporter who reported the remarks of a racist is arrested while the racist goes free? I have always leaned towards the ruling coalation until today. From this day I SWEAR I WILL NEVER SUPPORT OR VOTE ANY PARTIES RELATED TO UMNO AND THEIR RACIST RANKS.

  17. hoosierarmymom Says:

    Wow sounds like the way the MSM handles the Obamamessiah here! Great blog post on the subject Scott! Keep fighting the good fight for real freedom.

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