Ahmad Ismail is a Pendatang, Just Like All of Us

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Ahmad Ismail recently made some deragatory remarks aimed at the Chinese population of Malaysia. He called them pendatang (immigrants or squatters) in reference to the alleged status of Chinese as latecomers to Malaysia.

Despite being chided and even suspended from UMNO for 3 years, he refuses to apologize – he claims that he is not in the wrong.

As a direct result of this, Sin Chew reporter Tan Hoon Cheng was arrested under the ISA simply for reporting on what Ahmad Ismail said. She was recently released, while Ahmad Ismail wasn’t so much as issued a stern warning.

Well, here I present to you an argument that shows up Ahmad Ismail as a hypocritical pendatang himself!

The following is an excellent article, translated in full from Kuda Ranggi (Syed Imran)‘s original post in Malay, ‘Antara pendatang dan penumpang’.


Antara pendatang dan penumpang
(Between immigrants and squatters)

At first, I was reluctant to comment on the hoo-hah that resulted from the statements made by the UMNO division head of Bukit Bendera, Penang named Ahmad bin Ismail. Whether what he said about Malaysian of Chinese descent is true or false is not the question, because the issue is already spreading and the situation flaring up.

Unless the issue is addressed carefully, conscientiously and wisely, it can be exploited by those who wish to see this nation crumble, as well as by foreign powers. In this era of the borderless world and instantaneous international coverage via electronic media, whatever happens within a nation cannot be hidden or denied.

The main issue that was brought up by Ahmad Ismail involves the question of ‘squatting’; that is, that Malaysians of Chinese descent are squatters in this nation. He later clarified that this refers to the pre-Merdeka (pre-Malayan Independence) era. Nevertheless, the sensitivities of Chinese Malaysians were offended.

I do not know Ahmad Ismail personally, but I am quite close to Allahyarham, his brother Abdul Rahim Ismail, owner of the Rahim Construction Company which was once quite renown as the best Bumiputra-owned construction firm in Penang. I do not know what has happened with the company since Abdul Rahim passed away.

Personally, I (Syed Imran) disagree with what Ahmad Ismail claims for several reasons.

To me, almost 90 percent of Malaysians, especially those in the Peninsular, are immigrants and all of us are actually squatting on God’s land. We are not permanent owners, but merely squatting.

As an example, I myself am descended from immigrants who squatted on this blessed land. My grandparents on my father’s side immigrated from Mecca (in Saudi Arabia) and Brunei, whereas my maternal grandparents came from Hadhramut in Yemen. We are immigrants and squatters just like almost all of this nation’s citizens, especially those in Penang.

As for Ahmad Ismail, he too comes from an immigrant family and is squatting in this nation. Ahmad Ismail cannot deny the fact that his grandparents are immigrants from India who came in search of a better, more comfortable life in this blessed land.

Prime Minister Abdullah bin Ahmad is also included in the same category. His maternal grandfather was an immigrant from the Guangdong province in China. To cut a long story short, Pak Lah’s grandfather and Allahyarhamah Kailan’s father known as Hassan Salleh or Hah Su Chiang was an immigrant. He immigrated to Malaya from Guangdong (Kwangtung) in the mid 19th-century and settled in Bayan Lepas as a rubber planter, paddy farmer and later a diamond trader.

Deputy Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak also comes from an immigrant family, that is from Sulawesi in Indonesia, or to be simply he is a Bugis. Meanwhile, Hishamuddin Hussein cannot deny from his Turkish bloodline.

The grandparents of former PM Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad are also immigrants from Kerala, India while Almarhum Tunku Abul Rahman’s mother originated from Siam (Thailand).

Even the Malay Sultanate of Malacca was founded by an immigrant from Sumatra (in Indonesia) named Parameswara, a prince or noble of the Hindu religion.

In the history of the Malay sultanates, we find that some were founded by immigrants from Bugis and others by immigrants from Hadhramut (in Yemen) and Minangkabau (in Indonesia).

Almost all Malays here originated from outside Malaya, but are recognized as being of ‘Malay ethnicity’ by the Federal Constitution. We are ‘Malays according to Constitutional definition’, that is of the religion of Islam, practising Malay customs and speaking the Malay language. Unfortunately, the Malay language was killed by the Malay people themselves (UMNO) when it was renamed ‘Bahasa Malaysia’ (Malaysian language).

Thus Arabs like Syed Hamid Albar and myself, Acehnese like Sanusi Junid, Indians like Kader Sheikh Fadzir and Nor Mohamed Yakcop, Bugis like Najib, Minangkabau like Rais Yatim, Javanese like Mohamad Rahmat and others who originate from Madura (Indonesia), Boyan (Bawean in Indonesia), Siam, Burma, Yunnan (China) and the southern Phillipines are recognized as ‘Malay’ with little hassle.

They are accepted as Malay people regardless of whether they speak Malay in the home or not, for example the Arab-speaking Arab, the Javanese-speaking Javanese, the Minangkabau-speaking Minangkabau and the Tamil-speaking Mamak (Indian Muslim).

The aforementioned languages are not Malay languages, and if judged from the viewpoint of the Federal Constitution, their speakers cannot be accepted or recognized as part of the Malay race. Nevertheless, due to political factors and concerns, they are all accepted as Malays and Bumiputras.

Therefore, it is unfair to point fingers at the Chinese who are immigrants just the same as Arabs, Indians, Acehnese, Minangkabau, Batak, Mandailing, Javanese, Madurese and Bugis are squatters in this country. We cannot deny that a large number of the ancestors of the Chinese immigrated to this country during the time of the Malay Sultanate of Malacca and the Malay sultanates of Kedah, Terengganu and Kelantan when Francis Light conned the Sultan of Kedah into giving him Penang Island in 1786.

We are immigrants who live squatting in this country. The groups which truly can be recognized as indigenous or ‘bumiputra’ are those we know as Negrito, Jakun, Semang, Jahut, Orang Laut, Orang Darat, Senoi and the other Orang Asli groups who still live in these lands.

We must not forget the contributions and sacrifices of all races and sub-races in developing Malaysia, be it in economy, society, security and most important of all, alliance and unity. We all pay taxes and do so without regard to race or descent, whether immigrant or squatter.

We are all Malaysians.


Ahmad Ismail Pendatang

Above from Pendatang.

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  • 23 Responses to “Ahmad Ismail is a Pendatang, Just Like All of Us”

    1. Edi神 Says:

      Ahmad is mail is my hero

    2. Drill Says:

      Also Najib`s hero.

    3. arifabdull Says:

      Please stop using RACIAL arguments to counter a RACIST!
      Leave Ahmad be the last RACIST in Malaysia!

      Please read a message from RPK to the rakyat (Malaysians).

      Terima kasih.

    4. daeng Says:

      Mamak has always been mamaks. they call themself malay but the malays still call them mamakssssss…

      the Jawas has never been a part of malay grouping.. but then again we are hearing orang jawa now adressing themself as malay….. historically the Jawas hide their surname in shame after being redicule by the malays in the federated malay states…

      the bugis has always been the ruling race and the carrier of the religion Islam, but sad to say they were all branded “pirates” by the colonialist and banished from the face of the earth including their kingdom in Riau. Even one of the Yam Tuan of Riau was killed by the Dutch and buried in a PIGsty Look at the history of Selangor an u can see how the whites created histoty to their whimps and fancies….

      so for the mamaks and jawas kiss my ass…..

    5. Xplain Says:

      The reason Syed Hamid Albar banned MT:

      I was introduced to this new Datuk. “Inilah Datuk Syed Rahman,” Datuk Kamal said as I shook hands with him. Datuk Kamal probably saw in my face that the name did not ring a bell. He looked Indian, as some Arabs do, and if I had not been told he was a ‘Syed’ I would have thought he was just another of those millions of Mamaks running around all over the country and making a nuisance of themselves.


    6. Xplain Says:

      I have on ocassion asked indonesians if they are malay. They seem to object to that word. You guys might want to try it out. Oh and never refer to E.M`sians as Malay. They take offense.

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    8. Jimmy Tan Says:

      Ahmad Ismail’s grandmother is from India. Hey, my grandmother who is going to be 90 soon is born in Penang!! My family has squatted in Malaysia longer. I should have more rights then. Bangsa Malaysia has no race issues. Just global issues.

    9. J. Lim Says:

      What some idiots say who cares. When a mad dog barks at you, you don’t have to bark back.

      The important thing is what are the authorities are doing about such subversive elements. Arresting reporters for reporting what they hear is definitely pouring oil into fire. The highest authority sanction such an action should be sacked by the PM. If he doesn’t do it the people should sack him. Period.

      Let’s get on with something productive and beneficial for all concerned.

    10. Anak Malaysia Says:

      Pukimak… Ahmad Ismail and Syed Hamid Albar…. Useless for this 2 malay guys everyday buat solat 5 kali sehari….!!! Org sembahyang banyak2, otak jadi tenang dan ada IQ, but this 2 mamak’s otak ada, but IQ=zero. Hehehe…!!!

    11. Songkok Hitam Says:

      Kita semua pendatang dan penumpang di bumi ini. Ahmad Ismail pun saya yakin terima kenyataan bahawa beliau begitu. Cuma status sahaja yang membezakannya. Ahmad Ismail telah jadi Melayu tetapi Cina nampaknya tidak (kecuali yang masuk Islam, beradat resam Melayu dan berbahasa Melayu). Kenapa Cina tidak boleh terima kenyataan sedemikian dan dianggap rasis. Atau sememangnya kaum Cina yang rasis. Buktinya mereka masih dengan bahasa kebangsaan negara asal mereka walaupun sekian lama berada di sini dan telah menjadi rakyat negara ini pun. Banyak yang masih berkiblatkan negara asal mereka.

    12. Jamie Says:

      Nampaknya songkok hitam sedang bercakap dengan menggunakan punggung, bukan mulut…

      Janganlah cakap hal yang tidak masuk akal. Yang paling “rasis” sememangnya orang seperti Ahmad Ismail, yang kamu panggilkan “Melayu”.

    13. Songkok Hitam Says:

      OK lah. Ahmad Ismail menagku dia juga penumpang. Apa masalahnya. Tapi dia menjadi penumpang dan pendatang yang mengenang budi. Masalahnya di sini pendatang dan penumpang yang tidak mengenang budi. Yang sering menafi hak tuan rumah tempat dia menumpang. Tulisan Jawi nak diketepikan. Patutkah begitu. Penumpang dan pendatang yang biadab memang tiada tempat di sini sepatutnya. Dah tahu pendatang tetapi kenapa bersikap tidak sedar diri, yang masih nak perjuangkan budaya bangsa asal mereka. Ini bukan lagi negara China. Ini yang perlu kita sedari.

    14. Who’s the Pendatang? « I am Rainbow Says:

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    16. Scott Thong Says:

      Sama sama juga Songkok Hitam, ini bukan Arabia… Kamu merupakan Orang Asli ya? Senoi?

      Merekalah penduduk asal Tanah ‘Melayu’. Orang Melayu pula merupakan pendatang dan penumpang juga, sama ada Bugis atau orang Indonesia, seperti mana yang disebutkan dalam blog post ini.

    17. shahul Says:

      songkokhitam ni berhati hitam pulak lagi pun biadap. Siapa yang tepikan bahasa jawi? Baca utusan saje bukan luas fikiran. Paham bodo. Yang si rais yatim tu mahir jawi ke? Najib tu macam mana?
      songkok hitam sempit otak.

    18. awang kata Says:

      shahul, memang kita satu warganegara. macam kita dalam satu keluarga. dalam keluarga tertentu ada anak angkat, ada anak pungut. faham kias ini. jamie kena faham dan usah lagi ‘tak tahu bahasa’. kita tidak membenci sesiapa tetapi hak dan had perlu difahami. soal tanggungjawab bukan soal suka atau tidak suka atau, mahir atau tak mahir. ini soal amanah. gunakan akal juga perlu dengan tanggungjawab.

    19. Scott Thong Says:

      awang kata… Pintar dan tenang amat kata-kata anda.

      Bolehkah anda cuba berunding dengan si commentor ini?

    20. Nasaei Ahmad Says:

      UMNO politicians trying to gain political mileage (by hoping “ultra” Malays or leaders in UMNO itself) support their parochial idea). Politic based on racism is going nowhere, has no future I think.

      In the past, “sectarianist” politicians tried to portray themselve as champion of a certain race/ group; they shouted “Hidup DAP”, “Hidup Melayu” “Hidup MIC” etc. What actually those backwarded politicians want? They want you vote !! (to win an election). Did they get the votes? Yes, they did. Why? Because some populations/peoples were cheated by their oratory skill, their ‘pidato’. In most parts of the world, printed and electronic media been used to collaborate with them in order to achive their goal.

      Zaman telah berubah sekarang. You CAN’t deceive people anymore.

      Our common enemy is NOT Indian, Iban, Chinese or Malays but injustices, “unfairness”, abuse of power, favoritism, corrupt administration, inequality distribution of country’s wealth, ignorance etc, etc.

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      […] Toyo’s father for example was from Indonesia, Ahmad Sabri’s grandparents were from India and the Mohd Ridhuan who rudely asked Helen Ang to send her […]

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      […] Toyo’s father for example was from Indonesia, Ahmad Sabri’s grandparents were from India and the Mohd Ridhuan who rudely asked Helen Ang to send her […]

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