Matt Damon. Sarah Palin. Matt Damon!

Matt Damon bashes (his misunderstanding of) Sarah Palin as a Bible thumping, Young Earth Creationist, really-bad-Disney-movie, fanatical nutcase:

Matt Damon who?

Oh, you mean Matt Damon. Matt Damon. Matt Damon:

Maaaaaatt Daaaaamooooon!

Ah, now I remember! Matt Damon the whiner:

Last one from The Nose on Your Face via Moonbattery.

Sarah Palin cartoon

See also The book-banners Hollywood ignores which mentions Matt Damon Matt Damon Maaaaaatt Daaaaamooooon.

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12 Responses to “Matt Damon. Sarah Palin. Matt Damon!”

  1. todd peters Says:

    I can’t believe anyone is giving this educated idiot any credibility.
    These Hollywood idiots like Damon and Lindsey Lohan are just that, idiots. Someone should ask Damon what exactly he knows about Obama. And for Lohan to say anything is laughable. The press acts like Lohan is well informed, but she probably just came off a drunken stupper. Damon, go back to what you think you are good at, acting.

  2. Debbie Says:

    What really gets me about this interview with Matt Damon is how he makes FUN of the idea of a hockey mom from Alaska becoming president. Isnt’ that just one aspect of The American Dream??? Why not a hockey mom? What, a black Senator for 3 years has more qualifications than a woman Governor for 2 years? And if she believes dinosaurs lived 4,000 years ago – what does that have to do with international relations anyway??? Hey, everyone is entitled to their opinion – and everyone can say what they want, but not everybody has to agree with them… THAT is freedom of speech!

  3. Zen Says:

    Matt damon is a douchebag. That is all.

  4. bob Says:

    Damon is a idiot and so is anyone who belives anything he say’s

  5. turkey shoot Says:

    I`ve read all the Bourne books and enjoyed them thoroughly, but this guy leaves a bad taste.

  6. ex fan Says:

    f Matt Damon and all future movies! Can this idiot name one thing that Obama has accopmlished to make HIM ready to be president?? He is dimishining Obama by belittling the VP pick for the Republicans. Shall we discuss a few of Obamas’ BFF’s?? Terrorists, Criminals, and oh yeah, the spiritual advisor for 20 years that hates America and loves the Nation of Islam dude Farakhan, and other America haters such as Khadafi? Please tell me you missed every wrong “call” he has made on foreign policy…during this campaign i.e., Georgia is at fault with Russia, let’s get the UN involved and then a week later that changed to “what Mc Cain” said. Does anyone remember he wants to sit down with crazy Iran dude and “talk it over”? Does Damon realize that Obama has the “record” for voting “present” which means the most votes for “i don’t know” Get your head out of your butt

  7. DPD Says:

  8. John Says:

    I’m deeply disappointed by Matt Damon’s ignorant views and crybaby way of expressing himself. I used to think Keith Olbermann was the one person in America I’d love to bitchslap…now I have two who need a good smack across their anti american face

  9. Monika Says:

    Damon is a big time idiot, just like all those celebrity morons that don’t have a high school diploma…..what else can we expect from these idiots!

  10. kate Says:

    Matt Danon YOUR an idiot just as all the other obamabots out there. Just so you know you are NOT influentual as you may believe- You did however lose ME as a fan! Keep your idiotic remarks to yourself because in reality (which you do not live) it goes to show you do not have a clue what this man (obama) is about.

  11. Jesse Says:

    Matt Damon is currently attending Harvard. What are you people talking about?

  12. Scott Thong Says:

    And so did Obama, look at how wonderful he is now.

    What’s your point?

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