The Lying King – Liberal Media Spread the Lies About Palin

Now this is a cool video found at Moonbattery! It aptly decribes the Obama-worshpping liberal media’s unholy crusade to bring down Sarah Palin by whatever dishonest and dishonourable means possible.

See it embedded at Moonbattery or at Overstream or lower resolution at Youtube.

Screen capture previews:

The subtitles telling of unthinking media following the orders of their Liberal political masters fits the context of hyenas following the lion’s cunning. The timing of the subtitles with the video actions are spot on, as the screen captures might show.

The added subtitles in English don’t actually translate the Dutch, but are added just at the right times so that the Dutch words sound like they just could mean the same as the English subtitles!

The music and lyrics are actually the original Dutch version of the Lion King song ‘Be Prepared’.

See the collection of liberal lies at Blatant Anti-Palin Bias in the Liberal Media for context.

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One Response to “The Lying King – Liberal Media Spread the Lies About Palin”

  1. Oprah2 Says:

    Here is something the media should investigate. Michelle Obama wanted to send poor people to clinics instead of her hospital when they went to her hosiptal’s emergency room. How about inveistigate why Obama’s Chicago had more murders and killings than death of soliders in Iraq and Afghanistan? Why did radical Islamist Khalid Al-Monsour asked civil rights leader, Percy Sutton, to write a letter for Obama so he could get into Harvad Law? Al-Monsour is paid by rich Saudis. How about finding out how only Barack Obama knew Bill Ayers and Bernardine Dohrn, terrorist bombers and killers of policemen? Why Barack Obama, who has only been in office for less than four years got the 2nd most money for failed financial insitutions Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae, that we the taxpayers, now have to bail out? How about investigating Communist Frank Marshall’s association with Barack Obama, during a time when the Soviet Union wanted to destroy the U.S.? How about invesitgating how Obamanauts have tried to block any debate on WGN Radio in Chicago? How about the lawsuit that was filed by a Democrat against Obama? How did Obama get into Pakistan when he was a college student when no American could get in that country? How about the murder of Donald Young, the Gay Choir master at Obama’s church? and so much more…and I was a Hillary supporter.

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