Petition to Free RPK, Teresa Kok and All Others from ISA Detention

Click on the image below to be taken to the petition, and sign it.

No sensitive information is required.

Free From ISA Petition

The link itself is

Get your friends and fellow bloggers to sign it too, and host it on your own blogs!

Image and alert sourced from Haris Ibrahim – The People’s Parliament.

See here and here for more info on what happened.

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3 Responses to “Petition to Free RPK, Teresa Kok and All Others from ISA Detention”

  1. tash Says:


    i feel a tad bit unnerved, actually. is the political climate here as unstable as they say, scott? 😦 i was truly expecting riots 9/16 (but not a coup d’etat, anwar already said he wouldn’t go through with it).

    add that to the lehman brothers’ bankruptcy and CPO at a six-month low and i’m thinking, uh-oh.

  2. Sha Says:

    Teresa Kok’s been released – Yay!

  3. RPK FAN Says:

    Please every Malaysian should demand for the immediate RELEASE of RAJA PETRA/RPK as he would be able to “RELEASE US” from the clutches of the PRESENT DRACONIAN GOVERNMENT.

    DEMAND the he should be tried in a cout of Law if THEY have any case against him and not shut him up under ISA for the fear that many
    BN representatives would be put behind bars with the evidence RPK could produce if and when he is taken to court.

    BN representatives ,we Malaysians DARE that you request for the immediate RELEASE OF RAJA PETRA and proof your innocence if you all are really innocent.

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