10 Things To Do For RPK et al Now!



The following is taken from Susan Loone and reposted on her request.

Do repost it on your blogs or email others!


Silence Him RPK Poster

Above image is from Free Raja Petra Kamarudin Tribute Posters. Kudos to Susan for featurage. Visit link for explanation of imagery.

THIS is what we can do for RPK (who just checked into the Kamunting Hotel for insulting the country’s leadership and Islam), all the other detainees and their families. The OBJECTIVES of this campaign is to (1) Demand for RPK’s freedom (2) Demand for freedom of all ISA detainees (3) Demand for the repeal of the EVIL ISA!

PLEASE help distribute this information as far and wide as you can, act on it – you DO NOT have to do it alone, find a few people, not necessarily a big group, 5 maybe 10, and spread the word and action around, if we do it with our hearts and souls, it will catch on, like fire…

If you are living in Bangkok/Thailand and want to get together for one or all of this action, email me @ susanloone[at]gmail[dot]com

[They are not in any particular order, so it’s up to you how you want to do it]

1. [This has been suggested and I think it is a great idea to start with] Flood the Camp with Hari Raya Cards, do not just send to RPK, I know he’s our man, but also send to other detainees as well. Maybe even the guards. (Quote the Beatitudes).

2. Wear the anti-ISA badge (buy it from SUARAM) or make an ISA flag and fly it in your homes, on top of your cars, office, places of business, etc…Perhaps someone can design the anti-ISA flag and get it done. Perhaps we can just use the design of the existing badge.

3. From now on until the ISA is repealed, give the ISA badge or flag as presents, nothing else, and tell the receiver why you are doing this.Ask them to join your campaign.

4. Flood the YDP Agung’s Istana, the PM’s office and home, his favourite holiday resort, whatever, same goes for the DPM and Home Minister – by faxing/posting/telegramming/email an anti-ISA open letter (example of open letter will be posted soon). They might spam your email, my best bet is the post, fax or telegram.

5. ISA is bad for business. Get your bosses, and if you ARE the boss, send an official fax/telegram/letter/email with your company’s letter head and flood the YDP Agung’s Istana, the PM’s office and home, his favourite holiday resort, whatever, same goes for the DPM and Home Minister and whoever you think is relevant.

Bosses, got it?

6. [This too has been suggested but let me add a twist to it] DON’T go to work on the 23rd of every month until RPK is free or until the ISA is repealed (your choice) – and make sure your boss and all colleagues, even your business partner or associates know why you want the day off.

7. BUT do NOT sleep on the 23rd of the month when you are on leave. For those in KL or whereabouts, GO visit Marina and family, those outside KL or in the northern region, GO camp outside Kamunting and do whatever you like.

8. [Perhaps for some, this is already happening but still] Ask your ustaz/priest/sami/guru/raabi/whoever to conduct daily or weekly (whichever is more convenient)prayers for RPK and all ISA detainees and pray for the repeal of the ISA – take photos, post in your blogs and distribute the special prayers far and wide.

9. For 5 and 6, if your boss is NOT happy with you, ask him or her, to go and complain to the YDP Agung, PM, DPM, Home Minister, whoever, and those IDIOTS to lay off our favourite blogger and STOP using the ISA as a shield to protect their cowardly and weak willy!

10. Lastly, DO NOT forget to blog about your action, event, and distribute whatever campaign information you have far and wide.

GOOD LUCK to everyone who’s on the campaign trail! And THANK YOU!


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3 Responses to “10 Things To Do For RPK et al Now!”

  1. Edi神 Says:

    RPK is a gone case, forget about him…

    We need a new hero, a better story teller

    someone who can describe how Najib had sex with atlantuya

    not only location but position as well

  2. Vince Says:

    Spread the word. The world needs to know about this more and look at how bad our government actually is.

  3. Forex Online Software Says:

    The PM’s is not as difficult as it is exciting and rewarding. See yourself as your boss.

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