16-Year-Old Beaten Unconcious and Gang Raped in Johor Bahru

It’s been a long time since Johor Crimes, but it seems that the inhuman monsters are back… Just as I warned, the b*stard criminals are not absent in Johor, but just laying low until the police become lax again.


From The Star, 4 Oct 2008:

Teen abducted and gang-raped

JOHOR BARU: A 16-year-old girl was abducted outside a shop, gang-raped and beaten senseless.

The girl was walking outside the shop in Bandar Baru Uda at 9pm on Thursday when four men drove up and bundled her into the car.

They drove to an empty house in Taman Dahlia, Kempas, where several other men were waiting.

It is learnt that the girl was tortured and beaten unconscious and only realised that she had been raped when she woke up at 4am and found blood on her private parts.

It is learnt that one of men dropped her off in Bandar Baru Uda.

Police arrested two suspects in Kempas last night and are looking for eight more, state acting CID chief Asst Comm Che Yusuf Che Ngah said. The girl lodged a report at the Tampoi police station at 2pm yesterday.


The old advice stands: Even in broad daylight, any person has to be alert for sudden attacks by vicious criminals. And any girl or woman has to be extra alert for animalistic criminals who strike anywhere, at any time.

Johor Bahru: Still the city of criminals.

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2 Responses to “16-Year-Old Beaten Unconcious and Gang Raped in Johor Bahru”

  1. wits0 Says:

    Will Soiled Leak now come forward to pooh pooh the matter again?

  2. oneworldmaybenot Says:


    Huh?Who’s Soiled Leak? sorry, am blur here. Is it a certain politician? Did a jerk pooh pooh about rape?

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