Utusan Malaysia Issues Unsubtle Death Threat Against Teresa Kok, Defended by Rocky Bru

Utusan Malaysia Teresa Kok

Above is part of the 50-plus Malaysian Politics Motivational Posters.

Original photo from Teresa Kok Sassy MP – My Suit Against Utusan & Zaini Hassan.


So it seems that Rocky Bru supports Utusan Malaysia over Teresa Kok, even though the latter had to suffer ISA detention directly due to Utusan’s unfounded scaremongering and smear attacks.

Haris Ibrahim thinks differently, as would any unbiased observer: “What if it were YOU being thrown in the slammer and threatened because the NST printed blatant lies about you, Rocky?”

Rocky says in his post that he hopes ‘Theresa would find it fit to withdraw her suit against Utusan Malaysia’.

Well, Rocky, if one of the Tamil dailies falsely accused you of calling for the demolition of Hindu temples, and that daily then refused to apologise despite your demands that they do so, and your home was then turned into a war zone where molotovs were tossed into, would you sue to clear your name and to prevent any further trauma for those near and dear to you?

Or would you, Rocky, champion the right of that daily, in the name of freedom of expression and opinion, to continue to lie about you, and therefore refrain from taking the matter to court? – Haris Ibrahim

Head on over to Haris Ibrahim for the full story, with timeline of events and accompanying evidence.

Utusan of course refuses to issue any retraction, but rather demands that Teresa Kok be the one apologizing!

Not only that, but Utusan’s friends in high places are trying to turn it into a Chinese-challenges-and-insults-Islam controversy, attempting to rile up the public and obfuscate the simple heart of Teresa’s lawsuit: “Your idiotic lies landed me in prison!”

And now Utusan Malaysia shows its total lack of conscience, repentance and class by printing an article that is obviously a thinly veiled death threat against Teresa Kok.

Observe excerpts of the long story:

PAGI itu resah YB Josephine, yang lebih mesra dengan panggilan YB J sukar dikawal. Sepanjang perjalanan menuju ke Dewan Perhimpunan Warga Cha di ibu kota, fikirannya terganggu. Tuduhan bahawa dia anti-Islam dan anti-Melayu sungguh-sungguh menghantui perasaannya sejak malam tadi lagi.

Tetapi fikir Ahmad, amaran kalau tidak diendahkan berbahaya. Dia teringat apa yang diceritakan berlaku pada 13 Mei 1969. Bapanya menceritakan dalam tragedi selepas pilihan raya umum pada 10 Mei itu, orang Cina dan Melayu berbunuh-bunuhan.

Perjuangan yang mahu menafikan hak-hak istimewa orang Melayu dan kaum bumiputera lain yang dijamin oleh Perlembagaan Persekutuan, tidak dapat diterima oleh mereka.

Kata-kata kesat dan menghina orang Melayu oleh para penyokong parti-parti pembangkang sewaktu berarak meraikan kemenangan besar di Kuala Lumpur dan bandar-bandar utama lain pada pilihan raya 1969 itu tidak dapat ditelan oleh orang Melayu.

Apabila YB J bangun untuk menuju ke rostrum ucapan, seorang anak muda dari belakang pentas berjalan tenang menuju ke arahnya. YB J tersenyum kepadanya. Dia menyangka anak muda seketurunan dengannya ingin mengiringinya ke rostrum atau bersalaman dengannya.

YB J menghulurkan tangan. Tiba-tiba YB J tergaman dan berdiri kaku. Dia tidak percaya dengan apa yang dilihatnya. Tergenggam erat pada tangan anak muda yang seolah-olah mahu membalas salam tangan yang dihulur itu ialah sepucuk pistol jenis Revolver yang betul-betul diajukan ke arah dada YB J.

Tanpa berkata apa-apa, anak muda itu melepaskan beberapa das tembakan. Salah satu daripadanya tepat mengenai jantung YB J. Dia rebah ke lantai.

Sewaktu pemeriksaan dibuat ke atas mayat anak muda yang tidak dikenali itu, terselit sehelai nota yang ditaip rapi, ditulis dalam bahasa Kebangsaan.

Ia berbunyi: YB Josephine adalah ancaman terhadap keharmonian. Lebih baik riwayatnya ditamatkan supaya masyarakat berbilang kaum boleh tinggal aman damai di negara bertuah ini. Saya berkorban untuk masa depan. – Utusan Malaysia

And there you have it. Utusan Malaysia’s literary representation of YB Teresa Kok is murdered for ‘the sake of the future and inter-racial harmony.’

Note also how they insidiously slip in a reference to the bloodshed of May 13 1969 early in the piece, in order to further justify the silencing of ‘YB Josephine’ whom they insinuate that – like the 1969 provocateurs – challenged the sacrosanct Malay special rights. (Of course, in Utusan’s version of reality, the Opposition and non-Malays are solely and entirely to blame for the provocation and escalation into riots.)

Did these Utusan foo’s not realize that such hate-mongering as in their paper is exactly the sort of thing that shatters inter-racial harmony??!!! Wasn’t it they themselves who stoked the fires of rabid mob paranoia and rage by spreading unproven rumours that have now been totally debunked? (See Haris Ibrahim‘s post again.)

Uncle Lim is not taking this unilateral, coded fatwa by Utusan Malaysia lightly, pseudonym ‘Josephine’ or no. Lead the charge!

DAP adviser Lim Kit Siang (DAP-Ipoh Timur) has accused the Malay newspaper, Utusan Malaysia, of planting the idea of assassinating members of parliament through a story published in Mingguan Malaysia, its Sunday edition.

Lim said the fictitious story entitled “Politik baru YB J” was aimed at Teresa Kok.

“The YB Josephine, who is the main character in the piece, actually referred to Teresa Kok,” he said.

YB Josephine takes an anti-Islamic stand in the story and is killed by an alleged supporter at a function held in her stronghold.

The assassin approaches her on stage and then shoots her three times in the chest.

“I know it is creative licence, but the author had clearly planted the idea of political assassination. He was being inciteful,” Kit Siang said during the debate on the budget. – Malaysia Today

Teresa Kok is not shaken by this incitement.

Seputeh lawmaker Teresa Kok was surprised to learn today that she had been made the target of an assassination in a thinly-veiled plot of a short story publised in a weekend edition of the Malay-language newspaper Utusan Malaysia last Sunday. – Malaysia Today

The original blatantly outspoken Utusan Malaysia article is again at here, kudos to ShadowFox’s Hideout.

Jed Yoong has the article reproduced here. Uncle Lim also has the offending Utusan Malaysia article reproduced here in case of sneaky withdrawal, and has these words to add:

I lambasted Mingguan Malaysia and Datuk Chamil Wariya for this irresponsible piece of literary licence for inciting the killing of Teresa Kok during my budget speech in Parliament today.

I asked what would be the reaction of UMNO and BN MPs if the Prime Minister or Deputy Prime Minister had been similarly targetted like Teresa in a cerpen like in Chamil’s irresponsible short story. – Lim Kit Siang

Tell me exactly what Teresa Kok actually did to warrant false reporting and smears in a national paper, ISA arrest and a week’s detention without proof, firebombing of her house, racist threats, and now a snide, self-righteous and condescending death fatwa by Utusan Malaysia which started this whole mess? With absolutely NO apologies from any of the offending parties in these matters, of course.

Hey, why not send the papers thinly veiled fiction about a Vice President who blows up a Tibetan model with nitroglycerin?

Teresa Kok ISA

Above from They Survived ISA Detention! and the 50-plus Malaysian Politics Motivational Posters.

Remember, Raja Petra Kamarudin is still in there!

On a tip from wits0.


PS. Featured on Malaysia Today. Cool! Thanks to kean.

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15 Responses to “Utusan Malaysia Issues Unsubtle Death Threat Against Teresa Kok, Defended by Rocky Bru”

  1. hutchrun Says:

    And how about the NST – Rocky time when they happily reported on this article by Sabri Zain and together with Harakah was sued for RM60 M:

    Reading from a prepared answer text, Umi Hafilda recounted the portion in
    the article by Sabri Zain, one of the named parties, which she contended
    had defamed her.

    The article had appeared in PAS’ fortnightly publication, Harakah, on
    March 29, 1999, and was entitled Malaysia sweeps 10 Oscars!

    Three of the 10 so-called award winners mentioned in the article featured
    an actress going by the name of “Ummi Thurman Ali” in degrading roles.

    In a make-believe movie called Pulp Dalil, Ummi Thurman was portrayed as a
    small-time prostitute with an obsession for Deputy Prime Ministers
    (obviously, this was word-plays on the 1994 movie Pulp Fiction which
    starred Uma Thurman as a gangster’s moll).

    Another movie called Green Card had Ummi Thurman as a tacky Malaysian
    bimbo while her role in Fatal Attraction was that of a mentally-unbalanced
    woman who designed tacky gaudy clothings and was cursed with a physical

    Compounding the role’s misery was the fact that her father had disowned
    her after being blinded by the rather loud colours of her dresses, leading
    her to become psychotic and obsessed with the Deputy Prime Minister.
    Ironically, this was also the role which won Ummi Thurman the Best Actress

    During questioning by her counsel Datuk Muhammad Shafee Abdullah, Umi
    Hafilda testified that the character Ummi Thurman Ali written in the
    article was referring to her.

    “It was a contemptuous article which painted a black picture of me in
    order to tarnish my credibility as a witness in Anwar’s trial,” said Umi
    Hafilda yesterday.

  2. Jacksojulian Says:

    The issue of “Teresa Kok Vs Utusan Malaysia” would not happen if medias in Malaysia are free from politic influence.
    If the readers of Utusan Malaysia still live in the “world of illusion” & brain washed state, i assume these are the end results of UNMO’s (not entire BN) acts. Therefore, the future history should remember UMNO as the one who responsible for inciting racial tension, promoting racial divine, putting Malays (UM readers) in backward state and uncompetitive, cover up of corruptions, attempting of assassination……

  3. eng Says:

    im going to starbucks for a cuppa…anyone wanna join??…time out la brader…….

  4. ivanyeo Says:

    When what is simply wrong is argued to be deemed right, then that right is certainly wrong. Black is black and cannot be called white and if black is called white it is as good as if there is no order!

  5. C.A. Ranjit Says:

    why are the authorities dumb on this? a quick action will solve the problem that is slowiy brewing into a racial clash. Mr Abdullah it’s your turn now!

  6. anewmalay Says:

    Cross-breeding of human is a must for Malaysia – DIVERSITY OF
    via cross breeding of human
    ( inter racial and inter national marriages needed for malaysia’s survival)

    People in Malaysia need to be cross-bred. Cross breeding of
    animals (e.g. in tilapia, goat, cow etc) and in plants (e.g. oil
    palm cross pollination in Malaysia ) have been very successful in
    many cases to improve quality of offspring. Malaysia needs to
    learn from this biology concept applied in animal kingdom.

    Set up a university to conduct research on cross breeding of
    human. Provide research funds / grants to Malaysian and
    international researchers to open up a new chapter for peace,
    prosperity, media freedom, freedom of expression and true justice
    in Malaysia . See what will be the changes (social, political,
    religious, intellectual, perceptual etc) that can be brought about
    via cross breeding of Malaysians.

    So far, over the last 100 years, most marriages in Malaysia were
    only inter-racial. We don’t need a rocket scientist to understand
    this. This simply means, there had been (and still is) very few
    inter racial marriages. Approximately 95% of the marriages are
    intra-racial. Malaysia needs to break this trend. We need at least
    60% of the marriages to be inter-racial. And only then we can have
    racial harmony in practice. We have heard plenty of sermons
    theorizing racial harmony. But in reality there is no racial
    harmony in Malaysia . What we have is racial tension and
    disharmony in this country. Thus, multiracial politics, though
    undoubtedly a good beginning towards racial harmony and racial
    unity, alone is not sufficient to ensure racial harmony in this
    multi racial country. Just like multiracial politics, multi racial
    marriages will bring lasting peace and sustainable development in
    Malaysia . Thus, the leaders of this country must encourage inter
    -racial marriages by rewarding them financially or in whatever
    ways possible and / or feasible. We wish to see the father to be a
    Malaysian Chinese and the mother to be Malay; the father to be a
    Malaysian Indian and the mother to be Malaysian Chinese, the
    father to be a Chinese and the mother is an Indian; the father to
    be a Malay and the mother is an Indian and so on. We want to see
    hybrid Malaysians. We do not want to see a Chinese, a Malay or an
    Indian on the Malaysian street. We want to see hybrid Malaysians.

    I have tried to form / change certain perception (of politics,
    race, religion etc) of a bumiputera family over the last few
    years. I found dead ends. I went no where. Certain beliefs and
    perceptions are so deeply founded that it is very hard to unroot
    them via traditional means. This family (specially the elderly
    ones) believes that there is no alternative to racial politics in
    Malaysia; that UMNO is the only future for Malays; that the
    Chinese are somewhat enemies of the Malays; America is a 100%
    evil; that it is anti Islamic to learn English or to speak in
    English; that it is anti-islamic to speak to / mingle with a
    Chinese or an Indian. We need extra ordinary measures to have
    better Malaysia for every Malaysian. We need the Malays prefer
    wedding Chinese. We need the Malays preferring to wed Indians. Off
    course, we also need the Malays to wed good people from Kerala.
    Until today, Malaysia belongs to only 10% of the Malaysians. These
    are elite Malaysians. People on the street, like you and me are
    Malaysians- just like we have Malaysian dogs and Malaysian cats.
    Just like cats and dogs, we eat, shit and die. There is no meaning
    of having such a life. While the elites in our society get richer
    and richer by every second, the average Malaysian gets poorer by
    every second. We must make Malaysians realize that life is not
    merely eating, shitting and dieing. We need to establish a
    university and conduct research to show clearly that the real
    problem of Malaysia is not race. The real problem of Malaysia is
    the tension between have and the have nots. The threat to Malaysia
    ’s peace is the fight between the elites (i.e. about 10% of the
    Malaysians- comprising Chinese, Malay and Indians) and the average
    Malaysians (the 90% of the Malaysians comprising Chinese, malays
    and Indians). The real threat to Malaysia is social injustice and
    unfair distribution of wealth. Lack of freedom of expression,
    corrupt judiciary, and the corrupt executive adds / exacerbate to
    this problem faced by our nation.

    Today, it is possible to identify any Malaysian by skin color and
    appearance. And instantly you can categorize one to be a Malay, a
    Chinese or an Indian. You even don’t need the national identity
    card to verify whether one’s racial identity in Malaysia . We must
    take immediate steps to ensure that in each Malaysian family we
    have someone Chinese looking, someone Malay looking and possibly
    someone Indian looking. Let us try to have at least two races in
    each family. This is / will be a very effective way to prevent any
    May 1969, Taman Medan or similar incidents.

    It is possible that some offspring from these cross marriages
    (i..e inter racial marriages) would be as idiots and as criminal
    as Madey. But it is highly unlikely that majority of these
    offsprings would support those Madeys. Nor would these majority
    offspring would keep quiet and do nothing about the atrocities
    committed by the few Madeys and Madey’s cronies. In the long run,
    many off these offsprings ( resulting from cross breeding- i.e.
    inter racial marriages. would become Novel prize winners, world’s
    best economists, peace makers, architects, engineers and

    To have a truly bangsa Malaysia , I suggest 5 pakatan state
    Offer this incentive for new and old (i.e. already existing)

    First time marriage between couples of different race OR different
    religion OR different nationality will receive a one-time cash
    award of RM10,000.
    First time marriage between couples of different race AND
    different religion will receive a one-time cash award of RM15,000.
    First time marriage between couples of different race AND
    different nationality will receive a one-time cash award of
    First time marriage between couples of different religion AND
    different nationality will receive a one-time cash award of
    First time marriage between couples of different race AND
    different religion AND different nationality will receive a one-
    time cash award of RM20,000.

    Notes: In all cases, the foreign national MUST be GRANTED
    MALAYSIAN PR (permanent residency within 60 DAYS of the marriage
    registered in Malaysia ). For this purpose, the 5 pakatan state
    governments must seek independence from the federation in terms of
    immigration POLICIES AND PRACTICES. The BN government will have
    power on immigration matters in BN run states only. The pakatan
    governments must make it happen via Malaysian judiciary. The
    judiciary must be brave to act independently. The judiciary must
    not take instructions from the federal BN government.
    * Any couple would be entitled to recieve any grant only once in a
    * The children off these inter-race and international (one parent
    / spouse being Malaysian) marriages should also be rewarded. All
    children (of such marriages) under the age of 20, should be given
    a one time cash rewrd of RM50,000 each and a monthly allowance of
    RM2000 till the age of 40. This is a small sacrifice by PR
    government for social reconstruction in Malaysia. Do this program
    for just five years and see the changes. It’s worth a sacrifice.
    The Pakatan Rakyat must also ensure/demand that all “ Malaysia
    second home” applications approved during BN government, must
    either be made public or WITHDRAWN/ CANCELLED IMMEDIATELY. The
    public must know the details of these people. The approvals are
    scandalous and fictitious. There are so much hidden agenda. Many
    criminals from other countries have been granted “ Malaysia second
    home” visa. It’s an abuse of power. It’s a crime committed by BN
    All PR (permanent residency) applications approved during BN
    tenure must be made public or WITHDRAWN/ CANCELLED IMMEDIATELY.
    All PR applications rejected during BN tenure must be approved by
    PR run government. This specially applies to foreign spouses
    married to Malaysian citizens. These foreign spouses already have
    had enough nightmares in Malaysia during BN tenure. UMNO is /was
    only interested in money; not in talents. So UMNO turned away all
    talents from Malaysia .

    *To qualify for these awards, All couples must preferably be at
    least a graduate from a university located in Malaysia . (If only
    one couple is graduate, while the other is not, then, may be the
    reward would be slashed to 50% or 25%; and /or help pay the
    tuition fees for the other couple to complete his/ her degree in a
    Malaysian university!). Priority would be given to those who are
    already graduates.

    In fact, the pakatan Government would not have to spend a single
    cent to finance these awards. All it needs to do is sell of all
    the lands / assets / properties owned by Madey and use that money
    to encourage cross-marriages among race, religion and
    nationalities. All cash owned by Madey should also be forfeited/
    frozen by pakatan government. Only this and other effective steps
    will ensure long-term sustainability and peace in Malaysia .

    These cross marriages will go a long way to see a truly united
    bangsa Malaysia . Together, those bangsa Malaysia will not
    tolerate dictators / criminals like Madey (TDM) even for a single
    day. Each one of those bangsa Malaysia would resemble Raja Petra.
    We can already see a million contrast between a true patriot (i.e.
    Raja Petra) and a fake PM (i.e. Madey). Madey is responsible for
    the poor economic state of the Malays today. Aren’t 90% of the
    Malays still poor? Isn’t an average Chinese is five times richer
    than an average Malay? Isn’t Madey directly responsible? Madey
    hates cross-marriages (among races/ religions/ nationalities)
    because he knows these cross marriages would give birth to
    thousands of true patriots who would fight till the last drop of
    their blood against zalim people like Madey.

    Madey’s children’s assets/ bank balances should also be frozen.
    His desposits are everywhere. From banks in Japan to Zimbabwe ;
    from Kerala to Switzerland .
    Malasyians must be made aware of all the businesses Madey and his
    cronies/ children have interest. All Malaysians must avoid any
    purchase from these businesses. A complete boycott is necessary.
    We must punish these criminals financially.
    We the rakyat must get (fu*k) Madey before he gets (fu*k) DSAI and
    the Rakayt.


  7. ventura Says:

    My Sassy MP blog comments:

    RM 30 million suit against the Utusan Melayu. Is it the beginning of the attack on the UMNO governing party? Certain people may look at this is an attempt to round up the indirect attack against the UMNO party which have indirect interest in this newspapers operation.

    We believe in the freedom of press and expression of liberty in our expression as a journalist and as far as possible to express the truthful circumstances that have befallen the situation. At time opinion being generated in the column. Politic should not be a governing factor in the controlling of the freedom of press. But rather expression of the public so that the source of channel will be used by the people as a mean to express out their dissatisfaction.

    That is why it is a conflict of interest to the journalism practice to have an investment share of certain political party to the body of press and journalism. Most politician want to have a mode of newspaper or other media like television and other mean of communication channel to suppress or influence their ideology of the political belief down toward and brain wash in certain degree of influence.

    Unfortunately, with the wide spread of internet capability. No longer the other mode has been greater influence to the communion of nation at large, thus is being united with more liberation in communication within the national and international border.

    But the truth is the absolute truth there is still no freedom, no liberation and no fully expression. Because at time the liberation on whatsoever perspective or angle in the respective point of view may bring destruction too…

    Think about it?

  8. Malaysian Politics Motivational Posters « BUUUUURRRRNING HOT Says:

    […] Utusan Malaysia – Utusan Malaysia Issues Unsubtle Death Threat Against Teresa Kok, Defended by Rocky Bru Possibly related posts: (automatically generated)Dr M Quits UMNO, Blames Badawi For 22 Years of […]

  9. wits0 Says:

    Legalized racist rubbish like seditious Utusan must go, and this everyone with a fair mind knows, for the nation to progress as one. WE cannot afford its toxic spews masquerading as “news”. Rocky will henceforth be known as a supporter of evil like the flip flop Muzaffar is.

  10. Side Helmit Elba Says:

    Why r canibal writter, people with brain inside their a$$hole writing such stupid story inciting brutalness, gangsterism and inciting an assassination. ls charge Utusan again for criminal intimination. Sue them for another 30 million. Well it is not the malay that Teresa is suing and further more Utusan is a public listed company thus it belongs to its subscribing shareholder including me a german with a similar name to the greatest lawmaker in Malaysia history. So Mr. Syed Ali Al Booshit dont spin the facts again or else RPK might shaft his john into your mouth to keep u quiet.

  11. Parameswara Says:

    Beta ingin Utusan Malaysia ini d boikot mulai sekarang sehingga d beritahu kelak. Beta tak berkenan ugutan seperti ini. Ini sdh sampai tahap yg merbahaya. Lihatlah wahai UMNO! Siapakah sebenarnya yg racist/perkauman? Kamu membuat Beta malu dasyat.

    UMNO lah yg menimbulkan keresahan kaum sbb setiap kali nkauorang melaung-laungkan tntng ketuanan2 melayu. Kita bukanlah tuan kpd bangsa lain. Org ASLI lah yg menjadi tuan kpd kita d M’sia ini. Bangsa lain tak nak hak nkauorang. Beta tak nampak bangsa lain merampas hak kita melayu.

  12. wits0 Says:

    Born and bred in the racist gutter means that Utusan cannot hope to have class, conscience and therefore can see no cause to repent.

  13. oneworldmaybenot Says:

    Utusan & its handlers are like a bunch of schoolyard bullies – if they get insulted or someone call them names these bullies just go bash the other’s face

  14. semutar kata Says:

    Orang Malaysia wajar kembali kepada nilai-nilai Malaysia. Misalnya berbahasa Malaysia. Kenapa orang Malaysia masih mengutamakan akhbar yang bukan berbahasa Malaysia, pelik. Alasan kebebasan dan kepelbagaian mungkin boleh dipersoalkan. Bangsa yang prihatin sepatutnya tidak mengabaikan bahasa sendiri. Jujurlah. Cukuplah ‘pura-pura’ kita selama ini.

  15. Tamilnadu Business Says:


    Utusan Malaysia Issues Unsubtle Death Threat Against Teresa Kok, Defended by Rocky Bru « LEADING MALAYSIAN NEOCON…

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