Brave Royal Malaysian Navy Heroically Rescues Hostages From Pirates – Using Suitcases Stuffed With Ransom Money!

Here’s what The Star blares as a frontpage headline on today’s paper:

Ops Fajar mission accomplished

LUMUT: Seeing the relief on the faces of the hijacked crew members will stay with Kapt Mohd Zahari Jamian of the Royal Malaysian Navy (RMN) for a long time.

The KD Lekiu commanding officer was happy to escort the two Malaysian International Shipping Corporation (MISC) shipping vessels – MT Bunga Melati Dua and MT Bunga Melati Lima – safely to Djibouti.

“It was a triumphant moment for us to be able to bring the crew back safely to their families to celebrate Hari Raya,” said Kapt Mohd Zahari yesterday at a ceremony for the Ops Fajar rescue mission members at the naval base here.

The MT Bunga Melati Dua, with 29 Malaysian and 10 Filipino crew members, was hijacked in the Gulf of Aden on Aug 19 while the MT Bunga Melati Lima, with 36 Malaysians and five Filipino crew members, was hijacked 10 days later.

Wow! How heroic of our Royal Malaysian Navy (RMN)! That must have been some heroic drama or dramatic heroism, rushing in with guns blazing to rescue the frightened seafarers from the vicious pirates, no?

Well… No.

The crew of both vessels were eventually released on Sept 27 and Sept 29, respectively, after a ransom was paid for the two vessels.

Um… Wow.

So the ‘Mission Accomplished’ that The Star so grandiosely touts is, in fact, actually Royal Malaysian Navy escorts hostages home after ransom is paid.

Excuse the snark, but wouldn’t a more accurate title be something like…

Hostages rescued by heroic ransom money
Royal Malaysian Navy plays babysitter

After all, what scurvy sea dog wouldn’t cringe at the bone-chilling sight of $4 million of heaily armed, bloodthirsty cash? Yarr! Shiver me timbers!

But don’t get me wrong… It’s not like our local Adeptus Astartes chapter didn’t face great dangers and nigh insurmountable tests of the manlihood while on their almost suicidal mission. Suicidal, I say. Kamikaze. Shaheed.

Recalling the escort mission to Djibouti, Kapt Mohd Zahari said it was quite tense as there were many other pirate factions in the Gulf of Aden.

“There is always news of pirates hijacking ships everyday and all officers on deck had to be on high alert.

“There’s a possibility that the two ships which had been released could be hijacked again by a different group if we did not escort them,” he added.

The God-Emperor of Man forbid that their warships should run into a sampan full of heavily armed, merciless, fly-fishing geriatric retiree anglers. It would be utter, chaotic devastation and horrifically gruesome death. For the warships.

Meanwhile, to avoid just such a disadtrous occurence, the brave and macho Space Marines trained and prepared themselves… By playing Risk.

Kapt Zahari said all officers had to run through a “table-top” war game.

“On our way there, we discussed all likely scenarios and counter-measures to be taken should negotiations fail.

“Luckily, the negotiations went well and we did not need to storm the hijacked ship,” he added.

Kapt N. Ganesh, who is KD Inderapura’s commanding officer, said all members aboard his vessel were also tense during the operation.

“They knew it was no longer a training exercise but a real mission where lives were at stake,” “There is no telling how long we could be there pending negotiations with the pirates,” he added.

Yup, Risk ‘with dice’ is about as close to risk ‘with danger’ as they ever got.

And no, I’m not even going to sully the good name of Warhammer 40k with any more references likening our Navy to it. So, tabletop war game = Risk. Conquer the world, chaps, conquer the world.

And the Royal Malaysian Navy crew’s biggest, death-defying, life-threatening challenge?

Kapt Ganesh noted the biggest challenge in their mission was to maintain high morale among the rescue team.

“As it was fasting month then, everybody was feeling restless and some of the members were getting seasick,” he said, adding that sports and training sessions were organised to keep them in high spirits.

Hungry and dizzy? Squad broken! At least until they can Rally! to a game of captain ball. Or maybe hopscotch.

Oops. That was a reference to Warhammer 40k right there. I blame the seasickness.

Maybe it was a better call to pay the ransom then. Glucose deprived, seasick government employees VS rum-swilling, self-employed privateers? No contest.

I mean, come on! Even the French have braver commandos than us?!

French commandos stormed a sailboat to free two French tourists who were being held by heavily-armed Somali pirates, President Nicolas Sarkozy has said.

One pirate was killed and another six captured in the lightning raid, which lasted 10 minutes. The hostages were unharmed.

“France will not allow crime to pay,” declared Mr Sarkozy, who dispatched the commando unit after receiving information that the pirates were approaching a highly-protected coastal base, where rescue efforts would have been far riskier.

The French!!! (More on their non-Surrender Monkeying here.)

Maybe I should seal myself into a nuclear bunker for the next 50 years to avoid the carnage that will ensue when Singapore handily conquers Malaysia.

Did I say Singapore? Slip of the tongue. Likely even Sentosa by itself would be enough to defeat our entire stuper-pendously powerful military.

But to their credit, Malaysia is cited as providing ‘support’ to the French warriors:

With the backing from a French warship stationed nearby, some thirty commandos swooped on the pirates. They received support from Germany and Malaysia, according to the Elysée.

By running nerve-wracking sessions of Risk late into the night, no doubt.


PS. The RMN can blame The Star for spinning a huge, fat pile of NOTHING into a quasi-epic tale of mythical proportions, which led to my snark.

That having been said… Next time, send The Village People!!!


PPS. Now this is more like it! From The Star 20 Dec 2008:

Quick response from RMN ship saves vessel

PETALING JAYA: Armed Somali pirates that boarded Chinese crane ship Zhenhua 4 were about to blow the bridge wide open when the Royal Malaysian Navy came to the rescue.

Nine pirates ran helter-skelter without firing a single shot after there were surprised by the twin machineguns of KD Sri Inderasakti’s Fennec helicopter gunship.

The crew on the Zhenghua 4 had earlier locked themselves on the bridge and held off the pirates, which came on two skiffs, for several hours.

The Fennec gunship’s response was the first time an aircraft was deployed to engage pirates holding a merchant vessel in the Gulf of Aden.

RMN Fleet Operations Commander Vice-Admiral Datuk Ahmad Kamarulzaman Ahmad Badaruddin said the Sri Inderasakti was in the right place and the right time in the pirate-menaced Gulf of Aden on Wednesday when it received a distress call from Zhenhua 4.

“And the response from Sri Inderasakti’s response was swift,” he added.

Relating the incident, Ahmad Kamarulzaman said that the RMN ship received the distress call from the Chinese ship at 8.30am (local time).

“Commanding officer Kapt Mohamad Adib Abdul Samad immediately despatched the Fennec gunship.

“At the same time, a request from the European Union’s CTF150 taskforce also came in for us to lend assistance and do whatever was necessary to deter the pirates because we were the nearest vessel to the Zhenhua 4,” he told The Star when contacted in Singa- pore.

Covering 45 nautical miles at 80 knots per hour, the Fennec piloted by Leftenan Muliadi Mohd Noor and air quartermaster Petty Officer Haniffaa Haironi reached Zhenhua 4 in less than 15 minutes.

“After quickly assessing the situation, Haniffaa fired several warning shots across the bow of the Zhenhua 4. This created panic among the pirates,” he said.

One of the pirates’ skiffs also sank in the battle but not from the Fennec’s gunfire, said Ahmad Kamarulzaman.

Not long after, Dutch warship HDMS Absalon of the European Union’s CTF150 taskforce arrived to escort the Zhenhua 4 to its destination.

Ahmad Kamarulzaman said that the RMN is sure that there were other pirate vessels in the area as the gunship crew saw what they believed to be the “mother ship.”.

The Inderasakti had taken over from the KD Mahawangsa on Dec 12 in the ongoing Ops Fajar to safeguard Malaysian merchant vessels plying the dangerous Gulf of Aden.

UPDATE JAN 2011: This time around, the Malaysian Navy actually fought with the pirates and won!

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59 Responses to “Brave Royal Malaysian Navy Heroically Rescues Hostages From Pirates – Using Suitcases Stuffed With Ransom Money!”

  1. Arjun Says:

    Where got rescue wan after payment of between 2 mil to 8 mil monies.Summor, SOMBODY said it is a gift from God( on Eve of Public Holiday.)Cheap gift or got sent ?
    Star editor selective memory loss.Wan to make a ho hum non event become UM YB Jo
    wannabe ?Aer asia Toni oso said “Now everybody can write fiction”.

  2. wits0 Says:

    Buoyed up by its “SUCCESS” with Somali pirates, Malaysia wanna do a Nasser with the Straits of Malacca?

    Malaysia on Tuesday proposed limiting the number of vessels that can enter one of the world’s busiest shipping lanes amid worries that rising congestion could spark accidents…” u/q

    Goes to show how it believes its own mind degenerative but ‘feel good’ propaganda which its abjectly slavish news media constantly serve up.

  3. hutchrun Says:

    Lovely. Najib`s trying to start a war and hopefully he gets one. This time the indons will massacre him and the c`wealth forces are not around to save his royal arse. 2 submarines and he wants to take on the world. Idiot like his father.

  4. ToddK Says:

    I’ve always found that when you reward any behavior, you get less of it in the future.
    Of coarse, I live in the Twilight Zone.

  5. Anne Says:

    I was told by a reliable source that MISC paid more than what was published.

  6. ruyom Says:

    The truth is that Umno has ruled supreme for the last 50 years. It always got its way because the dominant ethnic majority of the country always supported its policies.

    The state of the nation is corrupt, racist, discriminatory, abusive, unjust, inefficient, and backwards. If Malaysia stinks then it is because Umno stinks.

    If the “morals of the country” stinks, then it is because the morals of Umno politicians stinks.

    I won’t even discuss the morality of explosives and murder of foreign nationals as most people seem to be able to tell the difference between right and wrong in this instance.

    Instead, I shall talk about Umno corruption and Umno racism as the former will occasion the disastrous downfall of this nation, and the latter will be the downfall of the malays.

    Umno teaches that it is just to discriminate against all non-malays and non-Muslims: jobs, education, schools, colleges, universities, business opportunities, government contracts, taxes, and even finding a cemetery to bury the dead.

    Umno teaches that it is right to discriminate on the basis of a person race, culture, language or religious belief.

    In front of non-malays, it speaks of tolerance and unity in diversity, and in front of malays it speaks of race, religious, cultural and language supremacy, and the glorification of power and ethnic subjugation.

    Bung Mokhtar leadership role as characterised by a yobbish machismo, obscene gestures, medieval attitudes towards women and minorities, and strutting bigotry within Umno is not only not an accident of chance, but an exemplary example of Umno appeal to the baser instincts and darker fantasies of its ethnic constituency.

    To the vernacular schools it gives a pittance for support, and to malay language schools, there is no need to be diplomatic and call them “national language” schools, it gives 100% support.

    As for English-medium schools, the type that made Malaysian education the best in South East Asia, and our school leavers the most sought after anywhere in the civilised world, they were made extinct, courtesy of Umno language and cultural supremacist fantasies.

    So we are left with unemployable graduates with deplorable job skills and prospects.

    Umno policies caused a brain drain to Australia, New Zealand, UK, Canada, and the US.

    Umno language supremacist policies caused the extinction of the best high quality education that Malaysia and the malays would ever know.

    Umno perversion of the very idea of meritocracy in favour of racist discrimination has ensured the lack of meritocractic competition for all Malaysians.

    Sooner or later, the malays will realise that denying meritocracy to non-malays guarantees that there can be no meritocracy for malays even within their own community.

    The fact that there is no notable inferiority complex nor entitlement complex or NEP dependence amongst the non-malays is no accident.

    If the non-malays were the dominant ethnic majority, and they had an Umno-like racist party to lead them with promises of ethnic supremacy, racial discrimination and ethnic privileges, then I believe they would have lost their self-confidence, self-respect and self-belief too.

    Farish Noor once said “Umno ternak melayu untuk disembelih”.

    I agree, and if the dominant ethnic majority fails to see past Umno seductive promises of ethnic supremacy and false gods of ethnic aggrandisement, then we are all finished.

  7. wits0 Says:

    Thank you, Ruyom, for the effort to listing out the perversions that represents the core ailment of fascist Bodohland.

  8. Tim Says:

    Nice article… thanks for sharing….keep it up ^^

  9. Lords dismiss asbestos challenge (BBC News) | Vibration Injury Says:

    […] Somali pirates | urFresh.infoFrench commandos ride to the rescue, free yacht crew from piratesBrave Royal Malaysian Navy Heroically Rescues Hostages From …Blogs That May Also be of interest […]

  10. simon thong Says:

    An Indian warship, the INS Tabar, fought Somali pirates and destroyed their vessel after a brief battle. If this is true, they are heroes. Whither the RMAF?

  11. jamesbond Says:


  12. Scott Thong Says:

    Total unity is total myth.

    In Thailand, national minority – but majority in their area of Southern Thailand – cut off the heads of those different from them. Literal beheading! And also the majority in Indonesia do the same to the minority.

    In Malaysia, the minority as slurred as ‘Pendatang‘.

    In Indonesia, perhaps the greatest cultural washing has been achieved – ethnic Chinese have been taught Bahasa Indonesia for decades, and are not even allowed to use Chinese names. They were cooperative as they were being fully intergrated into Indonesian ‘unity’.

    Yet when the 1997-98 economic crisis came, the majority immediately looked for the Chinese – who spoke Bahasa Indonesia, attended Indonesian schools, and had Indonesian names – to rob, rape, kill and demolish them.

    So much for total unity. So much for medium schooling.

  13. Mohd Ezra Effendi Says:

    I think the original article shows exactly the level of education and maturity of the writer. Low. Sadly, many of the comments that follow show an equal lack of exposure to how decisions concerning life threatening decisions get made. Enjoy your passenger seat driving; it sounds like it’s the only driving you’re going to get to do in the world of real leadership. Good luck.

  14. simon thong Says:

    You show “real leadership quality”, Mohd Ezra Effendi, the kind possessed by someone in authority, or in the police force, or in the armed forces, or in the uncivil civil service..You just tell us how hopeless we are but you don’t give an explanation. You simply scold and insult. That reminds me of many school teachers, too. I meet such people in govt depts all the time. They make us believe that they control us. They, especially the officers, make decisions. IMPORTANT decisions. We don’t, so we should shut up. No explanation is needed. They have done all the thinking. We, the passengers, know nothing. What arrogance! Little napoleons. Self serving egoists.

    You criticize, insult and pander to your own ego. What have you said? Nothing factual or substantive. No argument, just an insulting comment, and off you fly back to the safety of your self-serving, self important local cockerel’s roost. What can you say? More insults and sweeping generalizations? A troll. A dwarfish troll.

  15. wits0 Says:

    Hahaha, Simon, good one there wrt that “Mohd Ezra Effendi” the narcissistic twit of a commentator, one who has uttered nothing of worth but demonstrated the expected hubris of the spoilt and/or privileged class in Bolehland – whether he is really one or not, i.e.

    Scott is correct to say that, “Total unity is total myth.” An absolute state is not real in a relative world ; only the rigid minded and brainwashed believe that is actually possible. However, it has been clear from the beginning of Gomen sloganizing and propaganda, from decades ago, that it did not truly intended to foster a workable state of unity, only, so-called “unity” under its own supremacist terms and this is seen clearly to be unachievable over time.

    MEE is simply trying to demand that there be no dissent to bad rubbish worldview and ideology from ‘scums’!

  16. simon thong Says:

    Here is what is a real instance of true courage, or true grit. The Sun, front page, today (Fri 19 Dec), has a photo of several crew members of a Chinese tugboat fighting off pirates trying to board them in the Gulf of Aden on Wed. They used Molotov cocktails, flares and cotton wicks dipped in diesel, a high pressure hose; iron rods and even shoes. They held the pirates, who were armed with automatic weapons, and had boarded their tugnoat, at bay until help came. Gutsy!

  17. simon thong Says:

    The Star, front page report of the same incident, has RMN Fleet Operations Commander, Vice Admiral Datuk Ahmad Kamarulzaman, claiming that it was a Malaysian vessel that saved the gutsy Chinese. The Malaysian ship had despatched a gunship, which arrived at the scene and scared the pirates away. Trying to steal the Chinese crew’s thunder?

  18. wits0 Says:

    Does anyone really think the Star report carries credibility? Why did that “gunship” not try to arrest that mere 9 pirates? The Indian frigate INS Tabor gave chase at the their encounter with pirates in speedboat after sinking their mother ship. Are we, e.g., to believe that our “gunship”(patrol craft) is slower than a frigate? Anf there’s a helicopter overhead to make matters easier too. Did they try(at all)?

  19. wits0 Says:

    “..While the Chinese mariners defended themselves, naval forces in the area sent response teams, including two helicopters and a warship. The aircraft buzzed the Zhenhua 4 and fired on the pirates, forced the boarders to flee. There are more photos like the ones posted above, taken by the Chinese crew, posted on the CCTV website…”

    The helicopters scared away the pirates, it seemed.

  20. LocalGuailo Says:

    U guys are a disgrace to Malaysia as a whole. In any other nation, the locals would be brimming with pride with reports of such an incident. Sure there is exageration, but lets face it, there will always be exageration from both sides, be it the Chinese and Malaysian.

    In the end, a few international press and reuters themselves claimed that the chinese were heroic enough to fight off the pirates, while the Malaysian was heroic in the sense that they got there in the nick of time, just before the pirates were to blow off the bridge and seize the vessel. The Malaysian weren’t supposed to be the one to save the Chinese, it was the Combined Task Force that were not able to get there soon enough. If not for the Malaysian, the Chinese vessel would have been hijacked and there could have been casualties. Going after the pirates? Thats the task of the Combined Task Force as they were the ones given the mandate by the UN to counter strike the pirates. Malaysian navy is there to protect their vessels, and in this case, they made sure they protected the chinese vessel before the dutch finally came. Just reafd the following:
    -> ttp://

    “ICC International Maritime Bureau (IMB) Director Pottengal Mukundan stated: “The IMB commends the efforts of the Malaysian Navy in helping to protect the Zhen Hua 4. The prompt and efficient response frustrated what could easily have been another case of a vessel being hijacked and the crew being held to ransom in the lawless waters off Somalia.”

    I feel that in Malaysia, there is too much of bickering amongst all races here. The Malays are holding on to power as though it would be worst thing in the world for them to make do without Ketuanan Melayu. Then the Chinese. this is the first time in history that such a conserted effort has been put by the chinese to topple the Malay supremist. The Indians are not going to be left out and often are the loudest amongts the three races when it comes to wanting to make their plights heard.

    Everyone is hypocritical to a large extend. The chinese and Indians sings to the tune of Malaysian Malaysia, freedom of speech and religion, one race that is Malaysian, yet they fight to maintain their chinese and indian schools, which is the very institution that segregates the young based on race. Nothing healthy can come out of it, at least nothing with respect towards achieving Malaysian’s Malaysia or a Malaysian One Race. The Malays have the Bumi schools in the secondary in the form of MARA, that is not healthy either. Bunch of Hypo!

    Lets face it, the Chinese are good at everything that makes money. Indian are good at speaking and the Malays are good at tolerating. So the Chinese control the economy, the Malay controls the government and the Indians managed to get their rights protecting by speaking out and having enough representation in the legal and other industries. Lets face it, if the chinese were to be in control of the government, the Malays and Indians are going to be ten times worst off, and if the Indian were to be in control of the government, then the Malays and Chinese will revolt. I have read of countless claims by so many people that the minority in this country is oppressed, to the extend of claims of genocide. Yet I see that the minorities in this country are treated with such dignity and respect, that all is very well with the nation. The Chinese are thriving, the Indians are doing well, the Malay are allowing all races to govern. Richest man in Malaysia if from the ethnic minority, Economic power controlled by the Chinese, so what is there to complaint? Get together, form one race and continue the good work. Afterall Malaysia is a hell of a place to live in, irrespective of race and religion.

    So put your differences aside, rejoice and be proud to be Malaysian. There are countless accounts by victims saved by brave Malaysian servicemen, and the Malaysian commandos and the army are amongst the world’s best, as claimed by various international forces such as the US navy and the RMAF. It really is sad to see that only Malays, other bumi races and some Indians enrolled in the army, navy or even the air force, whilst the Chinese are more interested in Economy and monetary gain rather than performing their patriotuic duty. I would not be surprised if there was any attack by foreign troops, the Chinese are the only ones not protected by the army, navy, air-force, police or even the Rela. They simply criticise yet they do not want to join up and do their duty as Malaysian. They are never proud of any achievements if its by a Malay, and this is sad. Put aside the race, any achievement of Malaysian, be it Malays, Chinese, Indian, Bumi, whatever, is an achievement of the nation. Grow up and put your differences aside.

  21. Scott Thong Says:

    Well said, I suppose. My intent was more to criticize the spinning media than the Navy, but it turned out quite cynical overall.

  22. wits0 Says:

    LocalGuailo has equated non criticism with patriotism and preaches from a high moral high ground.

  23. simon thong Says:

    “Get together, form one race, and continue the good work.” LocalGuailo, from what he writes, knows something but is naive. One race? Is there a Guailo race?

    As for “rather than performing their patriotic duty”, in what sense is developing the country economically not patriotic? Is being patriotic equated only with being in uniform?

  24. wits0 Says:

    What a nice convenient phrase, “performing their patriotic duty”. Previous generations of all races had no problem joining the fight against the communist insurgency in the fifties, e.g. Why?

    To lump one community as merely interested in business and money is simply threadbare and convenient nonsense. Perhaps mainly the MCA unspeakables who’ll sell anything to do that but the MCA never represented anyone but themselves. The Indians, e.g., have one of the richest man but how does that translate into the lot of the poor ones?

    Yeah, how is it that patriotism has to be something loud and forever praising of the System long gone awry and unappreciative?

  25. LocalGuailo Says:

    Went overboard I guess. But really, the scene in Malaysia is actually not as terminal as most of you are making it out to be. Its a great nation, and its based on tolerance. Yes I generalised, but you do not see many chinese in the forces, why? I mean joining the forces is not patriotic in its own right, but not joining and criticising your navy’s success, is that patriotic?

    Criticising the Malaysian football team and making a joke out of them, when none of you guys had the guts, talent and will power to try to succeed as a footballer, yet go and watch the EPL every other weekend like it was the latest religion, is that patriotic? How many turned up to watch Nicol Davids, Lee Chong Wei, Fairuz, Jazeman, Alex Yoong live? On tv? If the numbers are as great as the viewership of EPL, then money from advertising alone would make the athletes benefit! It will create a healthy spin off for the development of sports in this nation. But no, Malaysians have to idolise the English, and hate each other. Who gets rich? The English, and yet they couldn’t give a rat’s arse for Malaysian! I went to Brazil, Thailand, Indonesia, Myanmmar, Vietnam and the support they gave for their national team or atheletes in any sports is amazing. Here, I see more people in mamak stalls watching EPL then there are people in the stadium watching our sportman, be it the senior Malaysian or the up and coming junior athletes.

    Fighting communist, thats a thing to shout about? Really? Some of the immigrants profited millions (in today’s money term) when they were allowed to prosper by the British back then. After which, when the Japanese invaded all hell broke free. Those who fought against the Japanese were protecting their own interest, i.e. the businesses and estates they have bought from the Brits. Then there were the communist who stayed on and caused havoc to the nation, killing so many and sending fear wave throughout the nation. Well that, I guess was the last time many malaysians got together as one and fought these nuisance. After that?

    Do you think that immigrants would ever be given citizenship and not requested to give back all the resources they obtained from the British in any other country in the world? I bet if the governing body was run by any of the race today, be it malay, Chinese or Indians, there is no chance in the world for immigrants to be granted citizenship under the current situation. Unity is so fragile, its like walking on this ice wearing spikes!

    Economics equated to patriotism? I am fond of the Chinese race. The Chinese Leng Lui, to die for! However, the chinese are supremely racist, but in a positive way. They help each other first before others, and that is a great trait. Similar to the Jews. However, I see the continuing moral decay amongst Malaysian which is really sad. I am not pointing to any race, but problems of vice, gambling, prostitution, piracy, ah-longs, gangsterism, overzealous developers costing lives of innocent ones all in the pursuit of monetary and economic gain, I do not call that patriotic! Mat rempits, drug abuse, drug-mules and foreigners reigning havock due to uneven distribution of wealth in Malaysia etc, these are real issues that needs addressing.

    The system has been working thus far, but when governance, education, social mix and policies are made based on race, that is where I believe the good is lost. Yes I mentioned that the richest Malaysian is a minority, but then again, the majority are left poor, just like there are poor Indians, chinese, malays and other bumis. When you are as one, as malaysian, only then can the government of the day be able to focus on the development of the poor, objectively and collectively. Stop the bickering, and start uniting!

    BTW, guailo is not a race, but something the local chinese calls me. I guess in a nation where race is so overly important, the locals thought it was soo important to segmentalise the foreigners as well!

  26. simon thong Says:

    You not only went overboard but you were downright insulting and presumptuous. You still are, both insulting and presumptuous.

    You also argue pooly. “Criticising the Malaysian football team when none of us had the guts, talent and will power to try to succeed as a footballer, yet watch the EPL…” Well, turn that argument on its head. Criticising us for being unpatriotic when you don’t have have the guts, talent and will power to return to your own country and do your patriotic thing, yet..etc..

    Now, you know as well as we do that this is a poor argument. Just because you are a local gwailo is no reason for us to reject your observations. Just because we don’t try out as footballers doesn’t mean we can’t criticise our own team. Say what you think, man, but try to be less gwailo, don’t take the moral high ground that white people often take against nonwhites. Gwailo countries are not exactly good models of racial unity or even neutrality, whatever the impression they may try to give us. I experienced prejudice in NZ, a friend experienced discrimination there, my sibling found it blocking his way to the top post in Australia, another in the UK, and my wife’s sibling found it in the USA. Yet, we have also found much acceptance and even love.

    Of course, gwailo is not a race but a pejorative given to white skins. Put crudely, it means demon-man. Mat salleh and ferringhi are other pejoratives. A friend once said, with much affection, “My daughter married a gwailo, wah, going to have half chinese and half gwaichai as a grandson!” In NZ, I was taunted as a ching chong chinaman, and the kids would sing, “ching chong chinaman, chop chop chop; me no tellee, me no speakee; ching chong chinaman, chop chop chop.” Great fun for them. Didn’t offend me.

    Comment by all means. This is a blog and not my block either.

  27. wits0 Says:

    Dragging in sports(football, in this case) as a measure of patriotism is shallow, presumptuous and faddist. Not everyone is that hooked to Sports even if in many parts of the world there are plenty of fans hooked to it. If in Britain, Saturday has become the feverish soccer day and in Bolehland, the school curriculum has forced students to return in the afternoon for sport practices, does not remove the fact that Sports have been commercialized and also employed as a drug to serve also the purpose of diverting the peoples’ attention away from other everyday problems.

    It’s mildly irritating to have noted while Mumbai was under that 48 hour attack by terrorists that Goggle news was still constantly putting out a number of items about that Cricket Test series there… that the actual reluctance of changing the venue was also noted. Sport is not the nouveau god even if it has been projected into that pantheon sorta and some people buy that.

  28. Hee Says:

    Please la… how many chinese interested in doing public service, army, police, nurse?…. and when we said you are not patriotic, you blame us? You can twist and turn anyway you want, but that will not change the perception. When you are driving comfortably in a Honda while bitching a traffic police doing their job under the hot son and at the same time demand for more wealth or your version of twisted equality from Goreng Pisang seller beside the road, is that patriotic?

  29. simon thong Says:

    Why are Chinese in Singapore in govt service? They pay very well, you don’t have to think about under the counter money; indeed, you had better not even think of it! And salary, promotion, etc, all are based on merit.

    Govt service in Malaysia? Not race-based or race-biased, right!!!???!!! lol. For decades, they kept chinese OUT OF govt service, army, police, nursing, university, teachers’ college..with a quota system that all knew but was not admitted.

    I don’t drive a Honda but a 5th-hand daihatsu, so old it rattles even when it is the engine is running but it is not moving, and there are no seatbelts at the back. It keeps out the rain but when heavy rain falls, it threatens to stop. I watch the temp gauge all the time and check the engine oil weekly. It is worth all of rm2,000 (if I can get a buyer for my old junk.) I would love a proton, but can’t afford it. I’m Chinese and neither proud nor humble about that but I’m practical. It’s what I can afford, so I drive it. Put in Ron 92, too, coz it’s cheaper. Nothing to do with patriotism.

    I eat goreng pisang from the roadside man but demand nothing to do with equality, whether twisted version or your version, whatever it is. It’s a simple business transaction, done politely. He takes my ringgit and gives me the required number. Also nothing to do with being patriotic at all. As for policemen, I have found Malay policemen polite and fair, even when I broke a traffic law; but the Chinese, ah, to a fellow Chinese, they are rude, unreasonable and have no pity. Nothing to do with patriotism on my part. I did not bother to ask him if he was trying to be more patriotic than his Malay colleagues. The thought of patriotism never crossed my mind.

    I was made to feel small once for not speaking fluent malay. That was by a fat clerk at the IC office who asked me mockingly why I, a malaysian, spoke such poor malay?, to which I replied, You’re as old as I am and went to an English medium school, so how come you can’t understand two words of English? He tried to make it a patriotic issue but why should it be?

    So, please la, what’s your point, Hee?

  30. wits0 Says:

    I think Hee’s simply trying to assert the privilege and entitlement status that he and his ilks are automatically given as natural rights. Because the given fascist system by bumno gives that to him and ilks, the system is deemed perfect. There is no need for any further regards to consider any dire consequences, as such when a governance is taken like one ordained from above and beyond dissent/reproach or error. Conformer for crumbs, one without the heart and mind for better things, being wilfully blind by choice.

  31. simon thong Says:

    One problem is that there are too many waiting for handouts, and only a privileged few get anything. They have to blame someone, and who better to blame than ching chong chinamen, late arrivals to the country? We’re their bogeymen in his twisted perception. He can’t see the poor among us coz we don’t demand handouts. We simply go and work to earn enough for 3 meals and a roof over our heads.

  32. wits0 Says:

    He can’t see the poor among others also because the most slavish media has mostly ignored their existence. The uncultured will always blame others. Famous words of the Buddha, incidentally. Or the analogy of the log in the eye from the Gospels.

    The word, “patriotism”, has become an over used word employed to mean most anything that fits the gomen’s agenda and the ga ga true believers’ supremacist pathos. One would have thought that attaching ‘patriotism’ to Proton products has been outgrown after so long, but, hell no! It is still being done. I fully support the sentiment in a letter by a doctor to M’siakini why he would not moan the passing of this obnoxious animal.

  33. LocalGuailo Says:

    “Why are Chinese in Singapore in govt service? They pay very well”

    you prove my point exactly, you put monetary gain above all else.

    This is a dangereous path to take that many do no appreciate, or able to comprehend, especially the over educated (well those who used education as a starting tool in their never ending journey towards attaining wealth!). Putting that aside, I am at awe as to read how you guys hate your country so much, or at least what it has become, and am proud to express your feelings of disgust to the world!

    Whereas, myself, a humble local guailo (demon-man) loves it here. Malaysia is a great country and no one can take that away. I feel exasperated that I, a foreigner, have to defend my view that Malaysia is a great country, and of all people, I need to defend my view from locals!

    I am not as patriotic as u because the country I come from practices oppression against the majority for years, even though nowadays we play rugby very well with all races joining to represent our nation. I do feel proud of my nation now, as the people have managed to join hands and work together as one. Here I am in a country where everything is so beautiful and nice, yet the people just cannot put aside their differences and backstab each other online. It really is sad.

    Total Unity is total myth, so too is achieving racial unity by segregating school children on racial basis. Unity is best cultivated in the young, where sports is not but one of the main tool to achieve this. Kids take pride in representing their house, then school, then state, then country. Whatever sports, parents come and support in full force, be it little league all the way to collegiate competition.

    Here in Malaysia i see a formula that has been applied for years and has been successful so far. Here i am in a discussion board, and i am privileged to have good academic arguments with many educated souls, a testament to the success of the current system in Malaysia. But like any other system, it may need a little tweaking every now and then, or maybe Malaysia has come to a point where an overhaul is needed.

    However, caution must always be practiced as whenever there is a major change in government, there tend to be waves of changes over the years, always initiated by the recent most ousted regime. This will create an unhealthy climate in a nation striving due to its unique blend of harmony and somewhat even more unique ability to create racial unity (though I see now it is more of a myth). Malaysia is coping admirably thru this recession, much more so than the much over-hyped Singapore. Thailand and Indonesia has never managed to achieve harmony due to the constant change or over-throwing of government. Vietnam is finally moving and if Malaysia is not careful, it is going to be overshadowed by countries like Vietnam who not so long ago was light years behind Malayisa. Malaysia will go into a permanent downward spiral!

    Malaysia kini, hmm. I read it as a place for some races to continually stir racial disharmony, guised in the notion of pursuing the truth. Not so much by their own writers and editors, but by the subscribers themselves in their own columns. If you read between the lines as I normally do, from an outsider point of view, the things written there is simply racial bashing disguised by somewhat good yet rhetoric writings. Malaysia kini should focus on things that matters! Just like the local media should be giving fair coverage, on things that matters!

  34. simon thong Says:

    “Malaysia is coping admirably thru this recession, much more so than the much over-hyped Singapore.” Gwailo swallows what the govt says, hook, line and sinker. Dishonesty is what characterizes the Malaysian govt while Singapore tells the truth, which is, they’re hard hit and will be harder hit but made contingency plans as long as 6 months ago. The Malaysian govt is making contingency plans also, including the reduction of EPF contributions! On the one hand, it says that we’ll be fine; on the other, it turns to dubious policies. Singapore just accepts the hard facts of economic recession and copes with them.

    “ put monetary gain above all else.” Why did you first come here, to begin with? Expatriate? With expat pay and all the perks? Monetray gain? People in glass houses..Anyway, the point is that Singapore values people who have quality, who get a job on merit, and thus, to attract such people and retain them, the govt offers competitive salaries and perks. Another point made there was that corruption is dealt with harshly; no one escapes justice if they are caught. As for putting monetary gain above all else, you insult many Chinese who have put aside higher salaries for lower-paid jobs by teaching in Chinese Independent schools. Don’t know about that? You have also swallowed the myth of the money-minded Chinese. How gullible!

    “..I am at awe as to read how you guys hate your country so much…and am proud to express your feelings of disgust to the world.” I am at awe to read how poorly you read between the lines. Hate? Disgust? Friend, you are injecting your view and emotion into what I have written. Wrongly. I love my country but wish it to be a better one. I don’t hate it. If you get the impression that hate and disgust are what I have expressed, it’s your own failure to understand what you read. You might want to be less of an outsider and walk in our shoes, and then, maybe, just maybe, you will learn. But the first step would be to cast aside your arrogant view of “I’ve been here long enough to know what your country is all about”. A little knowledge..

  35. LocalGuailo Says:

    Haha, well said Simon. I have been working across the straits for many years, and live in JB for the past 15 years. I am married to a Chinese convert, hence am a convert myself. I do have a strong point of view with regards to every race, and both great religion of the world, but then again I do not want to generalise. Chinese, Muslim, Guailo, Mat Salleh, I am a bit of all. Very well travelled and exposed to other country’s view of Malaysia, I definitely have that in abundance. Strong view, hate and disgust. I guess, I am bringing the current view of many Malaysian into this chain of comments, so much so that I lost focus on the actual subject being discussed, that is our navy were branded heroes by local media and international media alike, whilst some malaysian criticise and downright discredit their very own navy’s achievement, be it minimal. That was how it started, and that is how it will remain.

    As for Malaysia coping admirably in the face of recession, well its a fact not plucked out of the local media a.k.a. govt cover-up-agenda-machinery but my very own observation of what is happening to Malaysian and singaporean nowadays in the wake of scandals after scandals in the international financial scene, which has direct impact on singapore, being a financial hub. My friends, malaysian and Singaporean are given pay-cuts and some are out of jobs. In malaysia, the economy depends on a bigger variety of industries, i.e. more variety in one bag, hence diversified portfolio is always best at the end of the day to face up with recession. Malaysia has that going for them, plus increases in international reserves and higher liquidity, learning from the last recession. Singapore, backed by their financial sector, is struggling. Also, the government and opposition media, being so focussed on the recent take over, hogged the limelight and took away the attention of the public from what the world was facing, one of the worst recession of recent times. That helped, incidentally, to divert the attention of the public away from something that could have been destructive to the psychology of the masses, and the situation in Malaysia could have been even worse!

    On this last coment, i leave you, Simon, and the rest. Sad is how I feel, on how negatively some people are when it comes to their own country. People are always good at critcising, yat are often not good at roling up their sleeves and get down to business, and do the needful, to make things better.

  36. LocalGuailo Says:

    Oh yes, I do not get better pay here as opposed to working in Singapore, London or NYC. I just work here because I love it here. Something that many people do not understand, to work for something other than pure monetary gain. Expat pay, never took that option, I am an entrepreneur anyway. I come and give something back to the state that has adopted me, in terms of taxes, employment and expertise. Its the least I can do for a country I have embraced as my own.

  37. simon thong Says:

    I hope the daily or weekly travel to and from across the straits doesn’t get you down too much. Ah, since you work here because you love it here, you should understand better than most the dedication of many of us Chinese, who could have remained in some gwailo country and enjoyed high status, esteem, salary and quality of life but came back because this country, Malaysia, is our country. Yes, OUR country, too. We talk and write, but we do. We work, and very hard. I’m in education, and I give my time and effort to the betterment of ALL Malaysians. We think critically, and that’s an important characteristic we pass onto our students. To be patriotic doesn’t mean the suspension of independent thought. We define patriotism differently.

  38. Mohd Ramzi Says:

    Majority of the comments on the performance of our RMN seems are very negative. May be the report from the Star on the heroism act is a bit exaggerated, but the preparation especially by the RMN for the execution of the Ops Fajar (until now) are not that simple and easy. A lot of steps in decision making are involved before you fire a shot (especially if you are going to kill or destroy something, we don’t want to do the same mistake as what the Indian Navy did when they mistakenly destroy a vessel before). Looking in comparison at the numbers of states deploy their navies patrolling the area and with their very high state of technology they have, the success achieved by our RMN so far are very encouraging indeed.

  39. deezooool Says:

    there’s too many self righteous idiots who will flee this country(along with the money they have blood sucked from this country) the first instance if or when this country is at war….

  40. Scott Thong Says:

    Well maybe if they weren’t:

    1) Made to feel like unwanted offspring and squatters
    2) Given anti-preference and second-class treatment in official policies
    3) Routinely demonized and insulted
    4) Threatened with violence and death for the sake of scoring political points
    5) Having their cultures, languages and religions stepped on

    …then they would be more ‘patriotic’ in defending the nation. Wouldn’t you agree?

  41. blue iguana Says:

    dude….in military terms : a successful mission is when you achieve your objective with 0 objectives. that is exactly what was accomplished.

    or would you rather have both the hostages and commandos dead? you’d really like to see that don’t you?

    read up bukit batok.

  42. Scott Thong Says:

    Dude, mission accomplished, sure. But does the local media have to trumpet it like the Navy actually did anything more than provide an escort service?

    Honestly, replace the Navy warship with a fishing trawler or a Penang ferry. Would the outcome have been any different from ‘pay pirates, take hostages home’?

  43. jamesbond Says:

    Well Scott… Any comment about RMN Scorpene KD TAR.
    Surely they dont need fishing trawler or penang ferry anymore…unless you think otherwise.

  44. Scott Thong Says:

    I favour ambush without warning, sniping each pirate simultaneously at the first chance – as France and USA have done previously.

    Afterwards, they could test out the torpedos on the pirate vessel.

  45. airforce Says:

    Simple. dont talk c*ck

  46. Adifferentview Says:

    explain yourself, airforce..or are you all wind?

  47. jamesbond Says:

    airforce only stressing the fact about the aircraft pit onboard his MiG29 ( goin to be scrapped soon)…hence the word!

  48. Mohd Ezra Effendi Says:

    Dear simonthong and wits0,

    Which one of you heroes has served with the military or been in a real gun battle?

  49. Simon Thong Says:

    Mohd Ezra Effendi, have you ever been a cat? or a dog?

  50. Simon Thong Says:

    The Star online:Saturday January 22, 2011 KUALA LUMPUR: The Royal Malaysian Navy earned a feather in their cap when they rescued Malaysian chemical tanker MT Bunga Laurel and its 23 crew members from Somali pirates in the Gulf of Aden. All 18 pirates surrendered.

    The Singapore-bound tanker, which was carrying lubricating oil and ethylene dichloride, was attacked by pirates about 300 nautical miles (555km) east of Oman but swift action by navy commandos on board the RMN ship Bunga Mas 5 saved the day.

  51. mamat Says:

    Hey Stupid Scott Thong .. youre really dirty basket. .. Please look at latest news regarding Malaysia navy rescuing merchant ship.

  52. Simon Thong Says:

    Hey, nincompoop mamat, see what Scott Thong out up the other day

    No Snark This Time: Royal Malaysian Navy Stops Somali Pirates
    January 22, 11 by Scott Thong


  53. Scott Thong Says:

    mamat you are so genius, genius until no need to look at the BOTTOM OF THIS POST BEFORE THE COMMENTS that says UPDATE JAN 2011: This time around, the Malaysian Navy actually fought with the pirates and won!

    It is understandable, geniuses already know everything, so they don’t need to read through something before criticizing.

    By the way, January 2011 does not change the non-action of October 2008, just like how the British winning in Falklands doesn’t change their losing in Malaya.

  54. Mohd Ezra Effendi Says:

    Dear simonthong and wits0,

    It’s really a simple Yes or No question. Have either of you had military experience or been in a real gun battle?

  55. Simon Thong Says:

    Dear Mohd Ezra Effendi.

    1 Have you had military experience or been in a real gun battle? YES or NO
    2 If YES, does it mean that you are a superior being?

  56. Mohd Ezra Effendi Says:

    Dear simonthong and wits0,

    I can answer definitively YES and YES to both questions. I take it that since you refuse to answer it is likely to be NO in your case.

    Seeing as neither of you have any experience or depth of knowledge on the above mentioned subject, you are neither qualified to judge or analyse such matters. It is clear that your callous and derogatory remarks are the product of naivety, ignorance and a deep seated insecurity. When you have applied yourself to a situation requiring greater courage than playing war games on your PC for an extra hour, you might gain some insight into what it takes to confront and overcome (or evade) a hostile, life threatening encounter.

    When you have reached that point you are welcome to criticise, and we will gladly defer to your expertise in the correct ‘heroic’ approach for managing similar encounters in the future. For somebody who has never had to face a live weapon, wondering if they’ll get to see their wife and daughter again, it is impossible to understand.

    Instead of ‘pandering to your own ego’, acting arrogantly by pretending to know better, and serving yourself by elevating your own position by criticising a decision made purely for the safety of those people in the original act of piracy, I suggest you try to serve for a greater cause than yourself – your country. Until then, everything you say is xxxx.

    As for wits0, the most narcissistic contributor here, the word Hubris is a big word for such a miniature intellect – I rather read (as painful as it is) simonthong, who at least has shown some insight, and by my estimate, is probably upset about some other aspect of the Government than how the military handle acts of piracy. It all sounds like sheer frustration rather than real condemnation.

    Until then Sirs, as you have kindly established your lack of credibility, it would make it illogical for me (or anybody else for that matter), to continue any dialogue with you.

    Empty vessels always make the greatest noise and to argue with a fool…

  57. Simon Thong Says:

    And how do we know that what you claim is true, that you are one of those who have “had to face a live weapon, wondering if they’ll get to see their wife and daughter again”?

    If you, as self-proclaimed, had been a “warrior”, then that makes you SUPER ARROGANT, like many people in the military. They think that they KNOW BETTER and don’t want to obey civilians because civilians can’t understand. No civilian can judge them. Unfortunately for you, and fortunately for the rest of society, in many countries, you come under civilian governments. Don’t ask for special dispensation just because you think you are special. You’re not.

    Let’s look at it from another tack. Is it really true that only those who have had the experience could speak about it from authority? Is it really true that only those who have been in situations where they killed or would have been killed are qualified to speak about such things? Remember, I asked if you had ever been a dog or a cat? You did not answer my question. Maybe you thought that I was evading your answers?

    I wasn’t. I was trying to deter you from exactly the kind of reply you gave: I KNOW, and you don’t, so shut up and listen to ME!

    You see, you were out-manoeuvred, self-proclaimed military man. I knew just what you would say, having met enough arrogant ex-military and military men to know just what kind of arrogance you would exhibit.

    Ask yourself these questions: If people have never been dogs or cats, how is it that they know what such animals need in terms of nutrition, care, companionship, etc? If a military man commits an atrocity, could he claim that ONLY a military court could judge him and that a civilian court would not understand?

    A little knowledge is a dangerous thing, and your knowledge , if confined to “I know because I’ve been there and you should shut up because you haven’t”, is extremely limited.

    I respect good military action and courage. I know someone, a young man at the time, NOT a soldier, a civilian, who stood passively, unwilling to attack two robbers although knowing that he could easily disarm them, all because he cared for the other two in the house. He did not want to put at risk those women. THAT is bravery.

  58. Simon Thong Says:

    Woman who drowned her baby says: Are you a woman? Are you a mother?
    Man judge: 5 years’ jail for killing your own baby.
    Woman: But you’re not a woman or a mother! How do you know what I went through? Only a judge who is a woman and a mother could know what I went through!!! I want a woman judge. Preferrably a woman who who is a mother and who has killed her own baby.
    Man judge: Take her away to serve her sentence. Court dismissed!

  59. Scott Thong Says:

    Mohd Ezra Effendi is using the ‘Appeal to Authority’ – a logical fallacy that basically goes, “I am in a better position to judge than you, so I win”.

    While there are merits to having more information and experience regarding the subject being debated, it by no means is a be-all and end-all argument. Similarly, having hands-on experience on a matter lends credibility, but lack of such experience does NOT mean no credibility.

    The Appeal to Authority can easily be used to squash all dissent – GW Bush can say “Don’t question my invasion of Iraq, none of you are American Presidents so you don’t have any idea what you are talking about!” Would you accept that argument?

    Or let’s say a Navy commando with 40 years frontline experience comes here and disagrees with Mohd Ezra Effendi. Will Mohd Ezra Effendi back down just because the 40-years commando says “I have more experience so I am automatically right”?

    As Simon gave in his example above, one does not need to actually be in the other person’s shoes to make a judgement call. Logic and reason are usually enough to deduce the outcome reasonably well.

    Now back to the actual discussion on hand. Yes, I too do not have naval combat experience. However, I and any layman with access to the Internet or newspapers can easily look up other examples of modern combating piracy on the high seas – such as the American, French, Russian or South Korean examples of taking forceful action against the Somali pirates. We can easily compare those examples – or even the recent successful action of the Royal Malaysian Navy! – against the example in this post and realize the difference in performance.

    Or do you wish me to contact the personnel of the abovementioned navies to ask for their opinions for your sake? Preferably someone who outranks you and has more frontline experience?

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