Al Gore is Back With His Patented Brand of Hypocritical Hot Air

Okay, these days, it’s hard for me to decide who I dislike more.

New kid crash-the-market Barack Obama who wants to take your hard-earned money and give it to other people whom he himself won’t give any money to

Or bad old do-as-I-say-not-as-I-do Al Gore who just wants to take your money and give it to himself.

Here he is preaching down his Pharisee nose at us commoners again:

Forty years ago, Robert F. Kennedy reminded Americans that the Dow Jones Industrial Average and Gross National Product measure neither our national spirit nor our national achievement. Both metrics fail to consider the integrity of our environment, the health of our families and the quality of our education. As he put it, “the Gross National Product measures neither our wit nor our courage, neither our wisdom nor our learning, neither our compassion nor our devotion to country. It measures everything, in short, except that which makes life worthwhile.”

Uh huh. Income is not worthwhile. Yeah.

Says the guy who’s made obscene amounts of Gross Personal Product from the global warming hysteria he spouts:

Former U.S. Vice President Al Gore left the White House seven years ago with less than $2 million in assets, including a Virginia home and the family farm in Tennessee. Now he’s making enough to put $35 million in hedge funds and other private partnerships.

Gore invested the money with Capricorn Investment Group LLC, a Palo Alto, California, firm that selects the private funds for clients and invests in makers of environmentally friendly products, according to a Feb. 1 securities filing. Capricorn was founded by billionaire Jeffrey Skoll, former president of EBay Inc. and an executive producer of Gore’s Oscar-winning documentary film on global warming.

Which he could earn, of course, through scare-mongering and propagandizing the global warming hoax, which he tells us can be alleviated by purchasing lots and lots of carbon credits. And he just happens to own a carbon credit company, what a coincidence!

And once again, it’s almost insultingly blatant what his real motives are. From the rest of the article:

For example, by challenging America to generate 100% carbon-free electricity within 10 years — with the building of a 21st century Unified National Smart Grid, and the electrification of our automobile fleet — we can encourage investment in our economy, secure domestic energy supplies, and create millions of jobs across the country.

We also need to internalize externalities — starting with a price on carbon. The longer we delay the internalization of this obviously material cost, the greater risk the economy faces from investing in high carbon content, “sub-prime” assets.

Mr. Gore, chairman of Generation Investment Management, is a former vice president of the United States.

If you’re wondering what this Generation Investment Management is, from the official website:

Generation Investment Management

Sustainability and Investing
“Integrating issues such as climate change into investment analysis is simply common sense.” —Al Gore, Chairman

Sustainability research integrated into a rigorous traditional investment process will deliver superior long term results.

Sustainable development will be a primary driver of industrial and economic change over the next 25 years.

Shareholders will be best served by companies who maximize their financial return by strategically managing their performance in this new economic, social, environmental and ethical context.

Yup, clear as day, by its own admission, Generation Investment Management makes money from climate change fearmongering which leads to investment in alternative energy.

Alternative energy is currently still too inefficient and unprofitable to survive in a free market without massive government subsidies and totalitarian laws that punish competing energy production methods like coal. And – surprise! – here is Al Gore telling us that free market capitalism is bad and laws must be passed to kill off all competitors to alternative energy.

The only Green in Al Gore is the reflection in his shifty eyes of the millions of U.S. greenbacks filling his massive mansion.

Don’t worry, Al… Barack is well on the way to making your highly-self-profiting dream of skyrocketing energy prices and bankrupted traditional energy industry a reality.


For readers who are new to the scene, here are brief lessons on how Al Gore lives in a mansion that uses 20 times the energy, then fixed it to use even more energy, then leaves his car running with A/C on, and flying in artistes in private jets.

Yet, he tells us we must use less energy and release less carbon dioxide. Or he’ll send people to use violence on you. You deserve it for making Mother Gaia cry.

Why is it that it’s always the RICHEST liberals telling us poor working class proles to give away more of our money to the masses?


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15 Responses to “Al Gore is Back With His Patented Brand of Hypocritical Hot Air”

  1. booteu Says:

    Man made global warming is a lie along with 911 being orchestrated by bin laden sitting in a far off cave. There is so much evidence against the official 911 story that it can no longer be ignored.
    The only way to bring an end to these lies and political corruption is for the people to take there power back because true power rests with the people.

    I like your phrase,”The only Green in Al Gore is the reflection in his shifty eyes of the millions of U.S. greenbacks filling his massive mansion”. True words.

    Wake up people take your eyes off the latest game show on TV and see whats going on in your world.

  2. Goering Says:

    The fact that there are idiots in the press that lack any understanding of science and nature yet opine on it as news should frighten everyone, not just me. The fact that the media chooses to blame every event on Climate change reflects a glowing truth that we are slow to admit, the media is lazy. Not just your regular slothfulness, but intellectually lazy to such a degree that it could be called grossly negligent. Why is the media not looking into the modified food angle to the story? Why is the American public woefully uninformed about the poisons used in creating our foodstuffs? Why does the UK and Europe ban high fructose corn syrup and genetically modified foods while the United States consumes even more of these items?

  3. jezb1 Says:

    “Why is the media not looking into the modified food angle to the story? Why is the American public woefully uninformed about the poisons used in creating our foodstuffs? Why does the UK and Europe ban high fructose corn syrup and genetically modified foods while the United States consumes even more of these items?”

    Have you ever heard of the U.S. agribusiness sector that benefits from cheap crop prices? I’m not talking about the farmers. I’m talking about the chemical producers, seed producers, food processing companies such as ConAgra, Cargill, and General Mills and Kraft Foods who make all the “fake” food that is sold to the public through bombastic marketing practices leading us to believe we actually need to eat something as bad for us as fruit roll-ups, Lucky Charms cereal, soda pop, twinkies, ho-ho’s, Captain Cupcakes, etc., etc. …

    But, here’s the thing — do you think we’d be able to feed all the poor in the world if we didn’t have genetically modified foods or fertilizers that have increased crop yields? I agree there is a potential health consequence to these practices… but, would YOU be willing to become a farmer that gets less money for their crops than what it costs to produce them? The number of farmers will have to increase – will YOU be willing to put in the manual labor it takes to create the more natural crops? Would YOU be willing to pay the higher price for food that would have to naturally occur when the crop yields decrease and the cost of labor to produce food increases?

    I’m just saying there will be consequences of addressing the issues… the question is, will YOU be willing to make the sacrifices?

    Also, agricultural yields are very dependent upon weather patterns. If there’s a drought, the cost of naturally produced foods will further increase, and there could be an outright shortage resulting in the further starvation. Genetic modification can increase crop resistance to drought. Where do we draw the line??

    I believe programs such as US-AID, rather than giving away U.S. produced crops, should encourage instead developed agricultural practices w/in continents like Africa. Their internal trade practices and infrastructure are so terrible, that even when there is a bumper crop in one region it results in no benefit to a hungry region, and so neither region benefits. But instead, we just give the food away. Personally, I’m getting a little tired of being held responsible for the poor and hungry in the world… Can’t their governments figure out any of this on their own?

  4. chan Says:

    No they can`t

  5. liberal brains Says:

    I’ve been spewing a joke around for the two or three weeks leading up to the election. I’ve been saying that, should Obama prevail, every woman who can stomach it should immediately go out, find a Republican man, and give him a blow job. Just make sure to impress upon him that the only reason he’s getting the blow job is in celebration of a Democratic victory. The theory being that, come the next election, when he finds himself alone in a voting cubicle, his dick will point the way toward the Democratic lever. Kind of a reverse Lysistrata effect. Crass, perhaps, but not an insubstantial strategy.

  6. Scott Thong Says:

    Ahh….. After these many months of Obama bashing, I find I miss showing up Al Gore and his global warming zombies as frauds and ignoramuses ;>

  7. freaky Says:

    Democratic liberal progressives to give blow jobs hahahaha

  8. jezb1 Says:

    “Ahh….. After these many months of Obama bashing, I find I miss showing up Al Gore and his global warming zombies as frauds and ignoramuses ;>”

    And, how have you done that exactly?

  9. bulldoo Says:

    some don`t know when they get slapped

  10. bulldoo Says:

    Soon the Al Gore will be using an oxy acetylenes torch his scrotum to have orgasms:

    Rapid Rebound Brings Ice Back to Levels from the 1980s.

    An abnormally cool Arctic is seeing dramatic changes to ice levels. In sharp contrast to the rapid melting seen last year, the amount of global sea ice has rebounded sharply and is now growing rapidly. The total amount of ice, which set a record low value last year, grew in October at the fastest pace since record-keeping began in 1979.

  11. bulldoo Says:

    I meant,

    Soon the Al-Gore will be using oxyacetylene torch to thaw his sperm to get orgasms:

  12. hutchrun Says:

    Gore Adapts, Deemphasizes Global Warming

    A snake-oil salesman does what when his “customers” figure out his pitch and product are bullshinola?

    He packs up, heads to a news town and changes the message, that’s what!

    Gore has yet another new website that deemphasizes global warming: Repower America

    America faces unprecedented economic, environmental and national security challenges. We urgently need new jobs, stable energy prices, and freedom from dirty fossil fuels and global warming pollution.

    Before that: We Can Solve It

    Climate change is real. And it’s happening much faster than was predicted just a few years ago. The good news is that we can solve this crisis. We can switch 100% of America’s electricity to clean energy sources – within 10 years.

    Before that:

    What’s really funny is that Gore recommends the naive president-elect directs public spending to Al’s profit-making ventures.

    Listening to Al Gore on climate makes about as much sense as putting someone responsible for the whole Fannie Mae/Freddie Mac debacle in charge of the White House.


  13. kba Says:

    bulldoo: dude, you’re an embarassment to the human race. So is evan handler.

  14. Zack R Says:

    It’s eerie how closely the Global Warming mythos and the Obama mythos mirror each other. A huge demogrphic (the liberal-to-Left side of the spectrum) has emerged which is completely incapable of perceiving the facts and evidences surrounding them at all turns. Record cold temperatures are recorded in various part of the globe every year, the overall global temperature is cooling, Iraq had its first snowfall in memory last year, and yet the self-brainwashed Left persists in its vision of a tragically warming planet. Similarly, despite horrendously radical associations at every turn in his career up to the present, Obama is envisioned in the average Democrat’s mind as a spectacular political find, inspiring tingles up the leg, fainting, and numerous other hysterical reactions commonly experienced by fervent deep-south religious adherents under the tent of a traveling evangelist.

  15. bulldoo Says:

    kba: you can use the oxyacetylene torch when Al-gore is finished

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