Global Warming Math Calculates That Using Vegetable Oil as Fuel Magically Makes Money Appear Out of the Negative Zone

This one is straight from The Jawa Report:


Meet a family that is devoted to saving the planet. Sara and Matt Janssen gave up a 1,600-square-foot home for a small apartment, then they moved into a recreational vehicle powered by vegetable oil.

They scavenged the oil from fast-food and mom-and-pop restaurants willing to give away “an increasingly valuable commodity.”

The fueling process itself takes about an hour, Sara Janssen said, adding that the couple invested in an on-board oil filtration system, which strains the “batter and chicken chunks” before the oil reaches the engine. […]

Having traded up to their 1998 Western Alpine Coach in September, they figure that they have traveled about 20,000 miles in all and resorted to diesel fuel just once, outside of Austin, Texas.

“It was our fault,” Janssen said. “We didn’t start looking early enough.”

She estimates that they saved about $25,000 using the kitchen grease instead of conventional fuel.

Now, to save $25,000 on fuel while traveling 20,000 miles doesn’t make sense. Reportedly, their RV gets eight miles per gallon of fuel. That means 2,500 gallons were used for 20,000 miles. $25,000 divided by 2,500 gallons equals $10 savings per gallon of vegetable oil used.

With diesel running below $3 a gallon, how do the Janssens save $10 a gallon by replacing it with vegetable oil? Maybe they used some type of global warming math.


Original story source at here.

For more examples of global warming math that revolutionarily chucks out all previously established laws of mathematics, logic, physics, causality and reality/existence itself, see the following:

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22 Responses to “Global Warming Math Calculates That Using Vegetable Oil as Fuel Magically Makes Money Appear Out of the Negative Zone”

  1. simon thong Says:

    I don’t know what kind of maths they learnt in school. “Lower maths”? Definitely some kind of maths akin to global warming maths!

  2. hoosierarmymom Says:

    It’s a special mathmatical process known as “moonbat math” where whatever they want to claim is always correct, even without supporting evidence or having to “show their work” they did to get the “answer”…
    brahahaha!!!!! Doncha just love it when a brain dead libtard tries to “get scientific”!!!!

  3. cathy Says:

    Maybe you should do some journalistic research and ask the family what’s behind the numbers, rather than assuming the numbers are wrong. There may be more to it than miles traveled, mpg, and cost of diesel.

  4. cathy Says:

    Nix that last sentence to say instead, “There may be more to it than miles traveled and mpg.”

  5. simon thong Says:

    We take what we get and draw a conclusion. Why don’t you ask them, cathy?

  6. cathy Says:

    “Why don’t you ask them, cathy?”

    Because I didn’t make the claim they “make money appear out of the negative zone”. Maybe those who do should make an effort to look and think beyond “what you get” before drawing a conclusion. Isn’t that what this blog claims — that people are so dumb they just believe what the press tells them and they’re too lazy to look into things and seek the truth??

    A quick browse of their website might give a clue where the additional savings comes from. They also have a car that’s been converted to run on veggie oil. It gets 44 mpg. As they tour, they probably park the RV for an amount of time, and then get around by car while still living out of the RV.

    Also, you may want to verify the price of diesel and gas over the past year. The price of gas (what the car used to run on) was alot higher (approx. 2x) than it is today, as was the price of diesel (that the RV used to run on). Last spring and summer the price of diesel was closer to $5/gal than $3/gal.

  7. simon thong Says:

    Dear Cathy, if they travelled 20,000 miles and their car averaged 44 mpg, they would have used 454 gallons approximately. At $5 a gallon, their total expenditure on diesel would have been $2270. How do they save $25,000 on fuel? Or save $2500? That’s the kind of maths we’re questioning.

  8. simon thong Says:

    What if they averaged 8 mpg? That’s 2,500 gallons X $5 = $12,500. How do they SAVE $25,000.

  9. cathy Says:

    I was proposing the car is driven in addition to the RV… the car is a converted 1997 VW Passat that probably got 28 or 29 mpg on the highway, 21 mpg local driving… so at the least, you’d have to compute the gas savings from the car using the reduced mpg. But I cannot make a realistic guess at how many miles they drove the car, since they probably pulled it behind the RV when travelling long distances, then parked the RV to live out of it while they drove the car around locally while they worked there, visited people, went sight-seeing, etc., etc., all the short trips while in a general location, except when doing the actual informational fairs about the RV.

    Since I don’t know these things for fact, I have since asked the family to explain the numbers on their blog. It’s possible she just threw some “estimated” (as the article says “estimated”) number out there w/out doing the math in her head… So yes, their numbers may be way off. On the other hand, there may be something more to the savings that we’re not considering. Hopefully they will shed some light on the matter.

  10. Scott Thong Says:

    Maybe they simply meant that, in order to travel that far using conventional fuel, it would have cost them $25,000 to purchase the fuel. But by asking businesses to give them leftover oil at no cost, they paid nothing in travel expenses. In essence, they saved $25,000 by getting others to foot the bill for them.

    (But by that logic, I am now saving $$$ every day by walking to work…)

  11. XYFloyd Says:

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  12. simon thong Says:

    That offer sounds too good to be true, so it can’t be true. Stop soliciting, man.

  13. PriceLess Says:

    ‘Planet Has Cooled Since Bush Took Office’ – Scientists Continue Dissenting – Gore Admits ‘I’ve failed badly’ – Global Sea Ice GROWS!

  14. simon thong Says:

    Gore and the IPCC should return the Nobel Prize, and the money. But they won’t. They’ll ignore all this and think of more schemes to making even more money.

  15. kesava Says:

    Climate Change:

    The Weather Channel, which NBC Universal bought in September, has laid off some of its staff. It is unclear how many people were cut or whether they are receiving a severance package.

    “The economic realities of recent months have created challenges for everyone in our business. In addition, when NBC Universal purchased the Weather Channel earlier this year, we expected that there would be cost synergies as part of company reorganization. While it is always difficult to lose valued employees, we are doing our best to minimize the impact, and remain committed to providing the highest quality content that our viewers have come to expect from the Weather Channel.”

  16. kesava Says:

    Carbon credit sales scheme a con artist’s dream
    Les MacPherson, The StarPhoenix
    Published: Saturday, September 13, 2008

    “I guess hard times flush out the chumps.”

    –from O Brother Where Art Thou

    If I was a con artist, I’d be moving right about now from the Nigerian letter scam, which is pretty much exhausted, and into the sale of phony carbon credits.

    There is no better opportunity right now to fleece the gullible. You could take their money, give them worthless carbon certificates in return and leave them feeling good about it. So good, they’d keep coming back for more.

  17. kesava Says:

    These credits are sold by carbon brokers, many of whom went into business around the same time the Nigerian letter scam started winding down. They invest the money in conservation projects elsewhere, thus reducing emissions. At least that’s the pitch. But what about the follow-through? A carbon broker could pocket the cash and claim it was spent on new siding for drafty old apartment buildings in Chibaugamau, say. Who’s going to go to Chibaugamau to check?

    Even if people did check, a diligent grifter could easily arrange to show off a retrofitted building. His marks would never know that the project was part of a planned condo conversion, say, that would have gone ahead anyway. Neither would they know if the carbon credits it generated were sold multiple times to multiple suckers. Or that the carbon broker’s last job was as a tin man.

    There won’t be too many questions, anyway, from those who buy carbon credits. They don’t want the scheme exposed as a fraud. It shields them from accusations of hypocrisy. It bestows environmental credibility without any concessions in lifestyle.

    Thus does Al Gore presume to lecture on the deadly peril of global warming when his personal carbon footprint reportedly is 20 times that of an average family. These copious emissions he offsets by buying equivalent carbon credits. Of course, these credits are totally legitimate. Gore would know. He buys them from his own carbon-credit company. He’s the pope of environmentalism, buying his own indulgences.

  18. simon thong Says:

    “Who’s going to go to Chibaugamau to check?” You’re right, Kesava. Indeed, who’s going to know where the place is? Does it even exist? Wouldn’t it be ironical if Gore himself got scammed by some shady carbon dealer? LOL.

  19. kesava Says:

    Meet the Weather Clown of NASA

    That is what he is now being called after being caught now over and over cooking the numbers to make us all think that Global Warming is real and caused by man.

  20. Green Obama Says:

    On the campaign trail, Barack Obama promised to get a million plug-in hybrid cars on the road by 2015. His own new presidential limousine will be far from green, however.

    The Obamobile being prepared for the president-elect is said to be a monster gas-guzzler made by General Motors, the troubled car giant. It will look like a black Cadillac but is built like a tank. A spy photographer who tracks down future car models for magazines snatched pictures of the heavily disguised first-car-in-waiting when it was being road-tested last summer.

    The armour-plated car, which has a raised roof, windows up to 5in thick, extra-strength tyres and a body made of steel, aluminium, titanium and ceramics, is thought to be based on a GMC 2500 truck that gets less than 10 miles to the gallon. Three cars are believed to be in production so that two can serve as decoys.

  21. Greenie Screams Says:

    With the collapse of the China market for our rubbish, The Sunday Telegraph is telling us that Hertfordshire county council has withdrawn a scheme that allowed residents to recycle everyday items like yoghurt pots, margarine tubs and other types of plastic packaging. It has now become uneconomical to do so. The items will now go into landfill sites and the council has asked residents to avoid buying products with too much plastic packaging.

    This is thought to be the first case of a local authority scrapping a recycling scheme but “industry experts” now fear more could follow suit. Worried that this will put additional strain on the remaining landfill system, the Local Government Association (LGA) is writing to all councils urging them to resist the temptation to divert recyclable rubbish into landfill.

  22. Spike? Says:

    In a fit of anti-Dingell pique, Speaker Pelosi last year stripped Mr. Dingell of jurisdiction over climate change, giving the portfolio to a special panel run by Mr. Markey. Never mind that the new panel, under House rules, lacks the power to mark up legislation. Mr. Dingell called the committee “as useless as feathers on a fish” and “an embarrassment to everybody.”

    No doubt Mr. Dingell’s comments were among the many sins he’s now paying for. Soon taxpayers will be paying a stiff price too if Mr. Waxman and company succeed in their plans to use federal money to subsidize all kinds of “green” energy interest groups.

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