Mumbai Terrorist Attacks – An Argument for Citizen Concealed-Carry of Personal Firearms?

From Scott Wieser via Big Head Press:


So would the knowledge that any number of civilians might be carrying concealed guns and be trained to shoot deter potential attackers?

John R. Lott at FOX Forum seems to think so:


The Life-and-Death Cost of Gun Control

Banning guns is in the news. India practically bans guns, but that didn’t stop the horrific Muslim terrorist attacks this last week.

Given that the terrorists smuggled their machine guns in with them, would anyone argue that India’s extremely strict gun licensing and artificially high prices for guns helped prevent the terrorist attacks? In fact, the reverse is more likely the case.

In India, victims watched as armed police cowered and didn’t fire back at the terrorists. A photographer at the scene described his frustration: “There were armed policemen hiding all around the station but none of them did anything. At one point, I ran up to them and told them to use their weapons. I said, ‘Shoot them, they’re sitting ducks!’ but they just didn’t shoot back.”

Meanwhile, according to the hotel company’s chairman, P.R.S. Oberoi, security at “the hotel had metal detectors, but none of its security personnel carried weapons because of the difficulties in obtaining gun permits from the Indian government.”

India has extremely strict gun control laws, but who did it succeed in disarming?

The terrorist attack showed how difficult it is to disarm serious terrorists. Strict licensing rules meant that it was the victims who obeyed the regulations, not the terrorists.

The attack also illustrates what Israelis learned decades ago. — Putting more soldiers or police on the street didn’t stop terrorist’s machine gun attacks. Terrorists would either wait for the armed soldiers or police to leave the area or kill them first. Likewise, in India, the Muslim terrorists’ first targets were those in uniform (whether police or security guards).

Terrorists only stopped using machine guns to attack Israelis once citizens were allowed to carry concealed handguns. In large public gatherings, a significant number of citizens will be able to shoot at terrorists during an attack — and the terrorists don’t know who has them.

With mass shootings becoming more difficult, terrorists were forced to switch to a less effective strategy: bombs. Bombings are more difficult for armed citizens to stop because they can’t respond after the bomb blows up.

Still, even though handguns can only kill would-be bombers before they set off their bombs, during waves of terror attacks, Israel’s national police chief will call on all citizens who are allowed to carry guns to make sure they carry their firearms at all times, and Israelis have many examples where citizens with concealed handguns have saved lives.


Indian businesses are demanding gun rights:

Bangalore: The war on Mumbai has left the India Inc angry and vulnerable sectors want much more than a constable with a lathi.

“We’re losing faith in the political leadership of this country. There’s no doubt about that,” T V Mohandas Pai, director (HR), Infosys, adding, “To take care of the political class, they have Z-plus security. They have arms. What about us? Isn’t our life important? We’re citizens. The government is unable to protect us, then amend the law. Let us bear arms, we’ll protect ourselves to whatever extent we can”.

A worried Bangalore Inc said they’d rather have machine guns than be sitting ducks to a torrent of bullets.

While government installations have forces who can combat an emergency, the private sector has to make do with metal detectors, frisking and CCTV security.

The latest addition are sniffer dogs, which some organizations have opted for, but nothing that can combat an AK-47.

“We’ll not be in a position to answer these kinds of AK-47s and grenades. We need much stronger help from the government. And we’ll need military intervention. May be we could start some military patrolling at least, then there can be confidence that help can come at short notice,” chairman and MD, Biocon, Kiran Mazumdar-Shaw.



See also my post on the Mumbai massacres and the morons who defend or close their eyes to the perpetrators.

See also earlier posts on gun ownership and gun control:






For the record, I was anti-guns until around the time that I learnt – up close and personal – more about what a selfish, apathetic and evil world it is out there.

Nuns With Guns 72 Virgins

Here’s hoping, terrorist scumbags!

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14 Responses to “Mumbai Terrorist Attacks – An Argument for Citizen Concealed-Carry of Personal Firearms?”

  1. Mumbai… Some people just never learn « Conservative Libertarian Outpost Says:

    […] India in general is yet another place where this has been made so painfully obvious. As noted by another blogger in another part of the world, refusing to allow for effective defense only results in blood […]

  2. cmblake6 Says:

    SUPERB!!!!!!!!!!!!! If you don’t mind, I’m going to link this at mine. Genius stuff, I’m impressed!

  3. This one is quite good! « Cmblake6’s Weblog Says:

    […] And this one from Scott Thong. It has other points of consideration in the very same vein. Possibly related posts: (automatically generated)I got a 6.5 Swede! […]

  4. Scott Thong Says:

    Go for it! Memes spread on the Net like STDs spread on liberals.

  5. jezb1 Says:

    Under Sharia law, what would happen to a Muslim woman who shot a man who was trying to rape her, and there were no witnesses?

  6. Con Text Says:

    NAIROBI, Kenya – The United Nations said Tuesday that a Somali stoned to death by Islamist militants after she had been accused of adultery was a 13-year-old girl who had been raped while visiting her grandmother.

    In the first such public killing by the militants in about two years, she was placed in a hole and stoned to death on Oct. 28 in a rebel-held port city, Kismayu, in front of a crowd, after local leaders said she was guilty under Shariah, the legal code of Islam based on the Koran.

  7. wits0 Says:

    Yomama monkee will tolerate more Virginia Tech outrage through his gun grabbing proposition.

  8. 4 Star Hotels in Mexico Says:

    We explained to them that guns was disgusting and that it didn’t appear to have been cleaned – I don’t think they cared too much. We were assured that it is usually much much nicer so I shall have to return! So, I am now in India and I think its a great place, despite the bad press its given about being dangerous etc. Sorry for all the typos guns is a bit funny and im trying to be quick.

  9. Tyler A. Graves Says:

    I hope Obama’s liberal ass don’t try to make us like India or my ass will move to Canada, HA,HA, but realy i’ll shoot some one if they try to take my damb gun!

  10. Raju Says:

    Dear All,

    let us not talk how to change INDIA or “the system”. LET US FIRST CHANGE OURSELVES. THEN & THEN ONLY DO WE GET THE RIGHT TO ask other to change. All who do not follow this are DTA’s (Dinner Table Activists’).

    Post the 26/11 war on India, i have read that there a lot of Groups and NGO’s etc have have started to come together/work to bring about a change. This is multiplicity of the effort.

    In our country individuals or small group’s are easily brushed aside by the administration.
    I want to make a LIST OF recently formed group’s/NGO’s (and older one’s too) who are working towards making a safer and better India tommorrow. CAN ANYBODY HELP???
    The idea is to make each other aware and make a mass movement to show our mettle and also to show that we are a force to reckon with and that we want the change to happen now and not at the whims of the administration.
    I am reachable at


  11. Which Would Best Protect Your Daughter’s Health? « Stop Socialism Now Says:

    […] also Gun Wielding Maniac Attack: Conservative vs Liberal Result and Mumbai Terrorist Attacks – An Argument for Citizen Concealed-Carry of Personal Firearms? and Jewish Ghettos and the Holocaust: An Argument for the Second Ammendment. Possibly related […]

  12. tomjoad Says:

    the bottom line is its our right. no questions, no need for debate. its our right and there should be no question.

  13. Benjamin R. Crabtree Says:

    business security

  14. SCOTT THONG: Debunking Norway Shooter Anders Breivik’s Usage of Bible Verses in His Manifesto | simonthongwh Says:

    […] met his fitting end within minutes. See Gun Wielding Maniac Attack: Conservative vs Liberal Result, Mumbai Terrorist Attacks – An Argument for Citizen Concealed-Carry of Personal Firearms?, and happening right now the riots in […]

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