Kitty Thong vs Long Lizard

The Thong family kitten/cat fights his first lizard… And it’s one of the big ones, not a wall gecko!

Round One:

Round Two:

Some preview images:

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26 Responses to “Kitty Thong vs Long Lizard”

  1. owner of Kitty Says:

    After that first kill, Kitty was full of triumph, running from front compound to back compound, then back to the front, where he leapt up high onto the car front hood with one bound!

  2. peng Says:

    Kitty is a natural at boxing! Left hook, right hook, dance around, throw more punches and before you know it, our lizard friend is all dizzy. Less and less resistance and defence and finally, belly up! Kitty is the champion! By the way, she’s a cute cat!

  3. owner of Kitty Says:

    He’s a good boxer, an instinctive fighter like all cats but he gets more practice than the usual cats. He plays at stalking, fighting, pouncing, boxing, jumping and fighting with me. He runs all around, building those muscles. He loves to touch you when you aren’t looking and then run off, only to return to touch you! When he is angry, he bites really hard but no blood or broken skin! Good self-control. He’s 5 months but eats a combination of fish, lamb and cat biscuit, so he’s growing quickly. He’s ma’s darling; as soon as she calls his name, he runs to her. She calls him Kitty Poo-ey.

  4. peng Says:

    Oops.. Kitty is a he! No offence huh Kitty? Is Kitty the one you showed on video his first bath time? 😀 I can imagine his antics, especially the one where he creeps up to touch you and quickly flee.. very playful. I used to have cats. Males usually ended up being tom cats roaming the streets and not returning. So now I have dogs, one the size of a cat and the other a medium size with the personality of a princess!

  5. owner of Kitty Says:

    Yea, that’s the same Kitty. You can watch all his videos on youtube, oneforthelord, which is my second son’s site. Dogs are too demanding for me, so it’s a cat. We’re hardly home; no time to care for a puppy or dog properly. And, of course, the barking drives the neighbours insane. We’ll let Kitty roam, when he’s ready. Won’t be able to stop him anyway. At present, he’s still skittish; runs off at the slightest strange noise.

  6. owner of Kitty Says:

    Kitty caught his 3rd cockroach 20mins ago, and I took it away while he wasn’t watching. He hasn’t stopped looking for it! Digging under the newspaper, running everywhere, jumping onto the couch, going outside..I caught him and got Ma to wipe his mouth, face and paws of all traces of cockroach. What a struggle to escape 😉

  7. peng Says:

    HaHa! This is one little Kitty who earns his keep! My dog Missy is a champion catching flies! Do continue to post his antics.. I would love to read about Kitty’s progress!

  8. owner of Kitty Says:

    Kitty’s turning to be a champion cockroach catcher in the making. Caught his 4th today; now, he’s smarter, biting off 1 leg on each side so it couldn’t run properly. He, then, began to eat it, to Mum’s horror! Had to take it away, give him a good wipe, and offer fish mixed with lamb.

  9. owner of Kitty Says:

    peng, you’re right. I can see signs of Kitty turning into a tomcat. This morning, he investigated the road outside our compound. When he saw the huge tomcat along the street, a cat thrice his size, he ran over to challenge it! Now, Kitty’s only 5 months old, no match for such a huge King of the Street, but he doesn’t know that yet. I ran after Kittyand grabbed him, at which he wrapped himself around my hand, biting and scratching it. Saved him, though. For several minutes, he pranced around and strutted, the fierce light of battle in his eyes.

  10. peng Says:

    Bravery or innocence? A mix of both in ‘lil Kitty! I am sure if you had allowed him to take a few jabs, there will not be any misses! Some cats are born with courage, to take on the enemy. Kitty is one of them brave ones!

  11. owner of kitty Says:

    This is our first kitten, and watching it grow is exciting, a learning experience and heart-stopping. There are many “firsts”, and luckily, I’m on school year-end vacation; able to watch Kitty develop. He caught a sparrow in the front yard, a day after I had said, “Kitty, it’ll be another month before you can catch a bird.” Bit its wing, so it couldn’t fly. Son3 had to break the poor birdys neck to stop the terror and pain to the bird. I threw it away when Kitty wasn’t watching. Imagine his frantic search for the bird! He suspected me, and came to bite me fiercely several times.

    Last night he went up onto the 1.5metre wall between my house and the house next door. Meowed loudly to tell us, and when we praised him, he strutted along it! Still wanted to please and to be praised. Wouldn’t let me bring him down but protested. Then, jumped onto the car bonnet and hopped down onto the ground.

  12. peng Says:

    I have to laugh at Kitty’s antics! Never met such a mischievous kitty! He is so intelligent, I think you could almost teach him the human language? My previous cats just love to play, be rubbed behind the ears and given part of my flesh to be sucked at! Nowhere near to Kitty when adventure is concerned. Don’t be surprised if Kitty comes home with a snake for dinner!

  13. owner of kitty Says:

    Your heart skips a beat when you own kitty! At dusk, ma uprooted the lemon grass plant and kitty kept rushing at her cos he considers it his toy. When she went across the road to throw the stems away, kitty crossed the road, too but refused to come back. Hid under a car, so couldn’t be caught. Finally got him, brought him back and locked the gate. Now, the gate has a 0.7metre high pvc net, a psychological barrier for kitty. He had never crossed it altho he could have done so easily. This time, he called out to me 3 times, and when I said, No, kitty…up and away! he was across the road to play. When cars passed by, he ran into the drain to hide (that’s how we’ve trained him). Still, I worried coz many cats end up as road kill. Rain came but he simply ran under a car. Once the rain stopped, he was out there again. An hour of freedom! Finally, came back for dinner.

  14. owner of kitty Says:

    He understands and communicates how he feels. When son no 3 brought home roast chicken, he said, Everyone has a piece, even kitty! Ma said, Don’t give any to kitty. Kitty immediately MEEEOOOOWED vehemently in protest! Ma quickly said, No, twice more, and kitty reacted with two more Meows. Ma covered her mouth to muffle her amused laughter.

  15. peng Says:

    You could write a book about Kitty! it is therapeutic reading about Kitty. He must be the little darling of the family now. When Kitty reaches adulthood and ready to find a partner, there’s no stopping him! Maybe neutering him would prevent his future roaming ways!

  16. owner of kitty Says:

    No, won’t neuter him. If he wanders, that’s his nature but we’ll make sure he can always get into the house. He’s doing wonders for me. Wants me around, so I get to enjoy his company. My 3 sons have left home tho the youngest comes home often, being a university student. We were an empty nest but no longer. After a whole day of work, and night time work as well, it is great to come home to a cat. Of course, he’ll be out most of the time in about a month, the rate he’s growing physically and psychologically.

    He’s depressed when it rains, and tries to stay out even if it’s being under a car. Tonite, after the rain, after 8pm, he played outside while I sat on a little stool to accompany him. The couple of times I went inside, he came in later to “fetch” me, with a loud meow, and I had to oblige. Suddenly he came under my stool and sat still! He was watching the huge cat from down the road: it was across the street, watching him! No gung ho kitty this time. Then, he dozed off with the cat still watching him, lol. See how safe he feels with his human dad around?

    No, we won’t neuter kitty. Thought about it but wont. Love him slightly wild. By the way, I allow him to bite my hands at play, and there are more little punctures as he gets stronger and fiercer. HE HAS VAMPIRE-LIKE FANGS. Blood? Yes, and he sometimes licks me afterwards as if he knew what he had done.

  17. owner of kitty Says:

    Late evening, big yellow cat walked past kitty. It’s across the street. Kitty spots it and runs across, curious? ready for a fight? Big cat sees kitty, and me behind kitty, and runs, so kitty chases. Can’t catch the big cat, thank goodness!

  18. owner of kitty Says:

    This evening, kitty went over to the big yellow cat’s territory. The big cat crouched just inside its boundary, marked by a large black garbage bin. Kitty crouched in front of it, face to face, challenging it! Face off! Neither backed down. I walked closer and big cat turned and ran into the drain. False victory for kitty. When will the fight happen? Kitty’s growing quickly and is now slightly half the size of the big cat. A few more weeks, and as long as kitty retains his ferocity, fur will fly.

  19. Goodbye, Kitty Thong « BUUUUURRRRNING HOT Says:

    […] Kitty Thong vs Long Lizard […]

  20. candace kong chao li Says:

    kitty — a cute ~~ make one be love dearly brave kitty …

  21. Kitty's Dad (Simon) Says:

    I re-read all the comments on this site, and was amazed at the things Kitty Poo had done in those few weeks in Dec, and astonished at how much I had forgotten. There may be a book one day but it means that we have to put it all down in writing or too much may be forgotten.

    I had forgotten Kitty’s immediate response after killing the Long Lizard until I read about it again here, in the first comment, on Dec 5. So glad I clicked onto this site…

  22. Kitty's Dad (Simon) Says:

    What happened to the Long Lizard? Kitty Poo killed it but what did he do with it? I had to go out and when I came back an hour later, the lizard was nowhere in sight. Maybe a bird had taken it, or so I thought.

    At about 10pm, Pooey was playing with it, chucking it around, pawing it, etc. He had hidden it behind his poobox and forgotten about it, and when he came in to do his toilet, discovered it. What fun he now had but it was YUCKY to say the least. When he wasn’t watching, I stole it, wrapped it in newspaper and threw it in the bin. Wa, poor Pooey, now began frantically searching for it. Under the carpet and doormat (which he lifted so skilfully!), under the armchair (which I overturned for him), behind the sofa, behind the curtain, under the TV cupboard…on and on he searched. Luckily for me, ma didn’t say, “Dad took it,” or he would have bitten my foot! 🙂

    Finally, after a small meal of fish+lamb+biscuit, several cuddles, many repeats of his lullaby, endless stroking, our darling Kitty Poo dozed off.

  23. Kitty's Dad (Simon) Says:

    We haven’t seen Kitty Poo’s friend, the huge yellow cat, apart from a glimpse of him by ma on a road quite far away. He used to hang around all morning, waiting for Poo; we still marvel at how little Pooey managed to make friends with this huge cat. They even slept together under our car! He came into the house with Poo when we were upstairs or out. I guess there is no reason for him to be around; he saw what happened to Pooey.

  24. Kitty's Dad (Simon) Says:

    I recall how often when I came home from work or shopping, Poo would be able to hear me from behind the wooden door inside the house. It was closed so he would not go out as he was still tiny and vulnerable. Poo would then mew plaintively, eager to meet me quickly and when he was older, he was so impatient to meet me or get out that he would even bang against the door to let me know he was there!

    I would hesitate outside a few more seconds just so I could hear his cry. I loved to hear him mew and Poo would be so happy to see me home again. A few times, when I opened the door, Poo was directly behind and it knocked him on the head. After that, we learnt to open the door slowly so as not to hit him again.

    Even now when I return, I still think of Poo lying under the car, waiting for us to come home as he always did. And when it rains, I would sometimes Poo’s song , ‘Rain, rain go away’. Even the weather affects us in such a poignant way.

    When I go for my evening walk, I remember how I would worry that Poo would get left behind if I walked too fast or too far. I would constantly look back to make sure he was nearby and was within my sight. I recall how I was especially anxious when he went into the drain at one end and I would be calling for him when he was already out the other end and looking at me in a puzzled or even amused manner! Those memories are precious but they also carry with them all the old habits and associations with Poo. All in all , a mixed bag of emotions.

    It’s 2 mths since Pooey passed on. I visit his grave often to keep it relatively neat but the nasty lallang grows like nobody’s business! But I’m glad the plants I planted earlier frame Poo’s grave and cross nicely. Fortunately for us and Poo, the MPI (council) workers who cut the grass were considerate enough not to mow down all the plants surrounding Poo’s grave as well!

  25. Kitty's Ma Says:

    Oops again. that was Ma’s comment above.

    Also, when Poo was still very small, his safe haven was under the table which was placed before the sofa where I would sit to watch TV. I would entice Poo to come out and play by holding a long feather tied to a stick, swinging it round and round before him.

    Poo was much amused and intrigued but he was cautious and remained under the table for some time until his playfulness got the better of him and he would venture out from under the table off to catch hold of the object. But he would stay run back under the table for safety every so often. However, when he got too excited, he sometimes hit his head against the leg of the table. Then looking somewhat dazed and miffed. he would retire to under the table to lie down or mosey off somewhere to regain his composure! I used to wonder at this and was constantly amused by his antics and character.

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