Why This Conservative Hopes President Obama Will Succeed

Those who have followed my blog will know that I am no screaming, drooling, thrill-up-the-leg fan of Barack Obama. Indeed, I must seem to receive perverse enjoyment from bashing him and his antics in every other post I publish.

Nevertheless, I must clarify that I do not wish calamity or terrible, horrible failure upon Obama. Quite the contrary, in fact.

I mean, yes, he is the most Liberal member of the Senate. Yes, he is an incredibly staunch supporter of the murder of unborn children. Yes, he is pro-homosexuality in complete opposition to what the Bible says. Yes, he is about as shallow and self-servingly manipulative as nominal a Christian as they come.

But it is the Christian practice to pray for those whom we do not particularly like. Where others may wish vengeance and evil upon those who wrong them, Christians are called to instead pray for repentance and salvation for their trespassers.

For the purposes of this post, the above concept is best reflected in the Bible passages of Proverbs 25:21-22 and Romans 12:30:

“If your enemy is hungry, feed him;
if he is thirsty, give him something to drink.
In doing this, you will heap burning coals on his head.”

The burning coals the enemy will feel are the agony of guilt and conviction tearing at his conscience, that comes with a realization of wrongdoing and genuine repentance.

It is thus with this imagery in mind that I declare that, as a Conservative (even Neo-Conservative) and a Christian (even Religious Right Fundamentalist Evangelical), I wish success for the future American President, Barack Obama.

Before I end up flung into the dung heap of Moonbat guano, allow me to explain why I hold this stance.

There is, of course, the very important reason that in a world thrown off balance by economic uncertainty, belligerent nation-states and borderless terrorism, a strong America is more important than at any time in the past (save perhaps World War II and the Cold War).

It is rather petty, short-sighted and self-harming to hope that Obama’s policies actually do manage to bankrupt America, demolish her morals, and hamstring her armed forces (which they of course will if allowed to continue on their present ultra-Liberal course).

That is a price that is simply too high for the entire world to pay for the simple fall of yet another liberal con artist turned President.

But perhaps the real reason I want Obama to be successful President is simply because the only way for him to taste successs will be to have an epiphany of Conservative proportions.

For in the next few years (the quicker the better), President Obama will learn that only truly unencumbered free market economics without government meddling, protectionism or coercion will bring the greates amount of prosperity to the largest proportion of people… Not the punishment of hard workers and the rewarding of abject failures.

He will learn that in the rough and tumble playground of the world, only strength and the willingness to use that strength will earn the fear, respect and civility of combative bullies… Not self-clever rhetoric and surrendering to demand after demand.

He will learn that a man is not merely judged by the company he keeps, but his own morals and views are shaped by those he mixes with.

He will learn that the short term expedience of easy lies and promises never meant to be kept will quickly erode trust and goodwill among men of firmer standing.

He will learn that only a true and humble faith in Jesus Christ as Lord and Saviour can give a mere man the strength, wisdom and moral clarity to face each day of challenges and trials… Not a worship of any person or philosophy as the Messiah.

In short, Obama can only succeed by adopting traditionally Conservative, Republican, Reaganite policies and beliefs.

It will be as the criminal who robs defenceless old church ladies one day repenting of his past ways and performing volunteer work for church raffles.

It will be as the diehard Bible-bashing Christian mocker realizing he has no leg to stand on and, almost unwillingly, accepting God’s forgiveness for his hubris.

It will be as Saul – the Christian hunting executioner – travelling the road to Damascus and being born again as Paul – the sefless Apostle and martyr of Jesus Christ.

Yes, perhaps the liberal-aligned media will somehow manage to spin it all as the success of staunchly Liberal, Democratic, Carteresque measures… But Mr. President will himself know, deep down inside, that he is no longer the shallow Liberal man he used to be.

He will be one of us.

President Barack Obama himself will know that along his road to Pyongyang, Tehran, Jerusalem, Moscow and Capitol Hill… His old eyes were blinded, only to be reopened to an entirely alien, yet wondrous worldview.

And this fact will be as burning coals to him and his followers even as they bask in the well-earned approval of a nation.

God bless and humble you, future President Obama.

PS. Ann Coulter thinks the same way I do!

Do you hope Barack Obama succeeds?

That depends. At what? At being a good president, yes, I do! That would mean he’d have to govern as a right-winger. Consequently, I hope his plans for creeping totalitarian socialism fail.

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2 Responses to “Why This Conservative Hopes President Obama Will Succeed”

  1. peng Says:

    His ascend to power is inevitable. We may not understand why it has to happen. But God knows His own plans. I like your take on Obama’s next 4 years. He will learn, the hard way. And we will learn, by praying hard, and unceasingly.

  2. aredvoice Says:

    Thank you for sending me this link.
    Well said!! -A very thoughtful post. Thank you!!
    I fully agree with your position. I am beginning to understand what Christ meant when he told us to pray for our enemies. It is not always an easy thing to do. On election night – the thought of praying for Obama as our president – repulsed me – I thought I could never do it. But as I have pondered this, I have come to this conclusion as well.
    We are not suppose to pray that he will continue to do more damage – but instead to pray for him to change for the better. We cannot hope or pray for Obama to continue to support evil and socialistic practices which will ultimately ruin America – just to prove our point; but we must pray for God to bless and change this man (Obama) -that he will abandon evil ways, gain wisdom and compassion and have the courage to respond to the promptings of Holy Spirit that he will need to guide him as he leads this country so that America will continue to be a strong, safe, and free nation under God’s watchful care.

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