Name That Party! MSM Almost Always Omits Mention Democrat Party Affiliation of Convicted Politicians

So, lib trolls… Tell me again how there is no such thing as Liberal Media Bias, and how the only biased media is FOX News.

Here’s a very, very partial list of examples of the MSM obscuring the Democrat affiliation of big sleazy crooks (while taking pains to make sure readers know when a Republican is caught).

The motive? Plain and simple to see – gradually and relentlessly expose the public to wrongdoings of the Republicans while covering up the more serious and frequent wrongdoings by Democrats, thus moulding public perception against the Republicans.

Journalistic integrity? Objectivity and fairness? Pah!

(Readers can also do their own fun searches for “Name That Party”!)

(Or play Name That Party with Lawhawk!)

(Malkin and Moonbattery have a list of recent major Democratic corruption/dishnoesty scandals. And if you haven’t heard of them before… That is exactly my point!)

Related: The media labeled mainstream Justice Alito “conservative” ten times more than they have labeled Kagan a “liberal”.

Another recent case Ann Coulter points out:

According to Nexis, there have been more than 300 news stories reporting on the Bell scandal. Guess how many mentioned the party affiliation of the corrupt government bureaucrats?

One. Yes, just one. Now guess if the government officials were Democrats or Republicans? Yes, that is correct.Congratulations — you’ve qualified for our bonus round!

The one newspaper to cough up party affiliations, The Orange County Register, admitted that the corrupt officials were all Democrats only in response to reader complaints about the peculiar omission.

Lots of news stories on the scandal in Bell used the word “Democrat” or “Democratic.” But that was only to say that the DEMOCRATIC attorney general of California, Jerry Brown, who is running on the DEMOCRATIC ticket for governor, is investigating the Bell officials’ salaries.

See also ruminations by AoSHQ here.

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