Big Three American Automakers Latest Ad

Big Three American Automakers Bailout

Via Moonbattery.

And via Malkin, from is an illustration of the kind of union deadweight the American automakers have to drag around:

Big Three American Automakers Bailout UAW contracts

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5 Responses to “Big Three American Automakers Latest Ad”

  1. Samuel Skinner Says:

    What? No unions jokes?

    On a more serious note, the car bailout is a fraction of the bank bailout, but the bankers, who caused said crisis are upper class so we can’t screw them over.

    On the other hand, the car industry is middle class workers who vote democratic- philibuster time!

    On the gripping hand, if the US loses the big three, its auto-industry will be entirely gone. And if we lose all the manufacturing capabilities, we will be like Iceland.

  2. Scott Thong Says:

    Well that’s kinda fine with me, ‘cos I’m gunning for a Toyota Prius lol.

  3. simon thong Says:

    I love FORD long as they are made in Japan by Mazda. LOL. Had a Ford Laser, a Mazda 323 dressed up as a Ford. The mechanics always called it a Mazda, never a Ford. In Australia, there’s a joke about Ford. It is an acronym for Found On Road Dead.

  4. betterthangod Says:

    If you truly want a Prius you really haven’t done your homework on either its supposed environmental friendliness or its reliability. Wait for the Hydrogen cars. In the mean time the most environmentally friendly thing you can do is keep your old car running for longer.

  5. Scott Thong Says:

    You must be talking about this:

    Hummers More Eco-Friendly Than Prius Moonbatmobiles

    Improved EPA tests show that the Prius only gets an average of 45 mpg, which isn’t much higher than the Chevy Aveo, a car that costs less than half as much.

    And this:

    Hybrids: Environmentally Ruinous

    But it’s not just the clouds of greenhouse gases generated by all that smelting, refining, manufacturing and transporting that worries green activists. The 1,250-foot-tall smokestack that spews huge puffs of sulphur dioxide at the Sudbury mine and smelter operation has left a large swath of the surrounding area looking like a surrealistic scene from the depths of hell.

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