Samy Vellu Calls Karpal Singh a Toothless Tiger, Says He’s Lost Credibility Among Indians


Sammy Vellu calling others ineffective and irrelevant among Indians?

Excerpt rom The Star 29 Dec 2008:

KUALA LUMPUR: A fired-up MIC president Datuk Seri S. Samy Vellu has criticised DAP chairman Karpal Singh for turning into a “toothless tiger” by pledging DAP’s support for PAS in the Jan 17 Kuala Terengganu by-election.

“Karpal should also not allow his credibility to be lost among Indian voters who voted for him in the last general election,” he said, calling on Karpal Singh to live up to his “lion” nickname.

Says Mr. No Parliament Seat:


Above from Malaysian Politics Motivational Posters.

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7 Responses to “Samy Vellu Calls Karpal Singh a Toothless Tiger, Says He’s Lost Credibility Among Indians”

  1. Santa Says:

    Ho Ho Ho,
    “Toothless Tiger“, “Lost Credibility Among Indians“???
    This sound very much like SV.
    What about the shoe throwing?
    What about senior MIC members leaving dinner party earlier than its President?
    What about party members chatting away and not paying attention to its President’s speech?

  2. ratbait Says:

    Suffice it to note that at this rate, Samy will end up doing us all a huge favour by not just making the MIC irrelevant, he might even do enough that the preponderant of Malaysian Indians never again put their faith in the MIC. To quote Samy himself [from the MIC rebranding festivities at Putra World Trade Centre referred to above when – speaking about himself – he openly asked MIC members]: ‘You must be wondering why is this idiot doing all this?’

    To that question, I say: Samy, I’m not wondering… I’m just delighted you are!

  3. hutchrun Says:

    Samy vellu is a fool and UMNO`s idiot. If he had read his Jim Corbett properly he`d know that toothless tigers are the ones most likely to turn into maneaters.
    Or maybe it is a sign (and SV`s freudian wish) of what`s going to happen to semi value as he falls from grace.

  4. wits0 Says:

    The only thing to marvel about Samy is how he still has supporters for so long. That only goes to show how abjectly brainless and amoral they are.

  5. ravi Says:

    Samy, sitting outside his home about to be evicted from his house, was contemplating how the future would be after he had divorced his wife, Indrani, lost his children and lost his position in MIC. All the corrupt money confiscated.

    He notices a crate of beer bottles and walks up to it.

  6. grasscutter Says:

    Just in case, I want to make sure you don’t miss the main highlights of the latest revelations.

    First, note that “Samy Vellu has since set up a three-member panel to investigate the alleged irregularities in awarding three of the five contracts, which he claimed had been given out at an inflated value.” But note that “the probe will not cover the contracts awarded for the grass-cutting services and canteen operations,” which allegedly the educational arm of the MIC, the MIED, “was instructed to revoke” and instead “its managers were told to reassign these to persons close to MIC president S Samy Vellu.”

    Now, that’s the magic of ‘Samy-land’! You order an inquiry into “alleged irregularities” but not on the awarding of the two contracts allegedly part of the scandal linked to Samy himself!

  7. Scott Thong Says:

    Hey, that’s just like Obama conducting a probe on himself and finding no connection to Blagojevich!

    Guess Obama’s Hope & Change has already affected politics worldwide!

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