There is NO Humanitarian Crisis in Gaza, Palestine – 3000 Rockets Prove It

All claims that the poor, oppressed Palestinians in Gaza are starving and being subjected to an inhuman embargo by Israel are LIES.

There is no starvation.

There is no shortage of goods for basic needs.

There is no embargo.

There is no apartheid.

There is no humanitarian crisis whatsoever.

I base my observation on one simple fact: Hamas somehow manages to find the resources and manpower to launch close to 10 rockets into Israel every single day.

There simply cannot be any shortage of basic goods if Hamas can spare the effort and resources to import, build and launch Qassams every day. It is a luxury that destitute, enslaved refugees simply cannot afford. Therefore, there is no humanitarian crisis in Gaza.

The alternative is, Hamas is being grossly irresponsible to import rocket parts instead of basic necessities for its people.

So which is it, o supporters of the ‘innocent and every peace-seeking’ Palestinians?

Egypt seems to think it’s the latter.

As does this girl whose family was killed in an Israeli air strike, but solidly blames Hamas for starting the fight:

A Palestinian girl whose family members was killed yesterday in Gaza after an Israeli air attack was interviewed today on Palestinian TV and placed the blame for the war on Hamas: “I say, Hamas is the cause, in the first place, of all wars.”

Or this mother in Gaza shouting “May God exterminate Hamas!.

And even 60% of Gaza residents!

To illustrate where Hamas is busy spending all that charity donation money well-intentioned Muslims worldwide are sending to Palestine:


That’s about 3000 rockets fired into Israel this year alone.

3000 rockets is a huge luxury for a nation-state that is supposedly ‘starving’ from a brutal Zionist embargo.

The result is, predictably, an angry hornet nest reaction from Israel. Followed by more rockets in ‘retaliation’, followed by more Israeli retribution…

Don’t you IDIOTS who donate to Palestinian relief efforts realize exactly how your kindly generosity is making things WORSE in the Middle East???!!!!

To illustrate my point, see this cartoon which aptly portrays the situation…


The cartoon is from 2 years and 4 months ago. Israel has been putting up with the same old terrorist crap for more than 2 years, and still the rest of the world sides with the Mumbai massacre mentality gang.

By the way, if the Imperialistic Zionists are soooooooooooooooo evil, then why is it that their carefully targeted air strikes have a kill count of 94% terrorists so far? That’s only 6% civilian casualties.

And this despite the b***tards of Hamas intentionally placing their depots, weapons factories and launch sites among civilians and putting innocents in harm’s way as human shields, as they admit themselves:

Can you say the same for Hamas’ random, untargeted, chaotic firing of rockets into Israel – where they usually land in schools?

And the excuse that the rocket attacks are only in response to Israeli aggression, and would cease if Israel just butted out, are totally false: Rocket attacks increased 5 times after Israel withdrew from the Gaza Strip.

Therefore, following that logic and cause-and-effect, the more of Gaza Israel occupies, the fewer rockets will be launched – thus signifying that Hamas wants Israel to sit on Gaza land, since when Israel retreast they show their displeasure by launching more rockets instead of building infrastructure.

The poor Palestinians are utterly starving:

Gaza Amusement Park

Speaking of starving, maybe the Palestinians are so addicted to amusement park rides that they are too busy to eat:

Gaza Amusement Park

Oh, the horrific Zionist oppression of Western capitalist leisure!

See how brutally occupied the Palestinians are:


Continuous updates on the December 2008 Israeli retaliation for a year’s worth of Hamas rockets at Isreallycool (via Malkin).

This is just lolworthy:

Palestinian legislator Hanan Ashrawi, speaking from Ramallah in the West Bank, accused Israel of ignoring the terms of the tenuous six-month cease-fire that expired December 19.

See Youtubes uploaded by the Israeli Defense Forces showing just how carefully selected their targets are at this user link.

See also related at Israel is Prejudiced Against Rockets, Intelligent Israeli Builds Homemade Rocket in Response to Hamas and Heroic Hamas Protectors of Life Rescue 4-month Old Baby From Brutal Israeli Zionist Oppressors.

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38 Responses to “There is NO Humanitarian Crisis in Gaza, Palestine – 3000 Rockets Prove It”

  1. jamesad2012 Says:

    Is Israel a victim or a bully???

    The world is torn…

    Make your voice heard

  2. wits0 Says:

    Conclusion : All the 72 raisins/virgins have one face – that of Hanan Ashrawi!

  3. Edi神 Says:

    They all just wanna die as matyer and fvck the 72virgins…

    nothing else!

  4. Zack R Says:

    Belief in “Israel brutality” is about as logical as belief in manmade global warming: just look out your window to see the veracity of that pathetic, frozen chestnut.

  5. Meekon Says:

    American went to the moon during segragation so i don’t see the point you are trying to make.People will always find ways to kill other people. Its the nature of the beast.

  6. ratbait Says:

    “American went to the moon during segragation..”

    You talking of the black munkee?

  7. Scott Thong Says:

    I’m being sarcastic dude.

    If there really is such a humanitarian problem in Gaza, what the HECK is Hamas doing spending on more guns and rockets and mortars and provoking Israel instead of helping the Palestinians?

  8. Genghis Khan Says:

    Let’s get something straight, Israel is a legitimate country which was founded on chaos and fought and won for by the Jewish people, Israel was recognized by the UN, whether you like it or not, to the victors go the spoils of war, that is how the world works, to call Israel an occupied land is Fallacy, a propaganda statement. If Israel is a illegal state as stated by the Arab countries from the middle east and other misguided nations, than by the same reasoning than the whole of the middle east countries are illegal states, being lands stolen from the Turkish Ottoman empire from whom theses lands were stolen from by the British led and sponsored wars of the Bedouin tribes of the region. So the reality of the situation of “possession is 9/10 of the law” holds water for the jewish people and the palestinian peoples’ claim of it being an occupied land doesn’t hold water. Folks you lost the wars even after numerous attempts, so live with it.
    So all these pathetic crying and moaning of poor Palestinians being killed is the fault of the people the choose to rule them, They voted in Hamas, a terrorist organization same as Hezbollah al being sponsored by IRAN. So when you ruling govt., goes and starts shooting rockets into a neighboring country well folks you are just looking for trouble, every action has a reaction, to cry now of Israel’s aggression is sheer stupidity.
    Why is it the muslims don’t condemn and blame all these terrorist organizations, Why is it people support blindly, is it because you read the same Holy book so that means you are self righteous, so there are no murderers, crooks, rapists because they are Ummah, might as well free all those muslim convicts in our malaysian jails because they are ummah. Why do muslims complain that they are perseived as terrorists and murderers, who are the majority of suicide bombers, who blew up trains and busses in britain, the train bombings in spain,It is all an excuse, by using the excuse of israel, why go and blow up innocent people who are apolitical. you want to stop the bombers, stop supporting terrorists, simple, the moment the funding and donations freeze or finish off there will be no more money to make bombs, these people are anarchists , who are abusing Islam, and USING ISLAM as a unifying excuse. we recently had a Malaysian women killed in the Mumbai muslim terrorist attacks, we only got lip service, from the muslims in Malaysia, were there protests by UMNO AND PAS AND ALL THOSE UMMAHS at the Pakistan embassy, why the hypocracy? please understand this you push and push someday something has to give, If all the non muslim nations in the world turn around and say please keep your religion and don’t bother us anymore, don’t do trade with us and keep your oil, we will buy our oil from Russia, all muslims are persona non grata in all western nations. I am just waiting for the day when we see a mushroom cloud on the horizon and maybe a biological weapon’s attack, do you want to see nuclear devises raining down on the middle east, Mecca, Pakistan, don’t forget the biggest poppy growers in the world are muslims in AFGANISTAN, If you want chaos your wish may just come true. I think the time has come for muslims, to open their eyes and smell the coffee, they get very offended on perceived insults on their Religion but turn a blind eye to murder mayhem and chaos in fact even condoning it, what about the insult to all the intelligance of the rest of human kind on all the bombings. I think the wish of the muslims may just come true, if they cross the line, sept 11 was one where they went too far, now reap what you have sown, cry for the dead muslims, innocents dying everyday for the deeds of fanatics.
    Genghis khan

  9. wits0 Says:

    Perhaps “Butu-ing” may get to become a new word:

  10. UMNO Gives Millions to Hamas Says:

    Good one Genghis Khan.

    You don’t have to repeat yourself too many times, as ultimately, history will prove that Muslims are the biggest hypocrites and practitioners of double standards, of all time!

    Can’t help noticing that you left out PKR.

    PKR never said anything during or even after the Mumbai ’08 attacks.

    Now, they suddenly begin to act like a government and even refer to Israel as a terrorist state.

    In the eyes of The USA, any country that does not recognise the Israel as a legitimate state, especially Muslim controlled countries like Malaysia that is also know as a staging ground for terrorist attacks against the non Muslims world wide; is guilty of supporting terrorism and terrorists.

    Small fry insects Malays talk big and want to act like Masters of everything in pathetic little Malaysia. Many other countries also thought like that before and they have now been sent back to the stone age.

    The end is coming for Malaysia and UMNO. It’s just sad that many innocents and non Islamic or Malay Supremacy mentality thinking people, will also become collateral damage.

  11. gunnfan Says:

    Guns and Moses 🙂

  12. ratbait Says:

    Recently, demonstrators – including Khairy Jamaluddin – showed up at the Palestinian embassy in support of Palestinians’ cause for, among other things, unity and justice. The demonstrators at this gathering were holding up pictures of Hamas leaders – a widely recognised terrorist organisation. Yet here at home, a group that seeks human rights and justice by practicing non-violence and holds-up pictures of Mahatma Gandhi to symbolise peaceful protest for their cause does not only not get the sympathy of Umnoputeras like Khairy, the group itself is banned by the Umnoputera regime! Apa macam, ah?

    Another interesting snippet about this pro-Palestinian demonstration at the Palestinian embassy that struck me was the fact that the demonstrators themselves were chided by the Palestinian ambassador for displaying photos of Hamas members! So these hardened demonstrators and supporters of a widely regarded terrorist organisation ended up being dressed-down by a key Palestinian diplomat! Apa macam, ah?

  13. wits0 Says:

    Well made video:

  14. Basyir Says:

    My pray for all my brothers n sisters n children in the killing field…

  15. kesava Says:

    My pray – Khairy jamaluddin, Anil Netto, Wong Chun Wai, Lim Kit Siang, Ktemock, Marina Mahathir will be among those who sign up:

    From the Jakarta Globe:

    Israel’s prolonged strikes against Gaza have prompted Muslims worldwide, including in Indonesia, to seek to help Palestinian citizens.

    The Aceh chapter of the Islamic Defenders Front, or FPI, will recruit Muslims to fight in Palestine, chairman Yusuf Al-Qardhany said.

    “The recruitment of jihadis to Palestine will start [today],” he said. “At present, 13 applicants wishing to become jihad fighters have already registered.”

    Speaking from Banda Aceh, Yusuf said that at least 60 fighters from Aceh would go to Palestine via Egypt.

    Prior to their dispatch, they would receive a week-long military training in Aceh, he said.

    Registration for potential recruits would be open for two weeks.

  16. madziula Says:

    are you blind to say any of this? is leaving on the street, hospitals full of casualties with no medication to treat them and no food NOT a humanitarian crisis??? what is it then?? maybe hamas has food, but Palestinians don’t and they are dying!!! open your eyes you bunch of idiots!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. War effort Says:

    You idiot mad zilla, why dont you run across with your food packets and the terrorist UNRWA to the Fakestinians stead of griping here? Don`t open your eyes when you get across the Rafah crossing as you get lead up your backside from the Egyptians soldiers.

  18. War effort Says:

    The liberals are getting very restless. Why hasn’t Obama spoken out about Gaza? He should be condemning Israel or at the very least calling for an immediate and unconditional cease-fire. The Arab states are saying much the same.

    But through it all the President-elect has been silent, using the old standard “we only have one President at a time.” Of course CANDIDATE Obama spoke out about the Russian invasion of Georgia, and PRESIDENT-ELECT Obama spoke out about Mumbai and the economic crisis.

    Even Liberal Columnist Kristin Powers is upset. She feels that Obama has not taken the Anti-Israel stance of the people who elected him:

  19. War effort Says:

    Of course Kappo Miller and, Ms. Powers forgets that there ARE NO SETTLEMENTS in GAZA. Israel totally pulled out of the area over three years ago.

    This points to a much larger and more worrisome problem at least if you are a supporter of Israel. While the “Old Line” Democrats like Reid and Pelosi, may still be supporting Israel, the new “Obama Democrats” feel that an approach more favorable to the terrorist forces is not only preferable to the present approach but should be a priority. Witness the fact that they are speaking out against Obama for his lack of a stance.

    Fear Not Obamamaniacs, the reason your Hero is silent is he really believes that their is only one president at a time. The President-elect disagrees with President Bush on Israel so he is remaining silent. But when he becomes President he will speak out. Unfortanatly he will be speaking out AGAINST the Jewish State.

    You see, all that talk of supporting Israel that Obama gave on the stump, was nothing more than Bara-crap.

  20. War effort Says:

    madziula, we got another one today, and boo hoo to you and your sidewalk cafe act:
    IDF kills head of Hamas’ rocket unit in Gaza

    The IDF has killed the head of Hamas’ rocket unit in Gaza in an aerial attack on the Jabalya neighborhood in northern Gaza.

    Ayman Siam also served as the head of the Islamist group’s artillery forces.

  21. wits0 Says:

    Incidentally, mad ziula, what have arabs and muslims done about the genocide committed by arabs and muslims in Darfur? How much have the same demonstrated over Bali, Beslan and Mumbai? Your mawkishness is simply so partial.

  22. Scott Thong Says:

    are you blind to say any of this? is leaving on the street, hospitals full of casualties with no medication to treat them and no food NOT a humanitarian crisis??? what is it then?? maybe hamas has food, but Palestinians don’t and they are dying!!! open your eyes you bunch of idiots!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! – madziula

    madziula, obviously you do not recognize sarcasm when you see it.


    Hamas is a bunch of selfish, Palestinian-hating a$$holes. That is the point I am making.

  23. Wilson Says:

    Your contention is because if they can muster the resources to wage war they can muster the resources to feed themselves, but choose to wage war, instead? We have hungry children in this country….why?

    Yes, I’m sure that the hundreds of dollars spent on third world unguided, uncontrolled homemade rockets, about 10 a day, is the root cause of the humanitarian crisis in Gaza, that’s just logical…..? I’m equally sure that the Israeli and Egyptian blockade of Gaza has absolutely nothing to do with a lack of food or medicine being delivered to the people existing in that ghetto.

    The good news is that at the current rate of exchange, Israel only has to lose an additional 13,500 people to kill 1,500,000 Palestinians in Gaza and then they won’t have to worry about those pesky rockets or those insufferable brown people anymore. 6 down, 13, 494 to go.

  24. Awww Pleeeeeeease Says:


    it certainly is not in your place to prevent the farkestinians from becoming martyrs in insulting islam thataway. Just remember every dead farkestinian is a martyr. It is written that Isa (Jesus) in his 2nd coming will eliminate all the Jews – why do you call that a lie? Are you saying that Islam is a lie?

    Look no further than the Hamas Charter, and btw what`s the popn of all those muslim countries. If you do not know you can write to the OIC nicely and they`ll tell you.
    That is why even farki babies are fair game as suicide bombers but you want to stop that.

    There`s something you could do though and that is go to school immediately for refresher course in arithmetic.

  25. Change Says:

    hee hee funny word this “farkestinians” but soooooooooo riggggggghtttttt

  26. Scott Thong Says:

    Your contention is because if they can muster the resources to wage war they can muster the resources to feed themselves, but choose to wage war, instead? We have hungry children in this country….why? – Wilson

    No no no no no…

    As I have already explained in one of my comments above, I am mocking the fact that Hamas decries the ‘humanitarian crisis in Gaza’, but instead of bringing in food and medicine, it spends all its money and effort bringing in weapons and rockets and launching them at Israel, thus provoking an Israeli onslaught.

    It’s sarcasm… If Hamas really cares about the Palestinians under its rule, shouldn’t it refrain from self-harming behaviour?

  27. gajhgsdcfrsfgbfdv Says:

    I agree with madziula and everyone who uses google images google this topic both sides lies are easily exposed

  28. Mathew Says:

    You’re an idiot. There are people dying. I have been writing and researching this topic for almost 10 years now. 7,000,000 Palestinians have been displaced and forcibly removed from their homes. Lets also not forget the “ethnic cleansing” operations that Israel carried out in 1948-1949 after the first Arab-Israeli war. 3 years after the holocaust. kind of hypocritical isn’t it. Think before you publish moron.

  29. Scott Thong Says:

    It’s called sarcasm, genius.

    What I’m trying to point out in a wry, black humour kind of way is that if there is such a horrible humanitarian crisis in Gaza, and everyone is starving and dying from lack of medical attention… Then why does the Hamas government spend its resources on making and launching thousands of rockets?

    Isn’t it gross negligence to focus on futilely attacking Israel when the Gazans are relying on them to provide food and care? Won’t that just force Israel to clamp down on the flow of goods in case there are rocket materials smuggled in? And won’t all that rocket fire just cause Israel to respond with tanks and air assaults? How does that help the people of Gaza?

    It doesn’t. It makes things worse. Yet Hamas continues to smuggle, build and launch rockets in the midst of a ‘humanitarian crisis’.

    I can only come to the conclusion that Hamas intentionally lets the Gaza Palestinians starve and suffer, while provoking Israel in order to force an IDF response. Why? So that world opinion turns against Israel.

    That is probably also exactly the reason why none of the Arab states accepted and naturalized the Palestinians – in order that their suffering and squalor can be used Whereas Israel accepted an equal number of displaced Jews who were forced out of the Arab states. Oh, except for Jordan – and the Palestinians tried to overthrow the country as ‘thanks’.

    If Zionist Israel is the worst enemy of the Palestinians, their fellow Muslim Arab brothers aren’t much of a friend either. Can you deny this?

    And yes, I do think before I publish. Which is how I came to this realization:

    You say: Israel should tear down the apartheid wall, open up the borders with Gaza and end the inhumane embargo!

    Israel says: If Palestinians stop sending suicide bombers and gunmen across the border to kill schoolchildren on buses, then we won’t need to restrict entry in the first place.

    If I am a moron, what does that make you – o 10-year scholar of the Middle East who does not even open his eyes to realize how twisted and idiotic Hamas’ priorities are?

  30. Nasaei Ahmad Says:

    This blog may lose it’s intergrity and cridibility due to lies..

    At last..maybe nobody will believe it..

  31. Scott Thong Says:

    I’m being facetious, Nasaei… What I’m trying to point out is, there would be far less of a ‘humanitarian crisis’ if Hamas would use the millions of donation money (including from Malaysia) to buy food and repair public services instead of smuggling in rockets. What good do rockets do except provoke Israel to send in tanks again? They not only waste your donation money, they make things worse by spending it on rockets.

    It’s almost as if Hamas’ priority is to pick a fight with Israel so that the world condemns Israel again, instead of having the goal of uplifting the Palestinian people. Hmm?

    In my honest opinion, the Israel/Palestine issue would be settled much sooner if certain parties would stop trying to score political points from it. Just like how the recent cop-shoot-teenager case is being complicated by local politics, the Middle East is full of players who would rather have the Palestinians remain in squalor than solve their plight, just so they can use the Gaza issue to a criticize Israel.

  32. stripe Says:

    Starving Gazans?

    There was an ad in Friday’s JPost for a club located near Shoresh in the Jerusalem hills. They are charging NIS 2,750 for a 2-week day camp (all inclusive price with transport and food), NIS 2,000 for a 5-day, 4-night overnight camp, and NIS 120 per person for a 45-60 minute family ride.

    My kids aren’t going horseback riding this summer. We can’t afford those prices (and we can’t and won’t take them to Gaza). But the ‘poor, starving’ Gazans are. Someone is living awfully well in Gaza. I wonder who that might be.

  33. stripe Says:

    # Nasaei Ahmad Says:
    May 2, 10 at 9:30 am

    This blog may lose it’s intergrity and cridibility due to lies..
    At last..maybe nobody will believe it..

    Does it matter if you liars don`t.

  34. Sheila Says:

    Scott Thong, nobody doubts that Hamas is worsening the situation in Palestine (which contrary to your thesis IS in fact a humanitarian crisis) by channeling international aid into corrupt channels for increased military armament. Yes, the extremists are intentionally victimising their own people, for whom they are supposed to serve. BUT just because a rogue terrorist group is diverting funds to rocket-buying DOESN’T mean that there is no shortage of basic goods for the *average* Palestinian. You seem to assume that the average Palestinian is associated with Hamas and thereby would have access to food and shelter. That seems to me completely ridiculous. Most Palestinians have nothing whatsoever to do with Hamas – they are being victimised by the people who are pretending to be their liberators. (So North Korea has nuclear armaments and spends a great percentage of their national budget on their military. Does that mean that the average person in North Korea is living the good life? No, and sadly they are victims of a terribly oppressive, authoritarian government.)

    I can’t believe you are denying that there is a humanitarian crisis just by saying that it’s all part of some political agenda/rhetoric to further fund illegal activities and war. Come on, that’s what a lot of governments would want you to believe because no one wants to take responsibility for the refugees on the West Bank (it’s in no one’s interest to do so, but if you are human, you would show some concern.) The average Palestinian is deprived of three basic human rights: a) food and clean water, b) right of mobility (they are not allowed to leave the refugee camps; nor do any neighbouring countries want to accept them) and c) freedom to live without fear from oppression or persecution from the extreme militants both from their own people and from other countries.

    I know that the point of your post is to basically criticise Hamas. Well, nobody is going to fight with you on that point. But what I have a serious problem with is your denying of humanitarian crisis. The two things are NOT incompatible.

  35. Scott Thong Says:

    BUT just because a rogue terrorist group is diverting funds to rocket-buying DOESN’T mean that there is no shortage of basic goods for the *average* Palestinian.

    Head over to this post, scroll down to the video ‘Roots the Club’ and chart of Highest Obesity. There onwards you can see Palestinian fancy restaurants, thriving markets… And what about the amusement park and daily life video in this very post?

    Or consider how much food Israel gives to the Palestinians. No wonder they are so obese!

    And just tipped to me by hutchrun, check out even the first 1 minute of this video:

    b) right of mobility (they are not allowed to leave the refugee camps; nor do any neighbouring countries want to accept them)

    Well if they wouldn’t keep sending over gunmen and suicide bombers to Israel, and try and overthrow countries that accept them like Jordan, this might not be an issue.

    But what I have a serious problem with is your denying of humanitarian crisis. The two things are NOT incompatible.

    Similar to your comment on my post about atheism touching lives, I think you simply don’t get my brand of sarcasm.

    I’m using exaggeration to point out the hypocrisy of the United Nations in constantly bashing Israel – despite the fact that Hamas launches hundreds of rockets across the border that are likely bought using donations to humanitarian funds.

  36. Sheila Says:

    There’s a huge difference between “sarcasm” and complete twisting of the truth to a point where the irony is lost. You would do better to reflect on the ethical ramifications of what you write instead of insulting those who constructively criticise your posts.

    Have you spoken to the average Palestinians about their condition of life? I have. Just last week I spoke to a taxi driver who had managed to escape the refugee camp and claim asylum in the UK. He says that his mother and sisters are stuck in the refugee camp in Lebanono, without electricity, in 40 centrigrade heat. They are denied citizenship any of kind, nor are they allowed work permits so they depend upon aid to survive, but just barely. A photo of some the rich, of an amusement park, is not representative of the whole of the West Bank and the humanitarian crisis happening there.

    I’m sorry if you’re going to be so self defensive about you write, and if you will just consider me to have “misread” your sarcasm. Personally, as a literature student I’ve always considered “sarcasm” to be one of the most cowardly of ways to speak the truth, because you depend upon trashing another viewpoint to absurd extents in order to elevate your own, and you rely on so-called “humour” for supporters. The readers who agree with you are only nervously laughing, my friend. And no, a humanitarian crisis is no laughing matter…

  37. Scott Thong Says:

    Fine, fine. Let’s all be serious then.

    Tell us in your own words, as many paragraphs as you like, in a serious and factually accurate manner, how to reasonably solve the Palestine-Israel conflict.

    It should be a cinch, seeing as how skilled and knowledgeable you are in the art of literature and communication.

    Be prepared for your opinion to be as ruthlessly savaged by commentors as you have attacked mine, complete with personal insults and questioning of both your intellect and morality. Take as good as you give, and all that. I’ll even post it on the front page and invite comments and replies so we get a wider spectrum of responses.

  38. It Rains Hamas Rockets | My Blog Says:

    […] There is no Humanitarian Crisis in Gaza; Arab-Israeli Conflict: Basic Facts […]

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