Why Sarah Palin Will Never be Qualified to be President

Ass Ann Coulter explains:

Palin made some embarrassing gaffes.

She complained that we didn’t have enough “Arabic translators” in Afghanistan — not realizing the natives don’t speak Arabic in Afghanistan, but rather a variety of regional dialects, the most common of which is Pashtun.

Speaking to military veterans one time, Palin said, “Our nation honors its unbroken line of fallen heroes — and I see many of them in the audience here today.”

She bragged about passing a law regulating the nuclear industry that it turned out never became a law at all.

Some days Palin said Venezuela’s dictator Hugo Chavez should suffer “regional isolation” — but then on others she’d say she supported the president’s meeting with Chavez.

She told one audience about recent tornados in Kansas that had killed 10,000 people. In fact, a dozen people were killed in the tornados.

She referred to the “57 states” that make up the U.S.

Speaking of her eldest daughter’s pregnancy, she said Bristol was being “punished” with a baby.

Oh, but wait… It continues:

As you probably know — or guessed by now — none of these gaffes were uttered by Palin. They are all Obama gaffes. Luckily, he made them to a star-struck press that managed not to ask him a difficult question for two years.

Yeah, I haven’t ripped on the President Elect for a while.

Truth be told, I really did think that the above gaffes were made by Palin until around the infamous 57 states Freudian slip. I thought they were embarassing, and that she should have been better informed before speaking about such things.

They are embarassing. But it was Obama who uttered them, not Palin!

It just goes to show the kind of blatant double standards that are so prevalent in the mainstream media, that even I expect them to lay on the criticism on Conservatives while gushingly cooing at Liberals.

Be honest, what did you think of them… Before realizing they were examples of Obama’s ignorance? If you thought such uneducatedness disqualifies Palin for ever running for the Presidency in the future, then what does that say about Obama becoming President in less than 2 weeks’ time?

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4 Responses to “Why Sarah Palin Will Never be Qualified to be President”

  1. hutchrun Says:

    I really don`t know how much this inauguration present is worth, but if it does happen, then there`s going to be a frenzy one way or other:

    API to sue Fox News Network next week for breach of agreement on the Michelle Obama tape

    Posted by africanpress on January 8, 2009

    The time has come when the truth has to come out on what happened about the intended release of the now – much talked about – Michelle Obama tape and the Imam’s document on Obama.

    Many may have believed to this day that there was no deal between API and Fox News Network. We can now say there was a deal and API will take legal action against two Fox News Network employees who broke the agreement on the tape.

    API has investigated the case and has found out that the two officers did not inform their superiors about the deal they entered with API. Therefore, API has taken a decision to sue the two employees for having deprived Americans the truth, and yet they had taken the responsibility on behalf of Fox News Network to enable the release of the tape after its verification.

    API will be suing for financial compensation and the return of the tapes.

    More details on how much the compensation being sought amounts to, and who the two officers are – a man and a woman – will be made public the same time the case is being filed in the court.

    The lawyers who handled the situation will also be enjoined in the case and made answerable for the failure to release the tapes and the Imam’s document on the Birth of Obama as agreed.

    Many readers may have thought that API has misled them on the tape existence. This has caused a great deal of confusion. The readers have not understood that API’s hands were tied because of signed agreements that does not allow any party to make the signed documents public.

    In court, however, parties have the right to produce the documents backing the case without being accused by any one for breaking agreed terms – not to make anything public.

    API is hoping that by the order from the court, that the tapes and the Imam document will be made public by the same people who had taken the responsibility. API will seek orders from the court to direct the two Fox News Network Officers to take the responsibility and complete what they took upon themselves almost 3 months ago.

    Chief Editor Korir – African Press International.

  2. hutchrun Says:

    Ladies & gentlemen, Now Presenting The “Obama Studman”:

    Porn Industry Asking for Bailout

  3. angryxtian Says:

    We ned the recount. Why come when Bush beat Al Gore the fearmonger and global warming lier fair and square all the libs whined about George Bush “stole” the election for beeating them, but now they dont care about voter fraud? ACORN paying people to vote, the governer selling Obamas senate, its just a big scandal of corruption.

    For Christ sake people, this guys about to get president, and he isnt even a citizen!

  4. JGIG Says:

    Ok, you got me =o). I was tired when I read the post. And I knew Obama said those things!

    Good points well made.

    Let’s pray for the USA, eh? It’s going to be an interesting four years . . . .

    Wendy at JGIG

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