A Story About a Dog.

Once upon a time, there was a dog. I disliked the dog very much. So I decided that it should die. But, I did not want to be arrested for animal cruelty.

So, I threw rocks at the dog. It didn’t budge.

I taunted it and spat at it. It didn’t budge.

I sprayed it with a hose. It didn’t budge.

I actually went up to it and kicked it, hard! It didn’t budge.

I pulled its puppies tails. It didn’t budge.

I lit firecrackers and threw them at it to explode. It didn’t budge.

I lit firecrackers, tied them to kittens and threw the kittens at it to explode. It didn’t budge.

I would not give up so easily. I kept on doing these things to the dog.

Finally, after 18 months of provoking it every day, the dog finally tried to bite me in retalitation!

I was prepared for this: I pushed my baby brother into the dog’s jaws to protect myself. My baby brother cried out in pain, and I cried “The dog is a murderer!!! Oppression, cruelty, brutality!!! War crime against humanity!!! Holocaust!!!” (and I stepped on another of its puppies for good measure while doing so).

The next day, the authorities came and took the dog away to be put to sleep.

I am truly glad that dog is gone! I can’t even remember its name today, but I think it started with an ‘I’ or maybe a ‘J’ or a ‘Z’.

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3 Responses to “A Story About a Dog.”

  1. aredvoice Says:

    Wow, Great Analogy!!

  2. Scott Thong Says:

    You like comics, red?

    Check this one out:

    Ultimate Fantastic Four: Why God Allows Us Disobedience (A World of Happy Slaves)

  3. tash Says:

    …)*&$%)!%. For the longest time I thought you were giving a true narrative >.< I haven’t had much sleep lately. Sheesh.

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