Goodbye, Kitty Thong

Kitty Poo passed away this morning. He was hit by a car.

My parents held him in their arms as he soon breathed his last breath. I’m glad it was quick…

We will miss this darling kitten, especially mum and dad… He was their little angel.

Goodbye, Kitty… We’ll see you in heaven again one day. It won’t be paradise without you.

The LORD gave and the LORD has taken away;
may the name of the LORD be praised. – Job 1:20

What Kitty was like:

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  1. owner of Kitty Says:

    Peng, our Kitty Poo is dead. My tears are still flowing as I sit here, typing this, at 2.40pm Malaysian time. He died this morning, 7.15am. We buried him just now, at 2.10pm, in the little field behind our house.

    He died instantaneously, under a speeding car, of a head wound. I saw it, couldn’t stop it. I ran, carried him in my arms, blood from his mouth showering me. My anguish! My heart broke..

    As I held him and went to sit at our couch, his favourite place with me, I stroked him. His eyes had gone blank but when I said, Darling Pooey, a big tear drop came into his right eye. Ma then held him, talking to him, saying how much she loved him, and she heard a purr in his chest as his little bell tinkled softly, just once. We cried, oh how we cried!

    I am thankful that he showed few signs of damage; his body was intact; still warm and soft. Only a slightly distorted head and dried blood on his lips could be seen.

    I had to drive off to work, and ma held Kitty next to her chest, preserving the warmth, for an hour. When he turned cold, she laid him in a little box, wrapped in my shirt, and covered him with her old batik blouse. Ma wore black to her class, in mourning of and respect for Kitty. She had planned to wear red before Kitty’s demise.

    As I drove to work, the tears just flowed. I’m a man, a tough man. But my little Kitty Poo had touched me so deeply. The precious kitten-cat had entertained the whole family and won our hearts.

    He was brave, too, and you were right, Peng, when you said that size is not important. He had spirit and was unafriad of the huge cat down the road. Indeed, they became friends! Kitty brought his new friend home several times.

    My headmaster was very kind, and let me leave at 1pm to return home to bury Kitty Poo.

    Now, I’m devastated. Still, the months we have had of this joyful, spirited Kitty have touched our lives. He, we believe, was God’s gift to us, brief though it was. Our little angel..Thanks, Kitty Poo, darling!

    The Lord gave and the Lord has taken Kitty Poo away. May the Lord’s name be praised!

  2. Zack Rawsthorne Says:

    This is a heartbreaking post, whether you are a cat-lover or not (I am– big time). At the risk of offending religious friends, these creatures and other beloved pets really are closely akin to angels walking the earth, who ask next to nothing but provide untold entertainment and love. I firmly believe– I KNOW– that our pets will be in Heaven with us and that they go directly there after death. I also have seen glimpses around my house of beloved cats who have passed on; they appear capable of visiting us at will, stopping in to comfort or remind us of their shining, loveable lives with us on Earth. Deep condolences to you and the family over your loss. KP will live on via your blog, but also very much in a joyous spiritual realm.

  3. penang71 Says:

    So sorry for your loss. My sympathies to your family.
    Take care.

  4. wits0 Says:

    The death of a beloved pet is a heartbreaking experience. My condolence.

  5. owner of Kitty Says:

    Ma and I heard Kitty’s bell tinkle just now; thought we were inagining things. Thanks, Zack. Now we know it was really Kitty Poo.

  6. owner of Kitty Says:

    We looked at videos of Kitty Poo in my camera just now, clips we hadnt uploaded onto youtube yet. Laughed and laughed, cried a little, too. We’ve uploaded many on youtube, under oneforthelord. They are great to watch.

  7. Kitty's ma (Suzanne) Says:

    Heartfelt thanks to Zack for affirming what I already believed – that Pooey was an angel in disguise sent from above. I know this from the wonderful times he’d given us. Id never laughed so heartily for a long time till Kitty Poo came into my life. Interacting with him and just having him be himself was such a wholesome healing experience which filled a need in my soul.I believe that it was time for him to go as he had accomplished his mission on earth.
    I believe I did hear his bell tinkle and a soft purr when I was holding his lifeless body against my heart. That was his way of telling me that he was still around and saying his last farewell to his mama. I continue to hear a soft tinkle now & then.
    Like you, I like to think that Pooey’s gone to Kitty heaven. My son Jamie had a vision where Kitty was playing friskily as he always did. I do hope he will visit us & remind us that he’s still there as you said. He will always have a special place in our hearts for what he gave to us. We will cherish his contributions forever!
    Goodbye my precious wonderful angel. I love you & will find you again in heaven!

  8. owner of Kitty Says:

    First night is hard to get thro, people say. Yes, it is. I’m tired but I can’t bring myself to go to bed. Every night, without fail, Kitty Poo had played with me, and I sang him to sleep. As he dozed off, his tail would swing up and down, or left and right whenever I got to the part “darling Poo-e-e”. Fast asleep, Poo would be betrayed by his tail, haha! Or ma would call softly from across the room, “Darling” and Poo’s tail flicked energetically.

    Poo was very close to 2nd son, Jamie. These recent Christmas hols, Jamie had come home and Poo had taken to him again rapidly. Right thro each night till dawn, Poo sat at his feet or slept on the couch, with Jamie’s reassuring presence a few feet away. After Jamie left for Singapore, Poo missed him. One night, Poo came upstairs and lay on my bed, at my feet. He missed Jamie and wanted company.

    I did not lose just a beloved pet or an angel; but a member of the family. Kitty Poo came as a cat but became much much more. I thought of him as my little boy! I was so blessed to have had 7 weeks of hols with him. Each day, we played, walked, just being together. He was rough and bit my hand till it bled but it did not bother me. When I cleared the bedrooms upstairs of unwanted stuff, he watched me, or waited for me to spend time with him. He watched me repaint the fences, and the walls. I even came home on Sundays in the mid-afternoon to spend time with him. I would finish a lesson at 1.30pm, rush home, and spend time with him till an hour was over and then I had to go back to work at 3pm. I knew he missed me and ma.
    I also knew that I missed him and ma missed him. He was our little boy.
    How my heart hurts, and how I long to hold Kitty Poo….

  9. Kitty's ma (Suzanne) Says:

    This is the 2nd day since Pooey passed on. Last nite when I went to bed, I felt I still needed to hold Poo once again so I prayed to the Lord. In my vision, I was sitting in Poo’s favorite armchair and he meowed and looked at me with his cute little pinky nose which I adored. I cuddled him in my arms close to my heart as I always did, stroked and talked to my little darling. Poo rubbed his face on mine as he often did when I caressed him and I kissed his white cheek. He indulged me until I felt good enough inside, then he went off (as in the vision faded).
    Not long after that, the 2nd vision came. Pooey called to me in the human-like way which I loved about him (which was also why I always thought he was really an angel because he communicated with us more like a person than an animal). He looked at me then started to go out to play.( When I came home from work,I would feed Kitty and then tell him to go out to play which he loved to do.)I watched him as he moseyed out the door then made his way out through the hole in the wire mesh we had fixed on the lower part of the gate to stop dogs from getting in. And as he did,the sight of my Pooey faded.
    I checked the time. It was 2.15am Sat morning 17th Jan here. Pooey was buried at 2.15pm Fri 16th Jan.
    Thank you Lord. That was just enough for me to warm my aching heart. Even though I had held Pooey’s body for an hour the day before, somehow I still needed to hold him again (‘alive’)as in real life.
    Always,hen I prepared to feed him, I would hold his bowl and sing'”Go Kitty,go Kitty, go go go!.” And whatever Poo was doing then, he would stop and run between my legs along with me as I made my way from the kitchen to the living room.I had to be careful I didn’t step on him! Then he would stop if he had gone too far ahead, wait for me to catch up with him and start prancing excitedly again in anticipation till I set his bowl down! It was such an endearing moment between us!
    Another the thing which always amazed me was that he would really come running to me, wherever he was! It always struck me as strange that only I could get him to come home like this.I believe that it was imprinted in his mind that I was his mama & Jamie (my 2nd son) was (in some way)his daddy too because we were the first ones whom he met who brought him home.
    Now when I need to,I still clap my hands and call out to him “Poo Poo, where are you?” or I would call in a teasy way, “Poo oo oo, where are you?” or “Pooey, come home to mama.” Dad was his great companion who played with him and indulged him in all sorts of ways.
    While sad to lose Pooey, I feel so comforted that we all loved him well and I’m sure he had a happier life with us than most cats ever have. And I know that Poo Poo felt secure with us and loved us too.He had served his purpose well and it was time for him to move on. In doing so,he has also taught us to move on in our lives(albeit without him) and develop with God’s grace.
    “Faith, love and hope but the greatest of these is LOVE.” And God is Love. Thank you Lord.

  10. angryxtian Says:

    Sorry for you loss. Il pray for you.

  11. owner of Kitty Says:

    Ma was blessed with those two visions. But I? I woke up, saying again and again, “I’m sorry, I’m sorry, Pooey..” It was about 5am. I lay awake till ma awoke and told me of her wonderful visions.

    When I told her of holding Kitty, dying, in my arms, and so sad I never said Sorry, she said, “But you did, you kept saying ‘I’m sorry Poeey’ as you wailed over his body!” And I remembered I did.

    It’s the 2nd day, 3.30pm, and I feel better becoz I have been able to remember more details. When I grab him, picked him up from the road, he was flailing in my arms, in his death throes. I held him tightly, screamed for his ma (she knew instantly that it was bad news) and ran inside. I kept saying ” Pooey, darling Kitty Poo, I love you, I love you, it’s dad..” Suddenly, he relaxed, no flailing, dead in his dad’s arms eyes empty. I shall never forget those terrible 5 seconds!

    Now that I remember all this, I also realise that when Kitty Poo realised I was holding him, he knew it was alright, he was home. I’m glad and grateful to bethe one who held him as he died, conforting him, letting him leave with his favourite words inn his heart: Darling Kitty Pooey, Daddy loves you.”

  12. owner of Kitty Says:

    Saturday night. end of 2nd day. I came home from home and ma wasn’t home! Couldnt bring myself to go inside. You see, Sat nite was my special nite with Pooey. Ma would go to church for the 8pm service while I stayed with Pooey. In the early months, it was my duty. He was just too small to leave alone by himself. Soon, he made my Sat nites special. Now, with him gone, I felt so alone, so lonely..Waited for ma to come home, and then we went to church together, my first time since August, in Singapore at 2nd son, Jamie’s Bible College graduation service. No Pooey at home, might as well go to church with her.

    We were blessed at church, particularly by the words of a hymn, “He gives and takes away..” How true, how appropriate! I prayed to the Lord to heal my heart, to fill the void left by Pooey’s departure. Getting home, we were so moved by Pooey’s presence at our porch! That was where he had always waited for either of us, or for any of our sons when they were out. He wouild hide under the car, come out when someone returned, and stretch…

    It was a comforting presence. Ma’s heart felt increasingly filled with warmth as she moved to the front door. Pooey’s presence was strongest at the porch. He lingered for quite a while. This time, we had no tears, only gratefulness. My healing, began at church service, has continued, and the hurt is less.

    It helps when ma explained to me why I had to be the one to reach Kitty first, seconds after he was hit, to hold Kitty as he lay dying. It was for Kitty’s sake, and also for her sake. Kittty’s body was untouched and remained soft, warm and relaxed for an hour at least. She cuddled him without getting any blood on her clothes. He lay as if asleep, in a deep sleep. He was not mangled as many cats are when they are killed on the road. That was coz I was there to bring him home, away from the road and other cars. And coz it was his daddy that held him, Pooey died in the comfort of my arms, secure in the knowledge that he was home. I was there to bring Pooey home, to her arms, for her to cuddle her little Kitty once more. I had to be the one. That is a blessing…

    We buried Pooey with his little bell around his neck, and that’s the one that has tinkled several times since his demise. Just how it happens, I dont understand. It’s round his neck. It has a unique tinkle. That’s how we will recognise him from all the cats in the new heaven and new earth.
    Telling you all this, I hope, blesses you as it does me.

    Angryxtian, my humble thanks for your prayers. To others, also our appreciation for everything. To Scott, my eldest son, thanks a million for this blog!

  13. peng Says:

    I am so sorry… my heart beat so fast & furious as I read your post. From the headline, I first thought he went away to join the band of tomcats. How I wished it was that. At least, he could still pop home, whenever he feels like it.

    This news certainly dash all the joy of the Barisan Rakyat victory in Kuala Terengganu.

    I hate those speeding vehicles! Cats were often killed by speeding vehicles in front of my house!

    I share your grief. I almost lost my dog to tick fever.

    It is a consolation to know that there was no agony and pain in his death. God is gracious.

    If only Kitty could speak, he would have said an appreciative goodbye, to thank your family for making him your own, showering love and care.. Kitty would say you have given me a wonderful life, albeit it being short, but a truly wonderful life!

  14. peng Says:

    And to Kitty, ‘You may be gone, but never forgotten!’

  15. owner of Kitty Says:

    Thanks, Peng, for your words! Yes, Kitty came back to his ma in her sleep, twice, and then, last night at evening service, when we read Scott’s message that Kitty was playing in heaven, she saw him smile at her in her mind! One hymn was so appropriate, “He gives and takes away..”

    This morning, as always, I awoke at about 6.30am, saw everything all over again..the whole horrid my mind. I wept silently. Waited for ma to wake up, and then we talked. About how Kitty blessed us, how she had laughed so much, and then she asked me how I would have felt if Kitty had gone away and never come back? Or how I would have felt if he had been killed elsewhere and we never knew? I knew what she meant…and then she surprised me, “Kitty was so blessed to have his daddy bring him home, to rest, to be loved once more.” Amen.I am writing this with teary eyes.

  16. peng Says:

    “Kitty was so blessed to have his daddy bring him home, to rest, to be loved once more.”

    That is the perfect way to leave this imperfect world!

    Indeed he’s so blessed to have you and ma with him before he drew his last breathe.
    To know he’s always in good hands, no matter what.

    Take time to heal. There may not be another Kitty but God will send a Kitty 2!

  17. owner of Kitty Says:

    We think he was an angel unawares, with a mission, to turn my heart warm again, to teach me to love tenderly again. Once my 3 sons grew up, I no longer tended to them physically. Work and financial concerns overwhelmed me.

    Just now, ma said that she was surprised at how I took to Kitty from the first day. She got Kitty for me but I didnt know till two weeks or so ago! Jamie, 2nd son, had asked me by sms if he and ma could bring home a kitten; that ma wanted a kitten. All along, I had believed that Kitty was for her. Yea, even I was surprised by my own affection for him. But he was so vulnerable when he first arrived, and my instinct was to watch over him, and without even knowing what I was doing, I took him into my heart. And he changed me by first melting my heart. Ma had said on the second day, “Dad, this is no ordinary cat, dont be surprised if he’s an angel.” I said nothing. A few weeks ago, she said, “Kitty’s an angel, no ordinary cat.” Now I agree. Kitty created a huge desire in me to love him; and now he has left a big’s like losing a child. That void will have to be filled. And there is a grandchild on the way! I will be ready to love the grandchild. And I will turn back to God, walk closer to him.

    As for ma, it was only some weeks ago that Kitty grew even closer to her in an even more special way. It happened when she started calling him her darling. He had always been attached to her in a way that he was not attached to me. I was daddy and companion. She was his mummy. He listened to her calls. Three times in his short life, I had searched for him, anxious that he was lost. The first time, she knew where he would be hiding and sms me from work to tell me; and he was there, hiding under the organ, behind a curtain. The other two times, she got him out of his hiding places: but I had called and called in the same places with nary a reply! They were already so close, ma and Pooey.

    When she started calling him her darling, she let him into her heart completely. She let herself be his ma. I can see how wonderfully it worked out in the end. He had an hour with his ma, hugged close to her chest, the way she had hugged him as a 5 week old kitten. She cuddled him till his body lay rested and at peace. He slept so deeply. I could see that as I looked at him when I returned from work to bury him..he looked as if he were asleep. And he was at rest, what we call the Sabbath Rest, God’s Rest.

  18. peng Says:

    I can see this special bond you & ma have with Kitty. It’s truly amazing how God can send a cat to touch our lives. To thaw the coldness that has set in us, due to our worldly ways. Kitty is indeed special! Any yet, some people say animals do not have souls and we should not be too attached to them!

    Now I am convinced that animals are truly God’s gifts to us. Only if we open our hearts to them.

  19. owner of Kitty Says:

    I dont know about soul, as some people say that only people have a soul, but I believe that animals have a spirit. I interpret Kitty’s death and the aftermath in this way: It was time for Kitty to go back to the Lord, so God chose a time, his kairos (God’s time), a time that was best for Kitty, and for ma and me.

    When Kitty was hit, he did not even know it was about to happen. He was under the car, away from the wheels, so he could not have seen anything. He was looking at me, his daddy, as he ran. I was the last thing he saw before the car passed over him! The impact killed him instantaneously. He must have felt no pain for he was brain dead in that split second between impact and death. As the car passed, Kitty was flung out from behind the car, already brain dead, feeling absolutely nothing; but his spirit was in distress, maybe still inside Kitty’s body, maybe trying to catch up with his body as it flew up. He had lost sight of daddy’s face, so he is disorientated. Where are you, dad? Why is everything so dark? Daddy, daddy, daddy…!!!

    Then, I caught him, and his body was flailing wildly, muscular reaction to the force of the impact and the velocity of the car. It was not the conscious movements of a living Kitty in pain. (I was wrong earlier when I thought that he was in pain.) As I carried him to the door of our house, his spirit would have heard dad’s voice wailing for ma, “Ma, ma,” and screaming, “Oh no, Kitty, oh no!” and then dad’s voice reassuring him, “It’s alright, Kitty, it’s Dad!” At once, he went still.

    Kitty’s spirit is now aware that his body is dead but he hears dad’s voice.
    Dad carries him into the house, dad’s voice still heard, his anguish clear as he tells ma, “He’s dead, Kitty’s dead..ohhhhhhh.” Kitty hears ma’s wails, too. He knows now for sure that he’s in the house, safe at home, in dad’s arms. He hears their sorrow, their cries of grief. His spirit, aware that his body is dead earlier, is now certain. He hears daddy say, “I love you, Pooey” again and again, and when dad says Kitty’s most cherished words, “Darling Kitty Pooey, daddy loves you,” his right eye, the eye daddy is looking at, brims with tears, a sign for daddy that Kitty hears him. Maybe, Kitty’s spirit cries in sadness for the wonderful home he is about to leave.

    Ma holds him, and soothes him, and Kitty’s spirit answers with a purr and a tinkling of his bell (ma’s gift to Kitty). Ma holds him for an hour to her chest, and Kitty’s spirit goes to sleep. He’s so tired, and he’s waiting to return to Heaven. Ma lays him on dad’s shirt, the shirt dad was in when he carried Kitty home, Kitty’s blood all over it. She covers him with her batik blouse, the one she was in as she held him for that hour.
    She goes to work and he sleeps restfully.

    His spirit awakes when ma, and then, daddy, comes home. He hears both ma and da mourn him. They take him to the hole daddy has dug in the little field at the back of the house, and when he is buried, he goes back to the Lord. A few minutes after burial, Kitty’s spirit, in the arms of Jesus, visits my son, Jamie, in Singapore, to say goodbye, coz Jamie wants to say goodbye so earnestly.

    No Kitty 2, Peng, but thanks for the idea. We entertained an angel unawares. He has returned to the Lord, mission accomplished.

    Thank you, Peng. I hope this will not be the last time we converse. You are a kindred spirit. Kitty would have loved you, and he would have shown it by touching you with a paw and nibbling your hand gently. 🙂

  20. Kitty's ma (Suzanne) Says:

    I had hesitated to write anything for 2 days because of the personal and amazing experiences I’ve had with Kitty Poo. But I thought I’d better do so before the memory of them faded. On Sat, after the first 2 visions in the wee hours of the morning, 2 others followed later in the day.I saw Poey again, followed closely by the face of a slightly chubby, cute little ‘boy’ with short curls. who looked like he might be about 5 years old, dressed in a white gown.I felt at once that it was possibly the angel (more like a cherub!) who had been Pooey. (No- he did not have wings.)
    Later that same nite. Dad & I went to church. I was teary throughout the worship, esp. when the song went “He gives & He takes away.” It was no coincidence that God was comforting us in the midst of our sorrow.
    At that time,Scott sent an sms to Dad, saying Kitty is playing in heaven. Immediately (in my mind’s eye),I saw the face of the same cherub, this time with his hand covering his mouth, giggling!And I felt it was just like him, being cheeky – Pooey! I drew comfort & strength from that vision & told Dad too.
    Every time I lay in bed, I would reminisce about Pooey & cry.That 2nd nite after Pooey’s demise, as I lay in bed, I felt I needed Pooey’s presence so I asked the Lord to send him again. As the tears flowed,I saw Poo, the the cherub who, to my surprise, said to me,
    “Be at peace , mama!”
    Believe it or not, for at once, my troubled heart quieted down!I myself was quite amazed by this most unexpected gesture!The fact that he called me ‘mama’ really my aching heart.Then I could sleep.
    Tonite is the 3rd nite. We went thru photos of little Poo when he was still small,only 2 months old. It was heart warming to remember his antics & intriguing poses when he slept, sometimes like a baby & at other times, what iIhought looked was more like contortionist!
    Throughout the 3 days, it had been hard for us.I would ‘see’ Pooey in certain parts of the house which he frequented. He seemed so real. Perhaps it’s because it’s the heart that sees him.As I lay in bed crying, I felt I still needed his presence and prayed for it. I then saw the small baby Poo, snuggling up against my chest. This was followed quickly by the little cherub who was snuggled close to my heart.
    All this while, I had been reminiscing about how on Friday, somehow, although he was already gone,I still felt unsure whether he was really dead. I felt as if there might have been a faint throb in his body. Regardless of this,I was anxious that his body would go cold quickly. That was why I snuggled him close to my heart to keep it warm. Amazingly, I could feel a throbbing through his body.Actually it was my own heart beat. Perhaps it was throbbing so hard with my love for my darling Kitty that it seemed to go right through him!And his little body seemed so warm all the time I was cuddling him to sleep.I did not want to move him much as his neck drooped against my chest.(It was probably broken.)
    Then the revelation came to me. I believe that throughout that time,it was this intimate interaction between Kitty & me that kept him there, close to his body. I think it was the love & warmth which gave his spirit (enough of) the strength (life force or energy) to stay close by. Otherwise, as in most other cases, the spirit would have gone away. It was such a wonderful heart warming & significant insight for me! I had never realised how important I was to Kitty or how crucial that act was at that time for him!And as these revelations slowly trickle in through the numbed consciousness in our pain,I felt truly grateful to Kitty & God for his grace towards us.
    I also remember how when I was faced with Kitty’s body in the box, and Dad was out digging the grave, I wanted to give Kitty a Christian farewell so I sang him my 2 favourite songs: Thank You Jesus & Jesus Loves Me. I esp. loved the part which says,”…Let his little ones come in.”I had never thought of singing such songs to Kitty as I had never considered him a human but I felt it appropriate at that time as I wanted him in heaven, just as where the little ones would go.I’m sure Kitty heard me too!
    I had not wanted to set this in writing as it might not fit in with some Christians’ ideas. But it is personal & meaningful to me. Most of all, I did not want to lose such precious moments over time.Moreover, for all we know, it might help some others who need healing or just touch some hearts like it did ours.It is a testimony of love & God’s mercy. Thank you Kitty for teaching me how to love. I did not know that I would love you so much, nor that I was capable of loving you so deeply. We are truly transformed in your presence.Thank you Jesus!

  21. Kitty's ma (Suzanne) Says:

    I was blessed with a vision of Kitty Poo just as I was about to fall asleep at about 1 am. He stood up on hind legs..normal for him! and stood inside the grill, looking at me. I was outside, about to go inside. His pink nose and his pink mouth were so distinctive! He meowed in a way I had never heard before, and his face was more mature. He was longer, too! I don’t know what he meant with his MEOOOW, but it warmed my heart.

  22. owner of Kitty Says:

    The above comment was inadvertently posted under the wrong name; it was mine and refers to my brief vision of Kitty Poo.

    Two items had haunted me from the time of his death: the fear that Kitty Poo experienced, and the pain he felt. I believe that these were minimal, if present at all. Kitty was under the car before he even knew it had happened, and saw nothing. He saw nothing and therefore, feared not. Death was so swift that he felt nothing. When he was aware of anything, it was of his daddy holding him, of his daddy’s voice. No pain, only security. Especially when his ma help him.

    I learnt an important truth; experienced it; I know a teeny weeny bit of the pain in God’s heart as His Son died for us. The pain I still experience over Pooey is real but infinitesimally insignificant compared to the godly pain in the Father’s heart. O Heavenly Father, thanks for that sacrifice for us, the sacrifice Christ made and the sacrifice you made! And thanks for taking Kitty Poo back so swiftly that he was asleep before he even knew it!

  23. peng Says:

    For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son….
    Can you imagine the pain to see your son nailed to the cross and left to die?
    My heart griefs as I think of the sacrifice by our Father, giving us His Son that we may live again! And of course the sacrifice of Jesus, giving His life to the world.

    So, Kitty’s Pa, I know your pain, although it may be insignificant compared to that of our Father in heaven. Have you heard of the saying, ‘the good dies young’? We really do not understand the ways of God, for His ways are not our ways… but for sure we know that He has sent Kitty to you & ma for a purpose. Kitty has completed the will of God. Kitty touched you to the core of your heart and soul. For I see from your narration and writing, you are finding it difficult to let Kitty go. The pain will be there, but you will know that Kitty has fought a good fight and lived a complete life. And also know that you are part of that complete life.

    You know why I say that Kitty has completed God’s purpose? Because of what you are made to see, feel and realize with the departure of Kitty.

    I would have loved to feel his touch and nibble. I would love to hug him (if he permits me to) and plant a kiss on his head. That’s what I do to my Missy.

  24. owner of Kitty Says:

    Yes, the good die young. God wants them to be uncorrupted by the world. Ma and I have been talking and talking, and two things came to mind. Firstly, Poo was getting so involved with his new friend, the huge cat down the road, and was following it around. We didn’t like its influence on Poo, felt Poo would grow slightly wild. Corrupted. Secondly, Kitty was turning into an adult, and was unwilling to come inside except for meals and water, and of course, for ma and dad to love him. More and more he was staying out, and came home about midnite. In the last two weeks, he had to be woken up from his place under the car where he had dozed off, to be locked inside. Wed night, he bit me so hard it hurt and bled coz I locked him in. Thurs nite, the nite before he died, he refused to come inside, and at 12.30am, I went out and found him prancing around on a high wall. He didnt sleep inside that last nite of his life on earth. Just wouldnt stay in. Very restless. But the fifteen minutes before he died, he really missed me and rushed in to greet me when I opened the door. He was then very close to me again. I think nite does something to tomcats. We believe that the Lord had decided to take him away as His purpose was done, and Kitty was losing his innocence, becoming more and more an ordinary cat. We would still have loved him but as a tomcat, he would never be so close as when a kitten. He would also have outlived his purpose in God’s plan. His task was that as a kitten, to open Dad’s heart again to love and nurturing, to return to the nurturing, loving father I had been when my boys were little children. His death reminded me of GOD’S LOVE! And becoz of Pooey, I will return to regular church attendance and be involved in some kind of ministry once again. Yes, you’re right, my friend and brother-in-Christ.

  25. owner of Kitty Says:

    I did not know that Pooey considered himself a member of the Thong family until one nite, when he was lying on the armrest of my armchair, between ma and me, dozing off while we watched TV. Our youngest son, Kerry, came home, and said, “I’ve got roast chicken for everyone including Kitty!” Kitty stood up at once looking longingly at Kerry. Ma, joking, said, “Don’t give anything to Kitty.” Kitty turned, looked at her, and gave an indignant MEEEOOOW. Her hand over her mouth to cover her laughter, ma teased again, “No, don’t give to Kitty.” Kitty turned to Kerry and meowed plaintively. Ma said a third time, dont give to kitty, and poor kitty moved closer to Kerry and begged, meeeeeeooow…
    Oh how we laughed then,. and how we laughed again tonite when ma and I reminisced.

  26. owner of Kitty Says:

    It is exactly 7.15am, and that’s when Pooey got hit and went to his Lord, our Lord. There is pain in my heart still but I am singing, “How great Thou art!”

    I had awoken at 6.15am, changed into work clothes, and lay in bed again. It’s so dark and cold outside, and I can’t bare to go down or outside. I lay till a few minutes. Time to tell the Lord, “It is well with my soul.” The Lord is a mighty healer and as the grief process unfolds, gladness takes the place of sadness, laughter takes the place of tears, and the joy of the Lord fills my soul.

    You did a wonderful job, my darling Kitty Poo! I love you so much, and does so in such a short few months, so surely the Lord love you much much more. Be ready for your next assignment, angel Kitty Poo. Don’t worry about ma and daddy anymore. God will take care of us.

  27. owner of kitty Says:

    Peng! I just re-read your comments in Kitty versus Long Lizard, about him running wild if we let him be a tomcat. I read also my own comment that we would let him be the slightly wild kitty he was..that was on 16th Dec last year. And I said, in about a month…16th Jan this year is a month and a day. I said something then that I now know has come about..

    Do I regret not neutering him? Should I? But now that I know that he had a mission, and his mission was accomplished, how could I say otherwise than, “God’s Will be done in our lives!”

  28. peng Says:

    “Blessed are those who mourn, for they shall be comforted”

    Kitty’s Pa, you are comforted by the assurance of God’s presence. You have dreams and visions of Kitty. This is a sign that all is right. You know what the bible says of old men will dream dreams, young men will see visions. You are blessed! You have both as God poured out His Spirit on you & ma!

    You’re are right about a time and season for everything. For if there isn’t, everything is meaningless.

    So be assured, Kitty is in a good place now. I think he is in a place where there is no more tears. Where “He will wipe every tear from their eyes. There will be no more death or mourning or crying or pain, for the old order of things has passed away.”

    And it is heartening that Kitty has brought you back to seeking the Lord. Everything else will be added to you..

    I don’t know how to put this, but most people have mistaken me to be a brother! In fact I am a sister-in-Christ. But this will not change my fondness for Kitty (it’s actually love at first sight, trough the 2 videos of his bath time and fight with lizard).

    All is well with my soul, Kitty says. And I am sure all is well with yours and ma too.

  29. Kitty's ma (Suzanne) Says:

    Today’s the 5th day and there’s still such a sorrow in my heart, even though I tell myself to let go. Little flashes of Pooey’s actions infiltrate my mind at will.
    I recall how I was initially quite astounded at how little Poo Poo managed to garner his daddy’s affection without any apparent effort. He was just being his adorable,scared, vulnerable little self. I think that was what just endeared him to Jamie, daddy & us all.
    When Jamie & I first saw him at the vet’s, he was backed up in a cage with another much larger and aggressive white cat. He was the only kitty available to us then. I didn’t even quite like him then, with his yellow fur on the back and white underbelly.When we got him out, he quickly looked for a safe corner and hid behind other cages. I had to grab him from there with some effort. For RM 50, we got him a cage and took him home.
    Once home, we fed him and occasionally let him out. I saw how this little being, standing uncertainly on his thin,gangly, rickety legs looked for a safe hiding place. Habitually, he would hide behind the cage, fan or under a low cupboard in the living room.We often had to look for this tiny kitty so I gave him a blue bell round his neck to trace him, even though we couldn’t see where he was hiding. Later on, I gave him 2 red bells but somehow, 1 got lost lost it. The red colour stood out starkly against his snow white neck and chest. It turned out to be such an important trace for us when we were looking for him and it attuned us to his presence nearby.
    He also got his first bath and he was so good. He hardly struggled.But he still smelled so I put him down in the basin for a second bath. This time, it was a bit much for him and he did protest!Then after drying him, I put him at the back so he could go in the sun to dry. Poor lil kitty was so skittish and distressed he just ran here and there meowing, looking for a place to hide, I think.I had forgotten ho tiny he was. These memories came back when I watched the video again.
    Initially, we called him KitKat( HAHA!God enough to eat?No! He was so sweet!)Then when he did his business in his box, I would say he was doing his poo poo which was pooey(smelly)!So that was how he came to be named Poo Poo and Pooey!
    One of my greatest pleasures was feeding h im. I would clatter his green bowl and ask him if he was hungry. Then he would sometimes answer me and rub against my legs. I loved to hear him answer so if he didn’t, I would ask him an he usually did.
    At times, he was impatient and meowed several times,hurrying me along.Then, I would sing his feeding time song and both of us would making our way together to the living room.If he had run ahead of me,he would stop and wait for me to catch up, then proceed to skitter excitedly to the feeding spot.While feeding, he would make these strange low growls of pleasure or delight .
    I used to watch this endearing little baby in fascination at his simple appreciation of love and nurturance for him.I just wanted to feed this skinny little runt well and watch him grow.We fed Pooey several times a day, sometimes on demand. I also stroked him intentionally to make him growl and I would chuckle in delight as he responded accordingly!
    Once Jamie asked why Pooey put his foot into his bowl of food when he was eating.And I told him that it was because Poo was so small he couldn’t reach his food! Initially, he was possessive about his food, guarding it jelaously. Dad found out the painful way!He tried to mix the food with his finger and it nearly ended up as part of Pooey’ s meal as Poo nipped him quickly but distinctively to defend his meal!Poo never did that again.
    Later on, when we fed him, he would sometimes turn around and look at us, as if asking for permission or to be stroked before he ate. When we stroked him during his feeding, he would stop feeding, turn around and look at us and acknowledge us, and then continue to feed contently. He could never eat much at 1 go so he often fed on each meal twice.
    And he grew at really fast rate. Initially, he could fit in the palm of my hand.When he passed on, he 2 1/2 times his original size. And he was only about 6 mths old.

  30. peng Says:

    Kitty’s Ma, that was a wonderful sharing about Kitty. Thanks! I have always wanted to know of Kitty’s origins, how he came to your family. I watched the video of his first bath and was tickled pink by the cute little cat, quietly being bathed. Although the way he was plunged into the tub of water would be the scariest for a first time bath! How he held up, so brave! You know, cats don’t like water, hence they dislike being bathed. Even my medium size dog, Missy struggles during bath time. She’s almost 1 & half year old and Kitty is just a tiny baby!

    Ah, I am happy now, knowing the complete story of Kitty, the Braveheart!

  31. TheJuice Says:

    [Comment deleted by blog owner, who has never done it before but long ago decided he won’t stand for any of this kind of crap the commentor tried. Sorry, loser.]

  32. tash Says:

    OMFG. SCOTT. You should have entitled this entry NOT SAFE FOR WORK cos now I’m sitting here with a face as long as … something really long.


    I’m sorry for your loss.

  33. owner of Kitty Says:

    tash, I HAVENT been able to function at work since my Kitty left..I lost my taste for food (and lost 2kg), kept drinking soybean milk for energy, cancelled tuition classes for the next few nights..Imagine, the tears just flow out of my eyes and there isnt anything I can do about it. People in their cars next to mine at traffic lights stare at this grey-haired respectable-looking man and wonder why he’s wiping tears from his eyes and face. I have even gone BOO HOO HOO like a little boy. But I’m not ashamed. Thanks for your condolences.

  34. PooiYin(J3 YC student) Says:

    Mr Simon Thong please be more strong…
    kitty will be looking at you all the time in heaven…
    he’s a nice cute kitty…
    and he will also protect you forever~
    be strong


  35. owner of Kitty Says:

    I apologise for calling you a brother, peng, no excuse for that error. Now that I know, it makes no difference. You’re a gem. You’re a kindred soul. A million thanks for your observations right through the earlier posting (Kitty and Long Lizard), your advice, your empathy..Enjoy your time with Missy. I love dogs, too, though my sons may not know this. As a boy, I always helped look after the various family dogs, and inevitably ended up being the one who bathed them. As for cats, I had no feelings for them until teeny weeny Kitty Poo stumbled awkward skin legs into my heart.

  36. owner of Kitty Says:

    Correction: on awkward skinny legs into my heart.

  37. owner of Kitty Says:

    Thanks PooiYin!

  38. owner of Kitty Says:

    I must put this down before I forget. We get lots of mosquitoes here. In order of preference, they bit no 1 son, no 2 son, Pooey, dad, no 3 son and mum (as a last resort). I would see one on his ear, or back, and chase it away. One night, there were just too many, and I worried for Pooey who would scratch at the bitten spots. I lit a mosquito coil, put it in a fire-safe container, and that kept the mossies away all through the nite as he slept on the couch. It’s just a small detail, but it shows me again how I had paid attention to the smallest detail to give Pooey a Thong Family life. I realise also that God our Father gives attention to the tiniest detail of our lives!

  39. peng Says:

    Love is the very and only thing that holds everything together. God is love. If we don’t have love, we don’t have God. And it is love that has motivated you to care, for even the tiniest detail for Kitty. You have experienced God’s love and in return you give …

  40. owner of Kitty Says:

    Yes, you’re right about love. When your heart hardens towards God and others, God comes in an entirely and unexpected way. I never thought of anything except care for this vulnerable kitten. O the wisdom of God!

    Recent memories: the man who collects the rubbish told me that Poo (he KNEW the name!) tried to scare him away whenever he collected the rubbish by puffing himself up. Here is this little cat, shackles up, saying, “Dont take away our things!” And the rubbish collector showed me just what Kitty looked like. He and I, grown men, laughed. How he attracted admiration.

    Two young ladies, former students, came by to say hello and bring something nice from Taiwan, where they had had a holiday. Kitty rubbed against my legs as they and I conversed, unafraid. Normally, he avoided strangers. I held him up, and he reached out with a little paw and touched the younger sis, nibbled her hand, and got down from my arms. She was delighted and I was happy. Kitty touched others, too. Incidentally, the older sis helped me and ma bury Kitty. They live around the corner.

  41. Kai Ling Says:

    He is such an adorable kitty. I was impressed when I first saw him…active and charming.
    We shall keep him in our hearts, always.
    May God bless him, to live in peace, in another world.

  42. owner of Kitty Says:

    TQ, kai ling, for helping us give Kitty Poo a decent burial. And for your support.

  43. owner of Kitty Says:

    Kitty Poo constantly surprised me. I had put up pvc netting to keep 4 mth old Kitty from going out onto the road. As he grew older, I decided to cut a hole to let him go in and out easily since he had climbed it once to get outside. The netting would remain to keep out unwanted dogs.

    After he had watched me cut the cat hole, he looked at me, as if asking what it was for. “It’s for you to go through, Pooey,” I said. He climbed over the netting right beside the hole! Then, he looked at me. I’m sure he wanted to say, “Silly daddy.” I was so amused. Yea, silly daddy. Pooey’s a cat, after all.

  44. PooiYin(J3 YC student) Says:

    theres a lot of mosquitoes this few days~
    take care and dont be bitten tooooo often~


  45. owner of Kitty Says:

    Once Poo was sitting beside me on the couch. I was reading the newspaper. Suddenly, something forceful landed on my stomach, then onto the newspaper on my lap. It was Poo, demanding my attention. He began chewing up my newspaper, the little darling, coz he wanted me to let him chew my hand. 🙂

  46. Zi Xun Says:

    I am so sorry for the unwilling accident occured on 16 January. Please be tough. The kitty gone was protected and kept in good state under the caring of Mr. Thong’s family. He should be very lucky to meet Mr. Thong. I hope that Mr. Thong and his family keep their sweet memory with kitty and be blessed for his going.

  47. aredvoice Says:

    This is a heartbreaking post, I am so sorry for your loss. I send my prayers and condolences. May the Lord send his blessing of comfort to you & your family during this loss. I’m sorry.

  48. Kitty's ma (Suzanne) Says:

    It has been 3 days since I had written. Over these 3 days, I felt listless and even somewhat depressed.I had wanted to pen my thoughts since I knew they would fade id I didn’t do it soon.I had thought that each day,it would get better and that I was going to get over Pooey quite soon but it appears to be much harder than I had imagined.
    Every day when I walked downstairs, I would weep and sometimes wail for Pooey.It was like a sudden wave of emotion which would sweep over
    me unawares. There was no stopping it.
    3 days ago on Tuesday 20th,it happened again.As I was wailing for Poo, he came to me again(the second time since). First it was as a Kitty, then very quickly, as a little’boy'(angel).I was already surprised that he came as I believed these visitations would be rare but I was even more amazed at how my heart calmed immediately when it happened.It was just like when I thought of Pooey(as a kitten) my heart broke but when Pooey appeared as an angel, it just seemed to totally dissipate all the sorrow and pain in it. Strange as it might seem, there was no denying that there was a mysterious power at work then! When Poo appeared as a kitty, I tended to be sad but when he appeared as an angel,there was power at work.It took away my pain immediately.
    This has happened 2 times.I have thought about this over and over. From the perspective of psychology, it is possible to explain away this phenomenon and rationalise it as an imagination of the heart. It could be what psychologists might term as a’ psychosomatic’ response (whereby the body, mind and soul-mainly referring to the emotions here,worked together to produce the desired effect.
    In this case, it was the ‘delusion’ of a sudden quietening of the emotions).However, a psychosomatic experience usually results in negative effects, like a manifestation of symptoms of apparent illness. Moreover, they cannot be produced at will.I write this just in case there are those who doubt. But whatever,it is with the eyes of faith that one sees and experiences spiritual things,a foretaste of heaven.
    Early on Wednesday morning before I woke up, I saw Poo again.At a window, there were hung 15 or 16( I knew the number rather than saw them)hair accessories. They were like metal chopstick-like thingeys Chinese women in olden days used to put in their hair for adornment. Each one had 3 metal spheres attached to it and and hanging down from it. Inside each sphere was another sphere. They were very pretty and shone somewhat in the sunlight.And then as quickly, a voice said,
    “It’s for you , mama!” And then I knew it was from Pooey.Imagine my astonishment!
    Now don’t ask me why these things happen.If I knew, I wouldn’t be so amazed myself. I certainly didn’t conjure them at will. I believe however that Pooey, as his real self as an angel, does have some powers and free will to act as he wills. He certainly know that I was quite miserable without him and how I was still hurting so much inside.
    Although there is no real significance in this act,I think he just wanted to comfort me and let me know that he is near me (perhaps at least at this time when I need him still).Why hair accessories? Beats me. Perhaps Pooey knew that I like trinkets and accessories of all sorts. In any case, they were beautiful!And more so, it was a beautiful, thoughtful gesture, one that totally caught me by surprise and caught me off guard.
    I thought that visitations from Pooey would be few and far between. I was wrong. Poo is very much alive and always nearby, watching over us as a guardian angel would. He hears us when we mourn and our poignant keening reaches his ears.(Oh- his ears used to twitch at the slightest sound, esp. if it was our voices.)I really believe Poey will come to me when I call to him, as he always did when he was here.
    Whenever I returned from work, I would call out, “Pooey, where are you?” And little Poo Poo who had been sleeping under the car in the sun would often sleepily arouse from his slumber. I would tell him to follow me into the house as it was so hot and he would obediently and obliging do so.
    Other times, wherever he was, if he heard me call for him to come home, he would come bounding from wherever he had been playing, usually outside.I knew he loved to play so when I opened the wooden door to let him out,I would say to him,”Go out and play, Pooey.” and he would do just that.
    Sometimes, it was the back door. When I went into the kitchen, Poo would be there with me,happily fighting with my plastic bags of groceries,clawing them vigourously with his hind paws as if trying to ‘kill’ them.Once he fought a sweet potato, holding it with all his 4 paws, rolling about with it and nibbling it. It just killed me (laughing!)watching him. I’ts on video if anyone wants to view it.
    At times, he would go out the back just to sit and watch the merboks(wood pigeons) perched high on the roof and looked longingly at them.No, he didn’t want to make friends with them. I bet he was dreaming and thinking, ‘If only I could catch one!” I was just so thoroughly amused by lil Poo’s antics. He never failed to amuse me constantly and gave me so much joy.Laughter is known to be a good medicine.My darling Angel Poo knew it was just what I needed and gave of himself without reservation. I am soo soo very blessed and privileged to have nurtured and loved an angel for my own baby!

  49. owner of kitty Says:

    Let me confirm one thing: every day, several times a day, ma would warn me that we would “see” less of poo. But, much to my pleasant surprise, he has come again and again. I sense him when I come down at 7.15 every moning. I feel him around in the house. I dont see him physically. I dont know how to describe it. There is acceptance and joy that our angel, no longer a kitten, no longer physical, fills our home amd hearts with his presence. The Lord is the Lord. Praise His Name.

  50. Kitty's ma (Suzanne) Says:

    Thank you aredvoice. Thank you Zi Zun. And Pooi Yin. Also, thanks to all the uncountable readers who prayed for us amd continue to pray for us. We see a clearer picture, though even what we see is only a small part of the truth. Who can fathom the mind of God?

  51. Kitty's daddy Says:

    Memories of Kitty:
    Ma reminded me of something which has always intrigued us. Kitty played rough with me but was tender and gentle to her. He would be chasing me all over the lounge (his playground), but whenever he passed her by, he would inevitably pause, touch her foot or leg gently, and carry on. In the mornings, when he came upstairs to greet me, I would carry him, cuddle him, and place him beside ma. “Touch ma to tell her you’re here,” I would say. He would, ever so gently, touch her hair or her face, and then follow me downstairs. Once, I put him on ma’s bed and said, “Touch mama to tell her you’re here.” He stood aside, in pretended aloofness, then jumped off the bed. When I went outside our bedroom, suddenly, he stood on his hind legs and quickly extended his paw to her, to tell her he was there. Ma said later that she thought he was trying to tell me, “Daddy, you don’t have to tell me, I know what to do.”

  52. Kitty's daddy Says:

    More memories of Kitty:
    At night, when I had returned from work, maybe 10pm, Kitty would come and sit on a small pillow placed on my lap. Ma and I would watch TV together. Often, after chewing my left hand for a while, he would look at ma again and long as she was eating her late dinner, he lay there, waiting patiently. When she put down her plate, Kitty would get up and look longingly at her. “Come, Pooey, come to mama,” she only had to say, and over to her he went! He could fall asleep beside her on the couch in just a short while. Perhaps he would fall into the big gap between his side of the couch and her side, but he slept on. A term of endearment we had for him was, “Pig cat.” For the deep sleep he fell into beside mama.

  53. Scott Thong Says:

    How did you come to adopt a kitten all of a sudden anyway?

  54. Jamie Says:

    Mum and I decided to get a cat as Catcat stopped coming. Lonely in the house

  55. Kitty's dad Says:

    When Catcat stopped coming for the first time, that lasted eight long days. Was she dead? Stolen? Lost? The uncertainty was torturous. With Kitty, we knew at once the outcome, and we could find closure. THAT made all the difference. This morning, Fri 23 Jan, is one full week after his return to God. I am empowered by joy, from the certainty that everything works for good to those who love God.

  56. Kitty's daddy Says:

    I recall that I originally thought of Pooey’s name as Kitty Pooh, as in Winnie the Pooh but it eventually evolved affectionately into Pooey and Poo Poo and it remained that way since.
    Another thing I recall is the way he touched me, literally. When I cuddled him, he would lift 1 paw and ever so gently touch my cheek softly. To me, this simple act was such an endearing, loving gesture, as if to tell me, “I love you mama.” Other times, before he went out, he would call out, as if to tell us his intentions.
    His ears were always attuned to mama and dad.Even when he was sleeping, he would lift his head and look when he heard our voices. The TV could on blaring away but it would not faze him. We often had to whisper or tell each other to be be quiet so as not to arouse the sleepy Kitty. Otherwise, he would not go to sleep!Dad esp. used to lull him to sleep with a special Chinese lullaby I was astonished when dad first did that, treating like a human baby, and esp. using the song which we had first sung to baby Scott.
    Once, Kerry returned and told us he had some roast chicken for everyone, including Kitty. There were only 6 small pieces and there were 3 of us and I thought it was a waste to give to a kitty.( He was only a kitty after all, of so I thought!)So I said,” Don’t give it to him.
    Wow!You should have heard the loud protest from Pooey!I couldn’t believe my ears when he immediately let out a distinctively indignant meeoooww! Then dad said to include him and he let out a second softer pleading meow!I was just so astounded. I couldn’t believe he really understood us.It just wasn’t a cat thing.It only served to convince me that he had to be more than that.
    Dad was the first to call him Poo Poo ‘darling’. Dad said Pooey knew the word but I didn’t quite believe him.Dad told me to me to call him.Then whenever I called him ‘darling’, he seemed to acknowledged it and wagged his short little tail in pleasure. To prove it, we did it several times
    and each time Pooey wagged his tail (like a dog, I thought!) sometimes vigourously in response. Seeing is believing but I was just so amazed by our Kitty which didn’t act like a kitty..
    Days before he died, he was playing vigourously,running all over the living room. Dad was in the kitchen. I was in the living room watching TV. As he ran by me. he stopped just for the briefest moment , stood up on his hind legs and gently touched me on the leg,as if just to tell me he was acknowledging my presence and that I was important to him, and then quickly proceeded to dash madly towards dad.I was astonished at this and consciously touched at this caring, thoughtful gesture.
    This was just another 1 of those things about Pooey which fascinated me all along.To me, his actions were all too ‘human’!In hindsight, it confirms all my feelings that he was really an angel after all.Now you might understand why I always thought of Pooey as much more than a cat.
    So many things about him were so amazing. I felt it wasn’t just intelligence. He was able to make such wonderful connection when he interacted with us, and subtly but at the same time,spontaneously draw out such emotions in us (often unconsciously) in return.
    As he was working his way into our lives, he was creating a bond of love with all of us. If he had not become so integrally a member of the family.
    we would not have been so hard hit by his sudden demise. The mind knows it was for the best but the heart doesn’t agree.
    Pooey, it will be a long time before the heart comes to listen to the mind. We all still miss you terribly.I am comforted in the thought that Pooey can hear us and often visits us because he still cares for us.

  57. Kitty's Ma Says:

    Oops. The above comment is Ma’s, not dad’s.

  58. Kitty's Ma Says:

    Today is the 8th day.I hope I have got over Pooey mostly, thoguh I did tear up for a while in the car just now.I am much comforted by the realisation that Pooey mission consisted of 2 parts.The first part, he came as a kitty to bring love into our lives and then, that physical body died. It brought us much grief.
    Now the second part of his mission is to restore us! To bring healing and help us recover – that’s why he appears to us so frequently! I finally realised that after being astonished at his visits and was wondering why he came so easily when I thought that he would be gone and rarely seen again, as in normal circumstances.I now know that he has been sent to watch over us too, so that’s why is around us all the time, and when we call out to him or need him, he makes his presences known or manifests it in some way.
    God does not leave us alone in our grief.He sees us through it all.I’ve always known this principle. I learnt it from my many encounters with God.
    In Christ , there is hope.In His crucifixion, there is resurrection. So because of the living God, where there is initially darkness, there will always be light at the end of the tunnel. And after the rains, there will be the rainbow. Where there is mourning, it will be replaced by rejoicing! And with this truth in my heart, no matter what comes my way, I can carry on because He gives me strength and I know I am never alone!

  59. Kitty's Ma Says:

    In reply to Scott’s question, when CatCat stopped visiting us, I felt that Dad needed something to fill up the void.When we got to the vet’s. I asked Jamie to call Dad to ask if we could bring a kitty home.He agreed, thinking it was Ma who wanted the Kitty!Well, what better than a tiny,cute, scared, vulnerable lil kitty which needed to be loved and protected to bring out the best instincts in a person!Pooey certainly did his job superbly, and well beyond all expectations!KUDOS Kitty!You will certainly get your rewards from the Master!

  60. Kitty's dad Says:

    Our Kitty was brave though impetuous. One night, as raindrops fell, I picked him up and went home. But he ran off as soon as I put him down, straight across the road, and began exploring the place. Suddenly, the rain poured down. He ran under the Wira and waited for the rain to stopped. Thunder and lightning, the road all around swirled with water as the place flooded but Kitty stayed under the car. I couldn’t get him to come out, and getting drenched within minutes, I had to return home. When the rain stopped half an hour later, he came home, not the least bit perturbed by his wet experience. Mama called it “growing up”.

  61. Liyin Says:

    Sorry to hear.
    I’ve always wished I could have my cat Bebe in Heaven someday.

  62. Jenn of the Jungle Says:

    I am so very sorry for your loss. The loss of a loved pet/family member can be devastating. Take care.

  63. Kitty's Ma and Da Says:

    It’s 2 weeks after, and we still miss Kitty. Less, but the sadness remains.

  64. Kitty's Ma and Dad Says:

    We remember our darling Kitty Poo. “You are my special angel, Sent from Heaven above. The Lord smiled down on earth, And sent me an angel to love…”

  65. Kitty's Dad Says:

    One precious moment is cherished. I came home one evening, and ma and Kitty were at the front door. She held him, lifted his right paw, and waved it at me. “Say hi to dad,” she said. Kitty tried to get away from her embrace, to get to me. I spoke to ma, not to Kittty, and he gave a very loud demanding MEOOOOW. “Oh sorry, Pooey, didn’t mean to ignore you!” And I held the precious Kitty in my arms.

  66. Kitty's Dad Says:

    Liyin, dont be surprised when Bebe greets you in Heaven! Guess who will recognise whom first?

    Thanks Jenn of the Jungle!

  67. Kitty's Dad Says:

    Kitty loved biting and chewing my hands and feet. But he could be gentle and loving, too. One morning, when a neighbour and her dog stood outside our main gate, Kitty hid behind a pillar, shackles up, afraid yet indignant that a dog should stand there for so long. I picked him up and placed him high up on a chest of drawers that was placed there for sunning.

    He turned to me and touched my nose with his slightly wet, cool pink nose! He, then, nibbled my left hand ever so gently! That was his thanks for getting him out of harm’s way.

  68. Kitty's Dad Says:

    Log onto youtube, oneforthelord, Kitty’s Grave (16 Jan 09)

  69. Kitty's Dad Says:

    I must tell you something I just remembered. One nite, as I was cleaning out Kitty’s toilet box, he heard me from outside and ran in to help. He always tried to help but got in the way. This time, I carried him to ma and asked her to hold onto him until I had finished. Kitty kept trying to get away from ma’s arms. He really wanted to help. But ma wouldnt let go of Kitty. She did say, “It’s your daddy who won’t let you go to help; it’s not my fault.” As soon as I had finished the job, ma let him go and he ran to me and bit me in the foot! He was angry! Ma had a good laugh. Kitty was so indignant. “You shouldnt have said that, ma!” I said. “But it’s true!” she replied. And Kitty bit me a few more times. What an intelligent, adorable Kitty Poo!!!

  70. Kitty's Dad Says:

    We never realized that cats farted until Kitty would give off a stink similar to the smell given off when he did his toilet. Once, at the back yard, the stink was so bad that I said, half in jest and half seriously, “Poo, you farted; so smelly! Go and do your poo poo and come back after.” Ma heard me and thought it hilarious. Imagine, talking to a kitten in that way?! Daddy was crazy! Suddenly, Kitty ran inside, got into his poo box, did his toilet, and ran back to the back yard! Our laughter was mixed with the realization that we had a Kitty that understood and obeyed.

  71. Kitty's Dad Says:

    In 1981, that’s 28 years ago, I read C.S. Lewis, A Grief Observed. It touched me. That amazing man, grieving over this wife, wrote poignantly of his loss and the daily struggle to cope. Many of my friends thought he had lost his faith. I knew he hadn’t. They thought his was an unhealthy dwelling on his personal loss. I didn’t agree. I knew he was writing not only for himself but for the rest of us, those who would come along later in the life of faith and lose someone we love deeply. He was writing for us who grieve, and continue to grieve, and to eventually (and ever so gradually) come to terms with irretrievable loss.

    I have met many who have lost someone they love, grieved, and having accepted the fact that their loss is final, became better people. People cope in different ways. My student, leader of our Scouts at school, died last August in a motorcycle accident. His parents, having lost their only child, came to school one day. They handed over a large sum of money, money saved for his higher education, and asked that a scholarship be set up in his name. Their intention, a glorious one, was to see to it that others got the higher education that their son would never have.

  72. Kitty's Ma and Dad Says:

    It is Sunday. We did not work today, it being the last day of the Chinese New Year holidays. We went to town, had lunch, did a bit of shopping, and returned. As we came inside the house, grief caught us unawares. Oh Kitty Poo! How we miss him still! What grief counselors say, what we ourselves know, is true. Grief is a process that repeats itself. The sense of loss can return in an overwhelming way, and we turn to God again for comfort.

    Last night, Sat, we went to church. I remembered Kitty’s message, said so gently last Sat as I sat in church, “Praise God, Da.” Thus, I sang God’s praise with a sincere heart. In walked friends, a couple. The man’s mother died just before Chinese New Year. We had been at the wake on the 2nd day of CNY. He had shed tears openly as he spoke of his beloved mum, and his wife had done the same. We felt their grief, having lost our Kitty Poo so recently. Now, as they passed by our pew, he raised a thumb in response to ma’s question, “How are you?” The smiles on the faces of both were open and sincere. We could see joy in their eyes. The Lord is good, He comforts the grieving and restores their joy.

    In the pew on the right, two rows to our front, sit another couple, about our age. They are wonderful people. They still grieve in their own quiet way. Their younger daughter died of illness a decade ago but a sadness lingers. Most don’t know this but ma and I do. Psychologists say that grieving over a child last 3-5 years. I have always believed them to be wrong. A man I know has never got over his eldest son, who died in 1982. He has several adult children and many grandchildren but none came make up for the one lost to him. I sat with him then, in 1982, and he, unable and unwilling to weep, yet the sorrow so deep in his eyes that I could not bear looking into them any longer, said, “My son is dead.” His broken heart has never mended.

    And what of Mary, the mother of Jesus, when she heard the prophecy of Simeon, which included these words?
    “and a sword will pierce through your own soul also” (Luke 2.35).
    Did she remember these words as sorrow pierced her very soul when she watched Jesus Christ hanging from the cross? The pain in her heart!!!

    “I am the Resurrection and the Life; he who believes in me, though he die, yet shall he live..” (John 11.25). Surely, she remembered these words also.

  73. Kitty's Dad Says:

    This afternoon, I finally finished repainting the walls at the front of the house. I had started before Kitty left for Heaven. It was easy painting coz he sat and watched. He never interfered. For a kitten, such patience! Angel unawares, ma said. Often, he dozed off. But when I had finished for the day, washed up, and said, “Ok, Pooey, time to play,” he woke up. We would have fun, a great time together. Since his return to the Lord, the desire and energy haven’t been there.

    Somehow, I found the desire and energy today, and completed the task in 2 hours. No Kitty, no fun. Just work, a chore. But Kitty would have enjoyed watching me, and I would have enjoyed his company. It was lonely.

  74. Kitty's Dad Says:

    Today is a public holiday, and I’m home. I’m busy, correcting students’ work. But there is an emptiness there, there is no Kitty Poo lying on the sofa, napping, waiting till the heat of afternoon turns to the cool of evening.
    I can’t help blaming myself for losing him. If only…oh, if only..

    But there is no If only, only the fact, and the fact is that he is gone forever from our lives here on earth. That he is gone to be with the Lord comforts the mind but not the heart! That he is gone..that’s the terrible loss that the heart and the soul can hardly bear. Where could I go to find solace but to the Lord?

  75. Kitty's Dad Says:

    “So faith, hope, love abide, these three; but the greatest of these is love.” 1 Corinthians 13. 13.

    To love makes you vulnerable. You put yourself at risk. I did. I loved that pitiful, weak and helpless kitten that we came to call Kitty Poo.

    That is, however, what God did. He loved. He still does. It made Him vulnerable, put Him at risk. He risked His own son, Jesus Christ. That is an important truth we all EXPERIENCE (rather than know only intellectually) when we love. God is love, and when we love the way He does, we experience something of His quality.

    For all those of you who have loved and risked, and who continue to love and risk, may God nurture you.

  76. simon thong Says:

    Kitty loved to follow ma outside when she went out to the back compound, where she cooked. Once, ma locked Kittty out. She didn’t realise it had the feeling that Kitty was still in the back compound. As she opened the wooden door, she heard this soft, piteous meow..The poor darling kitten had been waiting patiently for his mama to come let him in!

    Another time, ma and I were locking up as we were about to go to town. “Where’s Kitty Poo?” I asked. “Oh no, I think he’s out at the back! I locked him out!” When I opened the back door, there he was, looking at me as if to say, “You locked me out.” Haha.

  77. peng Says:

    Kitty’s Pa & Ma,

    Please go to this link to listen to this touching revelation, about God and His Son.
    Just as Kitty is special to your family, so is God’s Son special. And He died for a purpose.

  78. simon thong Says:

    Just watched it, peng, thanks. Touched us. We understand but the heart still longs for Kitty, to touch and to hold. It’ll take a bit of time, but we’re fine. For your prayers and those of others, we are grateful.

  79. peng Says:

    ‘Peace I leave with you; my peace I give you. I do not give to you as the world gives. Do not let your hearts be troubled and do not be afraid’, said the Lord.

    It’s good to be comforted. Good to hear you are fine!

  80. SitOn This Says:

    To Scott Thong & Family, “God bless you & your family” for your LOVE shown to Kitty Poo during life tenure within your family. My condolence, you’re all kind-heart and compassionate. Thank you.

  81. Kitty's dad (Simon) Says:

    If what we went through touches you or anyone else, we are grateful and blessed. It was Kitty Poo who began it, coming into our lives, bringing out the best in us.

    I’m now extra careful when I’m driving, especially around cats and dogs. That’s the least I can do.

  82. Kitty's Ma Says:

    It’s been 3 wks since Pooey passed away. Over CNY, we were all too busy but as soon as the festivities were over and the children had left, the waves of emotions started to flush over us both again.

    I recall how i took Pooey for walks. Although I thought it was only done to dogs, I carried Pooey in my arms and walked along the road to where the dog was. All this while, I was talking to Pooey, telling him about the danger of cars wrooming along the roadI told him that the dog was bad and it wanted to eat tiny Pooey!

    When we reached the house where the dog lay, Pooey got skittish and tried to climb onto my shoulder to get away down onto the road and probably under a car where he felt safer.It was all I could do to keep him from falling off my shoulder!

    The next time I did this, he was much calmer.but he still stiffened when he saw the dog in the front porch.However, he merely stared at it without flinching or trying to escape from this danger.

    At other times, in the evenings, when I went for a walk,I would call to Pooey to follow me and he did so readily and trustingly. I told him to be careful of cars and when one appeared, I would call out to him. Poo then quickly sought shelter under a car or by the roadside. he was quick and smart about it.

    I took Poo around to the back yard of our house and showed him. Initially, he followed me tentatively, stopping to explore the new unfamiliar surroundings, sniffing at things and chewing on the grasses along the way.I dared not go too far as I was afraid I would lose him.

    The next time we went again, Poo even ran ahead of me on the back lane until I called him back. I was afraid that if he turned the corner of the lane, I wouldn’t be able to see him. Good lil Poo was ever so obedient and ran back to mama as always!

    Once we walked past some house and Pooey went into each of the porches, just looking around. Then he noticed the covered drain in front of the houses.The neighbour’s yellow cat always walked under the covered drain for safety and Pooey had learnt this from it. Poo went into the drain and I just about panicked. I looked under the covered part and couldn’t see him and called out again and again. I was so worried becos I would have to stay there until dark.I couldn’t bear the thought of him getting lost. He was still so young.

    After a few mins, I looked up to the other end of the covered drain to see Pooey standing at the other end, watching me, as if wondering ‘Why are you looking down there for me, ma???”!These are the times when Poo amazed me with his intelligence.

  83. Kitty's Dad (Simon) Says:

    On my 2nd son’s blog,, I wrote on 21 Oct 08: This is a very smart cat. He wants me to put my finger into his dish and stir the food before he eats. When I didn’t understand him last night, he bit me three times, very hard, and gave a loud complaining MIAOOOOOWW. Aha, I finally did what he wanted and he ate his meal with relish.

    On 22 Oct 80, the next day, I wrote: I put my finger into his food to stir it while he was eating, and he bit me. A very different bite from all the bites he gives at play. I could feel the difference. The blood spurted out. Not his fault but mine. After his meal, he let me cuddle him.

    When he wanted me to stir his food, it was BEFORE he ate it. When he bit me the next day, it was coz he was defending his food! Not long after 22 Oct, I could touch him,stir his food or play with his short, cute stub of a tail, and he would not mind. He had learnt to trust me, to trust us, his family. A week before he returned to the Creator, he ate from ma’s hand! He picked up dainty bits from her palm gently, or nibbled at a little choice morsel. The touch of his tongue, so rough, was strangely delicate and tender!

  84. Kitty's Dad (Simon) Says:

    We played rough, Kitty and I. Sometimes, he drew blood from my hand or arm; as if he knew, he might lick my finger gently! But his tongue felt rough on my finger.

    Strangely, the few times he licked ma, she found his tongue soft and gentle! I think he knew the difference well: rough play with dad, and gentleness towards his ma.

  85. Kitty's dad (Simon) Says:

    More memories: From the beginning, we tried not to let Kitty Poo come upstairs. His place was downstairs. Then, when he was barely 3 months old, he saw ma going upstairs. As ma and I were talking loudly in our bedroom, we heard the distinct tingle, tinkle, tinkle of Poo’s red bell. He was slowly but surely climbing up the stairs, coming to us, following the sound of our voices! Sssshhhh, ma, I said. I went to the landing to look down, to see Pooey climbing step by step. He never saw me coz he was intent on climbing those steep steps.

    When he got to the top, he took a few steps but suddenly, ma rushed out of our bedroom and stamped on the floor in front of Pooey, at the same time letting out a loud shout. (She loved to scare him when he was small.) Poor Pooey ran in panic and hid behind the large laundry basket. Ma ran back inside, hand over mouth, trying to stifle her laughter.

    Pooey was undeterred for long. He came out of hiding and came into our bedroom, very cautiously. It ws at that time I shut my steel cabinet. The loud metallic sound scared poor Pooey so much that he ran down the stairs in panic. Hahaha…

    Anyway, he did come back upstairs many times, and was no longer afraid of loud noises in our bedroom.

  86. Kitty's Ma Says:

    When Poo first came to us, He liked to nibble at our fingers. My 2nd son Jamie used to tap him on the mouth to deter him. He told us not to let him do it or he would bite harder when he grew up. Sure enough – that happened!But when has tiny, I loved the ticklish nibble and the time we spent together in each other’s company.

    As Poo grew, his bite was noticeably more painful as he couldn’t quite control his strength yet. If Poo bit a bit too hard for my liking, I let out an “Owww” to let him know. Then he would stop, look at me for more information and continue to nibble again, but this time, less hard. Later on in his life, the “Ooowwww!’s grew longer and louder as Poo bit harder
    and no longer deterred him from having his fun!That was when I knew

    At other times,I would also tell him ‘Play, play,Poo, Play”, meaning ‘Don’t bite for real’ and he would adjust his strength again. One day, he bit me a bit too hard for my liking and I tapped him firmly on his head. Poo retreated but later, when he had the opportunity, he bit me again – hard! That was to show me his displeasure for being ‘beaten’.

    Dad told me that he was being catty – taking revenge on the earlier. Believe me – it was true! I found out the hard way – through experience and believed so and didn’t chastise him again. However, when he grew much bigger, his bite was too painful for my thinning skin on my hand. His canines had brown longer and sharper and sometimes, when he got really going, his claws got into the act as well! Eventually,I just gave up and didn’t allow him to bite me anymore.

    That was also how and why dad came to take over the role of playmate to Pooey. In the evenings, it was my TV serials time and so they spent a lot of time outside in the garden. They used to play quite rough and it was just a bit too much for my liking! Ah – talk male bonding!!! :)Haha!

  87. Kitty's Ma Says:

    Oops sorry – that last part should have been ‘talk about male bonding’.

  88. wits0 Says:

    Let it go, Simon. In life it becomes necesssary to have and to hold, and also the readiness to give up anything when it has to be. Cherish and remember the memory but not grief too long and too much.

    Many, many moons ago, cycling back along Siamese Road from school(in Ayer Itam) in Penang I saw an apparently abandoned kitten in the grass outside that Siamese Buddhist temple. Tucked it under my shirt and brought it home. Although it wasn’t as beautiful as your Kitty(plain striped grey) it adapted very well to a 2 dogs home and turned out to be such a marvellous cat. Very intelligent and cute. Everyone lovesd it. Even the dogs don’t bother it. Watches TV with me. Its eyes really were fixed and followed the TV screen! At night it crept upstairs and end up sleeping on my chest or on my side.

    Then one day a visitor came by car and my young playful cat was crushed by the wheel of the Triumph Herald car when it left. I wrapped it a blanket and buried it myself and for many years I returned to the ancestral home, I always gaze at that unmarked spot and also recollect the other spots where some great pet dogs were buried over time. It’s loss came at a time of personal depression too.

  89. Kitty's Dad (Simon) Says:

    I’m letting go by the day, and so it’s less daunting now to leave the house at 7.15 each morning and walk past the spot where the car hit him to get to my own car. My appetite is better, too. The good times keep coming back in our memories, and we’ll going to document these so as not to forget, or remember wrongly.

    So many people have lost their cat or dog to cars. My colleague turned to me from his PC as we sat in the computer room today, and said, “It still hurts when I think of my cat.” His cat got hit by a car but crawled home to die. It lay down and vomited blood.

    When you return to your ancestral home, there is no way you can forget your cat or your dogs. You surely got through those days, but part of your heart lies back there. We are getting through our dark days now.

  90. Kitty's Dad (Simon) Says:

    Woman with dog from down the road came looking for Kitty Poo, says she misses him, and so does her big dog (the one ma took Kitty Poo to look at on her walks). Was in shock when she heard about Kitty Poo. Went off, told her dog, “ Kitty, let’s go home.” Her dog was the first one our kitten saw. It’s this dog that made Kitty so scared and upset in that video on youtube of Kitty growling deep in his belly.

  91. wits0 Says:

    Simon, I hate dog shooters ; there are much better ways of making a living. Equally so those intolerant folks who chose to alert such vampires over one or two friendly strays around your quiet neighborhood. I’ve seen too many particularly nice ones such destroyed by these AH people. To add insult to the angst is the thing about hating dogs according to some ppl’s unreasonable creed. Then there’s the penalty of a fairly heavy licensing fee and usually that known inadequate supply of license available each year as well.

    Some years ago I lived in such a neighbourhood where my left neighbor was a nice old lady and my right one a divorced chinese guy who always make a point to tell ppl that he’s a christian. On his left was an indian middle class family. Over time a few strays would appear and get shot by dog shooters in rather rapid succession. It was much later while on the verge of moving away that during a conversation, the indian lady neighbor revealed me that it was this christian fella who was complaining and alerting the dog shooters. Otherwise others in the 8 house block used to feed those poor mutts and were quite happy with them. I remember two of the mutts became particularly affectionate a day or two before their demise like as if to bade goodbye. One used to chase my car as a predawn sendoff and spots me when still more than 50 yards away whenever I return, usually on alternative days.

  92. Kitty's Dad (Simon) Says:

    I hate dog shooters real bad, too. I saw them hunting down strays in the middle of Ipoh city, at about 11am. Those poor strays were sleeping around empty stalls at a food centre. Suddenly, gunshots rang out, squeals of pain from a shot dog which still ran around but the team cornered it and shot it dead. I went off, too angry and disgusted to stay around.

    In my experience, being christian or not makes no difference to whether a person treats animals kindly or not. Indeed, being christian or not makes no difference to the way many christians treat others. I apologise to all christians out there who are offended but that’s the way I have found life to be. I’m a christian and I try to make a difference but I don’t expect much of other christians, or think highly of them either. I wish christians were different but it’s like wishing that cows would fly.

  93. wits0 Says:

    I’ve seen the same in Simee market too and elsewhere in other places. These vampires really love their job too! A few years ago, circa ’04, the DBI promised to seek a more humane way of dealing with strays – nothing came out from that. Part of the litany of broken and forgotten official promises.

    It has been said that a country is also judged by the way it treats its animals and in this respect, Bolehland has long fallen very flat on its face! Heck! Even from the national zoo, ill treatment of animals and pilfering of ration/allocation have been reported though naturally muted.

  94. Kitty's Dad (Simon) Says:

    Ma and I spent 6 years in NZ, 1976-82. Things may have changed today but in those days, we saw the kindness to cats and dogs among the people. Dogs were really friendly. They didn’t bark at us. There were NO FENCES around most houses, and dogs were seldom kept for the purpose of guarding homes. They were pets, companions, members of a family..and treated accordingly. On Sunday mornings, it was not uncommon to see a family in their car, going for a leisurely drive..father, mother, son, daughter and dog. This happened in Wellington, Auckland, Hamilton, Christchurch, Ashburton, Timaru, Dunedin…

    The only time we came across an animal used as a guard was at a suburb outside Wellington. The sign said ‘Beware of Sheep’ and when you went near to this sheep tied inside the compound, it chased you, to try to butt you!

    In Bolehland, everything BAD is boleh-la. A man had 2 puppies, gave 2 to us; and we raised them up, loved them..he gave the other 2 to another, and those two puppies ended up in a pot, stewed with ginger and herbs! How awful!!! That dog-eater had the nerve to bring a portion and offer it to my father. To my utter surprise, my father gave him a piece of his mind and literally chased him away. Btw, my sister in Shanghai says that it is not unusual to see dogs, skinned, hanging from roadside stalls in that city. Many Shanghainese stop to buy dog meat…

  95. Kitty's ma (Suzanne) Says:

    Memories of Poo filtering in

    Poo really did some highly amusing antics. Once when he climbed up the stairs to see us early in the morning, I was still in bed with my blanket over me.Poo loved to chew toes – dad’s – and I didn’t allow him to do that but undaunted, he chewed thru the blanket to look for the toes!

    Somehow he managed to get under the blanket at my feet.Then I covered him with the blanket so that he was in the middle of it and not at the end where he got that he couldn’t see. He stopped for a while, then gradually proceeded to fumble around, looking for the way out.

    All this while, I was giggling, enjoying the sight of his body shape wiggling about tentatively under the blanket. Then, to my amazement, after some initial trials and error,he popped his head out thru a small opening in the blanket! The blanket was made of loose weave cotton threads which were getting frayed and coming apart.

    Accordingly, Poo pushed his entire lil body thru the hole, making it suitably bigger for him to force his way out -and at the same time, making a hole so big that it obviously couldn’t be mended again!Then he merely jumped off my bed and sauntered out of the room – fait accompli!(Having finished the task)

    If I could describe his expression, I would say that it was a mixture of smug,content and blase 9like ‘Oh, that was no big deal!’) Trust my smart lil Pooey to be so creative in finding a solution to a seemingly impossible impasse!

    Poo often made me laugh. Ans as we all know, laughter is good for your soul – and I needed it! I had never anticipated to have so much fun with this lil angel and to be given so much joy by him.And that’s why he was such a precious gift from God and the memories of him are so endearing. When I think back on his amusing antics, I still get that warm feeling in my heart. Thank you angel Poo, thank you Lord for giving me this angel sent from above to love, if just for a season.

    “Better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all!”

  96. Kitty's Dad (Simon) Says:

    The dog that came with the woman to “visit” Kitty (see post on Feb 7_ cpz they missed her is the same dog that ma showed to Kitty Poo on their walks. It was very strange that this dog never, ever barked at Kitty. He would stand at the gate, and Kitty would sit under the car, just beside the tyre, and they would watch each other. What were they thinking of, Kitty and the dog? The woman and I would chat. Whenever she tugged his leash and say, “Time to go,” the dog would refuse to go. I knew Liity Poo didnt want his around but I couldnt be impolite and ask the woman to take her dog away, so I would stroke Kitty Poo and say, “Darling Pooey.” He never bit me at all, coz he found comfort in Dad’s closeness. At other times, especially at play, I had to let him bite my left hand while I stroked him with my right! When he got wise to my trick, he would bite my right hand fiercely but I could then stroke him with my left.

  97. Kitty's Dad (Simon) Says:

    A good memory of another quality of Poo that made him so endearing: once, after midnite, Kitty came upstairs and got onto the mattress next to mine. He came over and bit my feet, which I then put under the blankets. He went back to the mattress next to mine and lay down, too excited to sleep but obviously sleepy. He had woken up from his own sleep downstairs and come upstairs to look for us. Wanted company.

    I stroked him, and he bit my hand several times, and then, suddenly, he was asleep! His little mouth held my thumb in it (like a child’s mouth holding a pacifier), and his four paws held my wrist (like a child cuddling a bolster). He was fast asleep. In a minute or so, I could remove my hand. Ma and I giggled quietly, and soon we fell asleep, too.

    At about 4am, when it was coldest, he crawled onto the space between my feet and slept. It was cosy and warm there for him but it was uncomfortable for me, so ever so gradually I moved over to the mattress he had vacated, found another blanket, and slept again.

    At dawn, he woke up, bit my feet a few times, but becoz I pretended to be asleep, he was considerate and left me alone, and went downstairs. Much later, when I went downstairs, he jumped off his usual place on the couch and came to me. Meal time. Darling, adorable, intelligent Pooey!

  98. Kitty's Dad (Simon) Says:

    It rained heavily tonite. Kitty Poo was always quiet and sad on wet nites. Thunder and lightning terrified him as a little kitten but he soon overcame that fear, no longer hiding behind the sofa. Instead, he sat on the couch. Sometimes, I sat on the porch on a stool, and he sat under my stool. Kitty and I waited for the rain to stop. When it did, we played. He hid behind flower pots and rushed out, and pretended to attack me, only to run back into hiding. We had many wonderful nites together, rain or fine weather, my Pooey and I 🙂 Ma will tell you about her song for Pooey on rainy days.

  99. Kitty's Dad (Simon) Says:

    Jesus Christ came to redeem not only man but all of creation. He reconciles manwith God, man and man, and man with the rest of creation. Being a christian should make a difference to the way we view our world. For almost all of us, the world is just too big, so we try to relate to other people at work, at play, along the street, etc. Similarly, we can’t be responsible for all the animals in the world. But we can relate to the cats and dogs in our neighbourhood, especially the pet we keep. Care for your cat or dog with love and protection. Show them the nurturing love the Creator intended when he placed man in the Garden of Eden. When we do so, we will reveal an aspect of God our Creator, the loving Maker of “all creatures big and small”. Perhaps we may experience more of God’s love!

    We wish we had had more time to care for and love our Kitty Poo. Every moment of his life with us was a good moment. If cats could have smiled or laughed with joy, he would have done so. He was loved like our own child. He ate when he wanted to. He was held when he needed to be held. Often, he was held and cuddled when we wanted to hold and cuddle him. We planned our days and nights in such a way that he was included. We tried to give him a good life, which for a kitten meant a fun-filled life. Watch youtube “oneforthelord” videos to see how much fun Kitty had. We loved him with all our hearts. I hope we loved him the way God intended us to love kittens and cats…

    In return, he gave meaning to mundane days and quiet nights; he brought tenderness and patience in greater measure; he brought companionship; he brought joy and laughter; and because of the antics he got up to, he brought anticipation of more laughter! What would he do next, that irresistible, irrepressible Kitty Poo? My camera was always ready to record them on video.

    If you have a cat or dog, be open with your heart. Love the way God expects you to love one of His creatures, now put in your care. And you may also entertain an angel unawares, as we had with Kitty Poo.

  100. Kitty's Dad (Simon) Says:

    Meal times with Kitty Poo were always special even though he had several meals a day. Cats are supposed to get fed twice a day but not this pitiful, bag of skin and bones. Starved of mother-cat’s milk or comfort, bullied by a kitten twice his size, to whom he lost his meal, Kitty was nevertheless unable to eat more than a few tiny bits or pieces each time. He couldn’t keep the food inside for long either, but discharged it as poo-poo. Thus, we allowed him to eat as often as he wanted. “Demand feeding” was our policy, designed to help him eat enough, help him grow, and help him learn that his food was HIS, and no other cat’s.

  101. Kitty's Dad (Simon) Says:

    It seemed forever before a round little bulk appeared where his stomach was. His bottom filled out a little bit, and he wiggled his bottom as he toddled along. How we laughed! How satisfied we were! The tummy would just as suddenly disappear as he used up his energy running around but he could gradually eat more, and the tummy (“fish basket”) would appear again.

    But it took many weeks before he stopped growling possessively whenever he ate. We loved touching him as he ate, just to hear those strange growls. Was he warning us off his food, or were they expressions of pleasure as the food satisfied a hunger he had had from birth? Maybe a mixture of both. If you watch youtube video, one forthelord, “Bother Kitty eating”, you hear his inimitable growls.

  102. Kitty's Dad (Simon) Says:

    When did his growls stop? I always stroked him as he ate. “It’s so yummy, Pooey, eat up. Mummum, yumyum..” And when he paused, I encouraged him, “Eat some more, darling, some more” and he would obliged. He would turn to me, or to ma when she gave him his meal, for encouragement, and when we said that it was alright, he accepted the approval; and returned to his meal. His stomach did not seem to take much in, and it was common for him to eat two times, 30mins apart, to finish a meal. The food lay in his bowl, waiting for him. We did not want him to go hungry, and wanted him to become secure in the knowledge that there would always be yummy mummum in his bowl. Suddenly, his growls stopped. We don’t know exactly when.

  103. Kitty's Dad (Simon) Says:

    His bowels were super efficient. Halfway through a meal, he would stop, go to his poo-box, sit in it, finish his poo-ing, and return for the next round of food! The fun we had, watching this; the peals of laughter from us! There was a look of intensity when he was in his poo-box, sitting there, a focus in his eyes that astounded me the first few times. I am still amazed as the memory of that intense look comes to mind. Poo looked very handsome then!

  104. Jamie Says:

    Kitty’s photos are keeping me company at work. I laminated the bigger one and put them up at my cubicle.

  105. Kitty's Dad (Simon) Says:

    Two things Kitty loved to eat were papaya and chocolate. He ate crushed papaya from my palm. He licked chocolate left over on my fingers.

  106. Kitty's Dad (Simon) Says:

    Kitty could play for hours, 6.30-11pm, but suddenly, the bell no longer tinkles. We look, and he’s fast asleep on the couch. Or just as unexpectedly, he climbs onto ma’s lap and falls asleep. Then ma and I look at each other, and one of us says, “Tien-ha tai-peng” (Cantonese for Peace on Earth). We laugh quietly to ourselves so as not to wake the darling Kitty. It will be so quiet until he awakes. Another round of fun and play begins…

  107. Kitty's Ma Says:

    People say that cats always land on their feet. I once tested this.I grabbed hold of him and from 3-4 feet up in the air, I let go of him over the couch. I did this a few times and each time, he did land on his feet. So the belief is true although I’ve heard that a cat can hurt itself, especially if it is dropped from too high or if it is not quite ready and miscalculates its timing for turning its body in order to be upright and land safely on its feet.But I wasn’t going to take the risk of be that cruel to my lil Poo!

    At times, Pooey played so vigorously that he actually fell backwards and knocked his head against the table leg or something. That quickly put an end to his wild plying straightaway!He would walk away in as dignified manner as he could – it was as if he wanted to regian his composure after that error and didn’t want to lose face!Hehe!

    Another time, when he was much older. he followed dad to the back while was hanging out the clothes. He called out to me to see Pooey and there he was – poised unsteadily, trying his best at doing a balancing act on the 3metal bars of a rickety old towel rack.It was so funny to watch him take 1 uncertain step after another on that rack which swayed gently under his weight.Smartly, Poo decided it was not his act to be a circus and soon, smartly bounded off it to more solid ground.

  108. Kitty's Ma Says:

    People say that cats always land on their feet. I once tested this.I grabbed hold of him and from 3-4 feet up in the air, I let go of him over the couch. I did this a few times and each time, he did land on his feet. So the belief is true although I’ve heard that a cat can hurt itself, especially if it is dropped from too high or if it is not quite ready and miscalculates its timing for turning its body in order to be upright and land safely on its feet.But I wasn’t going to take the risk of be that cruel to my lil Poo!

    At times, Pooey played so vigorously that he actually fell backwards and knocked his head against the table leg or something. That quickly put an end to his wild plying straightaway!He would walk away in as dignified manner as he could – it was as if he wanted to regain his composure after that error and didn’t want to lose face!Hehe!

    Another time, when he was much older. he followed dad to the back while was hanging out the clothes. He called out to me to see Pooey and there he was – poised unsteadily, trying his best at doing a balancing act on the 3metal bars of a rickety old towel rack.It was so funny to watch him take 1 uncertain step after another on that rack which swayed gently under his weight.Smartly, Poo decided it was not his act to be a circus and soon, smartly bounded off it to more solid ground.

  109. Kitty's Ma Says:

    Some of us might remember the days when we learnt nursery rhymes in kindergarten when English was still the medium of instruction. (Nowadays, children don’t know what they are!)

    On rainy days, Poor lil Poo would stay indoors and try to sleep or look for dad to play with. I knew from his behavior that he was waiting patiently for the rain to stop so that he could go outside to play. Then I would talk to him sympathetically and comfort him or sing him his rainy days blues song.

    Rain rain, Go away, Come again another day,
    Rain rain, Go away Little Pooey wants to play!

    I don’t know if he understood but it sure became theme song on rainy days for him!

  110. Kitty's Dad (Simon) Says:

    Pooey on the rickety old towel rack: ma failed to mention that when she saw poor Pooey trying to balance himself on it, her laughter was spontaneous and loud, so loud that poor Pooey bounded off. He knew she was laughing at him, and he wanted to preserve his dignity.

    Whenever Pooey hit his head on a chair leg or table leg, I would stroke that part of his head that got hurt. Did it comfort him? I really don’t know but it made me feel better for having tried to comfort him.

  111. Kitty's Dad (Simon) Says:

    Ive asked ma to write about the time Kitty helped himself to the fishball; that’s really worth waiting for!

  112. Kitty's Dad (Simon) Says:

    Ma asked why I no longer watch football on TV; is it coz Kerry, youngest son, isn’t around to watch with me? No, it’s coz, when Kitty Poo arrived, he became much more interesting than football, or anything else on TV. I didn’t read my latest novel either. Kitty had to be cared for, and became so wonderful to care for. Lost interest in football on TV. Now, still no interest.

  113. Kitty's Dad (Simon) Says:

    16 Feb. Kitty Poo left for Heaven exactly a month ago. My dream in the night: there was a flood, and our lil one was lost. For days, we searched, but there was no sign. Would not give up the search. Had to find him, alive or dead. That was so important. Suddenly, I realised that there was no need to search for him. Lil Kitty Poo was with the Lord, killed by a car. There was a sense of loss as I slowly awoke, but there was a deep thankfulness that the Lord gives certainty and assurance, Kitty Poor, our darling, is with Him, in eternal rest. Amen.

  114. Kitty's dad (Simon) Says:

    We NEED to know what has happened to the ones we love. A woman has spent 10plus years looking for her little boy, kidnapped as a 7yr old, and still won’t give up. She hasn’t seen his body. Is he alive? She must know or she will never rest. In 1980 or 1981, I’m not sure, my friend, Roger (now Dr Roger), told me of a man from whom he had got a lift at Taupo, North Island, NZ. There had been a huge storm, the man, his wife and children were on a boat. It capsized, and man and children got to shore safely. Rescuers came but gave up searching for his wife. All went home. The man couldn’t sleep, and the next morning, he went to look for his wife. As he stood on the shore, the waves brought his wife’s body to where he stood. Closure! How could he not try to recover her body? How could he be at peace, or explain to his children, if he had rested while their mother was still out there?

  115. Kitty's dad (Simon) Says:

    The Lord gives assurance. He gives closure. I am past grieving. There is remembrance, memories abound; and how else could it be when Kitty Poo touched me so deeply? Watching him on youtube is a joy; there is no pain any more, just a sense of wistfulness mixed with wonder. How could a little kitten, unless he was an angel, touch us so deeply and extensively? The Lord is good. The Lord is great. Praise His Name!

  116. Kitty's Dad (Simon) Says:

    Kitty’s eyes were amazing. They were yellow most times, like most cats’ eyes. At times, they were a very clear blue. Now and then, they were green. Green was the colour ma noticed from the first day. I noticed that only on the second day. There was a fourth colour. When he hid behind the curtain and got ready to pounce on me, they were a bright, shining black!
    We loved the green most. In the 3 photos above, you can see yellow, green and blue. Did the colour change with his mood? We wonder.

  117. fafo Says:

    Im so sad when I read the story. My tears drop. Yeah u will see the cat in heaven. u know when u feed the cat, the cat will always pray to God for you. So do other animal as well.
    I have 2 cats. They like to lepak outside also. I always pray that they are safe.
    The same this with ur case happen to my cousin. Speeding car at houseing aread hit her cat. Everybody cry about that.

  118. fafo Says:

    its not goo to feed cat with choclate. it could poison the cat.

  119. Kitty's Dad (Simon) Says:

    I didn’t know about chocolate poisoning cats; thanks fafo! Won’t feed any cat with chocolate again. The other day, after the rain, I was driving out. On a small quiet road, a little kitten walked out onto the road. I quickly stopped my car, got out, picked it up and put it far away from the road. So scared for its safety!

    My favourite video of Kitty Poo is Kitty’s first bath, on youtube video, oneforthelord. Enjoy watching it.

  120. Kitty's Dad (Simon) Says:

    The rain poured down tonight and we suddenly remembered Kitty Poo! How scared he was in his first few days, of the lightning and thunder! He would rather hide behind the couch or under the organ than lie in my arms. Within a week of so, he was no longer sacred. How fast kittens grow, how much fun they want to have, how wonderful it is to have Kitty around!

  121. Kitty's Dad (Simon) Says:

    Now and then, I hear ma suddenly burst out laughing, but I don’t have to ask her why. I know why. She did ask me why when I had suddenly chuckled and then guffawed. The answer: I had just remembered something funny that Kitty Poo had done, just as she had. The laughter breaks out spontaneously, as it did when he was with us. We’re trying to let go but the joy and laughter from Pooey’s life with us is so pervasive that wonderful memories return unexpectedly, causing us to burst out laughing. Not easy to let go when the joy won’t let us go. Surprised by remembered joy! What an angel!

  122. Kitty's Dad (Simon) Says:

    An example of remembered joy: I see the wastepaper basket lying on its side. Pooey did that several times but it never occurred to me that he had done it until I saw him pull it over. He looked at the contents, picked out a suitable screwed-up ball of paper and played pawball with it! We laughed and laughed. That was what I remembered, and what brings on the present laughter.

  123. Kitty's Dad (Simon) Says:

    fafo said, “when u feed the cat, the fat will always pray to God for you.”
    I never realised how true this is until I again read what you said.

    All my friends and students said to feed Kitty Poo only once a say, less bother. I asked, What if he was hungry? Never mind, they said, he’ll get used to it. My cousin’s wife feeds their cat once a day; if they go away for three days, they fill the bowl to the brim so it’ll get something to eat.

    But we couldn’t. Pooey was our angel, our child, and that’s why he is named Kitty THONG. We didn’t want him hungry. His life before coming to us was as an orphan, poor, hungry little miserable pitiful kitten. SPCA resident. We wanted him to be nourished, to fill out, to grow..and never to cry in hunger. Thus, he was never ever hungry. Even when he pulled over our wastefood bin in the kitchen, it was due to curiosity; he never ate what he found there. When it came to meals, he always ate whenever he asked for it.

  124. Kitty's Dad (Simon) Says:

    At church, a word stood out at worship. TRUST. I had been thinking about trust as soon as I sat down on a pew. Trust. Trusted God when, having little money, we went to NZ. Trusted him all our lives. Before NZ and since. Will trust Him in the days ahead.

    Then other words appeared in my mind: TRUST. POOEY. MA. The connection clicked. Pooey trusted ma. 100%. She could put Poo in a plastic bag, tie the opening, carry him in it from the kitchen to the lounge and back, open up the bag to show me Poo inside..and all Poo would do was look at me and at ma. She would tie up the opening again, and he sat quietly waiting for her to let him out. Once she let him out. He got back in and looked at her, as if saying, “Ma, more! Do it again, ma!” He trusted her, loved her teasing, and wanted to be teased further.

    Trust. God. We. See the connection?

  125. Kitty's Dad (Simon) Says:

    Fri 20 Feb 2.45am. Woke up from a good dream. Someone came to visit with his cat. Cat ran round our lounge once, very fast. Pooey did the same after that, at twice the speed and gracefully. Then hen looked at, eyes so clear!

  126. Kitty's Dad (Simon) Says:

    Was folding the laundry brought in, and suddenly remembered the timerm when Kerry, our son, told Kitty Poo, “Sit in daddy’s basket. Bother him.” He promptly put Pooey into my basket of yet to be folded clothes. Little Kitty lay there as suggested, and I had to pull out one garment at a time. Each time I did so, Kitty looked at me but he didn’t fight with me for the garment. When I couldn’t get any out coz he was right on top of the rest, I let it me and he napped contentedly. I was content, too. 🙂

  127. Kitty's Ma Says:

    It’s been 6 weeks since Pooey is gone. Over the last week, I was suddenly overwhelmed by a deep sense of emptiness and loss when I looked a t Poo’s 3 photos which I had intentionally placed on the TV.I did that so as never to forget my dear lil darling Bright Eyes, as I used to call him. I cried a few times off and on even though I’d had told myself that I’d had enough of crying but it’s not like you could control it – it controls you.

    I know that you have to let the negative energy generated by grief run its natural course or suffer the consequences of recurrent spasms of unbridled sorrow when you are not strong or in control or your emotions. So I have to let myself work through it, as with all difficult situations and crises. In my early days as a trainee counsellor, I’d seen enough of what serious damage unreleased ( repressed) grief could do.

    I wrote this some time ago but was too busy to post it.
    We never allowed Poo to get on the table to forage for food and he usually ate from his bowl. Once I fed him morsels of luncheon meat from my hand which he enjoyed. At other times, I fed hm pieces of fish ball. He was always a very dainty eater and sometimes, I don’t know why and I always found it strange but Poo sometimes couldn’t seem to find the food under his very nose and I had to position my hand to his mouth!But I enjoyed the feel of his little tongue on my hand – it was one of those little endearing acts which bonded us together. Small things do matter after all.

    Once we probably didn’t feed him enough at night so the next morning, I found that the plastic bag which I had left on a small table had a hole in it. I had forgotten to put away the fishballs I had bought the night before and there were 1 1/2 fishballs missing! Apparently, Poo must have been hungry to chew through the plastic bag to get at the food. That was the only time he had ever done that. (This was what dad was talking about.)

  128. Kitty's Ma Says:

    I forgot to mention that at the saddest times when I just cried out to Poo, I saw him come to me to comfort me in my mind’s eye. He would raise his paw and gently stroke me on the cheek, an action of his which he used to do to me affectionately sometimes when he was alive and which I loved about him. I believe it is God’s grace and mercy which allows him to visit me in the greatest time of need – to alleviate my grief.

    As usual, when that happens, my emotions calm down immediately and I feel better. It does not happen every time but when it does, I know it’s real because I can’t summon it at will. He has to come to me by permission of his master’s grace.

    After last week’s downturn of emotions, I’m beginning to recover again. It’s like that. The depression hits you suddenly, lasts for a while (a few days maybe) and then once the energy has worked itself off, it dissipates – until the next round of sadness comes up and needs to be released again. But each time, the energy works itself off,( if you go with the flow, that is) the next time, the impact will be less and less until all the grief that was generated is adequately released. That is the grieving process – unpleasant but a necessary part of being human.

    The last few weeks, I had been preparing some plants for Pooey’s grave. This evening, I dug them out of the pots and headed there. I rearranged the plants which I had planted around the stone cross on the day Poo died to make a better formation of a cross. I also weeded the area. It took me an hour but I was satisfied with the result.

    I know that Poo’s body lies under the grave. When I think of Kitty Poo, I am sad but I am comforted to know that he has gone back to his master. I also told myself that I will not refer to him as Kitty Poo anymore -that was the kitty. I will refer to him as the angel that he was – Angel Poo! And Angel Poo is alive and well in heaven!

  129. Kitty's Dad (Simon) Says:

    Kitty Poo the angel and spirits.
    My mum saw a ghost when a little girl, and never got over it. She was born in 1919, and is still sprightly and energetic for her age. I never “inherited” her ability to see ghosts or spirits. However, I can sense or feel their presence. My right forefinger can “search them out”. When my eyes are shut, I sense them strongly.

    Across our house is a newly-planted durian orchard. It used to be secondary jungle. My children often saw things. Friends experienced in these things advise us not to acknowledge their presence as, once they know you can see them, they want to be part of your life and home. Once Kerry said, “There’s one across the road, Dad,” and sure enough, it came across to our side and followed Kerry into our house! I sensed it, stood at the threshold, and commanded it to turn around and leave, which it did.

    It is said that black cats see spirits. But Kitty, angel Poo, also saw them tho he is white and yellow! When a little kitten, he would suddenly stop, look at the front door, shackles up, looking fierce..there was danger and he was warning it to leave. Each time he did that, and there was nothing there, I would wonder. Could it be..? The next few times it happened, I went to the threshold and..Yes, a spirit was there, about to enter but stopped by our little kitten! There is a bamboo plant in our neighbor’s porch, just over the wall, very close to our front door. Spirits often hung around it.

    One night, after ma had heard my explanation, she carried Poo and went around the house, telling Poo to chase the spirits away. Since then, nothing has tried to come inside. Not even now, as Poo’s presence is still very strong. No spirits around the bamboo plant either.

  130. Kitty's Dad (Simon) Says:

    The first time Kitty Poo slept in our bedroom was in Dec 08. He came upstairs at about 8am, lay down on Kerry’s bed and when I stroked him, he bit my hand and promptly fell asleep. He was so tired that when ma got up to go to work, he lay there, eyes open, watching her. “Why are you always watching me?” Ma said, as she always did, coz he always watched her. I left him there and went downstairs. She left, too.

    Repainted the back fence. Went back up at about 11am. Kitty Poo was still asleep. When I came out of the bathroom, he crawled over to Kerry’s pillow and lay on it, closed his eyes and slept again. I went out. At 3.30pm, I came home. No Pooey to greet me. Went up the stairs and he was at the landing, watching me with sleepy eyes. He lay down and slept again. Only when ma came home an hour later did he get up and go downstairs, to eat his first meal of the day. I still wonder why he slept so much. A very comfortable bed? A very quiet place, where he was not distracted by anyone? Being so curious, he would inevitably wake up and follow me or ma around the house even tho he needed the sleep.

    A memory to be treasured.

  131. Kitty's Dad (Simon) Says:

    Pooey spoke only cat language but was very expressive: I’m hungry, I want to play, Hurry up, Come out here, Let me go, Where are you? Why are you taking so long? I’m satisfied..

    But he understood English, some BM, simple Mandarin, Cantonese and Hakka. “Oh, you’re hungry are you, stomach is so empty” was spoken to him in Hakka. “Come home” was also said in Hakka. His lullaby was mostly English + Cantonese + Hakka. I called him my Hakka-miao (hakka-cat).

  132. Kitty's Dad (Simon) Says:

    To keep a pet is easy; to love it is hard. But it has to be a mutual relationship. You care for your dog and it repays you with affection. It is a two-way street. It is only when you become too busy that you begin to neglect your pet, and that is sad. It can also lead to neglect and perhaps, abuse.

    We loved Poo. Unconditionally. We were always there for him. Organized our days around him. Always made sure he was not left too long by himself when he was small, and later, made sure he could get in and out of the house easily. In return, he was there to give us his affection. Come home after a long day out, and he would crawl out from under the car, stretch himself in his inimitable way, and come to tom us for a cuddle. Or follow us inside for another meal, freshly made. He kept ma company when she watched TV, sleeping under her feet or beside her on her couch. Or on my armchair when I wasn’t around, her constant companion. If I went to bed before midnite and Poo was still awake, ma would be the last person he saw. She sat there at her couch, sewing or watching TV, and he would sleep beside her.

    He loved his ma, never having known his natural mother, coz she loved him. Poo loved her most. And she loved him in a way I couldn’t, as a mother loves her child. That is why she still feels his presence and he comes to her in visions and dreams. It is also why she will suddenly miss him and grieve again. Each time, the grief is less intense and for a briefer period, but it’s still there.

    And I. Yea, I still miss him. Every place in the front compound, at the back compound, in the house upstairs and downstairs..all hold fond memories of life with Poo. We have our work, our family and friends, and we have God but Pooey still remains present. 🙂

  133. Kitty's Dad (Simon) Says:

    Ma teased Kitty endlessly, and he loved it all! Innocent, trusting Poo would try anything ma asked him to. You can watch many of those incidents on youtube video, oneforthelord. When teased, he asked for more. He enjoyed those precious times also, and surely he knew how happy his mama was from her peals of laughter. When the boys were young, she teased them and the house was always full of laughter. Poo brought the laughter back. We still have a good laugh everytime we watch Poo on youtube.

  134. Kitty's Ma Says:

    It’s been about 1 1/2 mths since Pooey left. At times, when I look at his 3 photos place strategically on top of the TV, the tears would flow spontaneously again. I had told myself enough of silliness and no more crying, but like I said, the heart does not always conform to the mind’s dictates.So I cried briefly again last nite and today.

    I last wrote a week ago.I went past Pooey’s grave when I was out for my evening stroll. I wanted to see how the plants I had planted last week were doing. And there they were – lovely, strapping, young plants bursting out with new shoots red and green in colour! I had placed them such that they framed the outline of the cross nicely.

    I was very lifted up by the sight. However, while the plants thrived with the heavy rains over the last week, the lallang had also sprung up with a vengeance!These nasty weeds have very long roots which reach deep into the ground and it took me a great deal of effort to try and uproot them. Most times, I didn’t mange it and the weeds just broke off. I also noticed that where there were some creepers, the lallang didn’t grow, so while I have to clear the lallang, I would have to let the creepers grow so the lallang wont overrun Poo’s grave area.

  135. Kitty's Ma Says:

    Dad commented that I loved to tease Poo. Yes, that was becos I knew that only when he was young could I play with him endlessly, as I did with my 3 little boys. Like them , I knew that once was older, he would find other interests and not pay as much attention to me. It was a natural process of growing up, for better or worse.

    So when Poo first came home,being the very vulnerable kitty that he was, his world extended only to the area around his cage and when he played, it was under the small table set before the couch where I usually sat to watch TV> And so it was that I had lots of opportunity to have fun with my lil Kitty Pooh!I loved those times.It was those interactions that endeared me to him – the constant and daily games and fun time we had
    together. Thank God Jamie and Dad filmed these on video or I would have lost these precious snippets of treasures of my baby which I cherish now when I watch them.As he gave me so much joy then, I still laugh as heartily when I review them.

    I used to put lil Poo to sleep every nite as I usually stayed up the latest when the boys were away. Often, he didn’t want to go to sleep. This actually made me nostalgic as we had to coax and cajole baby Scott to go to bed. We used to wrack our brains to think of ways to make Scott sleep so that we could have some rest and peace after a long tiring day of constant activity with him.

    I would cuddle him in my arms and stroke him to sleep. He would then look at me with his bright angel eyes and soon close them.But as soon as dad said something, he would just as fast open them to check out the noise.Any sudden loud nose also startled the tiny, scaredy kitty. Once he wanted to get comfortable and he clawed his way up to my chest with his head snuggled on my shoulder! It was not a comfrotable position for me as I had support his lil bottom with 1 hand to keep it from slipping downhill!But I loved feeling of Poo’s warm relaxed body pressed against my heart. And that is 1 of the most memorable times with my baby. Strangely enough,that was almost the same position when I snuggled Poo’s dead body against my chest the day he died.

    As Poo grew, sometimes he wouldn’t stay still in my arms so I would press his head down gently and he would quieten down but soon, he would atttempt to get away again. Then I would pretend to censure him in a serious tone and stroke him to coax him till he closed his eyes to sleep.I am thankful that I spent time with Poo as a baby as I don’t have any regrets about neglecting him. Just like my kids then, boys will be boys and as Poo grew, it became more of Dad’s job to keep him occupied with rough and tumble games.

    Poo brought back precious memories and stirred up nostalgic feelings of my own babies which had been embedded deep inside my memory long ago. For this, I am grateful to Pooey. With all the busyness around me, I had forgotten what those times were like until Poo revived them.Looking after baby Poo allowed me to relive those good times again. That’s the bonus for loving him. Thank you angel Poo!

  136. Kitty's Dad (Simon) Says:

    The kitchen was cluttered with stuff before I found the time to clear the place up, and it was a wonderful place for Poo (“angel eyes”) to play in. If ma was there, cutting veges, cleaning at the basin, whatever, Poo would inevitably be there. He would hide somewhere, come out of hiding to touch her, and disappear again! If I walked in, he stalked me, rushed out, touch me, and just before I could catch him, run off and hide somewhere. Hide-and-seek-and-touch was a great game for him. As I began clearing up the kitchen, he had fewer places to hide. I purposely left a little low cupboard there, just for him, and he hid inside the lower ledge, from which he would pounce on ma or me when we walked past. He never bit, it was a game of touch-and-run.

  137. Kitty's Dad (Simon) Says:

    Kitty Poo, where are you? I woke up this morning, but there is no Pooey. I’m angry, angry for the first time, at the loss of my special angel. Not at God, who gives so generously and comforts me when he takes Pooey away. JUST ANGRY. Never again will I touch my Kitty Poo, or hold him, or feel his sharp teeth on my foot or hand. Never. That’s why I’m angry. Anger, by the way, is another part of the grief process.

  138. Kitty's Dad (Simon) Says:

    Sadness abounds. Colleague’s cat has been away for two nights, ran off coz it was upset. She saw it had a nose infection, put some turmeric powder in its nose as a temporary measure, so cat ran off in shock (I think). I also think it’s lost as it has lost its sense of smell which is so important to a cat. Where to look, she wonders. I really feel for her. Having lost my Pooey, I know the sense of dread she has, the pain in the heart. I pray for her cat and for her.

    I remember the one and only time Pooey was unwell. Scott noticed an infection on a paw, so ma took Pooey to a vet. Got liquid antibiotic, and 3 times a day, we fed him. I held him with one hand (he was so small!), put my other hand inside his mouth to keep his jaws from clamping tight, and ma fed him with a dropper. He fought a little but graciously swallowed everything. COZ HE DIDN’T KNOW HOW YUCKY IT TASTED THAT FIRST TIME. I, then, rubbed the infected part with an antibiotic cream, Fucidin, which he didn’t lick off. With each subsequent feed, however, he reacted strongly. He knew what it was, an awful-tasting, yucky thing! I remember full well his last feed of antibiotic: he spat it all out strongly all over my shirt front, haha…

  139. Kitty's Dad (Simon) Says:

    Colleague’s cat, Bush, hasn’t returned. From all the blood, she thinks, it won’t live for long. She just wants to find it and give it a decent burial. Once, it went off for 6-7 mths but that was when it was healthy. She saw Bush a couple of times then but he ran off..didn’t want to be brought home; wanted his tomcat ways, you see. Now, she wants to say goodbye. give Bush a good burial.

    Ma went to Pooey’s grave yesterday, tidied it up, and did a bit of replanting. When it’s ready, we’ll film it and let you see how restful and beautiful Kitty Poo’s earthly resting place is.

  140. Kitty's Dad (Simon) Says:

    What do you make of this, Zack Rawsthorne? Or Peng? Kitty Poo came back in a dream to ma, mature and confident, not the little kitten he used to be. The next night, I dreamt of him. He sat at the backyard while we had a barbeque at the frontyard. “Come over here, Pooey, and have some roast lamb,” I said. He walked over casually and confidently, and answered, “I don’t like lamb anymore, dad.” I was surprised and marvelled. It was Poo and yet, not the same Poo!

  141. peng Says:

    It means Kitty is real and very much alive in your life, your home. He may be gone, but not forgotten. He lives on in everyone of your family. And Kitty is telling you and ma, that he’s okay where he is. Showing you that he’s all grown up and different!
    BTW, I noticed you added another photo of Kitty in this post, and he look handsome!

  142. Kitty's Dad (Simon) Says:

    Ok, I see more clearly.

    Today, ma said that the house has been free of spirits since Poo came; it’s clean even now, tho he’s physically gone. I suspect that his presence is so strong that spirits avoid coming in. It’s like being free of mice, shrews and rats for more than a year ever since the first cat, Cat Cat, came and stayed for a while. Rodents pick up Cat Cat’s lingering smell, and also Poo’s scent, long after they are gone. We used to have them come daily; once, it took me 3 mths to catch a mother mouse and her 14 mice! None now.

    Perhaps it is the same with spirits. They don’t want to come around coz Poo’s presence is everywhere. Whatever the reason, we’re thankful.

  143. Kitty's Ma Says:

    Over the last few weeks, I had veen pining for Poo. As I mentioned to dad, Poo came to me a few days ago as I called out to Poo sometimes becos I believe he can hear me and feel my grief still. It was to my surprise that he came as I last saw him – a grown kitty – but he had a different aura about him. I could feel that somehow he was more mature and stronger and had a sense of confidence and power about him.

    I can’t quite explain it but I think he is gradually regaining his original power and perhaps even his original form as he was before he came to us as a kitty. He was sometimes a grown kitty and sometimesappeared like a cherub. It’s quite an amazing experience since we didn’t expect it and neither can we fathom it. It is one of God’s mysteries which can be accepted thru faith.

    Dad and I often wondered why Poo was taken so soon and so suddenly, causing us such abrupt and deep, grief. Unfortunately for Poo,since he started to run around with the neighbour’s worldly-wise cat, things would probably have turned out for the worse.

    Eventually, over the weeks of heart-rending searching,with God’s grace and wisdom slowly filtering into our cluttered minds, I think we finally understood why.We gradually came to realise that perhaps it was for the best. As I had said earlier, once Poo hung out with that bad cat, he started to change. Slowly but clearly, his mind and personality was getting corrupted by that undesirable animal. Poo was an angel in disguise.God forbid that he turned evil!

    And so before the vile corruption and insidious decay of the innocence and goodness could set in to take hold of Poo, the Lord had to preserve his purity of spirit and call him home. We didn’t understand that initially of course, but even tho we knew later on, it is never easy to accept. Grief in never easy and like Dad wrote earlier on, for some, it is so traumatic and wounding that the hurt never goes away (unless they allow the Lord to heal them).

    For us, we trust God and so our wound will slowly but surely heal eventually. There is no other way to live except by trusting in a higher power. We know just how fragile our emotions are and we can’t take too much battering in life.

    The loss of a beloved ranks the highest on the psychologist’s stress scale. For some unfortunate, the consequences are dire as it knocks down the immune system and releases harmful toxins. Gradually wasting away in body and spirit, illness (esp. cancer) and even suicide. I have seen with my own eyes the terrible effects of death on those left behind. I thank God that none of these will touch us becos we choose to live in God’s will. He promises to protect us if we abide in him and He will never leave us nor forsake us, come what may. Hallelujah!

  144. Kitty's Ma Says:

    When Pooey first came home, he was very wary and would walk about in a rather strange manner. It was sometimes sideways so he could watch what was going on beside him and often, he actually sprang about so much so that I thought of him as a springbok-a type of deer in S. Africa). I think he was wary and nervous about everything as it was so unfamiliar to him still. As I watched the way he moved, it used to amuse me greatly. However, he lost this springy walk later on as he grew older and became more confident.

    I loved to tease or play with Poo and he lapped it all up and came back for me, even tho sometimes it was a bit much for him! Like that time in the laundry basket when I put Poo in and rolled it around. Poo was intrigued and got out quickly at first but curiosity and his love for play got the better for him and in a jiffy, he jumped in again for more!

    This went on several times until I increased the speed and Poo got rolled around a bit much and got somewhat dazed. He then tried to get out and in his hurry, he clunked his head against the leg of the table! We had a good laugh! Poo then got himself together and mustered as much grace as he could and sauntered off nonchalantly!(To save face lah!) Never knew a kitty wanted face until Poo came!Hahaha!

  145. Kitty's Dad (Simon) Says:

    Yea, talking about face, every time Poo knocked his head or fell (once on his face), I would try to hold him and gently stroke the hurt part but he would move off quickly to avoid me. Pretended he hadn’t fallen, I think. Whatever he did, we loved him. We still love him.

  146. Kitty's Dad (Simon) Says:

    When Poo learnt how to jump onto the couch and claw his way up, it became dangerous. I found that out firsthand. Not knowing what he was going to know, I left my left hand on the backrest of the couch. Poo, not knowing my hand was there, ran, sprang from ground level, clawed his way up..and caught my hand in his claws. Aaaaarrrrggghhh!!!! He looked at me in surprise, not aware he had scratched me. I showed him my hand, blood spurting profusely from my index finger and middle finger. He didn’t know what it was all about. My index finger had 4 long claw marks, and the middle finger had 2. I didn’t scold wasn’t his fault, being a kitten-turning-into-cat. But we were careful after that. Poo the cat was Poo. And the angel is now an angel again..

  147. Kitty's Dad (Simon) Says:

    Dog down the road still comes by to look for Poo. That was his first dog. Poo always had his shackles up, didn’t like it around, but it hung around, wagging its tail, wanting to be friends? or to eat Poo? Woman and dog come in the mornings, on a walk, and she has to pull dog away. Keeps saying, No cat, no cat, gone..Dog misses Poo?

  148. Kitty's Dad (Simon) Says:

    I came home 10 mins ago, unlocked the grill, went in, only to find the wooden door bolted. Had to climb in thro the window. Was immediately reminded of the last time I did that, and almost landed on Pooey!

    As always, when locked inside, he would stand right behind the wooden door when he heard someone arrive home and wait for it to be opened. As Ma has mentioned, he got hit by the door several times but never stood far away coz he was so anxious to see us. Thus, we had to open it slowly and carefully.

    Well, he was standing at the door, watching me curiously as I climbed in. He must have wondered why dad was acting so strangely! Anyway, as I landed on the floor, he moved towards me, so I had to let myself fall to one side to miss him! Gosh, that was a near thing! I hurt my leg but that was okay, Poo was safe.

  149. Kitty's Dad (Simon) Says:

    Saw a photo of a kitten sitting on a car tyre, which reminded me of where Poo used to hide whenever he wanted to make it hard for me to find him during our games of hide-and-pounce (he hid and pounced on me!) He would run under the car, but when I looked under, he wouldn’t be there. The first time, I wondered where he was…as I walked around the car, out came his paw! He touched me, looked at me and seemed to say, “I’m here!” Yes, there he was, on top of the car tyre! After that first time, I knew where he would be except which one of the 4 tyres.

  150. Kitty's Ma Says:

    I recall how often when I came home from work or shopping,as soon as I opened the gate, Poo would be able to hear me from behind the wooden door inside the house. It was closed so he would not go out as he was still tiny and vulnerable. Poo would then mew plaintively, eager to meet me quickly and when he was older, he was so impatient to get out that he would even bang against the door!

    I often hesitated outside a few more seconds just so I could hear his cry. I loved to hear him mew and Poo would be so happy to see me home again. A few times, when I opened the door, Poo was directly behind and it knocked him on the head. After that, we learnt to open the door slowly so as not to hit him again.

    That’s the wonderful thing about a pet – knowing that he’s always waiting for you to come home to greet you with such joy and enthusiasm, so much so that I often hurried home and would forgo my usual shopping or errands just so as to not to make Poo wait longer.

    Even now when I return, I still think of Poo lying under the car, waiting for us to come home as he always did. And when it rains, I would sometimes Poo’s song , ‘Rain, rain go away’. Even the weather affects us in such a poignant way.

    When I go for my evening walk, I remember how I would worry that Poo would get left behind if I walked too fast or too far. I would constantly look back to make sure he was nearby and was within my sight. I recall how I was especially anxious when he went into the drain at one end and I would be calling for him when he was already out the other end and looking at me in a puzzled or even amused manner! Those memories are precious but they also carry with them all the old habits and associations with Poo. All in all, a mixed bag of emotions.

  151. Kitty's Ma Says:

    When Poo was still very small, his safe haven was under the table which was placed before the sofa where I would sit to watch TV. I would entice Poo to come out and play by holding a long feather tied to a stick, swinging it round and round before him.

    Poo was very intrigued but he was cautious and remained under the table for some time, hiding behind 1 leg until his playfulness got the better of him and he ventured out to catch hold of the object. But he would run back under the table for safety every so often. However, when he got too excited, he sometimes hit his head against the leg of the table. Then looking somewhat dazed and miffed. he would retire to under the table to lie down or mosey off somewhere to regain his composure! I used to wonder at this and was constantly amused by his antics and character!

    It’s 2 mths since Pooey passed away on 16th Jan I still tear up suddenly and talk and callout to his 3 photos place on top of the TV so I can see him every day. I visit his grave often to keep it relatively neat but the nasty lallang grows like nobody’s business! With the heavy rain over the last few days, the plants I had planted earlier thrived and frame Poo’s grave and cross nicely. Fortunately for us and Poo, the MPI (council) workers who cut the grass were considerate enough not to mow down all the plants surrounding Poo’s grave as well!

  152. Kitty's Dad (Simon) Says:

    One day, Kitty jumped onto the TV. I ran over and cleared away all the little bits and pieces of decorative paraphernalia and photos..didn’t want Poo to knock them down. He stood there, turned to the wall and proceeded to touch the frames of pictures with scripture verses hanging on the wall. One particular frame, with the words, “Thank you God for thinking up so many beautiful things”, still hangs askew, exactly the way Pooey left it. On top of the TV where he stood proudly now sits his picture, that 3rd picture on this blog. Looking at those clear bluish-green eyes, so intense, that firm mouth and the way he sits, we think of a little lion. Poo the Guardian Angel is watching over us.

  153. Kitty's Dad (Simon) Says:

    We’re in Hanoi on holiday. The cát are fat and relaxed. The tables are l0w and the stools are sh0rt, and the cát stand and dont interfere with your f00d. Well behaved. people arekind to cát. btw, the keyboard is strange, and I have to use 00 when I want the small o twice ỏ I get ô

  154. Kitty's Dad (Simon) Says:

    I remember Kitty Poo. It was 2 1/2 mths ago that he left. The pain is less but remains. I look to my left as I sit at the PC, and I see the keyboard where he slept as a small kitten. My cap, bought in Colmar Tropicale, Bt Tinggi, Genting, lies there, untouched. Poo loved to lie on the cap which lay on the portable keyboard. I remember how there was a loud crash once; poor Poo had slid off the keyboard and crashed to the floor! Poo, cap and cloth cover had slid off! Poor little Poo, 8 weeks old, lay there on the floor, stunned. Hahahahaha! I couldn’t stop laughing. Picked up the poor kitten and cuddled him. Put him on the couch, replaced cover and organ, and straightaway, Poo hopped back onto the keyboard, lay on the cap, and went back to sleep. That’s determination for you!

  155. Kitty's Dad (Simon) Says:

    Colleague’s cat hasn’t come back; 6 April was a month from the day it ran off. She thinks her cat is dead but wants closure. Ma and I are so blessed; we have closure. We buried darling Kitty Poo, and he’s with the Lord.

    I listened to Astro channel 862 for the first time since Pooey died. It’s all classical music. It was the channel I listened to when I read the newspaper or a novel, and Pooey lay beside me, asleep. I couldn’t bear to listen until yesterday.

    The memories are never distant. Little things bring back thoughts of Kitty Poo. Saw a badly mangled cat on the road last week! Felt so grateful that Kitty died at home, in my arms, and cuddled by mum for so long. To die at home is so important. My maternal grandmother was in hospital and knew she was dying. Asked the doctor to phone her family; her favourite grandson rushed to hospital, carried her to his car, drove back home at great speed, carried her thro the front door and put her gently on her bed. She opened her eyes, which were brimming with tears, visibly relaxed, and closed them forever. She was HOME.

    Ma said, Kitty was home. In my arms. In her arms. HOME.

  156. Kitty's Dad (Simon) Says:

    Many changes were made when we had Kitty Poo; adjustments to the little darling. Pvc fences were put up at the front grills (main and second entrances), and at the back gate and back grill. To keep him in, until he climbed over them effortlessly, being a cat, haha.

    I never bought satay, a favorite food. I knew it was too spicy for Pooey, and didn’t want him to feel left out when we ate it but couldn’t give him any. He always shared what we ate. We adjusted our diet slightly, to include him. After a main meal of proper cat food, he got tidbits of what we ate. He was family.

  157. Kitty's Dad (Simon) Says:

    At about 3pm, on my way home, I spotted a white object in the middle of the road. It was, as I thought, a cat, killed by a vehicle. I got out of my car, walked over the poor cat, and picked him up so gently. He was relatively undamaged, and I had got to him before he got all torn up..Carried him to the grass patch beside the road. Put him down gently and stroked his body, telling him to be at was alright..He was still slightly warm. Must have happened not too long ago. I hope the owners find him and give him a decent the one our darling Kitty Poo got.

    We don’t forget our Pooey, and we can’t. Miss him..

  158. simonthongwh Says:

    CATS ARE A MAN’S BEST FRIEND AND no apologies to dog-lovers | simonthongwh
    Dogs stink. They run around and sweat, and if you don’t bathe them (but you have to catch them first!), they become filthy. Dogs can’t keep themselves clean.

  159. simonthongwh Says:


  160. simonthongwh Says:

    CATS IN CHINA | simonthongwh
    It is the least known member of the genus Felis, the common cats. A 2007 study found that it is more likely a subspecies of Felis silvestri; if so, it would be named Felis silvestris bieti.

  161. simonthongwh Says:

    Thanks, Son.

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